Adobe Campaign Guide – Features, Benefits, Case Studies & Pricing

Adobe Campaign Guide – Features, Benefits, Case Studies & Pricing

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Are you involved in a business that deals with many customers and has a customer-centric approach?

If you said yes, then this Adobe Campaign guide is for you. Below we outline the features, benefits and pricing along with some case studies.

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What is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign is a complete marketing solution through email, mobile, social media, and offline campaigns. It serves as the point of contact where you may access your customer data and profiles. It helps you deliver consistent campaigns everywhere.

Adobe Campaign helps you personalize your customer’s experience by using their observed data from their behavior online, such as searching, purchasing, and interests, which allows you to tailor each message. A particular customer leaves the site just by placing the items in the shopping cart, Adobe Campaign automated an email to the customer and reminds them of the item remaining in the cart.


Adobe Campaign Benefits

The key benefits of Adobe Campaign help you turn marketing challenges into opportunities for revenue.

  • Simplify tasks such as managing data and monitoring the performance of your products and services.
  • Identify the needs of the customer with a single marketing view of their needs and activities using multiple mediums
  • Intensify the marketing process and achieve higher productivity and reach out to customer needs.
  • Reaching customer needs in real-time by delivering higher, relevant and personalized experiences.

Adobe Campaign Features 

Customer Profiles

Adobe Campaign allows you to develop detailed customer profiles that allow you to build relevant messages to your customers. You can create test and control groups by using these profiles to understand the effective messages and profiles that are consistent with the overall experience. It helps you personalize campaigns across platforms and creates a unified voice for customer communication across the globe.

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Automated Journey

You may plan and manage multiple campaigns at once which avoids wasting time and intense labor processes compared to using multiple platforms.

Consolidates with Other Adobe Experience Products

Adobe Campaign consolidates with the other products of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe  Campaign can be used with Adobe Commerce, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Sensei, etc.

Simple Campaign Management

You may manage marketing campaigns simpler across channels when you can coordinate them with a single interface. All the people involved with the marketing can be on the same line and page. You can also take unanimous decisions on the campaign strategy and the target audience.

Targeting Customers with Mail

You can make a maximum impact on email marketing by sending personalized messages to customers based on their requests and interests. In case if a person is interested in a particular brand of costume, Adobe Campaign can use its unique AI feature in identifying the same. The e-mail can be triggered if a new arrival on the brand or a discount on the brand is been announced.

Campaign Automation

You can set up the automatic settings feature to improve efficiency. E-mails can be sent to customers regularly based on their birthdays, wedding anniversaries. Adobe Campaign automated feature helps to achieve that.

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Adobe Campaign Standard

Adobe Campaign Standard allows marketers to gather the right mix of content, data, and delivery capabilities for more effective email campaigns.

This email marketing solution is the first one integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Campaign Standard adds an extensive, integrated customer profile, along with automated multi-touch and multi-wave campaigns in one interface.

Adobe Campaign’s interface features a new look along with organized asset management and sharing to audiences with  Adobe Marketing Cloud. New mobile and tablet-friendly user Interface allows marketers to develop and maintain campaigns across devices. With Adobe Campaign Standard, email marketing is the contextual engine that powers your brand’s marketing programs.


Adobe Campaign Premium

Adobe Premium delivers a wholesome package for marketing automation. Premium adds channel that may be purchased as an add-on. This solution offers personalized online, offline, traditional, and emerging channels for marketing campaigns with a  focus on cross-channel marketing.


Adobe Campaign Ultimate

Adobe Ultimate offers a real-time marketing strategy allowing marketers to orchestrate bidirectional communication with the customer through each available channel. Marketers may measure their return on investments with robust analytics embedded in their solutions. With Adobe Campaign Ultimate, marketers may embrace every aspect of their marketing in a consistent and seamless environment.


Adobe Campaign Pricing & Costs

Adobe Campaign helps you to create meaningful relationships that run across channels and devices with a different set of pricing structures and subscription models. Marketers can focus only on developing better customer relationships rather than the cost involved for each message. The pricing considerations can vary according to:

  • Active Profiles: Your payment depends on the number of active customers held by you rather than paying by the number of messages sent.
  • Channels: Your payment plan also depends on the type of channels to be used. The channel can be in the form of email, SMS, direct mail, etc.
  • AddOns: Your payment plan can also depend on the customization of the software based on your requirements. This customization will be done by one of the partners of  Adobe.


