April Fools! (No more Comic Sans!)

April Fools! (No more Comic Sans!)

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Of course I would never swap Just Creative Design to Comic Sans (see original post here)! It was an April Fools Joke! Comic Sans is one of the world’s most hated (and loved) fonts of all time. Ensure you refresh again (press Ctrl+F5) to change back.

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In case you are not aware, “April Fools” is a day celebrated in many westernised countries where you play practical jokes on each other… even Google takes part.

Anyway, it seems I did trick quite a few – here a few quotes from Twitter, Facebook & the original post.

“Comic Sans??? It is really over used. I love your site (and logos) but not a huge fan of the Comic Sans. :(“

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t used the most killed font of all-time! This is SO elementary for such a knowledgeable guy like yourself. Please switch it.”

“What the f***!”

“Love your site, love your work. As for the font choice:it will have to grow on me. Keep thinking creatively and keep leading the field. I think you are one of the most talented designers out there right now.”

“Lmfao! Good one. I actually fell for it.”

“omg i was FREAKING OUT until i saw the comments and remembered its april fools. oh man, well done.”

“I was thinking in my head “Really, Comic Sans??! Has Jacob finally derailed? I thought Comic Sans was forbidden in the design community?!” LOL good thing I read the other comments! You got me.”

“Fell for it last year, not again!”
(hehe, yup I played the same joke twice! – I was tempted to do papyrus this year but couldn’t go past Comic Sans again!)

For those that missed it, you can see a lovely screen shot below.


Happy April Fools everyone and congrats to those who didn’t get fooled!

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16 thoughts on “April Fools! (No more Comic Sans!)”

  1. @Graham,
    Yup even linked to it in the article above. I only had a few thousand subscribers back then so I thought I would do it again… I was tempted to do Papyrus this year but thought Comic Sans was still more appropriate.

    Hehe, I could have but I thought changing my logo’s typeface to Comic Sans was enough!

  2. Aww man! It was just a joke?!?! I was going to recomend that you add a swoosh to your logo. You should also somehow make it look shiny. Turn that baby into a web 2.0 logo! -SIKE! Happy April fools (you had me for a sec until I read the comments)

  3. hahaa thankfully, by time i got on google reader, this post existed – think i might have had a heart attack otherwise!

  4. Comic Sans is no joke! I had a client change the text on the website, I created for him, to Comic Sans. I then changed it back to see if he would notice and the next day it was back to Comic Sans. I’ve removed that website from my portfolio now!!

    Nice April Fools (I missed it by 10 hours!)

  5. aii yyai yai. Never use comic sans aiii. It’s an absolute eyesore. Only to be used if you wish to go back to the days of your elementary days.. in fact not even then.. it was the time when one is prenatal lol.

  6. I hate comic sans too but ….sigh! /Its recommended by the dyslexia society and for those with sight issues as one of the most readable fonts by a long mark. In fact i have a client who insists that everything – and i mean everything is designed in comic sans. She runs an accessible workshop and has come under pressure herself to switch to it by her funding body. Comic sans is the most readable font and i wish it was a joke 🙂

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