Aussie goes NYC

Aussie goes NYC

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Carrots - Photo by Ed Yourdon

Back in April 2009 I was approached (via Twitter believe it or not) by Mike Germano, the president & creative director of Carrot Creative, a new media marketing agency located in Dumbo, New York City. Mike was seeing if I would be interested in working for Carrot Creative.

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At first I didn’t take it as a serious job offer (seriously, who offers a job via Twitter?) however I thought I should follow it up. I had a look through the Carrot Creative website and then realised why they had contacted me via Twitter – they are a company that specialises in social media marketing. After looking through their rather creative website (check out their contact page) I replied to Mike via Twitter letting him know of my interest in the job.

Three days later, I still had no reply. I sent Mike an email. Nine days later, still no reply. I thought I would try one more time; I emailed Mike again. Two days later I had finally received a reply. We organised a time to speak via Skype and it went from there.

Forty emails later, and a few more Skype interviews I was ready to sign the contract… which I did in late June. I am happy, humbled and privileged to announce that I am now apart of the Carrot Creative team, starting January 2010.

I will be moving my whole life to live and work in NYC early 2010 – a huge but exciting move. At this stage, the move will be for at least one year.

Update 24/7/09:

Carrot Creative has just written a kind welcoming post on their blog.

Update: 25/7/09 – Thank you everyone who has emailed, messaged or Twittered their congratulations, tips and friendly advice. I really have been overwhelmed, I really do appreciate it! Thank you.

Update: 21/8/09 – It’s official!

My US working Visa has been approved and my flights booked for January 2010.

Update: 22/3/10 – I love Carrot!

You can read about why I love Carrot Creative here in this interview.

Update: 6/6/10 – Moved on

I have left Carrot creative and moved on to freelance for studios in NYC.

About Carrot Creative

Carrot Creative

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Carrot Creative is a new media marketing agency that “specialises in social media, application development, and user experience, all in the name of brand development”.

Some of their clients include: Disney, Ford, Weber Shandwick, Saatchi and Saatchi, Major League Baseball, JCPenney, The Onion, Pepsi, Unilever, Crayola and MTV.

One of the main reasons I chose to sign with CC was because of their fun, not-too-serious vibe. It’s obvious via their website and corporate communication that they are bunch of friendly and fun individuals, all of whom I look forward to meeting all whom I love.

Carrot Creative also specialise in the areas that I am most interested in; social media, branding & new media so Carrot Creative seemed like is the perfect fit.

The Plan


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As for this blog and the other blogs, I do plan to keep them updated as much as I can while over in NYC, but for now I can not predict how often – I am hoping at least once a fortnight.

I still plan to freelance while over in NYC however on a much smaller scale and with much more focus on logo & identity design. My goal is to have fewer, but larger clients.

Also, if any of you are based in the NYC area, please do let me know… it would be nice to meet up with a few like minded individuals especially since I will be leaving my whole life behind in Australia.

Also, if you have any questions, comments or helpful advice I would love to hear from you. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get to this point, it’s been a blessing.

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112 thoughts on “Aussie goes NYC”

  1. Jacob,

    That is wonderful mate. What an opportunity! I’ve been in the states for about 4 yrs now and while it can be an extremely odd place, it can be amazing at the same time. NYC has a lot to offer, especially someone with an interest in marketing etc…so I am sure you will love it!

    It is an expensive city also, with a lot to do.

    Big congrats, what an exciting change! Don’t lose the aussie accent! Irish and Australian accents get you far over here! 🙂

  2. Nice landing Jacob! I’m sure you’ll like it at Creative Carrot. You’ve worked hard for it … have fun at it …

    and welcome to the states …


  3. Wow! Congratulations you lucky you! One thing is to move to a different town, but different CONTINENT? how exciting! Wish you tons of luck mate! Cheers.

  4. Jacob,

    Mike is a very upfront, stand-up guy, and when I saw his recent tweet that he had added you to the fold, a congratulations was in order.

    You’ll do great, and I hope you’re excited to be able to come over and put faces to the Twitter names. Congrats.

    Sean Baker

  5. WOW~! congrats!! welcome to States! If you need a snowboarding pal, I’d like to join. Congrats again!

  6. Hi Jacob,

    I worked with Carrot last summer and I had a blast. They’re a great bunch down there in NYC, so good luck and perhaps at some point we’ll meet.

