Adobe Stock Vs. iStock (Pros, Cons, Features, Pricing) 2024

Adobe Stock Vs. iStock (Pros, Cons, Features, Pricing) 2024

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If you rely on stock imagery to find the right photos for your projects, you will have to determine which stock photo website is the best for you. Although there are hundreds of stock photo websites available, some websites fall in the top position, and Adobe Stock and iStock are two such websites.

Many people can’t decide which website to use out of these two because both of them seem to have similar facilities. However, this article is Adobe Stock vs iStock will help you to decide which platform is the best to fulfill your image requirements.

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What Is Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photo service offered by Adobe. After acquiring the stock photo agency Fotolia, Adobe Stock was launched in 2015 to meet the stock photo requirements of designers and individuals. It is integrated into the Creative Cloud platform to ease the task of adobe software users.

Adobe Stock has a huge library of stock photos, videos, templates, 3D models, audio files, and vectors. Because of creative cloud integration, you can use different adobe software like photoshop, illustrator, etc. Whether you are a Creative Cloud user or not, you can use the adobe stock website to find your needed stock asset.


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What is iStock?


Just like Adobe Stock, iStock is a popular website for downloading stock assets. In 2006, iStock was acquired by Getty Images. It is one of the most used stock photo websites in the market. Many designers, individuals, and businesses use this platform because of its vivid content.

iStock can fulfill your image requirements for web pages, social media, blog posts, etc. This platform is one of the best options for downloading high-quality royalty-free images online. It has a user-friendly design to let you find your required assets with ease. The website has several search filters to make your task easier.


iStock VS Adobe Stock: Free Trials

Download Adobe Stock Free

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Adobe Stock offers a 30-day trial period with its annual subscription plans. During this trial period, you can download 10 images for free. If you want, you can cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid subscription fee payment.

On the other side, iStock doesn’t have free trials. You will have to buy subscription plans or credit packs of iStock to download photos, videos, and other assets. So, Adobe Stock is better than iStock when it comes to free trials.


Adobe Stock VS iStock: Pricing

Both Adobe Stock and iStock has subscription as well as on-demand credit packs. Compared to the monthly subscription plans, annual subscription plans are affordable on both platforms. Let’s now understand the pricing of both stock photo agencies in detail.

Adobe Stock Subscription Plans

Adobe Stock Subscription Plans

Adobe Stock has both annual subscription plans and monthly subscription plans. Annual subscription plans of Adobe Stock are $29.99, $49.99, and $199.99 per month. Under these plans, you can download 10, 25, and 750 standard assets, respectively. The cost per image under annual plans is $0.26 to $2.99.

Month-to-month subscription plans of Adobe Stock are $49.99, $69.99, and $249.99 per month. These plans allow you to download 10, 25, and 750 standard assets per month. Also, they are flexible and allow you to cancel anytime. The cost per image under the month-to-month subscription plan is $0.33 to $9.99.

On-Demand Credit Packs of Adobe Stock

On-demand credit packs of Adobe Stock allow you to download images at any time. They offer flexibility, although they are a little expensive. These credit packs allow you to download 3D templates, videos, premium images, editorials, and other premium assets.

The minimum credit pack is 5 credits, and the maximum credit pack is 150 credits. The cost of 5 credits is $49.95, and the cost of 150 credits is $1200. If you need premium assets frequently, you can get the maximum credits pack since it will be a cheaper option.

iStock Subscription Plans

iStock Subscription Plans

iStock subscription plans are available in two types, and those are basic subscriptions and premium subscriptions. With the basic subscription plan, you can download assets from the essential collection. But the premium subscription plan lets you download assets from the essential and the signature collection.

Just like Adobe Stock, iStock has monthly and annual subscription plans. Each subscription plan has divided into four sections depending on the number of downloads, and those are 10, 25, 50, and 750 downloads. Under the basic subscription annual plan, the cost per image is $0.22 to $ 2.90.

The cost per image in a basic subscription monthly plan is $0.27 to $4.00. The cost per premium asset under the annual subscription plan is $0.44 to $7.00. Under the monthly plan, the cost per premium asset is $0.53 to $9.90.

If you need stock assets for the entire year, you can choose annual subscription plans. But if you need these assets only for one or two months, you can go with monthly subscription plans. Also, you can choose credit packs to get more flexibility if you don’t need stock assets more frequently.

Credit Packs of iStock

Credit packs of iStock allow you to buy essential & signature images, videos, and extended licenses. Also, credit packs allow you to download assets that are not included in the subscription plans. The cost per image under credit packs is 1 to 3 credits. And videos under credit packs cost 6 to 18 credits.

The cost per one credit is $12. But this cost gets reduced when you opt for larger packs. The 150 credits pack costs $1250, while the 300 credits pack costs $2400. Depending on your requirements, you can buy and use these credit packs.


Adobe Stock VS iStock: Licensing

Understanding the licensing terms of a stock photo agency before using its services is an important thing. So, let’s see the licensing terms of adobe stock and iStock in detail.

Adobe Stock

Licensing for stock

Adobe Stock offers assets under three types of licenses, and those are standard, enhanced, and extended licenses. The standard license is the royalty-free license and gives you some usage rights to use the image. It allows you to edit the asset with some restrictions and use it for broadcasting, marketing, and other purposes, and 500,000 views or copies of the asset.

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With a standard license, you can’t use the image as a stand-alone entity. It can be used as a part of the main design. The enhanced license of Adobe Stock fulfills all terms of the standard license and permits more than 500,000 views or copies for the asset.

But if you want to use the asset in templates, merchandise, or other products for resale, you will need an extended license of Adobe Stock. To know more about the licensing terms of Adobe Stock, you can visit the official site of Adobe Stock.


Licensing for iStock

iStock offers two types of licenses, and those are standard licenses and extended licenses. By default, you get assets under the standard license so that you can use them for personal, commercial, and business purposes. It allows you to use the assets in advertising, apps, websites, TV, film, magazine, marketing, and other uses.

But if you need more usage rights, you can opt for the extended license. This license allows you to use the asset in physical products and for more than 500,000 printed copies. Also, you can use these resources in products for resale and share those files with your team.

For all these specific terms, you need an extended license. You can visit the official website of iStock to learn more about its licenses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you profit from iStock?

Since iStock is a microstock website with low royalty rates and affordable photo selling prices, the answer is yes, you can make money there. Starting out with a 15% cut of each sale, you can increase that to 25% to 40% if you become an exclusive contributor.

Why is iStock a better choice than Shutterstock?

If resolution and content quality is crucial to you, you should be aware that Shutterstock does not charge more for higher quality photographs than iStock. But iStock's less expensive photographs from the Essentials collection are of excellent quality and ideal for regular stock photo requirements.

What does Adobe Stock's free collection contain?

Free images, vectors, drawings, movies, design templates, motion graphics templates, and 3D assets are all available in the Adobe Stock library.


Adobe Stock VS iStock: Bottom Line

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Both Adobe Stock and iStock are popular in the field of stock assets. They provide high-quality assets in different categories. If you need a platform for downloading royalty-free quality stock assets for your projects, you can consider using iStock.

But if you are a designer and looking for a platform to carry on your design tasks, Adobe Stock is the right choice for you. On this platform, you will get high-quality photos, videos, vectors, and 3D assets. Also, you will have access to Adobe apps for editing. To get the benefits of both platforms, you can consider using both websites.

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