99 Sites All Designers Must Know About

99 Sites All Designers Must Know About

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Graphic Design Resources

Below is a list of 99+ graphic design resources, in English and (and a few other languages), that all designers must know about.

It is sorted by category (click to go to category):

For more resources you can check out the 101 Places To Get Design Inspiration. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more graphic design resources.

General Design

1 Spunk United

An excellent magazine with a selection of the worlds best artists providing inspiration, interviews, articles and more.

Spunk United

2 FreeLance Switch (No longer active)

The community site of reference for all freelances. You must know this one!

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Freelance Switch

3 Computer Arts

The site of the excellent international magazine Computer Arts. I have subscribed to this mag and love it!

Computer Arts

4 David Airey

A graphic and logo designer who shares his knowledge on these areas.

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David Airey

5 Behance

A site gathering the portfolios of the artists of the whole world, a true inspiration.

Behance Network

6 Pdf Mags

References all the PDF mags out there! A great resource.

PDF Mags

7 Graphic Design Forum (no longer running).

The most active of the graphic design forums out there. A bit more focused for the beginner designer.

Graphic Design Forum

8 Design Is Kinky

An Australia site focused purely on design news and design in general. Stay up to date!

Design Is Kinky

9 Freelance Folder

A community blog which posts regular articles on freelancing. Very diverse.

Freelance Folder

10 Bittbox

Provides regular resources for design… tutorials, brushes, vectors and more!

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11 Vandelay Webdesign

Vandelay Webdesign

Provides very social media friendly articles, large resource lists and tips for web designers.

12 You The Designer (No longer active)

Very complete and diverse range of articles on graphic design.

Computer Arts the U.K.

13 Design You Trust

A daily design magazine, blog and small community, full of new design trends, news and events, great design portfolios and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe.

24 Ways


Web Design:

14 Noupe

An excellent site on Web design & the development of the web (CSS & Ajax).

Site Not

15 Smashing Magazine

Information for all. So broad that if you are a designer and you don’t know this site, we all have pity for you.

John Oxton

16 Think Vitamin

Vitamin is a resource for web designers, developers and entrepreneurs. 50,000 subscribers can’t be wrong.

Web Appers

17 24 Ways

Web design and development, quality articles are always here.

Vandelay Design

18 A List Apart

Another pillar of the Web Design blog world, very good articles with diversified contributors.

Float Design

19 Site Point

Very diversified site, graphics, css, ajax… Also editor of many Web Design books.

Psd Tuts

20 The Rissington Podcast

Excellent podcasts full with humour of excellent the Web Designer John Oxton and Jon Hicks.


21 Web Appers

Blog of Open Resources for Web Developers. .

Icon Finder

22 Happy Cog

They publish their best ideas and speak out to the world on web design.

Maniackers Design Make

23- Web Designer Wall

A must have for all web designers and designers out there!

Ads Of The World



24 Design Float

A digg like site for design related subjects. Must know!

Command Shift 3

25- Psd Tuts

The best tutorials on the web. Mmmmm.

Showcase Not

26- Blue Vertigo

The MUST HAVE bookmark of all stock resourceson the net.


27- SXC.hu

My favourite stock site, you may notice I use this site for most of my images on this site.

CSS Handled

28- Icon Finder

Self explanitory.

CSS Remix

29- Da Font

Free fonts. Mmmm.


30 Maniackers Design Make

A lot of inspiration can be found here along with a lot of free resources. Bit hard to navigate though.

W3C Sites

31- Colour Lovers

Find, create and exchange your pallets of favourite colors.

CSS Beauty


Show Cases:

32- Command Shift 3

Have you heard of hot or not? This is like that but for web designs, you choose the best website of 2. Great for inspiration.


33- Showcase Point

Showcases Flash & CSS sites with several options of sorting.

456 Berea Street

34- Zeniltuo

Large database of all the inspiration sites out there.

Pro Blog Design

35- The FWA

Mainly shows off flash websites but is always of high quality. Great inspiration here.

Ajax Rain

36- CSS Mania

Another showcase site.


37- CSS Remix

A very good gallery of CSS websites.

CSS Earth

A very good selection of designs.

Referencing, Design and Co

39- ScreenFluent

A very good selection of Web designs.

