30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes (Free & Premium)

30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes (Free & Premium)

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Developed by Serif, the Affinity Designer program is a vector graphics editor that is one of the strongest competitors to the crown held by the industry-preferred Adobe Illustrator.

One of the features that have brought numerous designers to the platform is the ability to either create custom brush packs or modify Illustrator brushes to work with the Affinity software. This has brought the Affinity software to the forefront of the tools designers use.

With the excitement surrounding the software, we built a list of the 31 best Affinity Designer brushes (both free and premium) available so you can start using Affinity with the ground running and become an expert in no time.


The 30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes (Free & Premium)

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The 30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes

The Complete Affinity Designer Bundle$467 $197 (Editor’s Choice)

RetroSupply Full Bundle

Get 18 of RetroSupply’s best products for Affinity Designer in one gigantic bundle (and save some serious loot)!

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  1. Phantom Paper for Affinity ($29)
  2. ColorLab for Affinity ($49)
  3. Duplitone for Affinity  ($29)
  4. Gouache Shader Brushes for Affinity Designer
  5. Grave Etcher | Vector Engraving Brushes ($29)
  6. Horrific Halftones for Affinity ($19)
  7. Retro Effects | Classic Collection Bundle ($29)
  8. VectorHero: Ink Brushes ($19)
  9. Drygoods: Chalk Brushes ($19)
  10. VectorSketch: Charcoal Pencils ($19)
  11. InkWash: Ink and Watercolor Brushes ($19)
  12. VectorFuzz: brush and sponge textures ($19)
  13. The Woodcut Brush Kit ($19)
  14. Turbo Textures Brush Kit and Extras ($19)
  15. Bug Lab | Nature Texture Brushes for Affinity ($29)
  16. IndustryPress ($15)
  17. Wax & Oil Vector Brushes ($19)
  18. Fuel Station Vector Brushes ($19)
  19. Plus many more!!

View all the products you’ll get here (get them all for $197, usually $467)

Or see their Essential Affinity Bundle that includes 16 of their best-selling Affinity Designer Brushes in one bundle for $97.


ColorLab Comic Color Kit for Affinity – $49

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Get authentic vintage halftone colors with ColorLab. ColorLab makes getting retro archival comic effects fun and easy.

This industrial-strength collection of brushes, swatches, textures, and templates will help you achieve the cheap comic effects of your dreams with ease.

RetroSupply designed this pack with care so you can fine-tune your work. Get clean comic halftones or gritty smudged pulp print textures with ease.


Drawing Brushes for Affinity – $14

Drawing with charcoal, ink, and graphite can provide you with fine lines and deep blacks. Unless you’re creating physical art, getting those results can be difficult online. With the Drawing Brushes for Affinity kit, each brush is created to resemble a real-world drawing tool.

You’re sure to be able to find what you’re looking for in this kit from Copic markers to number 2 pencils, this kit has it all. When you’re applying charcoal, ink, or the graphite brush to any stroke can give your illustrations unique lines and characteristics. The set can be imported into Affinity Designer and Photo and also works on both the desktop and mobile versions.

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Spray Paint Brushes for Affinity – $18

Spray paint can have a lot of uses. While most of them are legal, there are those out there who are extremely talented enough to create amazing images with spray paint. If you don’t want to risk jail time, the Spray Paint Brushes kit from Artifex Forge provides you with a unique brush for your artwork.

By spending hours collecting numerous spray paint marks to build this pack, you can rest assured that the brushes are taken from actual, on-the-street, painted material that pinpoints the way that spray paint splatters and pools that cant be recreated digitally.


68 Dust Brushes & Overlays for Affinity Designer – $17

Sometimes no matter how hard you work to make your illustration look as good as possible, it still feels like it’s missing something. It doesn’t have that real-life feeling to it. Maybe adding a little texture to it will give it that look you’re looking for.

