Amazing Tools for Optimizing Your Headlines and Content

Amazing Tools for Optimizing Your Headlines and Content

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This article has been contributed by Robert Morris.

If you want to be a great blogger or any other type of writer who publishes content online, you have to pay attention to every single aspect of the text. If you don’t make the post perfect, it won’t attract the number of people you aim for.

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As you already know, certain online publications are more visible and more attractive than others. The writers of top-ranked posts didn’t only care to compose awesome content; they used different optimization strategies before hitting the publish button. Use the tools in the following list, and you’ll be able to achieve the same results.



You want to make sure that the post you’re about to publish will be successful? Use Optimizely – a tool that enables you to test various combinations of images and headlines until you find the one that generates the best outcome. Optimizely also enables you to test your content for conversions, click-through rates, engagement, social media shares, and conversations. This tool will become a great replacement for an on-demand technical team.


Blog about

As any other writer, you will probably face a blockade at one point or another. No worries; BlogAbout is always there to provide the needed inspiration. This is a blog title generator that will come up with cool suggestions once you type in your main subject. In addition, the tool features a doodling function that enables you to visualize your ideas before putting them into text.



Video content is way more attractive than written text. It takes less time to watch a video than to read a detailed article. That doesn’t mean you should avoid writing content; it only means that it’s good to enrich your posts with awesome videos. LookAt is a collaborative review tool that enables video creators to share and discuss their work in progress.



There are several online tools that tell you which headlines are more attractive for your target audience. Qualaroo takes this analysis further: it shows you why. The surveys of this company uncover customer insights that will give you a chance to optimize your upcoming posts not only for the search engine, but for the readers as well.

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When you want to promote your online content by adding links to Tweets and Facebook statuses, you’ll benefit from Bitly – a tool that shortens the URL. The greatest advantage is obvious: you’ll save precious characters and have more space to write your comment on Twitter. This tool will also track the engagement of social media users. Put a + a the end of your link to see your stats.

Write My Essay

Write my essay

Are you stuck with a post that requires background knowledge you don’t have? When you start collaborating with the experts of this custom writing service, you will be able to support the content with the needed facts and arguments. The article will instantly gain on quality. NinjaEssays also enables you to collaborate with editors, who will bring your copy to perfection, especially if you’re not a strong writer. The blog is another useful resource, since it provides awesome tips on how to become a better writer.



Since marketing is crucial for the success of online publications, you need to rely on a tool that will make you more effective without consuming a lot of time. This platform enables you to plan, create, and distribute content across your social media accounts and blogs. The features include: marketing calendar, workflow management, social media scheduling, and integration with several apps and websites (Evernote, Google Docs, WordPress, Bitly, and more).

If you don’t think about optimizing your copy, content and headlines, it won’t matter how great your posts are. The above-listed tools will give you a chance to analyze your audience’s preferences and create content that would lead to greater engagement.

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