Labs Adobe

40 W3C Sites

Excellent selection of valid W3C sites.

Christophe Coenraets

41- CSS Beauty

A good gallery and it also has very interesting articles on the development of websites with news.

Blog XML

42- Edu Style

The schools and universities have also right to a gallery css, this one is particularly remarkable.

Adobe AIR Tutorials



43 – Problogger

Tips on blogging in general. Must have for any blogger.


45- Pro Blog Design

Tips on improving your blogs design. Only quality articles here.

Contain 99 High Web Designs

46- WP designer

The blog of reference for all the WordPress developers.

Swiss Legacy

47- Ajax Rain

One of largest Ajax bookshops on the Web.

ICoil Typography

48- CSS3.info

The site of future standards – CSS3.

Design &Typo

49- CSS Earth

Site referring the best articles on the development of CSS on the Web.

The Typographer


Flash & Flex:

51- Labs Adobe

New technologies and development from Adobe.


52- Christophe Coenraets

Blog of a Flex developer.

Motiono Grapher

54- Adobe AIR Tutorials

The site of for tutorials on AIR.

Graphics Motion

55- Mike Chambers

The blog of Mike Chambers based on programming and technology.

FX Guide

56- The Blog Flash

Blog for Action Script 3 and Flex.

Works Motion

57- Jean Phi Blog

One of the largest French flashers. Has some great work, but the French part may be a problem for some. 😛

Elliot Jay Stocks



60 Swiss Legacy

A blog focused on typography, swiss design and the grid.

Stuff And Not Sense

61- I Love Typography

Speaks for itself. A must know.


62- Design & Typo

The blog of the famous Peter Gabor, posts cool inspiration pieces (in English too).

Iso 50

63- The Typographer

The site on typography for the French.

John Nack Blog

64- Slanted

Large German site on typography.



Video & Motion:

65- Stage6

YouTube of animation (2d and 3d). Great quality.


66- Fubiz

A great blog which posts creative daily inspirational pieces of design. Bookmark this one for sure.


67- Motiono Grapher

International reference for all who are in the motion business.

Contain 99 High Web Designs

68- Video Copilot

Tutorials of creating special video effects.


69- Graphics/ Motion

Italian Blog of Motion, the articles are of great quality and are updated very regularly.

Hype Beast

70 FX Guide

Great Community site of Video and Motion, do not miss this one!


71- Works Motion

The site of John Dickinson, great inspiration here.

PopRave Blog


Personal Design Blogs:

72- Elliot Jay Stocks

Just check it out. His name pops up everywhere!


73- Veerle Blog

One of most beautiful blosg on the Web, very complete articles and tutorials, in short a must.

North X East

75- Jina Bolton

Design of Jina Bolton (aka Sushi Monster), author of the book “Art & Science of CSS” and of the excellent conference “Create Sexy StyleSheet.” A very envious portfolio.

Well well well

76- Snook

Blog of the graphic designer, developer, writer and lecturer of Jonathan Snook – very complete tips and tricks for all Web Designers.

Boing Boing

76- Stuff And Nonsense

Super and super blog of Markley, one of best WebDesigners in the world.


77- Lysergid

Blog of the excellent French Art Director Loïc SATTLER. Great articles, fresh design.

Topic WordPress Split Da Diz (?e%)

78- Iso 50

Blog of the excellent graphic designer Scott Hansen.

2 subjects

79- John Nack Blog

Blog of John Nack, composed of very complete article on graphics and Adobe.

3 subjects



80 NetVibes

The web comes to you. News aggregator plus!

1 subjects

81- Del.Ico.Us

A tool for bookmaking and social media attention, must have!

1 subjects

82- Twitter

Get updates on what your friends, co workers, etc are doing.

2 subjects

83- FaceBook

A website where you can pass your life.

1 subjects

84- Flickr

The social site of photography – a great number of people are present there with new photographs to discover each day.

3 subjects



Places for just browsing – Areas that most designers are interested in. (ie. Fashion, Music, Design)

85- Vinyl misuses

A magazine about toys.. Must check this site out, some really cool designs.

The blog of the boss

86- Discobelle

Excellent site of music, showcases music videos, parties, etc.

