20+ Vintage 1960s Fonts for Groovy Designs

20+ Vintage 1960s Fonts for Groovy Designs

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This article is for you if you are searching for trippy or vintage 1960s fonts for groovy Designs.

We’ve compiled several vintage fonts from the 1960s to use in your designs, versatile enough to suit different design styles.

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The 1960s were a unique period that saw the introduction of many new styles in a variety of disciplines. Everything changed in the 1960s, from pop culture to music, dress, politics, art, and films. This era is renowned for its innovations and ingenuity across many fields.

Even the design industry has got many things in this decade; the most important thing we are talking about from that period is typography. Many fonts represent the era of the 1960s and add uniqueness to designs.

These 1960s fonts, which range from psychedelic to classic and groovy, embody a rebellious and experimental perspective.

Because they are instantly recognized and have protruding letter shapes, expressiveness, flow, and freeform, these fonts are perfect for groovy design. Unsurprisingly, these typefaces are still in use today, given their carefree attitude toward life and love.

You will undoubtedly find the ideal typeface for your upcoming design because each font is unique and conveys meanings differently, which enhances your creations.

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10 Best 1960s Fonts for Groovy Designs

  1. The Beardt
  2. Sixties Flashback
  3. Blowing Vesicle
  4. CA Magic Hour
  5. Articulat CF
  6. Pineberry – Cursive Script Typeface
  7. Let’s Jazz
  8. Jassin – Groovy Typeface
  9. Kool Beans
  10. Hucklebuck

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best 60s Fonts for Groovy Designs

1. The Beardy

The Beardy
The Beardy. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Finding retro while still being elegant is tricky, but we have the ideal typeface for your requirements. A decorative-looking typeface with an undeniable vintage vibe is called Beardy.

This classy retro display typeface was created using flourish typography, serif didone, and popular culture from the 1960s and 1970s. Numbers, ligatures, glyphs, and stylistic alternates are all included in the package for this typeface.

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Thanks to its distinctive features, it is the perfect option for designs such as logos, headings, branding, magazines, cover albums, book covers, movies, clothing design, and more.


2. Sixties Flashback

Sixties Flashback
Sixties Flashback. Image Credits: Creative Market

A font from the 1960s that perfectly fits your wavelength is Sixties Flashback. This font’s original psychedelic-style design enables you to add the retro dose in the correct proportions.

In our experience, this font looked amazing on graphics that exuded a wavy, whimsical, purely hippie, trippy, and fun vibe. It has upper and lowercase ligatures and alternate characters that are sufficient to give compositions a warped and groovy feel.


3. Blowing Vesicle

Blowing Vesicle
Blowing Vesicle. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Want to take back your audience to the 60s feel? Blowing Vesicle is a wonderful option in that case. This typeface is a retro-style bold font that gives designs a unique whimsical touch and a vintage feel from the 1960s. This font is a great choice for logos, particularly for projects with a humorous theme.

Apart from that, it is ideal for labels, fashion, make-up, stationery, novels, packaging, novels, etc. It also has OpenType features to let you create outstanding designs.


4. CA Magic Hour

CA Magic Hour
CA Magic Hour. Image Credits: Envato Elements

We look up to this font for its straightforward and optimistic nature. CA Magic Hour is a bold vintage font representing the cool times of the 60s. It is a beautiful font with many things to show.

From our experience, we favor font styles associated with initiatives with a scientific, mechanical, or motorized theme. This typeface, which has a heavy and lined shape, will help you take your designs to new levels.


5. Articulat CF

Articulat CF
Articulat CF. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Articulat CF is a modern font in the Swiss Modernist style. This charismatic font is a nice-looking, sharp, and strong font that is easy to read. We like how it presents as contemporary, tidy, and straightforward while still having retro-inspired designs.

We discovered that this typeface is adaptable and enables you to give your designs a unique feel. It has ten weights, OpenType features, and obliques to offer more design options. This vintage typeface is multilingual and includes free updates and feature additions.


6. Pineberry – Cursive Script Typeface

Pineberry - Cursive Script Typeface
Pineberry – Cursive Script Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Pineberry‘s adorable design left us speechless. Then, we learned that this typeface is a handwritten cursive font influenced by graphic design from the 1960s and 1970s. It has amusing traits that give patterns a unique appearance.

