50+ Best After Effects Templates (Free & Premium)

50+ Best After Effects Templates (Free & Premium)

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Adobe After Effects is one of the best visual effects software, making it useful for many creative purposes. These include motion picture composting & animation, playing a great role in TV, Film, and Web video creation.

These After Effects have the power of creating wonders in your video editing process. It is one of the best tools that most professional video editors use in their projects. 

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Some might have concerns about choosing premium After Effects for their projects. There are simple free After Effects that are capable of creating amazing videos and visuals. No matter whether you want to create a professional or a personal video, there are many free After Effects templates that can work with your needs. 

If you are confused about choosing the best After Effects templates for your projects, this article will help you make the right choice.

Here are some of the best free After Effects templates sorted into different categories for your convenience. 

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50+ Best Free After Effects Templates (Free & Premium)

  1. Slideshow After Effects Templates 
  2. Fashion After Effects Templates 
  3. Logo After Effects Templates 
  4. Infographics After Effect Templates 
  5. Titles After Effect Templates
  6. After Effects Templates for Food And Beverages 
  7. Nature based After Effect Templates 
  8. Tech Based After Effect Templates 
  9. Luxury Based After Effect Templates 
  10. Product Promo After Effect Templates 


Best After Effects Templates for Slide Shows

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Digital Modern SlideShow

50 Best Free After Effects Templates

Are you in search of the best templates for multimedia? If so, then Digital Modern Slideshow is a good choice for you. Without any plugins, you can easily work on After Effects templates. It comes with 15 image holders and text holders.

Being a modular structure for the templates, it provides an easy change duration. By dropping your images and videos, you can see the results by adding the texts or audio as per your interests.

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Cinematic Templates

Cinematic Templates

If you want more cinematic visuals and edits, this will work for you. Cinematic templates are one of the best ways to showcase your projects into great visuals. These templates are applicable for general to specific projects that meet all the expected needs of the users.

It is an easy-to-use template, so you can customize the templates as per your needs within less time and steps. You can synchronize the sound track easily without plugins. It provides great and smooth animations, so you can add images and videos to this slideshow template. The templates come with video tutorials that will help you understand how to use it if you’re a beginner

Rhythmic SlideShow

Rhythmic SlideShow

Making professional videos is easy with this Rhythmic SlideShow. This template has all the factors that you expect to have in the templates. The template is a fast-paced one through which you can create impressive introductions for your TV shows, commercial productions, etc. It provides 18 editable text layers and 19 media placeholders, making this slideshow template perfect for events.

You can use the slideshow not only for social media advertising but also for personal projects. Supporting all other social media platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook, the template can work for creating stories and videos.

Stylish Slide Show

Stylish SlideShow

This is a perfect fit for any production needs. This slideshow template will help you in creating great video projects. As it is stylish, you can pick it up for presenting an elegant slideshow.

With a modular structure, the slideshow will provide you visuals with full HD resolution. Along with these features you can easily extend the duration of the slideshow. By using both images and videos, you can create great slideshows with these templates.

Slideshow – Rain Drops

rain drops after effect templates

For any presentation and product advertisements, Rain Drops is a great choice with full HD resolution visuals. The templates have fast rendering time which are an impressive factor for users.

Without plugins, you can work on your projects or advertisements, providing an easy customization process. It comes with video tutorials, so you will get a clear idea of creating the best videos.

Best After Effects Templates for Fashion

Creative Fashion Opener

creative fashion opener

If you are searching for a perfect template for fashion and trends, creative fashion Opener is a good pick for you. This will be a good option for a YouTube channel or mall display.

For new brands, it is a good choice to create mini advertisements. You can use it for fashion demo reels, sport promos, etc. Adding your typography is easy through these templates. It is colorful and fresh enough to present any other fashion trends like clothes, shoes, etc.

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Fashion Opener

fashion oper

Are you searching for the best fashion templates for your projects? Fashion Opener is a good pick for introducing and presenting new trends in the fashion industry. With its unique style, it has the ability of showcasing your projects with a modern look.

For introducing new brands and styles, this will help you to get more attention from the audience.



Providing vivid colors and styles, this is a great fashion template being compatible with After Effects. With great graphics and dynamics, the templates have a rare style of showcasing the trends and style.

This fashion template also impresses the users with the fast editing features. Considering the easy to use features, you can consider the template as a user friendly tool for your projects.

Fashion Opener – Fashion Intro

Fashion Opener - Fashion Intro

If you are looking for a fashion template through which you can introduce new fashion and new trends, this can be a solution. Providing a 4k resolution, the templates is easy to customize for your fashion advertisements. This will help you in showcasing most of the trends in the fashion field.