    Griff McGrath

  7. Congrats mate! I’m really pleased for you. One word of advice from my last trip there – watch out on the streets, the cab drivers are mad, nearly run my over a couple of times 😉

  8. Jose Palacios,
    Good luck with the design blog and thank you for your kind words.

    Where were you from originally before the states? I always thought you were American for some reason.

    I am well aware of the prices in NYC, especially the rent – not cheap at all. I’ll try my best not to lose the accent, even if it is a hideous one.

    Brian, Gabe, Juxy, Liam, Paul, Alvara, Soumya, Diseno, Jon, Andrew Yee, Andrew, Sneh,
    Thank you very much, much appreciated.

    So far I’ve heard a lot of good about the Dumbo area, though soon as I mention Brooklyn, people kinda cringe – I hear it isn’t so safe in some parts. Oh well, not to worry.

    Ah good to hear you’re in the NYC area often, maybe can meet one day. In regards to getting settled, I am planning to stay somewhere near Dumbo but at this stage I am going to wait to a closer date before looking for (shared) accommodation.

    I’ve actually moved to another country before (I lived in Sweden for a year) however I had a host family at that stage so it was slightly different. Either way, thank you.

    Replied to you via Twitter, but thank you again.

    I am actually going snowboarding for the first time next week (to New Zealand) so will see how I go. I am an experienced skier though so either way, would be happy too.

    Ah nice Griff, what exactly were you up to at Carrot last summer? May see you around next year some time.

    Just coming from Vietnam, I think I will be quite adjusted to the traffic and crazy drivers (to say the least). Thanks for heaps up though!

  9. That’s pretty sweet. DUMBO, in my opinion, is the best neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s right across the river from Manhattan, about 10-15 minutes away. Many parts of Brooklyn are unsafe but you have nothing to worry about, DUMBO is the safest.

  10. Congrats Jacob! I knew a great opportunity would find you. I’m also a bit jealous, being a 22 year old design student, but I’ll get there soon. I’ll also have you know that you inspired me to create my own design blog. Thanks for everything, and especially for deciding to keep the JCD blog. May God bless you even more!

  11. Said it before, but I’ll say it again… Congrats and well deserved. Get in touch when you get there.

  12. Congratulations, Jacob!
    I’m sure you’ll like it here as NYC is a very diverse and fun city to work and live in. 🙂
    Dumbo is a nice area to work in, might not be as accessible as Manhattan, but it’s getting popular among the art and design community.

  13. Green with envy, Well done! after keeping up and maintaining such an inspiring blog its the least you deserve! hope all goes well!

  14. Jacob, that is fantastic news! Good luck! I am New York quite often. If you ever need any help getting settled please let me know. I’d be happy to do what I can or give any advice I can from my experience with the City.

  15. Congrats Jacob!!! I’ve been following your blog since a month and I’m really happy that a young and talented person like you finds an opportunity like this! Anyway, NYC is awesome and I wish you have a great time there!!!

  16. Congrats, Jacob! and welcome to “The New World”! I’m in Montreal, Canada, but maybe I’ll look you up if I go to NYC.

    Please keep blogging. I enjoy your posts.

  17. Awesome ! Congrats Jacob !

    hope you’ll like NYC, and i guess you’ll be able to blog as usual, so please don’t let justcreativedesign down, we became addicted to it 🙂

  18. Whats up Cass,

    Like everyone else, I am proud and excited about your upcoming transition. I am only 2 years older than you but after following your blog for sometime and seeing all of your accomplishments, you sir, have certainly inspired me.

    We’ve all watched you grow so you have a lot of support. Last summer I interned for Ogilvy & Mather so I know how fun and challenging it can be working for an agency. Keep an open mind in New York City and you will go far.

    May God continue to bless you Jacob
    -peace out

  19. Congrats Jacob! Been following your blog for awhile and glad to have you state side.

    Dumbo is a create little creative area. You’re gonna love it.

  20. My son told me to check out your blog and I must say I’m impressed, very helpful.

  21. That’s what I would suggest. The housing market in NYC is so competitive that most people don’t find a roommate/apartment until 1 or 2 weeks before they have to move in.

  22. Major Congrats!

    How very exciting for you, I hope you find the time
    to keep the inspiring blog posts coming!