For good badges

87- Hype Beast

Magazine for fashion design and culture.

The blog of Pierre

88- Lense

A French reference for all those who wish to know some more about photography.

That good

90 PopRave Blog

Underground culture of the clothes industry.

A small good cendar



91- All Graphic Design

A site for everything graphic design related.

All Graphic Design

92- North X East

Articles for bloggers.

93- Ads Of The World

Web site which publishes all of the worlds ads. Great inspiration here.

94- LogoPond

Logo Design Inspiration

Logo Pond

95- Logo Design Love

A blog focused totally on Logo Design. Regular articles and resources.

Logo Design Love

96- Split Da Diz (No longer active)

I have translated his page from French into English as he was the original poster of this article however I changed the French sites he recommended into English ones, fixed the old links he had posted and changed the order of some items…

97- Boing Boing

A genearl directory of wonderful things.

98- Business of Design Online

Pretty much anything to help a design business grow online.

Just Creative Design

99- Just Creative Design

Who else would have brought you this massive list of 99+ graphic design resources? We provide graphic design tips, resources and articles for all.

Just Creative Design

More Sites You Should Know About

  • DesignFlavr -The masters of Design and Illustration.
  • Inspiredology – The social media master of design. Inspiration at its best.
  • DesignMeltDown – Categorises websites into categories for inspiration.
  • Creative Briefing – A web workers blog.
  • ImageAfter – A great stock site.
  • Design Bombs – Design resources. Also see their wordpress hosting guide
  • WordPress Coupons – Great deals on all things WordPress
  • IgniteMotion – Free motion backgrounds.
  • CSS Artillery – A showcase of web standards across the globe.
  • CreativeBits – A mac orientated website around design.
  • Communication Arts – The essential creative resource.
  • NO-SPEC – Educate the public and designers about speculative, or ‘spec’ work. Must read.
  • Creative Latitude – A worldwide community that unites various creative disciplines for collective promotion, education and ethical business practice.
  • Foto Search – A stock photography & footage site.
  • Passpack Tour – Free online password manager.
  • Free Website Templates – Free website templates for inspiration.
  • How to Start A Blog – A great beginner’s guide.
  • How to Start A Blog – Another great beginner’s guide.
  • A beginners guide on how to start a blog
  • Alternativeso  – Best paid & free infographic maker tools to avoid Photoshop

What other sites should be added? What are your favourites?

447 thoughts on “99 Sites All Designers Must Know About”

  1. Great list, a few I’d not seen before, thank you!

    Quick note of a typo:

    76- Stuff And Nonsense
    Super and super blog of Markley, one of best WebDesigners in the world.

    “Markley” should be “Malarkey” (roughly translated as balivernes).


  2. Er… I don’t know why I add the French in there, for some reason I assumed you were French mother tongue. Have now read your About page and realised that *ahem* you’re not. Sorry!

  3. Awesome post! Well researched…

    My addition:

    Wikkid Apps is a great showcase of awesome web applications for a wide variety of applications.

    Mark Bloomfield’s last blog post..Pulse

  4. This is awesome! Thank you for putting this list together!

    Jessica Sprague’s last blog post..And the winners are….

  5. Oh wow. I haven’t heard of some of these. I’m just starting my business so checking these out would prolly be a good idea huh?

    Jenny’s last blog post..Share The Food You Love

  6. thank’s Jacob for this magnificent promotion. it’s a honnour for me to be among so prestigious links.

    the bests | peter

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  7. excellent post, I’m sure Digg users will digg it 😉

    I was wondering why this list was familiar to me – now that you mention that French site, everything makes sense. Still you’ve put lots of work into this – well done.

    inspirationbit’s last blog post..A Bit Of Literature – Mr. Know-All

  8. Thomas, thanks for the site add.
    John, Thanks for bookmarking, along with the other 700.
    Ray, Thanks for that add, I think designmeltdown deserves to be added as well 🙂

    Chad, Thanks for the comment chad, you social media posting king 😛 I will add your site too.
    Tristan, Thanks for the link to Image After, I use that site too! I will add it.
    Jessica, Your welcome.
    David, Your welcome too. Yes they do stand out don’t they!
    Tyler, I have added IgniteMotion too 🙂
    Jesus, Your welcome.
    Anglictina, Your welcome.Johno, It will keep you busy for many many days 😛 And yes I am a regular over on Creative Curio.
    Jenny, What type of business are you starting?
    CSSArtillery, I have added your site. Thanks.
    Peter. Your welcome, your site deserves it
    DM, Thanks for the point out.
    Vivien, Unfortunately Digg users did not digg it as much as StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us
    Kristarella, Thanks for the point out.
    Thanks to all visitors too!