Thanks to the 68 dust brushes and 57 overlays in this kit, you can add some dust particles to the background or if you want to make an object look older or have a retro look. The kit includes 44 Dust Stamp Brushes, 24 Dust Stroke/Scatter Brushes as well as a bonus 57 High Resolution.JPG Overlays to help every image look amazing.


The Affinity Inkwell Brushes – $19

Creating art using an ink brush can provide a look that can’t be matched by other tools. With this in mind, The Affinity Inkwell Brushes provides artists with ink outline and wash brushes that will work in harmony for the digital art you create to look as close to the real thing as possible.

These different brush options include zigzags, wash shaders, splats, blob outlines, and dry ink to make sure that you have absolutely everything you need to create your ink masterpiece as soon as possible.


Outstanding Oil Paint Affinity Designer Brushes – $18

The result of hours of experimentation, the Outstand Oil Paint Brushes provide any artist the closest thing to they’ll get to real oil paint without going out to buy it. The biggest benefit of this kit is the diverse textures and the anti-stretch brushes to make all of your artwork look amazing.

Designed with mixing in mind, the Oil Paint Brushes provide you with an authentic look for your artwork, and with the included canvas background pattern, your artwork can look like you’re creating it in real life instead of on a tablet.


The Affinity Airbrush – $16

Adding texture shading to your illustrations can be a hard process but the Affinity Airbrush kit provides versatile shading brushes that contain a wide variety of textures that you can use. These brushes are designed to add a scattered texture to your work. From dense to light or from thick to thin, the options you have are seemingly endless.

Along with the 27 bitmap brushes, which come in a wide range of thickness and density, the kit also has a quick-reference guide that you can use to find the right brush quickly. The kit is set up to make things easy with dense textures included so you don’t spend unnecessary time layering brush stroke after brush stroke.


Watercolor & Gouache Brushes for Affinity Photo & Designer – $12

Crafted to mirror the painting techniques used when painting with watercolor so that your work looks just like a real watercolor painting. The set works on both the desktop and mobile versions of Affinity Photo and Designer.

Included in the set are small round and dry brushes to help with detail work while large washes help you create beautiful translucent color fields and erasers that will lift the color from the canvas and leave the same impressions as real watercolor. Every brush in the kit has been a specific pressure profile assigned to it to provide a unique feel when using it.


Fine Liner – Affinity Designer Brushes – $19

Developed after a trip down memory lane through old school and art college books, Artifex Forge has made their popular Fine Liner Brushes and Textures kit available for Affinity and it couldn’t be a better fit.

The versatile tool kit comes with an amazing number of different pen marks including straight and rough outlines, stippling, hatching, zigzags, as well as dots and dashes. The kit contains everything you would need to create amazing-looking art from start to finish.


The Master Engraver Brushes for Affinity Designer – $20

Many times, creating the best art means drawing line after line to get your work just right. That can be frustrating and extremely time-consuming especially if you’re on a deadline. The Master Engraver kit helps move things along with speedier drawing meaning that the brushes draw multiple lines with one stroke and are also anti-stretch so you won’t have to switch brushes as often.

With purpose-built shading brushes, multiple weight brushes, and even outline brushes, making vintage vector artwork that will not only wow you but might also wow your clients makes this more than worth the price.


Finest Vintage – Affinity Designer Brushes – $19

Vintage artwork has a unique look to it that is reminiscent of a bygone era. Creating this type of artwork has been the envy of artists for a long time and the Finest Vintage Brush kit helps Affinity users creating amazing-looking artwork.

The best part of this kit is that the brushes are sourced directly from real vintage artwork, giving your look an authentic look every time. Anti-stretch pattern brushes help tile repeat seamlessly in one stroke instead of using the brush multiple times. This means you can spend more time perfecting your designs and artwork and with a huge range of brushes included, you’ll always have the right tool for the job.


Tattoo Art – Affinity Brushes – $18

People love the look of tattoo art but not everyone wants to sit and get poked by needle hundreds of times to have a personal piece of their very own. For those who want to create tattoo art without the pain, the Tattoo Art kit from Artifex Forge is packed with brushes that work beautifully to create incredible-looking artwork.

