20 Animated Logos for Your Inspiration (Famous Brands)

20 Animated Logos for Your Inspiration (Famous Brands)

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Looking for logo animation ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

Animated logos have the power to draw attention and communicate messages in ways that a static logo can not.

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Get inspired by these 20 famous animated logo designs.

20 Famous Animated Logos for Your Inspiration


Amazon Logo Animation

The Amazon logo not only delivers a smile but it also depicts that they sell everything from A to Z.


Define the services you provide in the logo itself.

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Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Logo Animation


The well-known browser shows a fiery fox encircling the earth conveying its global reach around the entire world. The fox represents the blazing speed of the browser.


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Convey your brand’s values within the logo. eg. speed



Google Logo Animation

This name needs no introduction. The animation demonstrates the Google Speak Now functionality in the brand’s colors.


Use color and motion to convey your brand in its simplest form.



Intel Logo Animation

Intel is the world’s best commercial microprocessor chip making company. The logo conveys this, showing that it makes processors for tablets, computers and mobile phones.


Make your animation show your unique selling point, such as Intel’s chips.



Burger King Logo Animation

The Burger King logo is animated in piece by piece, in a 3D manner.


Consider giving dimension to your logo animation.



FedEx Logo Animation

A well known courier delivery service uses the arrow for demonstrating its service.


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Use your logo’s key feature / negative space to convey motion.


Hype Film

Hype Logo Animation

Hype film is a production company and camera film revolves around a loudspeaker to spell HYPE.


Don’t be afraid to add new elements to the logo animation sequence such as how HYPE uses film to build their loudspeaker.



Pixate Logo Animation 

Pixate runs mobile app prototypes and the black background with four colorful leaves shows the creative side of the app.


Speed is crucial in animation, making for a smooth animation.

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Nat Geo

National Geographic Logo Animation

The National Geographic’s famous yellow border is broken up and brought in piece by piece.


Don’t be afraid to split your logo into separate pieces for the animation.


Mail Chimp Snap

Mailchimp Snap Logo Animation

Send simple email newsletters from your mobile. (now discontinued)


Build your logo up, with dimension.



Fanta Animated Logo

The bubbly fun nature of the type and orange circle shape is brought to life with animation.


Use your logo’s key attritbutes for the animation such as the type and orange circle in this case.



Uber Animated Logo

Building on the line ways points of a map, it creates a nice sequence to reveal the logo.


Use elements from your app or brand for the animation.




The professional network connects business people all over the world, which is conveyed by the bouncy man and case.


Business can also be fun!



Instagram Animated Logo

The photo sharing app owned by Facebook combines the traditional camera and polaroid to form their text based logo.


Illustrate your brand’s key features and then the logo itself.



Vimeo Animated Logo

Vimeo’s video sharing platform uses video buttons such as play, pause to illustrate their service.


Make the logo functional and leave subtle hints to the brand.


Master Card

Mastercard Animated Logo

Mastercard illustrate’s its multifaceted uses such as experiences, travel and food. Priceless.


Show how diverse your product is by illustrating various elements.



Dell Animated Logo

Dell’s high-performance laptops  and PCS are illustrated by 4 icons coming together. The ultimate collaboration of security, handling documents, analytics and cloud storage.


Depict the most effective characteristics of the product you supply to your customers.



Spotify Animated Logo

Get instant access to millions of songs with Spotify.


Pick the logical part from the service/product and give it motion.



Pinterest Animated Logo

The logo in the animation shows a pin / P followed by written text ‘Pinterest’, a platform to discover information globally, by images.


A single symbol can show the entire motive of the brand and its identity.



Flickr is one of the most significant platforms for sharing videos and photos. The logo conveys a world of creativity and inspiration.


A simple idea is often the most effective. Two dots can evolve into something so large!



Nike Animated Logo

The Nike Swoosh animated with bright vivid paint, highlighting the active nature of the swoosh.


If your logo already has motion, use it to its advantage.


Do you have any other favorite famous animated logos? Let us know!


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  4. All these logo animations are a great inspiration for a new creative animated logo. Almost all these logo are world renowned brands and you did point out what should we get from each and every brand. Really thoughtful work Jacob. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep these coming mate. Cheers.

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