Australia Day! – Test Your Aussie Slang

Australia Day! – Test Your Aussie Slang

Australia Day

Today, is Australia Day! – our national day. Quoting the Australia Day website “January 26th, is the biggest day of celebration in the country and is observed as a public holiday in all states and territories.

On Australia Day we come together as a nation to celebrate what’s great about Australia and being Australian. It’s the day to reflect on what we have achieved and what we can be proud of in our great nation.”

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In otherwords, its an excuse for everyone to come together, have a bbq and have a few drinks. Anyway this is a fun post to test your Aussie slang, something we are kinda infamous for down here in Oz. Try not to scroll down for the answers as it just ruins the fun!

Match these Aussie Slang terms with their meanings.

1. Matilda

  • a. Wife
  • b. Swag
  • c. BBQ
  • d. Cat

2. Sanger

  • a. Sausage
  • b. Sandpit
  • c. Sandwich
  • d. Fire

3. Boomer

  • a. Thunder
  • b. Kangaroo
  • c. Tin roof
  • d. Gun

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4. Willy willy

  • a. Brother
  • b. Milkshake
  • c. Card Game
  • d. Mini tornado

5. Togs

  • a. Swimming trunks
  • b. Long trousers
  • c. Short trousers
  • d. Underwear

6. Tinny

  • a. Boat
  • b. Cola
  • c. Frying pan
  • d. Pie

7. Jackeroo

  • a. Marsupial
  • b. Husband
  • c. Station worker
  • d. Machinery tool

8. Grog

  • a. Sticky puddle
  • b. Dog
  • c. Bull
  • d. Alcohol

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9. Wedgie

  • a. Painful
  • b. Eagle
  • c. Seasoned potato chip
  • d. Pizza

10. Bonzer

  • a. Suntan
  • b. Coin
  • c. Mate
  • d. Good


1 – B, Matilda A Matilda is a swag, a roll of blankets and used as a bed when travelling. This name came about because The original Swagmen (they were always men) Treated the Swag as a wife, taking it everywhere, and it was their only companion most of the time. Thus came the saying “Waltzing Matilda” which simply meant Swagging, or “Roving”.

2 – C, Sanger – Sandwich, not much explanation here

3 – B, Boomer – Kangaroo, or specifically a large male, usually a red.

4- D, Willy Willy – A small tornado (though they turn in the opposite direction here) and are generally easily visible by the dust they carry.

5 – A, Togs – Swimming trunks, though in Australia they are more commonly known as “bathers” or “swimmers”.

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6 – A, Tinny – A Boat, specifically a small aluminum vessel, usually with a small outboard motor. Tinny is also the term most commonly used for a can of beer.

7- C, Jackeroo Station Worker, most likely originating from a combination of “Kangaroo” and “Jack of all trades” . A female station worker is known as a Jilleroo.
8- D, Grog – Grog is the term for Alcoholic substances. ‘Booze’ and ‘Piss’ are also common terms.

9- B, Wedgie – being short for “Wedge-tailed Eagle” the most common eagle in Australia, and the largest.

10 – D, Bonzer – Bonzer is just really good! eg. That ute is bonza mate!

If you are interested in the million other phrases that us Aussies have, check out Aussie Slang. You’ll have a good laugh at some of them.

7 thoughts on “Australia Day! – Test Your Aussie Slang”

  1. Haha, I know what you are referring too, good ol’ underwear wedgies. Grog is a term that used to be used by the Aborigines so if you learned about them, it could be why? Who knows.

  2. Haha, well a wedgie means something different to me! My kitty’s name is Boomer 🙂 The only one I knew was Grog, but I don’t know why.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curio’s last blog post..The Creative Process: Researching Alternatives

  3. Yeah, I got most of these but then it helps being Australian. Although I would suggest that younger Aussies would fail pretty miserably.

    Sires last blog post..Solution To Aussie Teen Binge Drinking Problem

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