    Moving to NYC is a challenging and wonderous thing in itself (I did it myself just last year) not to mention an entire change of pace in career!

    I live in Brooklyn and it’s a blast, you have zero to worry about! If you’re ever in the market for a designer / artsy fartsy buddy, please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

    All the best, and Congrats again!

  23. Congratulations from Canada! What an exciting opportunity. Hope you do well in NYC and please do keep the sites you are running. Also hope to see your new works in new york. All the best!

  24. wow! That’s soo cool! Congratulations for your new job, hope you have the best experience. This is inspiring, I’m 17 and I’m really thinkin about studying Graphic Design next year in College, and this just gives me more hope. Congratulations!

  25. Wow, great news man. As a young creative, I think NYC is one of the most inspiring and great places to live. All the best with the preperations, I hope you will have time to keep up the good works on the blogs (after all you will be moving to a city that never sleeps, so what’s the problem 🙂

  26. Congrats! I used to live in the Dumbo area and loved it.
    Brian said it best … it’s an extremely odd pace but amazing at the same time.
    If you like beer and chicken wings check out Down the Hatch in the Village … great time!

  27. wowwwww
    I’m really happy for you, this is a great opportunity, is unbelievable what a blog, talent an hard work can make, I wish you success and i hope you keep this blog as one the most important in the graphic design field.

    And changing countries will be not so difficult, don’t worry if you are happy with what you do, you can do it anywhere.

    All the best for this new life

  28. Congrats Jacob! Sounds like an awesome opportunity.
    Next time I’m in NY I’ll definitely try to get by there on my dinosaur to say “Hi”!

  29. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes and kind words! Very much appreciated.

    I was thinking of Couch Surfing for the first few weeks until I got used to the city. See how that goes, otherwise CraigsList will do.

    J Streete,
    That must have been quite an experience at O&M… I am looking forward to it, that is for sure.

    Will keep that offer in mind… I am starting a fresh so the more contacts the better, that is for sure.

    So true… can work from anywhere, one of the great perks of being a web based designer.

    Behave! I’ll find another tripod don’t worry.

  30. Congratulations to you, Jacob!

    I have been following your work in the background for months now and as for many of your visitors, you have certainly inspired me greatly as a designer and freelancer.

    Good luck on your new job and keep up the excellent, excellent work.

  31. This is awesome news and a great example of how personal branding and basically just blogging your heart out pays off. It show me that we are truly a global community now. Best of luck in your new career, I hope it helps mold and shape you even further and I hope you get to have an impact on those guys too.

  32. Chris,
    It’s amazing where a blog can take you these days… and you can work anywhere, for anyone. Thanks for your wishes too.

    I do plan to do some traveling while over there and a revisit to LA is certainly on the list but not going to get too ahead of myself just yet. Your move must have been difficult at first, but it doesn’t take long to adjust and by doing so it does develop and grow one as a person.

  33. that is really cool Jacob, I’m not in NYC, I’m in L.A. but anytime you need get some vacation in Los Angeles contact me, I’m new in this country too (3 years), for me it was like born again, learn to speak a new language, new people, etc, in the creative area I had to open my mind and fit my concepts and thinking to new cultures, European, african, asian, jewish, even latin, I’m from Colombia, but here I notice that we are different too.

  34. Walrus,
    I don’t think I will have a car over there, though you’re welcome to visit any time. Just send over a message when you’re ready.

    Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, but it would certainly be a great opportunity to speak at a design event. Actually, on a smaller scale, I am going to be speaking at City University in New York – a teacher just contacted me and would like me to speak there in the Fall.

  35. Hey man, that’s great news!

    As a New Yorker, we’ll glad to welcome you over! From the (awesome) contact page, it seems your office is about 20 minute drive from mine. You are definitely gonna love NYC..there’s just so much to see and do!

    I’ve been following this blog for quite some time and I must say, for a young wannabe designer such as myself, your blog is very inspiring! Thanks for all your hard work, big guy!

  36. Congrats Jacob!

    Greetings from San Diego, CA 🙂 I always knew you would hit it big! =D You are an inspiration and I am looking forward to all the great things that will come your way in your life 🙂 I wouldn’t be surprise if I see you on the design podium as a guest speaker sometime in the future 😉 Keep up the great work mate! Kinda jealous that CC grabbed ya heheh; they are one of my fave design studio in the states! Congrats again =D

  37. Wow thats awesome,but one year without the close people you love. Its a hard step dont you thing,anyway best of luck to you!

