9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self

9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self

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9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self

I’m always up for sharing great resources and today marks the release of a new eBook by Alex Mathers; 9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self’*.

Update: This eBook is no longer available.

I’ve always been a fan of Mather’s writing (and his blog‘s colour scheme), and it was just last year that I reviewed his other eBook ‘10 Steps to Powerful Online Self Promotion for Creatives‘* which I highly recommend.

Anyway, Mathers emailed me recently about his upcoming release and I asked for a review copy so I could read it through before the official release. He kindly obliged. I thought it was great & was worth sharing, so I asked for a discount for JCD readers which he kindly agreed to too – see below for details.

What You Will Learn

In a nutshell, this is how Mather’s describes what you will learn:

“You will learn to be a bolder, more focused, more innovative and more productive creative genius. The book will teach you how to to boost your creative ability & effectiveness, while adding benefits to the state of your own body and mind.”

To do this, the book walks you three broad chapters, teaching you how to “smash your fears, become laser focused and build your creative reach”. I think the book does a great job of this & the only criticism I have, is that it’s not long enough… but I guess that’s a good thing sometimes. The eBook does come with two free bonus eBooks too, though I have not read these.

Check It Out

The book is on sale for $27 but readers of JCD can get it for 15% off using code JCD.

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Once you’ve read it, please do let me and Alex what you thought. Read any other great eBooks lately?


11 thoughts on “9 Steps to Being Your Most Powerful Creative Self”

  1. This is something I will have to read and check out! To be fair, I am at present way too business orientated for my own good so it will be interesting to see what the book has to say

  2. Thanks for sharing another Quality content. Your post Jacob are amazing and your blog too! I too greatly enjoyed the article, loads of valuable tips!

  3. Hi Jacob, I am an Industrial designer from South Africa, passionatee obout funiture design, i just watched you video. I am inspired. Keep up the good work.

  4. … well one look at the first preview (page 9) and the amount of orphans and hyphened text was enough to make me cringe. Justifying text at the expense of flow is a major design sin (borderline amateur) and yet this guy is meant to teach me something?

    If the entire book is like that then, as a designer, I can’t physically read it.

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  6. It’s a great book and read and I would recommend it to anyone! Really some great tips and things you would never have thought of.

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