Adobe Lightroom’s New Features – June, 2024

Adobe Lightroom’s New Features – June, 2024

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Adobe Lightroom has experienced its newest update, meaning that Adobe users (see our Adobe discounts) now have access to some stellar Adobe Lightroom new features. Read on to learn about 5 new features on Adobe Lightroom that can greatly improve your editing journey!

1. Generative Remove – Best Adobe Lightroom New Feature

Generative Remove - Best Adobe Lightroom New Feature Before Image
Generative Remove - Best Adobe Lightroom New Feature After Image

One of the most innovative Adobe Lightroom new features is the generative remove, which is powered by Adobe Firefly‘s cutting-edge generative AI.

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This feature revolutionized photo editing by allowing you to remove distractions in photos in two clicks. All you have to do is identify the object you want to vanish using a brush mask. You can simply watch as the AI integrates into Adobe, which removes distractions and fills the gap with a background that blends perfectly with the rest of the image.

This Adobe Lightroom classic new feature is available as an Early Access option across all Lightroom interfaces. To find the Generative AI tool with the help of Object Aware options to fine-tune your editing, you simply have to click on the Remove Tool.

2. Adobe Lightroom Remove Tool

While this is not an Adobe Lightroom new feature, the Remove Tool is an updated version of the formerly known Heal Tool. When you click on the Remove Tool, you can access three different subtools, namely the

  • Remove Tool
  • Heal Tool
  • Clone Tool
  • Red Eye Tool

3. Lens Blur

Adobe Lightroom New Feature Lens Blur Before Image
Adobe Lightroom New Feature Lens Blur After Image

Previously an Early Access feature, the new update of Lightroom introduces the AI-powered Lens Blur Tool as an Adobe Lightroom new feature. With this new and improved feature, anyone can apply professional-grade background blur on their photos. The AI-boosted Lens Blur tool boasts many exciting enhancements.

Sharper Focus

A significant upgrade to this Adobe Lightroom classic new feature is its ability to detect subjects with more precision and accuracy. This means that you do not have to worry about blurry edges and messy blurring, as the new Lens Blur tool allows you to focus on your main attraction with crisp lines.

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Style Customization Options

You can now have more creative liberty with your photo blurring with the Adobe Lightroom new features. With the option to choose between different blur intensities and styles, you can experiment and fine-tune the focus and blur on your pictures. What’s more, you can even save your perfect settings for future use.

Easy Refinement

Refinement and precision have been prioritized in this Adobe Lightroom new feature with intuitive Refinement options. You can now easily adjust the blur amount with a simple slider. Thus, you have the freedom to take complete control over the Focus Range for a customized effect.

Batch Editing

The batch editing feature on the Lens Blur tool is a great way to save time and focus on more important tasks. You can simply apply your favorite Lens Blur presets to multiple photos at once, getting stunning edits across an entire collection of photos.

Adaptive Blur Background Presets

Adobe Lightroom New Feature Adaptive Blur Background Presets Before Image
Adobe Lightroom New Feature Adaptive Blur Background Presets After Image

A brand-new category to come under Adobe Lightroom new features is the availability of Premium presets for adaptive blur backgrounds.

These pre-built settings use AI to blur backgrounds and even have built-in intelligent presets to make your editing much easier. Thus, you can get your professional-looking edits very quickly.

Edit Archived Photos Locally

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Another Adobe Lightroom classic feature allows you to free up valuable cloud storage space with the option to edit your photos locally. For now, this feature is only available on desktops. However, this new feature produces many benefits, such as,

  • Smooth and responsive editing, even with large or complex photos, without an internet connection.
  • Organize your photos with familiar folders and file structures on your local drive.
  • Faster access to browse, edit, and share photos without waiting for cloud downloads.
  • Keeping a secure local copy of your photos without cloud storage limitations

You can access this Adobe Lightroom new feature by clicking on the intuitive “Archive to Local Storage” dialogue box. This guides you through the process, making it easy to select and edit the photos you want to bring offline.

Curve Controls

Adobe Lightroom New Feature Curve Control Before Image
Adobe Lightroom New Feature Curve Control After Image

This Adobe Lightroom new feature allows you to fine-tune your videos using the powerful Curve controls. This unlocks precise adjustments to the tonal range and contrast, giving you more creative control over your footage’s overall mood and feel.

However, it’s important to remember that the Refine Saturation slider won’t be available while using Curves on videos. However, you can still adjust color vibrancy using the Basic panel’s Saturation slider or explore other selective color grading options in Lightroom.

Overall, adding Curves to Lightroom’s video editing toolkit is very valuable when enhancing your visuals. It allows for more nuanced adjustments and creative freedom when editing videos.

Summary of Lightroom’s New Features

The new update on Adobe Lightroom indeed boasts many features that integrate AI to make editing on the platform a breeze. So, don’t be afraid to use Adobe Lightroom’s new features and take your images to the next level.

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