8 Content Marketing Tips for when you Lack Time and Resources

8 Content Marketing Tips for when you Lack Time and Resources

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This article has been contributed by Julie Ellis.

Content marketing works, but it can be difficult to launch an effective content marketing campaign if you are lacking in the funds, staff, or time required doing so.

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Fortunately, content marketing is a task that anybody can take on. You just need to devise a strategy that works with your current situation. If you are interested in content marketing, but lacking time and resources, these 8 tips were written just for you.

1. Focus on Curating Rather than Creating

Designer Writing

Curating content is something that you are probably doing right now. If you are sharing content from other sources on Facebook or tweeting links to articles, you are curating content. However, you cannot simply distribute content and call that content marketing. You must add your voice to that content. You must take a position, and add something of value to the content. When you curate content, it is very important to give proper credit to the source of the content. Finally, never distribute content without asking for feedback from your readers and followers. Remember that the point is to create interaction and engagement.

2. Outsource Some of Your Content Writing Tasks

Content Marketing Tasks

One of the major challenges business owners face when it comes to content marketing is that they do not have the human resources with the time or talent to create original content that has the potential to go viral. If you are dealing with limited resources, chances are that hiring a full or part time staff member to focus on writing content is not possible. What is possible is using a professional writing service to perform a few tasks each month such as writing blog posts and news articles. In many cases, professional content writers can also create image based content such as infographics.

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3. Use Tools from Google to Focus on Optimization

Use Google
If you don’t have the manpower or financial resources to create prolific amounts of content, the content that you do create must be as optimized as possible. When it comes to the rules of content optimization, Google sets the rules industry wide. Fortunately, Google produces a free beginners guide to search engine optimization. Follow these rules, especially the ones about optimizing content, and you’ll increase the ìsearchabilityî of your content.

4. Use Alltop to Determine which Content is most Engaging Today

Alltop is the ultimate in headline and hot topic curating websites. It is a central repository of trending topics and the most popular and well-respected media outlets on the planet. You can hit Alltop up for trending media topics, or to see what news media outlets such as Fast Company, the New York Times, Wired, and Entrepreneur are trending. You can also get the latest buzz on content from websites such as Lifehacker, Mashable, and Techcrunch. You can use this site for content ideas or to find curation opportunities.

5. Get the Most out of Twitter with Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is the Swiss Army knife of Twitter management utilities. You can use Tweetdeck to track multiple twitter accounts, schedule tweets, track when and how often your brand is referenced, and manages hashtag campaigns. If you make full use of Tweetdeck, you’ll only need to check Twitter once or twice a day. This is a great way to save time.

6. Streamline your Content Promotion

Streamline Content Promotion
Nearly every article on the subject of content marketing insists that a website and a basic Facebook page are not enough for a good content marketing campaign. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you must create and maintain a presence in every place it is possible to post content. If you are dealing with a lack of time and resources, it is best to concentrate on promoting your content in the places where your target customer demographic is spending their time.

For example, if your target demographic is women over forty with creative interests, you might find that Facebook, Pinterest, and WordPress are best options for content promotion, but that you would be wasting your time on Instagram or Tumblr. If you are considering using premium tools for content promotion, think twice unless you are absolutely sure of the ROI.

7. Add Diversity to the Content that you Create

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Add Diversity
If you are not able to produce a lot of content, make sure that you are making your content as varied and dynamic as possible. As mentioned earlier, you can use infographics, pictures, and gifs. You can also publish video based content to your website, social media pages, and to websites such as Vimeo or Youtube. If you aren’t a professional videographer, don’t worry. With a little practice, you can produce perfectly usable videos with your smart phone. There are also ways to convert slide show presentations and still images into video format.

8. Implement these Content Marketing Hacks

Here are some quick things to keep in mind that will get people reading and sharing the content that you are producing:

  • Lists and bullet points draw readers attention and help get your point across quickly
  • Readers love anecdotes, quotes, and stories
  • Titles with a number in them are more likely to be clicked
  • Color schemes can make a differences
  • Font selection matters
  • Readers love quizzes, polls, and other interactive content
  • Readers love to comment and share their experiences
  • Infographics, slideshows, and other graphical elements are great tools for engaging readers

About the author: Being a Chief Editor, Julie Ellis writes at Premier Essay about education, self-improvement, marketing and psychology. Having a track record of academic achievements and Masterís degree in Journalism, allows her to support students with writing advice and educational life hacks. Follow her on Twitter and Google+ to find more. Photo by:bark

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  1. Content curation is surely good and effective too for SEO and marketing. Similarly content repurposing also works great and most importantly they are easy to create and market. The #8 point has some really good suggestions and we always teach those in our marketing and optimization courses. Thanks for the post and the tips.

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  4. Thank you very much for this helpful article!

    Time and resources are always the biggest problem. No matter what you do, you always wish you had more time or resources. Your tips are, therefore, very helpful as they help save time and resources. Nowadays, it is quite easy to outsource some of the tasks such as content writing for example. There are some content writers who will write good quality articles for a good price.

  5. Without consistency,you are less likely to see the full results of great content.There is no magic to create a usable content marketing strategy.Thanks for the tips.

  6. Great tips, Julie.
    Other than simply marketing the content, I believe in building relationships.
    Those last longer! 😉

    Thanks for sharing.

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