Recent Work: Appex.no Brand Identity

Recent Work: Appex.no Brand Identity

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Appex.no Logo 3D

Last year I created the brand identity for Appex.no and just recently had the pleasure to meet the client for the first time here in NYC. They showed me what they had done with the brand identity I created for them and was very impressed, especially with the responsive website.

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Appex (Application Exchange) does mobile development & multimedia as well as supports, operates and hosts applications for small and medium sized businesses, both on premises and from the cloud. Based in Haugesund, Norway.

Below you can see the stationery, office, building & website of Appex.no. Also be sure to check out the logo animation video at the bottom.

Comments, questions & thoughts always welcome.

Appex Stationery



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Appex Signage




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Logo Animation Video

If you can’t see the video below, click through to view on Vimeo.

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17 thoughts on “Recent Work: Appex.no Brand Identity”

  1. Hi Jacob, really nice work. I was wondering whether you had any involvement with the animation and whether you think it compromises the purity of the design with 3d tricks etc?

    • Hi Richard,
      The animation was done elsewhere, however I think it adds a great dimension to the work if done appropriately. Have you seen any of the Chase bank logo animations? Is Chase in the UK?

  2. Very impressive and it sure does look good.

    All I thought when I saw what the client did with your work was thinking about the article that Jessica Hische wrote about the dark arts of pricing.

    I hope you did get an *excellent* deal on this!

  3. I wish all of the ‘arrows’ except for the bottom-left one, were all the same color and that the bottom-left one was treated a little differently: another color? another shade (or hue) of blue? So that it gave a little bit of the impression of an ‘A’. Or maybe even turn the asterisk so that the bottom ‘arrow’ points up. Though, maybe you already tried those and they didn’t work…

  4. Hi Jacob thanks for the reply, good to read your opinion. I googled Chase Bank as I haven’t seen it about, I do think it has a very glossy corporate feel which was probably right for the 90’s but a little insincere now which is why I asked about the animation in this instance. I think the application across the business cards has a real timeless simplicity which, in my opinion is lost in the animation.

    • Hi Richard,
      Well aren’t we glad that business cards can’t be animated, well to that extent. 😛 As for the 3D of Chase, for something like this, I think the 3D aspect adds a bit more visual interest to the advertisement. There is always the timeless logo to fall back on as needed.

  5. Hi Jacob,

    Excellent work, I always enjoy your fantastic work examples and documents that you write. I am a 3rd year industrial designer at Brunel University in London and I am currently on a study exchange in San Francisco. I look forward to your reviews and thoughts each week, and find your site a great resource of information and inspiration for a new designer looking to work his way into a graphic design company.

    Thank You and keep up the great blog!


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