8 Steps to Create a Booming Niche Community Using Facebook Groups

8 Steps to Create a Booming Niche Community Using Facebook Groups

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This article was contributed by Kaitlin Patrick.

Facebook with its 1.44 billion monthly active users has become the most popular social network all across the globe, but did you know that any individual user can create a group to connect with other users such as family, friends, classmates, teammates, coworkers or people with common interests, either privately or publicly.

As a group admin, you will be given a dedicated space where you and other group members can share whatever they want such as updates, photos, events, discussions, links, questions, media etc.

Niche Facebook Group

Why are Facebook Groups so Important?

Facebook Groups are just damn underrated. Creating a FB Group is the most effective way to bring a huge number of people at a single platform to share useful information with them. The use of FB Groups is constantly increasing by companies, clubs, organizations and individuals. However, many inexperienced Facebook users and internet marketers can be demoralized in an attempt to build a group or a social community via in-person networking as it requires a great deal of time and efforts.

How Can You Effectively Use FB Groups to Create Niche Community?

Here are 8 steps to help you to become the leader of your community on Facebook by creating and managing a strong group of people with common interests.

1: Outline Your Specific Niche

Here are a few important points to assist you narrowing down the area of your specialty and create your own niche:

  • Try to be as specific as possible
  • Identify and target specific audiences
  • Prepare a list of products what you actually want to sell or promote
  • Evaluate your products and services
  • Decide when you want to launch your campaign
  • Be very clear if you want to be a leader in your industry

2: Have a Purpose of Adding People into Your Group

Prior to creating your Facebook community and inviting users, you should have a statement of purpose. Six fundamental parts of an awesome mission statement are:

1)    Value: Which is also regarded as the esteem of the group.

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2)    Inspiration: Motivation of the group.

3)    Plausibility: Credibility of your community.

4)    Specificity: Your mission statement should reflect your distinctiveness.

5)    Function: Describe function of your group

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6)    Strategic Position: Describe your strategic position.

3: Time to Create a Group on Facebook

Once you have chosen your niche and have a purpose to inspire people, you are in a position to take a final step towards creation of a group. Now take the following steps:

  • Click on the option of “GROUPS” found on the left side of the home page of Facebook.
  • Click on “Create Group”.
  • There will be a pop-up, check the option of “Add this group to your favorites”. It will enable your group to be found easily.
  • Now set the privacy settings according to the nature of your group, but these settings must involve your users.

Your group has now been set up. Now you place your mission statement.

  • On the left-hand side, there is the description field.
  • First, insert instructions for posting guidelines, then put your mission statement.
  • This is the tactic that will secure your group from the spam posts.
  • Advise the group members not to post any personal content such as advertisements and other sort of stuff that goes against the mission statement.

4: Why Should People Join Your Group?

Facebook Group

Why would someone join your group? Well, there might be various reasons, for example, they personally know you or they find interest in what you are sharing with him. There should also be some advantages for those who join your community or group.

  • You should reward your group regularly
  • The reward could be anything which is relevant to the interest of your members such as an interview or give away.
  • In what capacity would you be able to switch up your prize?
  • Individuals often get exhausted with the monotony of the prizes that do not change.
  • In the event that you can supply an alternate important prize on a predictable premise, then your participants will stay locked in.

5: Prove Yourself a Leader of Your Community

A booming niche community can’t be created without a great leader and if you really want to prove yourself to be a perfect example of a leader, you will have to be ready to make sacrifices. So from now start making yourself a brand.

Use Only High Quality Profile Pics – Remove all lower quality and old pics from your profile and upload pictures that present you as a mature professional. You can even invest some money in professional photography services to get yourself some high quality pics.

6: Add Passionate Members to Your Team

Facebook Members

Try to find members who can actively participate and share relevant content on a consistent basis. If you need to search the people who matter most to you, you can use Facebook Search.

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Search for friends – Type names or email addresses of your old friends in the search bar.

Import your contacts – You can also import the contact list of your friends from your phone or email account.

Invite friends – You can also send each individual friend a message to connect with you on Facebook.

Search relevant posts – You can look for relevant posts, photos and videos and find those leaving comments on those posts.

7: Send Invitations to Join Your Group

When you want other users to join your group, you must have a strong message that can grab their attention. Here are few main points which you must keep in your mind while trying to bring more people to your group:

Close Friends – First invite your close friends and request them to participate.

Friends of Friends – Request your friends to invite or add theirs.

Common Interests – Find people with common interests and send them a simple invite.

Give Solutions – Give people solutions to their problems relevant to your particular niche.

Credibility – Let the people know how reliable you are by telling them your achievements and the years you have spent in the industry.

Call to action – Create call to an action, rather than leaving message receivers guessing what they are supposed to do.

8: Engage with Friends and Members

Facebook Reactions

Like – Like other users profile pics and posts to create curiosity.

Comment – Comment to get responses from others. Mention what matters to them and wait for the response.

Reward – Give rewards to the active members and openly announce it so others can also get encouraged.

Be Personal – Social media is all about connecting with one another, at a personal level.

See here for 5 more tips on how to manage a successful Facebook Group.

Final Words

With the help of the steps discussed above, you can easily create a booming niche community for the promotion of your products and services. Once you develop an active community, you will see how quickly your business grows.

Do you have any further tips on how to create a popular Facebook Group?

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