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Fashion Instagram Stories

fashion instagram stories

By allowing you to change colors easily, this is a great fashion template compatible with After Effect templates. If you want to present your Instagram stories with animations, elements for sales and Instagram store, this template will help you.

Without plugins, you can work on templates by adding images and videos with fast render optimizations. It is not only great for Instagram, but also goes well with other social media platforms like Facebook.

Clean Multilayer Logo Pack

clean multilayer logo

With 24 predefined versions, you can choose it as a best pick for logo templates that are compatible with After Effects. Featuring stylish animation, the templates will look great for your projects or visulas with many customizable settings.

With a 4k resolution, this logo template will give you advanced and flexible controls to give great visuals. Along with transparent background options, the template will also allow you to change the colors easily and provide universal expression.

Digital DNA Logo Reveal

Digital DNA Logo Reveal after effect templates

Looking for a unique way for revealing a logo? This Digital DNA Logo Reveal is one of the best logo templates with a DNA style introduction. If your project or logo is more related to the medical field or company, then this will suit you.

With more related to science fields like technology, chemistry, laboratory, etc. this template can be an attention seeker for the users working on those fields.

soft clean logo

With a great HD resolution, this logo template is a good solution for creators who are searching for a simple After Effects template. As the name suggests, the template is soft and clean along with split aesthetics.

As it is beginner-friendly, the template is easy to use and will suit general to specific logos and projects. It comes with a user guide, it makes the work more easier by giving the users a proper understanding.

Line Logo Reveal

Line logo reveal

Providing a fast editing feature, this logo template is a good choice for presenting or revealing a logo. Without plugins, the template will help you with a lot of customization features.

Featuring the tagline placeholder, you can add text or edit it based on your logo. If you are a beginner, you can learn and follow from the user guide that comes with the template.

Glitch Reflection Logo Reveal

50 Best Free After Effects Templates

As a well-organized template, you can use it for presenting your logo. Even though it lacks music, you can easily customize it as per your needs. With a drag-and-drop option, this logo template is best with videos with full HD resolution. Providing video tutorials will help the users to use it wisely. The glitch effect in the template can easily highlight your logo and can give great results.

Best After Effects Templates for Infographics

HUD Dashboard Infographics

hud dashboard

Don’t worry if you are tired of searching for perfect After Effects templates of infographics. HUD Dashboard Infographics will help you with your projects. Providing visuals with full HD resolution, these infographic templates are well-organized with 100+ compositions of infographics.
You can easily customize and edit it with many controller features. With these free fonts, the template supports any language of AE. You can even take guidance from the tutorial that also comes with a voice over.

Retro Infographic Kit

retro infographic kit

This infographic template is the best kit for you if you are looking for an After Effects template for presenting your report or other presentations. Through this template, you can add images and create great graphical representations.
This infographic template kit will help you in adding statistical reports through pie charts, info-charts, maps, and other graphics.

HUD 300

hud 300

Presenting high-quality visuals, the template provides vector scaled 300 HUD elements. As all the elements are customizable, you can change or edit the color of the elements individually. With no plugins and external assets, the infographic template is suitable for sci-fi, hi-tech, and other related fields. It provides a great abstract, so the HUD 300 is capable of giving a vibrant background that can go with your projects.

Infographics V3

Infographics after effect templates

If you want to present a neat presentation with graphs and charts, Infographics V3 is helpful. Through this vertical graph creator, you will get ten rare designed graphs. With a great customizing and editing feature, you can edit or change the colors, size, box shapes, vertical lines, etc.
This infographic template will also allow you to customize the duration of the videos as per your interests. Without any necessary plugins, you can convert your images or data into great video with a clean and better visual presentation.


This comes with eight creative animated infographics, so you can easily work on your presentations with these infographics templates for company broadcasts, business slideshows, event videos and other promotions. As it is easy to use, this template goes well with your work without plugins.

Chart Infographics Slides


As one of the best infographic templates for presenting your charts, graphs and other reports through slides, this is a good solution. Providing 100+ charts, infographics and slides, this will help you in customizing your work as per your needs.

With an elegant and neat design, you can use these infographic templates for multiple purposes. Through this template, you can convert your data and information into impressive presentations.

Best After Effect Templates for Titles

Catch Your Titles

Supporting After Effect 2019 and Premiere Pro, these templates are best for users who are expecting catchy titles. Providing full HD presentations, you will also get 20 title placeholders.

Including video tutorials, you will get an idea of using the templates in a better way. This is a good choice for business, companies, communications and many other fields.

Waves Abstract Titles


With six waves abstract titles, these title templates are great for showcasing the titles of a show, event or sessions, etc. With its smooth transitions, the templates are a good attention grabber for the audience.

