Becoming A Successful Freelancer: The Unlimited Freelancer eBook Review

Becoming A Successful Freelancer: The Unlimited Freelancer eBook Review

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Unlimited Freelancer

Last week I wrote up a small post letting you know about a new eBook release I was eagerly awaiting… that book was the The Unlimited Freelancer written by Mason Hipp and James Chartrand.

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Well, I have been lucky enough to get an advance copy to review on here for you guys so listen in if you wanna know how to become a successful freelancer / designer.


The book starts off with a short question to see if you are the right person for their book…

Would you like a life that lets you grow, enjoy more free time, do what you love every day, make more money, and build a valuable business?

If you said yes, then this book is for you.

Well, that pretty much got me sucked in – who wouldn’t want that? And if you already do have some of that, why wouldn’t you want more?

But in saying this, I am also pretty sceptical of eBooks, they all claim to be the answer to end all answers, but as I have been following Mason & James’ blogs for a while, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Mason & James write in their usual crisp and polished style that I have come to expect on their blogs. The 200 page book is easy to understand, to the point and genuinely helpful with many practical tips. You can read the full list of topics on their sales page (which is also quite short and to the point).

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I would, however, have to say that the book is probably geared a bit more towards freelancers who have had some experience in their trade, and with some knowledge of business. Another criticism would be that it doesn’t provide enough visual examples… the book is rather text heavy which I suppose works for some, but personally I prefer visuals.

But other than that, I would have to congratulate Mason and James on this truly resourceful book… If you’re a freelancer of any sort – (designer, journalist, blogger, etc) then this is a book worth checking out.


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23 thoughts on “Becoming A Successful Freelancer: The Unlimited Freelancer eBook Review”

  1. Hey, Jacob, thanks for that – I’m flattered, and I’m honestly glad that you enjoyed it. I put a lot into that book!

  2. Sounds like something I’d love to read. But $29!? That’s too expensive for an e-book. For that price it should be hardbound, printed on smooth creamy paper, and exquisitely constructed. If it was $5 I’d buy it. Call me cheap if you must, but I think that’s probably more in line with the value of an e-book.

  3. Actually just purchased this ebook.

    i was a tad skeptical as ebooks i usually buy turn out to be terrible.

    but i was pleasantly surprised with this book.

    very in depth and helpful. lots of things i would not have taken into consideration having gone out into the freelance world on my own.

    thank you,



  4. Hey Jacob, I must admit I am always very sceptical of eBooks that make these sorts of claims. But in saying that, I still find a need to buy & read these books to really see if it stands up to the hype that it promises.
    I think I might give it a go and I will check back with my comments on your blog here… You only need one valuable piece of information to make it worth while:
    The Pro Designer

  5. Matthew,
    I also asked them about how the book would differ from the rockstar title. This is what Mason had to say:

    “It’s actually a lot different from the FSW book. To summarize it simply, How to be a freelance rockstar is about getting started and being a great freelancer. The Unlimited Freelancer is actually more about turning your freelancing career into a business it’s about how to go expanding and growing and removing your limits (systems, outsourcing, partnering, assets, etc:) – It actually meshes really well with the other book, the two are a great combination.”

  6. Will this be anything like the title
    ‘how to be a rockstar freelancer’

    If yes, then I don’t think I’ll bother with it.

  7. I wanted to check it out, but it just seems the same info repeated over freelancers’ heads. I mean, there are already a ton of blogs and resources out there that I think most freelancers get the gist of it, its just a matter of getting it done.

  8. @ Matthew – The level of information in the book we wrote is very different from RockStar Freelancer. Rockstar tells you how to start.

    We tell you how to keep from killing yourself through burnout, how to make more money while you work less and how to use tricks and techniques to grow your freelancing into a serious business that provides steady income.

    At least, that’s what we like to think 🙂

    @ Antonio – Actually, it’s not the same information already being said. We made sure that we were covering information most others were ignoring right now. If we just rehashed old stuff, we wouldn’t be very proud of ourselves, so… yeah. We didn’t do that 🙂

    @ Matthew – It’s a pretty reasonable price for an ebook, but I will agree that there’s no “this is what an ebook costs” standard out there.

    The good thing is, you can make back the cost of the ebook in really short time – the tips inside will have immediate effect on work methods (if you apply them).

    The book does come with a money-back guarantee. If you buy, read and don’t like, or you think we’re talking out of our hat, then just ask. There’s no risk at all.

  9. Well, even though the price seems pretty high, I bought it anyway. I don’t want to be a jerk and judge a book by its cover. I’ll give it a read and see how I like it. 🙂

  10. Just to be clear when you say font it means ABC 123: and when talking about a typeface it means Adobe, Apple, and Microsoft. As in, I like Adobe’s typeface, I wonder what font they used?

    You’re right about it being a good idea to read the user agreement that comes with your font. Copyright can be very confusing subject, but I think it is worth trying to understand.

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