  38. Nice to have you in this part of the world and it certainly sounds like an exciting opportunity for you.

    All the best Jacob, you deserve it and earned it!


  39. Wow, that is so awesome! Congratulations!!! I live near NYC and will probably end up trying to find work there next summer after I graduate from college!

  40. Well done on the job Jacob… and on getting to work in what must be one of the best sounding place names ever: Dumbo.

    Being able to tell people your a designer is cool. Being able to tell them you’re a designer in Dumbo? Bloody great!

  41. Congratularions Jacob! Just read the news about everything going through for you! Cheers from Guate!!

  42. Wow!! What an accomplishment. I’m from the Midwest and haven’t even been to the Big Apple so good on ya!! I’m sure it will be hard to leave Australia:it was hard for me to leave it when I studied abroad there. I’m actually moving back to Newcastle in November so if you have any advice for a fellow designer:I would greatly appreciate it! I hope you enjoy your travels to the states! Best of Luck with your new job!!

  43. Congrats JC – you’ll love Brooklyn.
    Be sure to hit the brooklyn brewery for a couple of cold ones. cheers! Hey, you still going to keep up the blog?

  44. Arthur,
    It is a hard step but one you eventually get over… as I experienced when I lived in Sweden for a year back in 2006.

    Raja, Jenny, Ace, Walter, Calvin, Kitty,
    Thank you!

    No problem, it’s not like it’s world headlines 😛

    Good luck for the search. You may find this article of assistance: How to get your first design job.

    Possibly… I’m a Dumbo designer!

    It is a hard move but an exciting move none the less. Welcome back for November too! Thanks again. For advice see the link I gave to Megan and also this article: Advice for designers.

    Please see what I wrote in “The Plan” section and always keen for a few cold ones!

  45. hi jacob
    what a great lucky man!
    may god bless with all success in life.
    but be sure about the difference that freelancing means lots of freedom and employment means responsibility with seriousness.
    be a matured designer / man now………
    ha ha ha …..

  46. Wow I arrive here to learn about logo thanks but now I know the blog has power…. congratulations!! and good luck.

  47. Congratulations on the new job! That’s a huge move hope everything goes well. I just moved to NYC and it has been awesome, you’ll have a great time. When I moved here I rented a storage unit with all m stuff. It was helpful and I recommend doing it. Good Luck!!!!


  48. I’ve only been reading your website for a couple of days now, but I’m really impressed. There’s a lot of great information on here. Good luck with your job at Carrot Creative. I checked out their website a while back, and I thought their work was really good, so it’s nice to see you’ve been offered a job there.

  49. Oh my goodness, this is seriously amazing, congratulations! Best of luck with the move, I hope it all goes smoothly – I’ve just moved 200 miles to London (though nowhere near as far as you’ll be moving), so I can emphathise a little.

  50. Congratulations on the job, the move and what exciting times we live in that tweets can change our lives!

    Best of luck to you, but most of all, enjoy the ride, and the design.

    You are living the dream mate.

  51. Interesting story. 🙂

    I like your work and I think you’re good. But still I have to say “lucky” to the way of being hired, not to mention getting to travel to a studio in the US. 🙂 Not a common way at all to go about it, but it’s also cool that they actually do hire people like that as well.

    Maybe they’re a bit more down to earth?

  52. Daniel,
    You could put it that way, they are very down to earth and yes luck did play a large role. If interested, you can read a follow up post of how much I love Carrot.

  53. Hi Jacob,
    What a nice story. I’m impressed.
    Hope everything goes very well for you in NYC.
    That’s a real goal.

  54. I’ve only been reading your website for a couple of days now, but I’m really impressed. There’s a lot of great information on here. Good luck with your job at Carrot Creative. I checked out their website a while back, and I thought their work was really good, so it’s nice to see you’ve been offered a job there.

  55. Hi Jacob,
    I read through your blog, and your interview sessions and found very interesting! because my heart too beats to creativity! – I am just crawling, and eager to learn to walk independently in the world of webdesigning!

    Because i was very curious to begin my first move, i just owned a domain and published a website with a build wizard!… i am very much interested in this field, could you please guide me with some resources (tutorials) to kick start my design career!

    looking forward to hear back from you!

    Majid Mohammed.

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