Do you own an American or Australian Blog?

Do you own an American or Australian Blog?

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Aussie American

Judging from my stats, the majority of my readers are from America however I wish to help you few Aussies out there as well. If you own an Australian or American blog, there are communities out there that help you out!

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Australia: I want to bring awareness to Blogpond – an Australian Blog community as they are there to help you out in your blogs pursuit of happiness. I have actually just recently been added to this community and in the short future wish to be in the top 100 Austalian Blogs. At the time of writing, they have 236 Australian blogs listed in their community.

And just so you know blogs are ranked by:

AU = Alexa Rank in Australia
X = Global Alexa Rank
T = Technorati Rank

America: I also want to bring awareness to a similar service based in America called Best American Blogs (though it doesnt seem to modereated to me). You can submit your site to be part of the American community and get your own ranking. At the time of writing, they have just under 450 American blogs listed in their community.

Other Communities:

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There are heaps of other communities out there that are generic such as the ones I am a member of below.

  • MyBlogLog – Blogging Community
  • BlogCatalog – Blogging Community
  • LinkedIn – A business networking website.
  • Del.icio.u – My bookmarks.
  • Digg – Websites I find useful and great.
  • DesignFloat – A digg like website but only on design.
  • Technorati – Blogosphere
  • SpicyPage – Share your favorite sites or blogs.

Anyway, I just wanted to help the communities that support you.

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