  9. Sorry David you are correct. Something went strangely wrong when I copied this post from Dreamweaver, you will notice all of the title texts are completely muddled up.

    Some links also went weird, and words went back to front… ie. Web Designer Wall went to Web Wall Designer. And ‘Showcase Point’ went to ‘Showcase Not’ – No idea what happened, there has never been a problem before. I have fixed it up now.

    Yes the images were chewing right into the bandwidth. 3.5mb per visit.

  10. I find it a lot quicker, especially for adding pictures and you have more control over the layout and more functions as well. For smaller posts I use the WordPress built in one.

  11. I’m truly hurt. You didn’t mention my site (thegraphicmac.com) 😉

    And how about CreativeBits.org and Adsoftheworld.com – both excellent resources as well.

  12. Jacob / David,

    I use Dreamweaver also for most of my posts, if they include several images, special formatting etc. It is much easier and you can also have more control over uploading images and graphics…gives you complete freedom to put images in different directories etc…

    I actually use Dreamweaver when editing my entire blog…the style sheets etc. I also find this to be much more efficient.

    Brian Yerkes’s last blog post..Logo Design Contests – Good or Bad

  13. Wow, what a great resource list. I have just started studying graphic design and this list is a massive help and inspiration. I will be very busy over the next few weeks trying to get through them all and sort my favourites out.

  14. I was looking for something else and I stumbled upon this article, I know this post is old, but it’s still beeing read isn’t it? 🙂 As now I have made my presence known on the internet, I was wondering if you could post my website as well?

    My site: http://www.creativeluggage.com

  15. A fantastic list of inspirational and resourceful sites you have there Jacob! Thanks for all the great Links!

  16. I can’t believe DeviantART is missing here!
    Surely it’s nothing about webdesign as such, but you should mention it before recommending twitter/myspace crap.

  17. wow

    great resource stuff. unlimited design elements
    keep me posted (new stuff) if possible

    thanks a ton


  18. I love Computer Arts and Freelance Folder – brilliant resources. I’ll check into the others. Thanks!

  19. These are all really helpful sites. I’ve actually visited a handful of these a few times. Others I’ve never heard of and will have to check out!

  20. A very good list, and quite a number I’ve never herd of. This should keep me busy for the next few days. Didn’t I see you on Lauren’s blog the other day?

  21. I just found your site and this is insanely cool! I look forward to referencing your site for all our stationery designers.

  22. Thanks for the mentions, Jacob. I’m pleased with how you’ve signposted both my blogs, and how they stand out quite nicely. Blues and reds are always effective at attracting attention. Just ask a news reader.

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  23. I can’t believe DeviantART is missing here!
    Surely it’s nothing about webdesign as such, but you should mention it before recommending

  24. Awesome blogpost. Great help for me here
    although i allready knew alot ;).

    i noticed u had a typo in @ #73.

    73- Veerle Blog

    One of most beautiful —>blosg<— on the Web, very complete articles and tutorials, in short a must.

  25. Ooohhh.. I love the site colourlovers.com! But I had forgoten about it until I saw it here on your list! There are some on here I did know about, and more I’ll have to check out! Thanks!

  26. Great compilation! Nevertheless, I miss some platforms where to test your work, as 12designer.com or 99designs.com… But really good! Already favorited! 😉

  27. Nice list but I would also like to ask you to consider http://www.csszengarden.com/

    I have found some real cool design concepts based on CSS there.

    I believe CSS forms an integral part of a design’s skillset.

    Amongst others i like spunk united, computer arts and freelanceswitch. Real great sites!