It works well for branding, bridal invitations, vintage designs, book covers, and other projects.  You will get OTF and TTF versions of this font that will help you enhance your designs.

We promise that this typeface will enhance your designs and draw attention from everyone when used in them because of its lovely mono-weight curvilinear forms. This beautiful font comes in OTF and TTF formats, consisting of lower and uppercase letters.


7. Let’s Jazz

Let's Jazz
Let’s Jazz. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Let’s Jazz is a playful font inspired by mid-century American lettering and advertising. It has a shiny look and adds stunning aesthetics to designs. This font is from the music genre and contains the look of Saul Bass Graphics.

We were elated to see 450+ glyphs in the pack, which supports many languages to fit into any design. This 60s font is available in OTF format.

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It also includes several alternates and ligatures to let you create mind-blowing artwork. This powerful font can be used for logotypes, packaging, headlines, posters, badges, invitations, etc. It also comes with a bonus collection.


8. Jassin – Groovy Typeface

Jassin - Groovy Typeface
Jassin – Groovy Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Jassin is a great option if you’re looking for a cool, bold, personality-type typeface. When used in designs, this trendy script with a vintage vibe also exudes a psychedelic, bold, and hippie vibe. This Groovy font has a carefree and whimsical vibe, making us think it can be used for various tasks.

This font is appropriate for headlines, posters, branding, packaging, t-shirts, advertising, social media, etc. With the help of this typeface, you can also give your designs a sense of fun and excitement.


9. Kool Beans

Kool Beans
Kool Beans. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Would you like to enjoy the funky psychedelia era? Then Kool Beans is a remarkable display typeface that is a great option because it offers a vintage and genuine feel. We discovered this font, which comes in both solid and outline forms.

Each of these fashions offers designs a distinctive appearance and enables you to give your creative work a 3D feel.

It also has some ligatures and alternate glyphs to help you enhance your designs as per the vision you have in your mind. You can use this font for book covers, quotes, websites, posters, advertising, etc.


10. Hucklebuck

Hucklebuck. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for the best font with a retro aesthetic? The Hucklebuck is a cheery, vintage font with aesthetically pleasing characters, so the delay is over. With its upbeat vibe, this upright script typeface is incredibly appealing.

According to our study, this font was created in the manner of hand-painted sign lettering, which was influenced by window lettering.

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Versions of this unique penmanship style are available in TTF and OTF formats. It has many OpenType capabilities and runs on both Windows and Mac. Due to its versatility, this font also covers a wide range of languages, including most Eastern European languages and those based on Latin.


11. Rolla – Soft Vintage Typeface

Rolla - Soft Vintage Typeface
Rolla – Soft Vintage Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

We discovered the incredible vintage serif typeface Rolla, explicitly created to have a bold appearance. This typeface has charming curves and rounded borders on its characters. This font skillfully brings retro chunky typography into the contemporary period.

It is a retro-style font designed in a modern way to give a different look. This font can be used for social media, branding, business cards, wedding invitations, etc.


12. Turismo CF – Midcentury Font Family

Turismo CF
Turismo CF – Midcentury Font Family. Image Credits: Envato Elements

We are thrilled to present this simple typeface, Turismo CF. This gorgeous font is influenced by the 1920s and 1960s and has a retro, minimalistic feel.

Even so, this font’s strong characters are shaped like rectangles with sloping, elongated curves, making it a great option for many contemporary, midcentury, and vintage designs.

We value the character’s contours, slopes, and rounded corners because they create a unique, polished appearance. Seven weights are available, and OpenType alternatives are included for effective modification.

This typeface is great for logotypes, business designs, and headlines. The bundle also includes the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. See more mid-century fonts here.


13. Clarinet – Retro Typeface

Clarinet – Retro Type
Clarinet – Retro Typeface. Image Credits: Design Cuts

We discovered Clarinet to be a 60s-inspired retro display typeface that unconvincingly gives your designs an incorrect retro vibe. According to our analysis, this font’s letters are large and have retro-style strokes. You can use this flexible serif typeface for a variety of projects.

It suits logos, magazines, wedding designs, invitations, vintage designs, etc. The font file includes uppercase & lowercase characters, numbers, punctuations, swashes, and alternates.