Adobe Campaign Case Study for Dior

Adobe Campaign
Christian Dior: Image Credits: Adobe

Christian Dior is among the top brand names for fashion and luxury goods. Dior in the US faced various major marketing challenges. They were:

  • Increasing brand awareness in US Markets.
  • Boosting customer numbers by influencing them to revisit their store to purchase their goods.
  • Improving engagement with its most loyal customers.
  • Creating and targeting more defined customer segments

Dior uses Adobe Campaign to store US customer data generated from each touchpoint and then deploys advanced analytics to segment customers into various categories. Dior now tailors its marketing programs to each customer group and only sends catalogs to their top clients.

Most of the customers provided their addresses,  phone numbers, and email addresses. The company needed to learn how often a customer visits their store for purchases and how much they spent.


  • Adobe Campaign’s advanced customer cluster capabilities enabled Dior to create more focused targeted mailing and cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Dior used Adobe Campaign to store customer data. Dior used the Advanced Analytics of Adobe Campaign to separate the customer according to their purchases which let Dior score, segment, and calculate the lifetime of every customer.
  • Dior achieved a 15% increase in their catalog response rate versus the previous seasons’ mailer.
  • By adopting Adobe Campaign’s strategy, Dior now has a better idea of customer preferences and shopping habits. It gave customers an insight into their products.
  • Dior used valuable customer information to create an effective customer relationship management campaign.


KDDI Corporation Adobe Campaign Case Study

KDDI Corportaion
KDDI Corporation: Image Credits: Adobe

KDDI Corporation is one of the biggest telecommunication operators in Japan that provides services for individual and corporate customers. They have a  diverse touchpoint with customers from mobile apps, to customer support over email, phone, or chat to physical contact in stores.

KDDI wanted customers to get the most from their services through various touchpoints and understand their experiences. KDDI optimized communication through each touchpoint but the information gained from one touchpoint was not shared with another touchpoint in the past. Which meant KDDI missed opportunities for communication and delivering unnecessary information to customers.

KDDI  wanted a marketing automation platform that handles personalized communication and improves customer experience. With Adobe Campaigns, they created customer experiences that make full use of online and offline information, from app usage to reactions in store.

With Adobe Campaign, KDDI designed experiences based on customers’ app usage levels. The number of customer visits to the website tripled and customer satisfaction levels improved.

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KDDI gathers customer information during mobile app use and in-store visits and analyses this information using machine learning and AI to obtain recommendations for customers based on their interests and concerns.

Adobe Campaign automatically sends personalized information to customers based on the designs and allows them to implement campaigns that cross multiple touchpoints. KDDI focuses on designing campaigns that emphasize behavior, feeling, and reactions.

Adobe Campaign is simple to use by taking advantage of automation. KDDI aims to continue creating different customer experiences to improve engagement and build relationships with customers.


  • KDDI started a project to renew the marketing automation platform. That handled sensitive information about customers and Adobe Campaign met the KDDI security standards.
  • Provided improved customer experience with the best recommendations and timing across numerous touchpoints.
  • KDDI halved the number of hours needed for certain tasks, leading to a 30% reduction per month in hours needed for campaigns.
  • Reduced the labor force with an automated marketing system and doubled the monthly campaigns.
  • The conversion rate between casual inquiries to business-enabled communications increase by 5.6 times based on behavioral triggers.


Harvard Business Review Case Study

Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review: Image Credits: Adobe

Many business leaders use Harvard Business Review(HBR)  to get valuable business ideas to make smart decisions. HBR must publish engaging, informing, and interesting information to keep its readers engaged. The company is moving from print media to a digital approach as readers consume an increasing amount of content online.

The shift towards digital media requires a stronger focus and increasing pressure on email operations and online analytics. As HBR increasingly relies on email, their team needed a more robust campaign management solution.

Adobe Campaign is an essential tool for HBR as it progresses toward more personalized experiences and solidifies its reputation as an essential resource for business leaders.

The use of Adobe Campaign gave the team greater flexibility, better campaign targets, and the ability to share behavioral data. One of the advantages of Adobe Campaign is its ability to automate campaigns based on the parameters sent with the help of site registrations and discarded shopping carts. These triggers enable the team to send timely emails to optimize batch campaigns.