Outline brushes work with the same inconsistency that real ink uses while scatter brushes help to build up the stippled texture and shading that is normally part of any tattoo. The kit even comes with tattoo-Esque dots and arrows that you can use to add final details to your project.


Gouache Shader Brushes for Affinity – $17

Gouache is a method of painting that uses opaque pigments that have been ground in water and then thickened. Being able to do this digitally and to add texture is an amazing concept and can keep you from searching all over creation for a texture that you’ll just have to adjust further for your needs.

The Gouache Shader Brushes add seamless textures with a single stroke and the kit comes with edge brushes that have a textured side as well as a smooth edge. The included 10 liner brushes are the perfect tool when you are looking to create beautiful art full of small details and lines.


Hand-Drawn Brushes for Affinity – $17

Already available for both Photoshop and Procreate, the Hand-Drawn Brushes from Pixel Buddha contains 20 pixel and vector brushes which are essential to the Affinity format. You can create amazing artwork using a wide variety of brushes including pastel, sponge, marker, or noise brush to help your social media posts, advertisement projects, and inspirational posters and make each one the best it can be every single time.


Grave Etcher for Affinity – $29

With what has to be one of the coolest kit names, the Grave Etcher kit comes with 118 engraving brushes that you can use in pretty much every illustration situation you can come up with. These brushes work with all kinds of vintage artwork styles on the Affinity application.

The Grave Etcher kit is a great option for adding lines of shading to your work quickly and easily which ultimately saves you time on your project by being able to create multiple lines with one stroke and easily achieve a look of engraving in your illustrations.


Stained Glass Creator – Affinity – $25

Stained glass can be beautiful and if you’ve even been inside an old church you would agree. The Stained Glass creator kit makes it easy for you to create stained glass artwork with ease.

Over 120 One-click layer styles allow you to apply the texture of the glass as well as lighting effects to your designs easily and the lighting effects can be adjusted as needed. A quick reference guide shows everything that’s included and how you can pick the best option for your needs.


Stitch Craft – Brushes & Styles for Affinity – $21

Stitch Craft – Brushes & Styles for Affinity

If you like the idea of creating intricate, stitched, fabric collages that have a unique feeling all your own, the Stitch Craft kit for Affinity is a perfect choice for you. The best part of this kit is that you don’t need to be an expert using Affinity to get started. Super easy to use, the kit even comes with an instructional guide to help you get started.


Mosaic Maker – Affinity Brushes & Patterns – $20

Mosaic Maker – Affinity Brushes & Patterns

Mosaics have a wide-ranging history and with the Mosaic Maker kit, you can create your own intricate, beautiful designs. Capturing the chipped and irregular edges of the original Roman source material, the brushes and patterns for Affinity will give every piece you create a feel of antiquity.


The Invincible Inker – 22 Affinity Inking Brushes – $17

The Invincible Inker – 22 Affinity Inking Brushes

Capturing the feel of inking by hand can be very hard to replicate digitally. Thankfully, The Invincible Inker is here to save the day. With more than twenty inking brushes for Affinity, each one is a perfect choice for any comic book artist or illustrator that is looking to give their work an authentic touch.


Rough & Raw – Affinity Brushes – $12

Rough & Raw – Affinity Brushes

Already a popular brush pack, now you can use the Rough & Raw set with Affinity, With 14 brushes in total, you can not only use these on your iPad but your desktop PC as well. The set can give you that unique handmade touch and rough edges that your artwork has been missing and they work great with any kind of illustration, especially lettering.


80 Foliage Brushes for Affinity – $10

80 Foliage Brushes for Affinity

Millions of people love the artwork that Bob Ross brought to people. Little trees everywhere can inspire you to create beautiful landscapes of your own with the 80 Foliage Brushes for Affinity brushes give you the tools you need to create leaves, plants, flowers, grass, and more. Each brush is slightly color dynamic allowing each brushstroke to vary in light and dark color – all to give your work dimension without having to change colors.