14. The Aprila Font Family

Aprila Font Family
The Aprila Font Family. Image Credits: Creative Market

Are you weary of looking for a chic retro font? We finally discovered a font that will work for you, so the wait is over. A distinctive font with a more vibrant and colorful style is Aprila. This typeface takes its cues from the hippie movement of the 1960s.

It handles more than 75 languages and comes in 6 weights. Your designs will appear fresh and distinctive with this 1960s font. This typeface not only exudes a retro-chic vibe but also evokes psychedelic visions that are more vivid, colorful, and challenging to understand.


15. Pure Psychedelia

Pure Psychedelia Font
Pure Psychedelia. Image Credits: Creative Market

A versatile typeface called Pure Psychedelia was created using Twin Strands of Modernized Art Nouveau and reimagined 1960s psych. This cool typeface is perfect for designs like movie tiles, creative projects, and more, in our opinion.

It has a classic style and looks very unique. You can use this font in your designs for a different vibe. View more trippy psychedelic fonts here.


16. Santoro Script

Santoro Script
Santoro Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Santoro Script is, without question, a font that aids in giving your designs a spontaneous, welcoming feel. This cheerful script typeface is intended to add a warm and triumphant attitude to designs. It is created in the style of handpainted sign lettering.

Our research revealed that this typeface is available in three forms, including Swash and Stylistic Alternates OpenType features and a few extra letter versions and ligatures under the Titling and Discretionary Ligatures OpenType features. The additional alternates contribute to the hand-painted appearance of the typeface.

This font comes in both .otf and .ttf formats and is compatible with Mac and Windows. These have excellent OpenType capabilities and support for numerous Eastern European and Latin-based languages.


17. Nelson

Nelson. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Nelson is a great option if you’re looking for a whimsical and entertaining typeface with a bold appearance.  Though this is a bold typeface with a fun and cheerful vibe, it brings a smile to the audience’s face.

This typeface would be a great option for greeting cards, package designs, kid-themed projects, and other projects with a kid-related theme.

This basic, chubby 1960s font is perfect for branding because it appears simple, contemporary, expressive, and cute when used in designs. If you are working on enjoyable, amusing, cheery, or kid-related projects, this is a must-have for your digital asset toolkit.


18. Quechely

Quechely. Image Credits: Envato Elements

We discovered this retro design aesthetic while compiling the best 1960s fonts for groovy designs. It was perfect for our retro requirements while maintaining a playful vibe. We also discovered that this typeface is available in several styles: regular, outline, and extruded.

You can explore by mixing one or more styles to create a distinctive style thanks to the variations of this font. Most projects, including those for the web, packaging, media, and more, benefit greatly from this retro display typeface with lines and shadows.




20. Padlock

Padlock. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Every creator finds it challenging to evoke the same nostalgic feeling in their designs, but thanks to our gorgeous vintage 1960s font, it is no longer a challenge. The elegant vintage script typeface, Padlock, is the pinnacle of retro designs.

This typeface is made explicitly for logos, invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting cards, wedding cards, packaging, fashion, fashion, stationery, novels, or any type of media or advertisement purpose. It also has swashes and vintage lettering styles.


21. Scarlex – Retro Space Typeface

Scarlex - Retro Space Typeface
Scarlex – Retro Space Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

We are excited to present the stunning display font Scarlex, inspired by 1960s fiction books and films. This font adds a futuristic, retro, and modern feel to designs, leaving the audience astonished.

We adored the way this font helps add a great, unique personalized touch to any design. You can use this 60s vintage font for movies, books, automotive designs, T-shirts, branding, and more.

This Vintage futuristic font is also ideal for galactic, science fiction, technology, and space-related projects.


22. Stooges Races

Stooges Races
Stooges Races. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The hand-drawn font Stooges Races is a great choice if you’re looking for vintage motorcycle-themed fonts for your upcoming designs. This unique font was inspired by the motorcycle period. This font comes in OTF format and includes a vector pack for adobe illustrator.

This font caught our attention because it successfully combines a rough, retro, and playful atmosphere. This font is the best option for vintage designs, cars, quaint, and concepts related to the 1960s, 1950s, and 1940s.


Best 60s Fonts Summary

The period of the 1960s was so popular for its unique designs. Designs of that era have a different feel and are versatile enough to suit different design needs. Therefore, you can consider using some 60s fonts in your designs for a retro touch.

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