  28. Excellent collection. Many thanks for sharing this useful resource. I especially liked: General Design – Freelance Folder
    Web Design – Web Designer Wall
    Showcases – CSSMania
    Flash & Flex – Mike Chambers
    Personal Design Blogs – Elliot Jay Stocks
    Web 2.0 – Flickr

  29. Wow that’s a really impressive list of sites, should keep me inspired for a while, tons of ones I’d never come across before

  30. I poravilsya your directory of interesting blogs. I subscribed to your posts. I will follow the new materials. Thanks to the author.

  31. Wow lots of resources there 🙂 It’s hard not to be inspired by that much creativity. Thanks for the share.

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  33. Nice one, I always check Vandelay, web designer wall and get computer arts magazine, loads on here I didnt know about though. cheers for sharing.

  34. A very good list, and quite a number I’ve never herd of. This should keep me busy for the next few days. Didn’t I see you on Lauren’s blog the other day?

  35. Great list,
    I just found your site and this is insanely cool! I look forward to referencing your site for all our stationery designers.

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  38. A very good list, and quite a number I’ve never herd of. This should keep me busy for the next few days. Didn’t I see you on Lauren’s blog the other day?

  39. I run a small graphic design directory which may be of interest to some of you. Suitable for either those looking for inspiration or those wishing to promote their own services, my graphic design directory is organised by category and by country. You can check it out here: http://www.designers-network.com

    Hope that helps!

  40. Thanks for sharing.. I wan to share a site too which are for web designers too.. Bidstornado.. Especially for those who wants to earn money.. Check i out.. Thanks!

  41. Great list, a few I’d not seen before, thank you!
    Quick note of a typo:
    76- Stuff And Nonsense
    Super and super blog of Markley, one of best WebDesigners in the world.
    “Markley” should be “Malarkey” (roughly translated as balivernes).

  42. Thanks for show me this wonderful listing. I really love this collection & inspired with the designs which are looks great.

    Really it was worth useful blog for the designers. Keep on posting great things like this. Congrats.

  43. Lot of nice sites there. I visit quite a few of them already. Will check out the ones I haven’t looked at yet.

  44. Some great resources here, i dont know what id do without half the resources available online, just shows how the internet as revolutionized the design world.

  45. Just realised this post is from 2008 and still a quality collection. Vanedelay and Noupe are both very high up on my personal list. A few of my favourites that are not mentioned here that would make great additions are dzineblog, psdgraphics and 123rf

    As always Jacob thanks for the work you have put in here. Would love to see an updated version of this post if you a chance this year.

  46. Wow lots of resources there It’s hard not to be inspired by that much creativity. Thanks for the share.

  47. Dude, this is the best site on the net, thank you very much for all of the design resources you give in this post, I have been using it for a year now and all ways find what I need when I need it. Thanks and if you get more please post it here.

  48. Thanks for the resources! I will definitely get some good use out of these…

  49. again – thanks for the great ressource suggestions – here’s another – free business cards

  50. Huh, and I was only following 5 or 6 of those 🙂 I will check most of them, thank you!

  51. This list of resources is a must-have for any inspiring and established designers. Pure inspiration! I’m going to pass this around to my fellow colleagues for sure. Thanks for putting this up!

  52. Used some of these sites quite regularly when starting out as a designer but some I’d never heard of. Thanks for featuring

  53. Thought you’d like to know, the link from Logo Design Love goes to Ads of the World.
    Where the images eating too much bandwidth?
    David Airey’s last blog post..70 of the best logo design resources

  54. You listed some of my favorite online magazines, but there are many I haven’t seen before. good lis

  55. I definitely agree! It’s a pretty short post, but very meaty. Essential details are found. Important points are constructively discussed. It’s direct to the point, which is why viewers easily understand the concept right away.

  56. YES! I finally found this web page! I’ve been looking just for this article for so long!! Backpack

  57. Very useful review! Now, my list of bookmarks labeled “graphic design resources” has become a lot more. Thank you!

  58. This is my first opportunity to visit this website. I found some interesting things and I will apply to the development of my blog. Thanks for sharing useful information.

  59. yup!! this is a lot lot of great information… i have saved this for future use :p well anyway thanks for sharing this 🙂

  60. Apollo is a brilliant free tool for you and your client to
    easily work together to get that design signed off!

    Long Desc: Apollo is a free tool designed to make it as easy as
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  62. A lot of resourse in one page, thx a lot, i should bookmark this and look no further, ! Thx againn 😉

  63. Another good one is http://www.designfirms.org. I have been listed in their directory for years now and still receive good traffic. They also have design awards, articles and a marketplace where business owners can get a quote and connect with designers directly.

