How to use Adobe Stock Video to Create Content

How to use Adobe Stock Video to Create Content

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Videos have been dominating the advertising industry for quite a while now. Consumers just can’t get enough.

One of the major reasons is convenience. A lot of consumers prefer watching videos when they want to learn about something. Adobe Stock video is a great way to use already available videos that are more entertaining and overall can help them focus better.

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With that in mind, there are a lot of websites that now offer stock video footage. You can use these to add value to your videos. You get professionally captured videos to fill in the gaps of your own videos.

These stock video footage sometimes comes for free. Some websites will ask you to attribute these videos to the creators while others won’t.

And then there are websites that will sell the licenses of the stock videos. This means that you’ll need to purchase the stock video first before you can use it. In this method, you don’t need to attribute the creator anymore.

Adobe is a premier stock imagery service. You’ll be able to find a huge collection of images, videoclips, and even 4K videos here. These can be bought on an a la carte model. You can simply download these stock videos and then use them in your video editing software.

If you’ve subscribed to Fotolia in the past, they are now in Adobe. Fotolia is a microstock photography agency and it’s a great source for royalty-free images. It has over 10 million images and videos, which is thanks to more than 2.5 million contributors. You can easily connect your Fotolia account to Adobe and you can start using Adobe Stock.

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What is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is a service that gives designers and other users access to millions of free assets for their creative projects. These assets can be in the form of photos, illustrations, videos, and audio tracks.

The popular provider of stock assets is Adobe Stock Photos and Videos. The main reason why they are in demand is that lot of users, professionals, creatives and corporate individuals use them in their content.

In the current economic environment, businesses need to have an online presence to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. To create an online presence, as mentioned before, you will need to create digital media in the form of photos or videos.

Adobe Stock assets are a series of creative assets that are available for consumers. Some companies and users contribute to Adobe Stock assets. They are called Adobe Stock contributors.

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These contributors are one of the biggest sources of these stock photos and videos. They all work together to bring you high-quality and professional-looking content. They are then paid a commission by Adobe when they submit their content.

All About Adobe Stock 

Adobe Stock has millions of curated assets, videos, and photos. Adobe Stock Video consists of both 4K and HD videos. The videos have a variety of fascinating themes that include sports, nature, lifestyle, etc. These videos can be used to fill the gap in a storyline or provide establishing shots.

Adobe Stock Videos are collected from a wide range of contributors all around the world. These contributors consist of video companies and individual professionals. Video brands like GoPro and The Ocean Agency are some of the contributors to Adobe.

You can easily use these videos in Creative Cloud Apps such as Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Using an Adobe Stock Video

Adobe Stock Video is available in HD or 4K. They come with an enhanced license. This license has no limitations as to how many people can view the video. The enhanced license allows you to reproduce the asset in any way or form to suit your creative needs. But it doesn’t allow you to do the following:

  • Distribute the video as a stand-alone file.
  • Use the product for distribution where the asset is the base value of the product. You cannot use the asset to create a YouTube video where the viewership is based on the stock video that is used on it.

Purchase an Adobe Stock Video

An Adobe Stock Video can be purchased for

  • A single-time usage and
  • A credit pack when you plan to download multiple video assets on a one-time basis or over some time. You can save a lot of money with this option.

Adobe Stock Video Pricing Plans

Adobe Stock is available with various pricing plans. These pricing plans are listed as follows:

  • 10 Standard assets at the rate of US $29.99 monthly. You can also go in for an annual subscription.
  • 25 Standard assets or 3 HD videos per month at $49.99 per month, payable for a year. You can also pay $69.99 per month on a month-on-month basis.
  • 40 Standard assets or 6 HD videos per month at $79.99 per month, payable for a year. You can also pay $99.99 per month on a month-on-month basis.
  • 750 Standard assets or 25 HD videos per month at $199.99 per month, payable for a year. You can also pay $249.99 per month on a month-on-month basis.

For more information on each plan, click the link below.

How to use Adobe Stock Footage in Premiere Pro

Video clips are pieces of video content that can be used as part of larger video production.

The steps to use an Adobe Stock video in a project are as follows:

When you open Adobe Premiere Pro, you need to identify the location of the Adobe Stock videos that you’ve downloaded. This will allow you to use it on your project. Here are the steps to use your Adobe Stock videos on your project:

  • Choose File -> Project Settings -> Scratch Disks and then under CC Libraries Download, click Browse to choose the destination.

Step 1: Open the CC Libraries panel

  • You can find the Adobe Stock video inside the Creative Cloud Libraries panel of Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • In case, you want to open the Libraries panel, you can choose Window -> Libraries to open it.
Opening the Libraries Panel. Image Credits: Adobe

Step 2: Search for Video Previews

  • Click the drop-down arrow that appears to the right of the search field. Choose Adobe Stock from the drop-down menu.
  • In the search field, type in a description of the video you are looking for. Press Enter on Windows (or) Click the arrow next to Results from Adobe Stock
  • To filter results for only videos, check the videos box to see just those results.
Search for Video Previews
Search for Video Previews. Image Credit: Adobe

Step 3: Find the Right Video Preview

  • Scroll down the vertical scroll bar to view the search results.
  • To see the details of the video preview, right-click the preview options.
  • From the options menu, choose one of the following options:
    • View Details on the Web This will open the details page on the Adobe Stock website.
    • Find Similar on Web This will find a similar preview on the Adobe Stock website.
Find the Right Video Preview. Image Credits: Adobe

Step4: Save video previews to CC Libraries

  • Once your desired video has been found, you can select where the watermarked video preview will be saved.
  • There are two different ways you can save your video preview:
    • In the upper left, there is a download icon you can click
    • Right-click the video preview and choose Save Preview.

Step 5: Use the saved video preview for any of the projects assigned to you.

  • Right-click the video, the saved video is available in your library. You can import it into your project.
  • In the Libraries panel, you can import it and choose to Add to Project.
  • From the Project panel, you can drag the watermarked preview to your video for composition.
Using the Adobe Stock Video. Image Credit: Adobe

Step 6: License your video preview

  •  If the preview is found satisfactory, you can ready to use the license of the non-watermarked version.
  • Right-click the video preview in the Libraries panel and choose the License Video option.
  • Follow the instructions and complete the purchase process.
License the Video. Image Credit: Adobe


Frequently Asked Questions

What are royalty-free assets?

Royalty-Free assets are assets that can be used without the need to pay any royalty to the owner. Royalty-free assets can be used for commercial, promotional, or advertising purposes as well.

Are there any discounts for Adobe Stock for students?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts for students or teachers when subscribing to Adobe Stock.

Is the Adobe Stock licensing valid even after the subscription period is over?

Yes. Once you have licensed an Adobe Stock asset, the license of it remains with you forever. You can use the assets in your license irrespective of the subscription status as long the general terms of usage are maintained.

Can I use Adobe Stock Video for free?

Yes, you can use Adobe Stock Video for free. Adobe Stock Video can be downloaded for free from the Adobe official website. But the only disadvantage is that it comes with the Adobe watermark with it. This is because Adobe is quite protective of its content.



How to use Adobe Stock Video to Create Content

Videos and images are amazing tools for establishing an online presence. They help you educate and, at the same time, entertain your viewers. But sometimes, creating videos can be a challenge. After all, it’s a skill that a lot of professionals master for years!

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Good thing Adobe Stock video is here to save the day! You can get awesome high-quality and professionally made stock videos and use them for your own videos. You can find HD videos and 4K videos here. Some of them need to be purchased first while others can be used for free.

Creating videos with Adobe Stock Video will make the process easier and much faster.

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