8 New Sans-Serif Fonts

8 New Sans-Serif Fonts

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Here are a bunch of ‘new’, clean, sans-serif fonts that have caught my eye recently. I found these by browsing MyFonts, Typetoken and YouWorkForThem. Have you got a recent find to share? Please do.

Neuzeit Grotesk


A modest, clean, linear and geometric sans-serif originally designed by Wilhelm C. Pischner in 1932, works great in body and headline usage. Keywords: Modest, German, Geometric, Legible, Linear, Masculine, Sans-serif, Sans, Static, Technical.

Hermes: Spring Cleaning




Designed by Joern Oelsner, the Neustadt font family was originally designed as a corporate font for Sport 2000, one of the leading buying groups in the European Sport Retail Industry. After it has been successfully established, it is now available in a revised version for the general market.

The Neustadt family is highly legible both in print and on screen. As part of the URW++ SelecType collection, Neustadt meets very high quality standards and is available in over 30 European languages. The characters have smooth curved spines and little contrast combined with a big x-height. The form is very functional and has no unnecessary details.

These characteristics make Neustadt perfectly usable for many type applications like sign posting, headlines, texts and also for branding.

Proxima Nova Sans

Proxima Nova Soft

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Proxima Nova Soft is a rounded version of Proxima Nova. It was designed for use as a webfont in the header text throughout the MyFonts site.

Decima Nova

Decima Nova

Decima Nova is a geometric sans serif typeface family, built in eight styles. The typeface is ideal for use in display sizes, but also is quite legible in text and is well suited for editorial and identity design. Decima Nova is released as OpenType single master with a Western CP1252 character set.

Interval Sans Pro

Interval Sans

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Its basic design strikes a balance between the geometric skeleton of, say, Avenir and the renaissance-inspired proportions of myriad humanist sans serifs. With its two widths, each in seven weights, this family of 28 fonts is a practical and versatile choice for editorial typography, signage and branding. Its alternate one-story ‘a’ enables the discerning typographer to create a markedly different text image using a different Stylistic Set of the same font. Equipped with built-in small caps and multiple numeral sets, Interval Pro shows strong consistency across its range of styles and weights.



The Gibson font family hits the right spot for many people and on many levels. It is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by eminent Canadian type designer Rod McDonald, and produced by Patrick Griffin and Kevin King of Canada Type, to honour John Gibson FGDC, Rod’s long-time friend and one of the original founders of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC).

As well as paying tribute to John Gibson’s productive life and love of the typographic arts, the Gibson family is intended to be a mainstay of the future of Canadian design education. Many Canadian design schools and institutions will be making it part of their larger type piracy education programs. The 8-font family is available at token pricing to make it especially affordable for design students. For less than the price of a design textbook, a student can now have a sturdy and contemporary humanist sans serif family that fits pretty much any design application, and will remain useful long after academic studies and well into a professional career in design.

The Gibson family is available through Canada Type and its popular distributors. All the revenues from its sale will be donated by Canada Type to the GDC, where they will be allocated to a variety of programs aiming to improve the creative arts and elevate design education in Canada.

Each of the eight Gibson fonts comes with 370 characters and features extended Latin-based language support. The Gibson family ships in cross-platform OpenType format.

Museo Sans Rounded

Museo Sans Rounded

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A favourite, now in rounded form.

Update / Bonus Sans-Serif Fonts

Ideal Sans

Setting aside the easy pursuit of digital perfection, Ideal Sans favors handmade forms that help it achieve different goals: warmth, craftsmanship, and humanity.

Have a recently found font worth sharing? Please do.

29 thoughts on “8 New Sans-Serif Fonts”

  1. I find it so important as a designer to have an awesome library of fonts at your fingertips. Choosing the correct one can make or break a design. The resources are out there to find some great free fonts, but sometimes the search can be a bit overwhelming. Thanks!

  2. Hey Jacob!

    First comment since we’ve met :). Anyways, I’ve been using FF Unit a lot lately. A Spiekermann classic.

  3. I have recently been gravitating towards all of the Museo families! They all have web font versions for incoporating into our website designs.

    MyFonts webfonts really help to expand our website design typography. We’ve got several websites we are getting ready to launch which use their webfonts.

  4. Awesome collection!
    I really like Neuzeit Grotesk. Not sure if I’m using the proper terminology, but Neuzeit seems to have a subtle strength to it.
    Thanks for the great post!

  5. I was thrilled to find out about Gibson. It’s somewhere between Futura and Avenir, with a lot of the characteristics of Gotham, but for a great price. I like the friendly slanted edges of its upper-case M like Futura (as opposed to Gotham’s more serious straight edges and middle point that doesn’t touch the baseline). I also like the upper-case J, which dips below the baseline and makes the rhythm a little more interesting and modernized.

    I just bought it for a project today in both web and print versions. I like that it doesn’t have any weird things that might feel dated later (like Officina Sans that I used to love, but now looks TOTALLY 90s).

  6. Thanks for combination advice.
    I am using Proxima Nova for body and researching the font for Titles. I like Skolar till now. Any suggestions from you?


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