A New Profile Picture & An Upcoming Re-brand

A New Profile Picture & An Upcoming Re-brand

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Jacob Cass New Profile Photo

For the first time in over fours years I have updated my profile picture, which you will notice on the left side bar of the website and across my social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, etc.). Although it may seem like a small change, there is a lot of brand equity and recognition that is built up within a profile photo. A profile photo is what represents you across the web & offline, similar to how a logo represents a business or product.

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The New Profile Photo

The new photo was taken on a cruise ship, using a Nikon D80 at 1/125, using a white back drop and two umbrellas. The photo has been converted to black and white and when used on social profiles, it will feature a transparent bottom left corner (see below), which will turn the profile into an ‘arrow’. You can see how the arrow works, when used on Tweetdeck below. This arrow feature will also be evident on the upcoming re-design of Just Creative Design.

Jacob Cass Profile

Transparent Profile

Upcoming Re-brand & Website Re-design

Just like my profile picture, this website design has been around for over four years. I’ve been meaning to redesign it for a few years now, but never followed through, but I’ve since found some time. Within the next few months a custom redesign of Just Creative Design will launch, including two new responsive template pages and an updated portfolio. Below you can see a sneak preview of the design, and more on the Dribbble Project Page as time goes on.

JC Teaser

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A New Domain

In other news, I’ve acquired the domain https://justcreative.com so that may give a hint to the way the re-branding is going.

Would love to hear your feedback on the new profile picture and website.

25 thoughts on “A New Profile Picture & An Upcoming Re-brand”

  1. I had a friend ask me the other day why I use the same profile picture for everything, and I told her it was because of branding (for my personal blog)! I’ll have to forward your post to her.
    Looking forward to seeing your re-branding!

  2. Hi Dear friend, happy to hear the new changes to your website. I hope you will do much better than the older one.
    Nice profile pic…. I love your website.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jacob, the new picture looks great. 😀

    Was curious – if it wasn’t for the newly acquired domain, would this effort to rebrand happen?

    Also, what are your thoughts about designers in the context of self-rebranding? Should we take it as an annual (Or any particular time frame.) effort or rebrand only when we feel that we’ve outgrown the brand?

    Love to hear your thoughts!


  4. Hi Jacob, the changes look promising. Got a question for ya regarding the new site.

    How do you feel about using white as the main BG color? I am thinking that one should design more in the middle of grey so you could for example use white as a decorative color. The new YouTube design is a great example of what I mean, old sites use white as their primary BG color while newer and more designed site use a more “comfortable” color like grey. What’s your thought on it?

  5. Jacob – really like the new profile pic – I’ve never put much thought into the profile pic being an integral part of your branding, but it is.

    On the redesign, I like the subtle details of using dotted lines instead of solid lines, the small down-pointing arrows and angled and rounded edges on things. Overall it’s a great design aesthetic. I, too, like the all white idea with pops of color – as you can see in my portfolio. There’s a certain ageless beauty to that sort of design aesthetic – maybe due to it’s simplicity.

  6. The new profile pic looks great!

    One observation I would make is that when it is in the “arrow” shape, the photo seems a little tight. Backing it out a bit to include some of the shoulder that is being cropped would make it feel more comfortable. You may be concerned that your face would be too small, and possibly not recognisable enough for effective branding, but even a small zoom out would make a big difference.

    Looking forward to seeing how you change the site–love your work!

  7. Count me in the minority, but I don’t like the new picture very much at all. The old one was much more relaxed. And where you crop the new one on your head, your hair makes you look a little like the white version of Darth Maul. And I don’t think it benefits from being in black and white like your previous profile image.

    Well, that’s why I’m a photographer and not a designer, perhaps.

  8. Hi, Jacob, your new photo is excellent, I think the old one was good but it was a little bit difficult to see the face, maybe the dark tone?

    One question, Why in grey mode? Don´t you think that a full color photo attracts more the eye? 🙂

    I love the responsive version of your blog by the way!


  9. Just so you know, I follow your updates and regularly come to your site for some inspiration. I feel the first profile picture is a lot better than this one. Already your logo looks simple but highly creative and generally your website looks simple nothing could complement the simplicity of the logo and the site more than the black color your former picture presented. black gives a product a certain feel. it makes a brand premium.

  10. Thanks for your patience in waiting for my replies!

    I still believe the site would have been redesigned, but the name may not have changed. I don’t think there is any set time in which you ‘must’ rebrand. When it feels right or you need to position yourself / achieve your goals then it may deem necessary.

    I don’t think one could make generalizations like that about ‘newer’ sites using grey. I think it depends on the sites purposes, brand and overall goals. My preference is white and prefer it, even on YouTube.

    Yeah, when you think about your profile picture, it is one the most common elements seen online by people around the world. I like the white and colour pops on your site as well. Here’s to ageless beauty.

    I agree with the tight arrow shape, however I’ve optimized it for the 50×50 profile size. If I didn’t have such a tight crop, then I’d be a small dot. I’ll experiment with the cropping again though. And so you know, the final crop for my site, my head actually pops out of the the box!

    I appreciate the feedback, all be it slightly strange. A white version Darth Maul!? The profile photo will have colour on rollover on my site!

    I will be having colour on rollover on my site, but in other places I am keeping it greyscale to keep more in line with my brand when not in the context of my site. It’s also a personal preference, which I guess makes sense for a personal brand.

    Were you talking about my current mobile version or the upcoming rebrand?

    Thanks for the feedback, please let me know your thoughts after the new site design goes live.

  11. Looking forward to seeing your new site and re-brand hope it isn’t too stressful for you.. am pretty curious to see where you’re taking the brand all the best

  12. Rebranding is hard because there are two things that coincide with each other.

    It’s having to think about what the old brand lacked and how the new brand is going to be better both in terms of function and design.

    Then it’s having to ensure that followers of your old brand come along for your new brand. Hopefully what happens is that everyone joins but the new brand allows for new followers.

    I’m sure by just having justcreative.com along with the shots I’ve seen on Dribbble your rebranding will be a success.

    Also very interesting that you started the rebranding with a profile picture. I think there is an article or post waiting to talk about that.

  13. Jacob,

    I have been following you and reading your articles for a little over a year now and you are so inspiring and do such great work! I am a student and you always have great advice for people just getting starting in the field. I am so excited about your rebranding and from what you have shown so far, it is going to be amazing! I read some of the earlier comments, and I totally agree with you that the white background is more appealing. I have actually been wanting to redo my own site to a white, cleaner site. I think it is more appealing to the eye! Anyway, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  14. Even if the re-designing is not for me, I share the same excitement with the others about the completion and full picture of your new site design. Both of the pictures are good. The old one is quite playful while the other is very corporate.

    And i must not forget to leave my Thanks for sharing vast of inspirations to us!

  15. wow!! i’m excited with the re-branding and the whole new site/portfolio update. Good luck and keep us posted. 🙂

  16. Then it’s having to ensure that followers of your old brand come along for your new brand. Hopefully what happens is that everyone joins but the new brand allows for new followers.

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