Download Awesome Design Bundles at 85-95% off! My Top 5

Download Awesome Design Bundles at 85-95% off! My Top 5

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Deals have expired but get 30-50% off in The Marketplace

Unfortunately these one off deals have expired, but the good news is that there is an awesome DesignCuts marketplace with 20-50% off design resources. You can even bundle up items to save even more! Browse the marketplace »

DesignCuts has quickly become my favorite design deal site out there, simply because they pack so many quality resources into each bundle and at a huge saving of 80-95% off each time.

For their birthday, they are re-releasing their most popular past deals, so this is a great chance to grab some insanely useful resources for a very discounted price. There are a large number of deals on their website but these would be my top 5 picks!

My top 5 design bundle picks:


Monster Creative Font Bundle (Includes Web Fonts) – Just $29

This font bundle includes 10 versatile creative fonts, many with a hand drawn or brush style. My favorite pick out of this bunch is MicroBrew which I’ve already found many great uses for. Each weight of MicroBrew is usually $19 each but you can get all 16 weights & ornaments for $29. Plus all the other 9 font families too!

Creative Fonts

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Go Media’s Ultimate Vector Collection (1360 Meticulous Designs) – Just $25

GoMedia were one of the early pioneers of releasing vector freebies & bundles, so I’ve used many of their resources before, can I can attest to their quality. This pack DesignCuts is offering combines 49 of GoMedia’s Complete Vector Packs for $25 which is an amazing deal considering just one pack is usually $35. You will get everything from apparel, to textures, illustrations and everything in-between making it super handy for your next design project.

Vector Design Bundle

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Massive Artistic Font Bundle (Includes Web Fonts) – Just $29

Fonts can get pretty pricey these days so whenever I see a design bundle offering such a great range of high quality fonts (inc. web fonts), I grab them while I can. This pack was a welcome addition to my font library as I was lacking on the artistic and hand crafted style. As a bonus, this pack also includes additional icon & vector packs.

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Adobe Creative Cloud Discount

Creative Font Bundle

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The Gigantic Vector Elements Bundle – Just $29

If you’ve ever bought a vector resource online you will know that they are not cheap so this one will come in handy many times over. The variety in this one is what it makes it stand out, there are badges, borders, shapes, textures, floral designs, hand-drawn elements, repeating patterns and many more best-selling vector resources.

Vector Bundle

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Go Media’s Monster Mock Up Collection – Just $25

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Mockups are what brings static flat designs to life, allowing you to present photo realistic 3D designs to your clients. I’ve personally stacked up on a bunch of mockup templates like this to save on time and to give an extra edge to my work. This bundle from GoMedia has a huge variety, including posters, stationery, apparel, tags, bags, technology and outdoor placements so it’s very versatile, and a great steal for $25.

MockUp Bundle

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Now good luck deciding which ones to get and I do apologize for enticing you with these awesome deals!

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  1. Their inspirational creative fonts are not exactly inspirational, but they are definitely highly creative. The color palettes they have used and the type face are original. Also, just wondering, if their designs are around $25 with discount, how much they would charge without discount?

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[Cyber Monday Deals LIVE!]