7 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

7 Foods That Will Supercharge Your Creativity

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This article was contributed by Cathy White.

The creative arts is hard. You wait for inspiration and it just won’t come. Sometimes it arrives in the middle of the night when you have to be awake at 5am for your day job. Sometimes it seems like it will never visit again.

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The most frustrating thing is when you are in the middle of a block. You have part of the story but you don’t know where it will go next. Some days you just don’t feel like it and hanging up your pencil, paintbrush, or video camera and going into accounting. The pay is better and more reliable, after all.

The problem is that we can’t quit. Creative types are not able to just turn it off and on like a faucet. These things are second nature to us and the great joys and travails of our lives. So, what can we do when inspiration has run dry?

There are some foods that are considered a great way to supercharge your creativity and get those juices flowing again. Let’s take a look.

  1. Coffee


This one is an obvious choice. The caffeinated beverage that is a part of most of our daily lives is particularly common in the lives of the creative.

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Back in the 1800s, coffee was king in London before tea took over and the inspiration that came out of this era is well-documented. Coffee is a stimulant and can prompt a sluggish brain. Be careful of overdoing it. You may just end up with shaky hands and no new ideas.

  1. Salmon


We all know that salmon is one of the best fish to eat because of the omega 3 fatty acids. It’s also a great brain food and helps nurture those creative instincts. It improves memory and mood too so it is a good meal to have if you are looking for that extra burst of energy.

  1. Green tea

Green Tea

The health benefits of green tea are countless. It is one of the most popular beverages across Asia for its helpful properties. It also keeps you awake so it is a good alternative instead of relying on coffee for those who do not like the taste. You will also reap the benefits of the other qualities of green tea.

  1. Fresh fruit and produce

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Fruit and Veg

Unprocessed food straight from Mother Nature is one of the best things you can eat to promote creativity. These foods are also the healthiest available because they are uncomplicated and provide the most natural nutrients to the human body. They will help stimulate the brain and are also great options for a balanced diet overall. See here for 10 Recreational Activities to Keep You Fresh, Inspired & Creative

  1. Red wine

Red Wine

Ernest Hemingway once famously said, ‘Write drunk, edit sober’. We’re not promoting wild inebriation but a glass of wine may relax the mind before writing. It’s always a good idea to calm your anxieties and if you’ve come to a creative standstill it might be time to put your nerves at ease.

Red wine also includes other health benefits so it’s a win-win situation for creatives looking to unlock their potential. It will also help you sleep, and as artists we could all use more rest.

  1. Nuts and seeds


Nuts and seeds make a great handy snack to keep nearby or on your desk. Not everyone thinks of nuts and seeds when they fancy a snack and reach for a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate instead. But nuts and seeds are nutritious, full of good fats and protein which is great for brain power. Just be careful not to overindulge if you’re watching your weight, as they are high in calories.

  1. Superfood powder

Superfood Smoothie

Superfoods such as spirulina or wheatgrass are great for adding into a juice or smoothie to give them an extra brain-bursting boost. If you dislike the taste of these powders (and, let’s face it, they don’t all taste great), just add extra fruit to your juice or smoothie to sweeten the taste.

One of the issues facing many creative types is that they often forget to eat while working or they have poor eating habits. It’s important to stay healthy and eat well. This is one of the ways you can take care of your own creative life.

The body and mind need to have good fuel in order to work properly and that goes for people in the creative arts as much as anyone else. Remember to keep yourself fed with decent, healthy fare and you’ll soon find inspiration returning to you.

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