10+ Best Adobe XD Alternatives (Free & Paid) 2023

10+ Best Adobe XD Alternatives (Free & Paid) 2023

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Adobe XD is a relatively recent addition to the suite of premium apps developed by Adobe. The vector-based, user-friendly app delivers an improved and fresh experience for mobile, desktop, and web apps.

So, if Adobe XD is getting the job done for designers, why are people searching for Adobe XD alternatives?

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Just as with all the other Adobe apps, the rocket-high subscription charges make Adobe XD an expensive option. And the competition has come up with some really edge-cutting technologies, delivering even better designing and prototyping solutions for free, or at least reasonably priced.

And Adobe apps are bulky and require a high-performance PC for smooth running. So, looking for an optimized solution to create inch-perfect prototypes and designs is the need of the hour.

We have tried and tested many alternative apps out there and have come up with these 10 best Adobe XD alternatives. You will find the right app for any platform including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Some prefer other software because of the complexity of XD. And users have to pay the standalone monthly subscription fees (get an Adobe discount here) or get the entire Creative Cloud suite subscription to access this software. It can be just too expensive for freelancers and users running low on budget.

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What is the best Adobe XD Alternative?

InVision is the best Adobe XD alternative. But check the complete list of recommended alternatives to Adobe XD and go for the one which fits your needs the best. We’ve listed both free Adobe XD alternatives and paid.

  1. InVision — Best alternative for Adobe XD
  2. Figma — Delivers better outputs faster
  3. UXPin — Code-based design tool
  4. Proto. Io — Prototyping solution for all of your needs
  5. Moqups — All-in-one design software
  6. Zeplin — Organized workspace to publish designs
  7. Wondershare Mockitt — Best free alternative to Adobe XD
  8. Axure RP — Gives the power to build realistic output
  9. Draftium — Turbo prototyping tool for websites
  10. Framer — Faster than ever
  11. MarvelBest Adobe XD Alternative for Android and iOS

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Top 11 Adobe XD Alternatives 2023

1. InVision

InVision - Best alternative to Adobe XD
Image credit: InVision

Best alternative to Adobe XD

Platform: Mac/Windows/Android

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  • Free
  • Pro – $7.95/month (per user)

InVision is an easy-to-use tool that makes designing delightfully simple. You can smoothly create interactive and responsive prototypes. With advanced features like multi-user collaboration, vector editing, transitions & animation tools, workflow synchronization, and robust asset libraries, it is the perfect Adobe XD alternative for creating outstanding UI designs.

The tool is popular among many Fortune 500 companies and runs efficiently on both Windows and Mac OS. It also offers Android and iOS mirrors that let you review the prototypes to provide feedback to the design team.

However, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve if you want to get the most out of high-level customization.


2. Figma

Image credit: Figma

Delivers better products faster

Platform: Mac/Windows/Linux


  • Free
  • Professional – $12/month (per editor)
  • Organization – $45/month (per editor)

Figma is another popular prototyping & UI design software and is one of the very best in the design market. Thanks to the collaboration-focused approach, it has some really great features that give it a competitive edge over Adobe XD.

Figma users can easily get their hands on the trending and latest design updates right from their browser, making it a versatile choice. The collaborative features help you work with other designers to get instant feedback, speeding up the design workflow.

Figma also offers unlimited cloud storage in both free and paid versions. However, the free version will limit you to just two editors and three projects.


3. UXPin

Image credit: Uxpin

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Code-based design tool

Platform: Mac/Windows


  • Free
  • Startup – $89/month (per editor)
  • Company – $119/month (per editor)
  • Enterprise – Custom

This powerful and easy-to-use design and prototyping tool is a super Adobe XD alternative. The interesting approach of designing from the code end makes this a good choice. In simple terms, you can develop and customize your design through the use of code components.

It helps you create dynamic prototypes and works well on Windows and Mac systems. You can view the prototypes offline with mirror apps for iOS and Android devices by just scanning a QR code.

There are a lot more features, including advanced prototyping and interactive elements, delivering an amazing design experience.


4. Proto.io

Image credit: Proto.io

The prototyping solution for all of your needs

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Platform: Mac/Windows


  • Freelancer – $24/month (paid annually)
  • Startup – $40/month (paid annually)
  • Agency – $80/month (paid annually)
  • Corporate – $160/month (paid annually)

Proto.io is an online designing and prototyping tool, focused mainly on mobile applications. This tool offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, making it easy for designers to create prototypes.

It also includes a wide array of design elements, interactive functions, and components to add stars to your UI creations & prototypes. What’s more? You can build realistic prototypes as well to test them on different mobile devices your clients use.

However, don’t expect much on the collaboration front, you’re limited to commenting only.


5. Moqups

Image credit: Moqups

All-in-one design software

Platform: Mac/Windows


  • Solo – $17/month
  • Team – $26/month
  • Unlimited – $78/month

Moqups is another online application for building mockups, wireframes, and prototypes of UI designs. From diagrams to full-fledged and interactive prototypes, you can get it all done on this web-based app.

The strong collaboration features let your design team access and interact from anywhere to provide feedback and suggest changes. You also get a good-sized built-in icon and stencils library along with a wide range of editing tools to take designing to the next level.

The app integrates easily with popular cloud storage services, making it a great pick. Keep in mind, though, that you may want to consider the paid version for this tool. The free version may not meet your expectations.