  64. Hi Jacob..
    thanks for sharing this. im learning a lot from You The Designer, nice though :D
    btw.. can u also review my site? www.psdbuddy.com i
    m giving free graphic designs almost every day.
    waiting for your response Jacob, Thanks Mate

  65. Thanks Jacob, 99 sites is quite a huge list and I refer to some of them regularly.

    Inviting you and the design community to the ’30 day free texture challenge’ on http://texturetaddka.com from 19 sept to 18 oct, where a new texture pack is being released every single day. All the textures are 300dpi, print quality.

    Hope you will take a look!

  66. This is really wonderful that I have found this website. I would really admire the efforts made here to make the content & the whole stuff more wonderful than others.

  67. Nice one, I always check Vandelay, web designer wall and get computer arts magazine, loads on here I didnt know about though. cheers for sharing.

  68. Excellent, I think the site will surpass all for its peculiar characteristics. I also think that it has a great appeal to the visitors. This is my first visit and now I’d like to add the rss feed to follow the future posts. Thanks.

  69. Have you heard of Creative Market? Creative Market (www.creativemarket.com) is an amazing resource for photoshop brushes, illustrations, graphics, templates, wordpress themes, and much more. Check it out! In addition every week there are three free goods selected including premium wordpress themes and amazing fonts.

  70. Wow ! truly inspirational. However I used a few sites before, they are not appearing on here. I particularly liked http://www.designer-daily.com/ maybe if you guys could add it on there to make it 100 🙂
    Great work though, I can feel creative juices running in me already 😉

  71. Truly inspirational graphic design blogs are shared here. You have done a great job. Thanks Jacob!

  72. thanks for the share Jacob, been looking for new blogs must of took your time getting them together 🙂

  73. Im looking for some new resources im glad i found you site thanks fo the info

  74. Awesome list of design resources. For app developers PIXELLOVE (http://www.pixellove.com) has produced a huge range of beautifully crafted thin icons to meet Apple’s new iOS 7 specifications. The new thin icons are perfect for iPhone/iPad apps, Android apps and websites or presentations.

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  76. awesome set of resources! thank you for sharing this and doing the research for us all to discover. i will definitely be referencing this time to time.

    i just want to add, another excellent resource / place for typography is http://www.logofonts.net – it by far is the most complete and solid font site i have visited. you can test the fonts online

    thanks again for the excellent links!

  77. Creativemarket is a top site for designers and developers alike, really great resources and a solid community. Well recommended indeed! 😀

  78. Great eamples.Here you can find a lot examples of visual/corporate identity guidelines: But a lot of old website.

  79. Great exmples.Here you can find a lot examples of visual/corporate identity guidelines: But a lot of old website.

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  82. Thanks for the information, I am a graphic designer and this article has helped me to see different aspects of web design, greetings from barcelona

  83. Great information!! although, i like the information but there are some platforms still missing such as Odesk, elance and designhill.com ,where designers can participate and test their skills with feedback provided by clients. but still a top end information Jacob!! Thanks for sharing

  84. Great post, certainly no shortage of options for somebody that is looking for something to do with graphic design.

  85. These are some very helpful resources. Thanks for sharing them. The few of them I already know are top-notch. I trust the others will be valuable too. Gotta bookmark this 🙂

  86. Wow! This was very helpful. I’ve bookmarked this page and will revisit often. One thing, I think you should add. You should into listing some respectable online printers. As a designer, i’m always looking for the best printers; site is easy to use, navigate, upload files, timely etc.

  87. Beautiful place, my son participates in 99design and it is gratifying to see how professionalism develops on these sites. Successes and proceed with the design. Greetings.

  88. This is a great list of resources, thank you for taking the time to compile it. It will be very useful in the future.

  89. We would really like you to add us to this resource list!

    We are a graphic design and photography community where you can partake in discussion, show off your work, and get critique from other friendly and experienced artists.

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[Cyber Monday Deals LIVE!]