Realistic Fur Brushes 4 Affinity Photo & Designer  – $10

Realistic Fur Brushes 4 Affinity Photo & Designer

The set of 28 unique brushes enables you to create stunning artwork with colorful fur quickly. It is very simple to use and gives a realistic touch to the fur art. Moreover, to make the design look more real, these brushes also come with options to determine the left and right hair growth direction. The PDF guide that comes along with the pack is full of tips and recommendations to create beautiful art.


Zen Fine Liner Art & Mandala Creator – Affinity – $19

Zen Fine Liner Art & Mandala Creator – Affinity

If you are a fan of Zentangle inspired art and mandala designs, Zen Fine Liner Art & Mandala Creator has to be a dream come true for you then. The well-equipped set of brushes comes with stippled, fine liner pattern brushes along with a few art brushes plus a set of mandala templates as a bonus. Thanks to its fine strokes, the brush helps you create the most complex Mandala designs in minutes. Let the brushes do the hard work for you. The detailed instruction guide that comes with the set makes learning and drawing simple.


Ink Poisoning Affinity Designer Brushes – $16

Ink Poisoning Affinity Designer Brushes

The elaborate brush set comes with as many as 195 vector brushes. These brushes are ideal for drawing cartoons, comic-style illustrations, and more. The wide range of brushes range from Scratch Style, Running Ink Look, Ink Drips Style, Comic Style, Gritty Strokes, Grungy Look among others.


Da Vinci Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes – $18

Da Vinci Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes

It consists of a set of 50 vector and pixel brushes that act as digital graphite pencils. Best for creating digital sketches, the Da Vinci pack features both soft and hard pencil brushes that help you add realistic strokes to your sketches. What makes the entire pack a 2 in 1 deal is that each of these brushes can be switched from sketching to stippling depending upon your design and requirement. 


The Flower & Leaf Brush Box – $19

The Flower & Leaf Brush Box

The massive brush box offers you 46 pretty flowers and 36 beautiful leaf varieties to choose from. From rose, orchids, and hibiscus to cherry blossom and dahlia shape flowers, the pack covers all the major variety of flowers. The versatile brush set allows you to either print, trace, or paint the flowers that look strikingly real on your canvas. 


Artista Affinity Brushes – Free with a subscription

Artista Affinity Designer Brushes

It consists of a variety of sketch, spray, hatch, texture, and pencil brushes. Apart from this, the dynamic set also offers 10 grunge textures in EPS and PNG format. Be it sketching, shadowing or hatching, and outlining, the Artista brush set is among every designer’s favorite brush kits that fulfill all their requirements.


Classic Chalk – Brushes – Free with a subscription

Classic Chalk - Brushes + Patterns -

One of the best chalk brush sets that offer you the greatest quality brushes that give your designs a natural and real look. It is closest to what a vector brush can get to real chalk designs, after all, it is sourced from actual chalk. It is easy to learn as it comes with a reference guide and example files.


Gouache Shader Brush – Free with a subscription

Gouache Shader Brushes | Affinity -

You will certainly forget masking if you lay your hands on this amazing set of Gouache Shader brush. It contains 10 liners and 20 gouache edge shader brushes that give your design a masking effect without even going through the lengthy process. You can draw the most detailed designs and give your posters a super funky effect in a jiffy using this set of brushes.


Neon Affinity Brushes – $16

Neon Affinity Brushes -

You are living under a rock if you are not aware of how popular neon colors are nowadays! From apparel to food, neon colors have taken over the world of late. And, this set of 28 flexible Neon tube brushes help you be in trend. Draw eye-catching and lively designs using flexible, tube brushes with multiple highlight options. 


The 30+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes

The Affinity program is an exciting option for any artist or designer looking to branch out into new programs to create the best art possible. With the 20 Best Affinity Designer Brushes that we have featured here, you can the tools you need to create your best work ever.

Do you use Affinity? Have a brush kit that you have to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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