6. Zeplin

Image credit: Zeplin

An organized workspace to publish designs

Platform: Windows/Mac


  • Free
  • Team – $6 seat/month
  • Organization – $12 seat/month
  • Enterprise – Custom

Zeplin is a smart Adobe XD alternative for code lovers. It is a code-based design app where you can source all your components from Storybook, Github, Bitbucket, SourceForge, and other repositories, so they are always code-ready.

The app also integrates seamlessly with team collaboration and project management tools like Trello, Proofhub, Monday, Jira, and Slack, offering integration with design applications like Figma, Adobe XD, etc.

You can access the code snippets to initialize them and can also check the summaries of your components in your designs.


7. Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt
Image credit: Wondershare

Best free Adobe XD alternative

Platform: Windows/Mac/Linux


  • Monthly Plan – $12.90/month
  • Quarterly Plan – $29/quarter
  • Annual Plan – $69/year

An easy-to-use tool with comprehensive UI and UX design features makes this a great free alternative to Adobe XD. With an extensive and easy-to-manage asset library, you can design interactive prototypes.

Other features include automated code generation for Android/CSS/Swift, URL-based real-time inspection and analytics, and a huge bank of transition and gesture effects. What’s more? You get multi-user collaboration features for online commenting and sharing of designs with stakeholders.

You can access the app online from any device and can send/receive feedback about your designs. The free version has a limited set of features, but you can try it and see if it works for you.


8. Axure RP

Axure RP
Image credit: Axure

The power to build realistic, functional prototypes

Platform: Mac/Windows


  • Axure RP Pro – $25/month (per user)
  • Axure RP Team – $42/month (per user)
  • Axure for Enterprise – Custom

Axure RP is a popular desktop application for UX designers to create interactive HTML prototypes for mobile, desktop, and web applications. RP (Rapid Prototyping) is the core focus of the tool and lets you design prototypes from just rough ideas.

You can also use the tool to create personas, sitemaps, user workflows, customer journey maps, and wireframes. With an easy-to-use and navigate interface, the designing process gets super easy.

Even though UI designers won’t find this tool as efficient as Figma or Adobe XD, web designers and UX designers will love it. Using Axure, everyone can get their design job done with ease.


9. Draftium

Image credit: Draftium

Turbo prototyping tool for websites

Platform: Mac/Windows/Linux


  • Free
  • Pro Plan – $99 /year
  • Agency plan – Custom

Draftium is a free, web-based alternative to Adobe XD. Equipped with many design features and functionalities and over 200 blocks and 300 prototype templates, you can easily create responsive prototypes for any device.

The free asset library also has a lot to offer. Using real-time collaboration features, developers and clients can communicate and leave comments, access comment history, and do things faster. You will find the app interface easy to use.

Just pick a template, modify the content, add preferred elements, review, collaborate, and hand it off to the dev team. As easy as you like!


10. Framer

Image credit: Framer

Faster than ever

Platform: Mac/Windows


  • Free
  • Pro – $20Editor/month
  • Enterprise – Custom

Framer was initially an application used by programmers but now has developed as a visual editor. This lightning-fast design tool lets you create interactive and responsive design elements.

You can easily set up your screens by utilizing their Stacks feature and much more. The app works great on desktop, mobile, and tablets. If you know basic programming and are looking for some fast idea validation, give this tool a try for your design ventures.


11. Marvel

Marvel Prototyping Software Interface
Marvel Software Interface. Image credit: Marvel

Best Adobe XD Alternative for Android and iOS

Platform: iOS/iPad/iPhone


  • Free
  • Pro – $8 / month
  • Team – $24 / month

When it comes to designing and prototyping on mobile phones the Marvel App is a great software to work with. Through this UX design, you can create beautiful interfaces in no time using a smartphone or mobile device.

Through this software, you can make your UX designs interactive by allowing viewers to see your work. One of the better tools for wireframing and prototyping, this impressive software is convenient and versatile to use.

Besides this, the Marvel app also offers space for collaborative ideas, design feedback, and iteration. This means design teams can work and view projects and even provide feedback for the same in a quick and efficient manner.

When installed, you will receive activity notifications to see who is working on what and receive feedback about designs. You can also upload images and start creating designs by making use of the tools available on the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Adobe XD alternative?

InVision is the best Adobe XD alternative, feature-rich and affordable. With advanced designing tools and collaboration features, you are sure to appreciate this software.

Can I use Adobe XD without Creative Cloud?

Yes, technically, you don't need to install or use Creative Cloud to use Adobe XD. But you will still need a subscription to install it.

How long is the Adobe XD free trial?

The Adobe XD free trial is for seven days and provides full user access to the software.

Is Adobe XD better than Figma?

Well, Figma is a lot better than Adobe XD in terms of more functionalities, easy collaboration features, and ease of use. From hand-off to design features and constraints/components, Figma is way better than Adobe XD.

Is Adobe XD available for free?

Adobe XD starter plan can be downloaded and used for personal use. It includes all the design and phototyping features of course at no cost. But the paid plans are the ones that have all the premium features of the software with unlimited sharing and collaboration.


Alternatives to Adobe XD

The list above covers a wide range of Adobe XD alternatives. So, whether you need free, open-source software or a premium paid tool, compare and make your pick. If in doubt, try out these different tools, as most of them offer a free trial. Let the perfect alternative breathe life into your designs and prototypes.