Accounting & Invoicing Made Easy with FreshBooks

Accounting & Invoicing Made Easy with FreshBooks

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Invoicing and accounting is an essential part of running a business, and since 2010 I’ve been using FreshBooks, a web-based application for making these tedious accounting tasks easy, fast and secure.

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The main reason I use FreshBooks is for their intuitive invoicing service that allows me to send branded invoices to my clients with ease, as well as track what invoices have been viewed, paid or not paid. This saves me a ton of time, keeps me organized and gets me paid sooner, as clients can pay straight from a button on the the invoice.

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FreshBooks also offer ‘hassle free time tracking’ and ‘effortless expense capture’, although I personally don’t use these features.

Overall, I find FreshBooks to be an elegant solution for an intimidating task, saving me tons of time as well as keeping me organized in the process.

So if you’re wanting to streamline your payments and invoicing, I highly recommend using FreshBooks hence being an affiliate. I haven’t been with them since 2010 for no reason!

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Let me know if you have any questions, happy to help! What invoicing software do you use?

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  1. For those who might be reading this thread and have needs slightly less robust than OP, I am a one man operation and I use Freshbooks, and it is faaaaaaabulous. Works and plays well with a ton of online accounting programs, has a beautiful and highly functional app, can’t praise it enough. I switched from QB because I don’t really have payroll needs, my tax situation is very simple, etc, but I invoice on the go a lot, and am fairly disorganized and forgetful, and FB is a life saver for me. So, check it out if QB is more than you need.

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