It provides colorful motion titles, so the waves’ abstract titles can work for multiple purposes. It includes elements like fluid, floating, Motion, Lava, etc.

The Complete 80’s Title Toolkit

With a style of the 80’s vibe, these title templates are great to showcase your interesting titles of your work and projects. This will help you in creating wonders in your trailers.

With great customizing and controlling features, you can generate your own style through this tool kit. It provides 45 unique text styles and 39 retrowave inspired backgrounds, you will also get six tagline styling effects and many more features.

Typography Pack

As one of the new After Effects templates, this title template is a perfect option for beginners. With no plugins, the templates are compatible with After Effects 2016 and its higher versions.

With a full HD resolution, the templates work well to convert your projects with great visuals. This template also allows you to customize your projects easily as per your needs. If you are new to these templates, you can also use them to learn and get a clear idea through the tutorials it offers.

Comic Text Fx4_Sale Pack

comic text

As one of the latest title templates, this is quite impressive among the users and creators. Providing compatibility to After Effects, this template provides 20 titles that you can easily edit and customize based on your needs.

Because it provides a unique style of typography, the templates are great for comics that can work for promos and advertisements, etc.

Best After Effects Templates for Food And Beverages 

Cooking Classes


With an impressive style, these templates for food and beverages are compatible with After Effects. With a great typography, and background, you can add the images and videos of your project to make it ideal for your needs.

You can use this template for creating videos based on culinary, cafe, business related to food and beverages, etc.

Food Delivery Instagram Stories

If you want to create entertaining videos related to food and beverages, this template is a great choice. These templates are usually meant to explain the transportation and delivery facilities for food and goods.

It provides five text presets and five backgrounds, so you can easily customize and create an engaging video for your business related to food and beverages. Through these templates, you can also swap and edit the footage. with a resolution of 1080×1920, the duration of each is 15 seconds.

Online Order Food Delivery Animation Scene After Effects

Are you searching for creative After Effects templates for food and beverages? If so, this template will help you. With in-hand creative motion graphics, this animation template shows character animation scenes. With a drag and drop option, you can easily edit the templates according to your needs.

This template is versatile for use in multiple fields like YouTube, social media, websites, etc. These templates can also work for explaining the content related to your projects.

World Vegan Day Titles

world vegan

With green icons, these templates represent vegans. It provides five vegan titles, so you will experience the visuals and your project in a 1920×1080 FULL HD resolution. Having color controllers, you can easily edit and change the colors in the template.

As it is compatible with After Effects 2019+, the templates are user-friendly and easily customizable.

Best After Effect Templates for Nature

Power of Nature

Do you want a nature template with the best graphics? If so, then this will be a good pick. With an epic outlook, the templates are based on nature with a fantasy touch. With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the templates are ideal for trailers, films and other tasks.


If you are behind discovering a unique style of nature templates, then this is a solution. This template depicts four elements of nature that can be easily shown through one video. You can either use these elements and combine them into a single video or pick one among it.

Even though this template doesn’t need any third party plugins, it is responsible for giving great visuals with an Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution. The provided scenes are easy to change in its order. In addition to these, the font links appear in the provided pdf file.

Tropical Titles Badge

As a nature-based template, it will provide you with impressive typography in green. Along with the badges, the template will also give you title space. It comes decorated with flowers and art with a vintage touch, so you can use this template for weddings and other occasions. The full HD resolution of 3840 x 2160 will provide you with impressive visuals.

3D Titles Tiny Planet

3d titles

For smart After Effects templates, this is a good fit for your nature related projects. Through this template, you can display your titles in 3D, animations or cartoons that will make it more impressive.

This After Effects template is great for logo introductions, shopping titles, TV introductions, etc. With a unique video game style, the template is suitable for entertainment and animated presentations.

Best After Effect Templates for Tech

Technology Grid


As a dramatic After Effects template, it is one of the best choices for techies who are looking for templates for their projects. By providing the sci-fi elements in the dark atmosphere, it gives a perfect space to present your title sequence.

Given five text holders and one logo reveal, you can easily create an impressive video with 4k resolution. The template has a modular structure without providing plugins.

Blackout – HUD Technology Logo Reveal

With these templates, you can easily add any logo and text based on your projects. As it is easily customizable, the templates will allow you to edit and change the color and positioning of the elements. Having a creative cloud subscription will help you to activate the fonts quickly.

This template is suitable for projects and works related to digital, hi-tech, science-fiction, etc.

Sci-Fi Elements Slideshow


Are you searching for futuristic After Effects templates? This Sci-fi element slideshow is a good catch. The templates will provide you with impressive digital visual effects along with the text animation.