HBR personalizes and automates email by implementing Adobe Campaign to have a better view of the website and campaign analytics.


  • HBR transformed its routine email campaigns with daily, weekly, and monthly newsletters with valuable content.
  • The company delivered its newsletter to millions of subscribers that generate higher open rates and exerts a strong influence to purchase subscriptions.
  • Adobe Campaign played a crucial role in launching a new offer strategy, which represented a significant change for HBR.

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Swisscom AG Adobe Campaign Case Study

Swisscom AG: Image Credits : Adobe

Swisscom AG is Switzerland’s leading telecommunications and IT company. Swisscom AG faces tough competition in the Swiss telecom market that has changed significantly. Telecommunication digitization is widespread and the company continues to expand at a fast pace. Customer needs rapidly due to the rapid technological changes.

The competition becomes tougher as new organizations replace traditional ones. Swisscom strives to stand out with effective service with seamless online and offline experience through the company’s digital foundation created with Adobe.

Swisscom implements the strategy of Adobe Campaign in its business solutions. Initially, Adobe Campaign was email-centered but Swisscom realized the potential of the software. If a shopper places items in the cart and then leaves the site, the Adobe Campaign tool can be used to trigger an email to the shopper that he has left items in the basket.

With the help of Adobe Campaign, the organization uses the data of existing, prospective, and subscription customers, and for their newsletter. Adobe Campaign helps marketers have centralized data on marketing campaigns and customize them according to the needs of the customers.

Adobe Campaign is not just an email tool because it helps businesses enhance experiences for each customer in the future. By adopting certain Adobe Campaign standards, a customer service representative may understand what a customer is looking for in their platform so they can search for the same product offline.


  • The profiles of the customers that are collected using the Adobe Campaign, helped to bridge the gap between online and offline experiences.
  • The customer service representative learned what a customer was looking out for in the website and followed up on these searches offline. This attracted more sales for the organization.
  • There has been a 40% increase in sales through testing.
  • Adobe Campaign is also used to send birthday text messages when the mobile they purchased through them could be one year old thereby building a customer’s reputation.


The Virgin Holidays Adobe Campaign Case Study

Virgin Holidays
Virgin Holidays: Image Credits: Adobe

The Virgin Holidays has been in business for more than 30 years. The brand has a sense of adventure bundled in it which extends to providing customers with travel packages that satisfy their desire to explore. This company strives for compelling customer satisfaction for their customers who go on vacation.

The aim of the organization is, to be honest with their customers by giving them good experiences. This means that they need to keep the customers happy and engaged with earning their loyalty and having future business as well through them.

The Virgin Holidays undertakes extensive implicit and explicit consumer research to interpret customer needs. This information is collaborated with the internal needs of the business to identify ideal times to communicate with the customers.

When The Virgin Holidays started, its aim with Adobe Campaign was to transform and improve customer experience and improve as a company.


  • The leadership team was happy with what they achieved with Adobe Campaign. Email engagement rates quadrupled,  sales rate rose by 11%, and self-service of customers has increased by 7%.
  • Using Adobe Campaign during their peak sales enabled them to see a 20% increase in sales and an 85% increase in web traffic.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Adobe Campaign work?

Adobe Campaign helps you connect your online and offline marketing to improve efficiency by integrating with powerful technology like Adobe Experience Cloud.

How old is Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaign was created in 2013 when Adobe acquired Neolane.

How does Adobe Campaign work?

Adobe Campaign is a cross-channel marketing solution that offers a central hub where you may access customers’ data. It also enables you to automate email, mobile, social media, and offline campaigns.

What are the types of Adobe Campaign options available?

Adobe Campaign consists of Adobe Standard, Adobe Premium, and Adobe Ultimate.

What are the different price considerations in Adobe?

There are three types of price considerations in Adobe are Active profiles, AddOns, and Channels. In Active profiles, payments depend on the active customers held by you but in AddOns, the payments are based on customizations of the software which is related to your requirements.

Why should I choose Adobe Campaign?

Adobe Campaigns have some advantages such as: It helps in monitoring the results and performance of the tasks, it helps in understanding the customer's needs, and it has a role in gaining higher productivity in marketing processes.




Adobe Campaign is a complete platform that offers an integrated set of tools that enables you to create a complete marketing solution for your business. It offers various management tools that help you assess the needs of the customer. It also provides you with a platform where you may interact and maintain customer rapport.


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