Another highlight of this template is the color controllers. So these controllers will help you in editing or changing the colors of the templates. It provides seven place holders, text holders and one logo holder, so this template is efficient for most sci-fi related works.

Hi-Tech Dynamic Titles

As it is suitable with any font, these tech related templates are suitable for presenting your impressive and dynamic titles. Without any plugins, you can easily edit the videos with these templates.

With 26 adjustable titles, the templates are easily customizable. It provides instructions through a pdf, you will get to know how to use and customize the templates.

Hi-Tech Glitches

hi tech

Through the Hi-tech Glitches, the templates can work for introductions, openers of the film, and for creating countdowns. Disabling, editing and replacing text can easily happen through these templates.

Due to the flexible setting the templates have, it is easy for the users to customize it. Using keyframes and adding glitch effects in the timeline can be done with less effort. If you have any doubts on using the After Effects templates, watch the video tutorial that comes along with the template.

Do you want to present a logo related to technology or science fiction? This is a perfect theme for IT and Hi-tech fields. Like the above mentioned templates, it also doesn’t require plugins to edit or customize.

As it is compatible with After Effects CS6 and higher versions, the templates have color controls that allow you to change and edit the colors. Although it does not consist of music tracks, the templates are capable of providing a full HD resolution.

Best After Effect Templates for Luxury

Luxury Fashion Titles

With an efficient graphics panel, and universal expressions, this template is a great pick for luxury and celebration related contents. With one logo holder, the template also provides four text placeholders. As it is user-friendly, the templates are easy to edit and customize based on your needs.

In addition to these features, you can also use the music- “”Elegant Ambient Intro Logo”” that is available in the Audiojungle.

Luxury Titles Gold & Silver

It provides visuals with full HD resolution, so the templates are a good solution for users who are in search of luxury templates. It is compatible with After Effects CC2019 and higher versions, so the templates come with great organization.

As it is user-friendly, the templates are easy to use and customizable based on your expectations. With the provided video tutorials, you will learn how to use it.

Royal Gold Titles

Are you in search of luxury templates with different frame designs? If yes, then you are at the right place. This template being compatible with AE CC 2020 and the advanced versions, and does not need any plugins to work.

Along with one logo holder, you can add with the help of four text holders. The four frame designs included in the templates allows the users to create impressive videos. It also comes with an efficient graphic panel, you can easily change the text and colors of the templates.

Luxury Titles


To create great videos for social media, this is a great solution. With an impressive design of flowing particle trails, you can use these templates for title revealing, trailers, event videos, promotions etc. With 13/26 text layers that you can easily edit, you can attract your audience with these videos.

Best After Effect Templates for Product Promo

Desktop Website Presentation 2 in 1


If you want to launch a website or internet shop, this After Effects template will help you in creating demo mockups. These templates are a good pick for you to create video presentations.

With 40 modular scenes with a minimum style, it gives 10 seconds duration for each scene. These templates will allow you to add videos, scenes and images. With a great atmosphere, the templates can work for multiple purposes.

Clothes Shop

As it is compatible with After Effects, these templates are a good fit for products such as clothes and shoes. With a resolution of 1080 x 1920, the templates are easy to edit and customize for commercial purposes.

It is best for those with fashion sense, so you can use this for promoting your business in platforms like Instagram in the form of IGTV, stories, etc.


If you are tired of searching templates for app promos or advertisements, then Lisbon is one of the best After Effects templates for your needs. It will help you present your app promos and other product advertisements in a neat and impressive manner.

With a professional outlook and a dynamic style, these templates are well structured and user-friendly. Along with easily customizable features, the template has flexible controllers through which you can expect great results.

20 Modern Instagram Stories

As it is easily customizable, these After Effects templates are a good choice for users who want to advertise on Instagram. It is a pack of Instagram stories with an impressive design that will help in attracting your target audience.

With 20 animated designs, it will give you 15 animated brushes, and 16 brush transitions, etc. Changing, editing text, and color along with adding images and videos is a simple matter. You can easily impress your audience on social media through this fresh style and modern designs.

Web Promo

With a modern look and design, these After Effects templates are best for promotions and product advertisements, website launching, etc. The templates are capable of rendering fast without any need of plugins.

With a full HD resolution, the templates are user-friendly so you can edit and customize the templates based on your needs.

50+ Best After Effects Templates Summary

Users expect to see impressive visual effects and graphics in the videos. So creators or artists use Adobe After Effects to create videos for advertisements, presentations, app promotions, etc. So templates from efficient platforms like envato will help you to make your work more creative. 

Choosing the best and affordable templates compatible with After Effects is a challenge. So the above mentioned are some of the new and popular After Effects templates sorted by different categories. 


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