25+ Best 3D Fonts for Adding Depth

25+ Best 3D Fonts for Adding Depth

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The best 3D fonts can turn the most simple designs into breathtaking stunners. Find out which font bundles made our list in this feature!

3D fonts are staples when it comes to letting visuals pop and stand out. When used for short, to-the-point messages, 3D fonts give the impression of depth and can be combined with numerous other styles.

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There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting the job done in the name of great visuals, but incorporating well-curated 3D fonts into your designs certainly helps! By using these fonts, any design initiative is sure to go great.

25+ Best 3D Fonts for Adding Depth

  1. Sevastian
  2. Strong Girls – Layered Serif Font
  3. Liquido – 3D Color SVG Font
  4. Marquee Lights – 3D Color SVG Font
  5. Roaming – 3D Font
  6. Sandwich Font 
  7. Baku – OTF color font
  8. Fonseca Grande ~ Font Duo +BONUS
  9. Ice Cube – 3D Color SVG Font
  10. Industrial Box – 3D Color SVG Font
  11. Smoking Typeface
  12. Bloque™
  13. Modern Neon 3D Lettering 
  14. Under Construction – 3D Color SVG Font
  15. Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View
  16. Okie Doko Western Slab
  17. School Mania – Block Crafty Font
  18. Sparhawk Complete Family
  19. Cutie Pie Font
  20. Sendha – Techno Display Font
  21. Psyche Lover
  22. Crown Decay 3D
  23. Comicartoon
  24. Brick City
  25. Plaquette 

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25+ Best 3D Fonts for Adding Depth



Inspired by sign painters and non-digital artists, Sevastian was made for artists who want to create 3D lettering without special effects. This font comes in 7 layers which can be combined to make unlimited styles in unlimited color mixes.

Quotes, signage, magazines, and posters will look eye-catching with this lettering style.


Strong Girls – Layered Serif Font

Strong Girls - Layered Serif Font

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The strong lines and soft curves aptly define Strong Girls font. It has 4 varieties of fonts that look good on their own but when stacked together make for a peachy 3D effect. Any merch, poster, shirt, magazines, and other projects will look fab with Strong Girls.


Liquido – 3D Color SVG Font

Liquido - 3D Color SVG Font

The Liquido font is fascinating to look at, like watching ice cream slowly melting. It is perfect for posters, food promotions, and fancy artwork. This font has approximately 400 pixels of letter size in color or SVG OpenType. See more SVG fonts here.


Marquee Lights – 3D Color SVG Font

Marquee Lights - 3D Color SVG Font

Like old cinema headliners, the Marquee Lights font catches attention. Its bold letters with lights look great for announcements, marketing promotions, and posters. This realistic font will surely light up your designs!


Roaming – 3D Font

Roaming - 3D Font

Roaming is a modern futuristic font with a playful vibe. Its simple optical illusion creates a subtle solidity to the font. It looks good on book covers, music album covers, posters, and even for social media content.

The quirky curves and lines look great on any color background.


Sandwich Font 

Sandwich Font

The Sandwich font is a beveled 3D type system with numerous font styles to give you a wide range of uses. You can use the clean and modern version or be more retro and use the roughed-up styles.

The Sandwich fonts come in 19 fonts with a basic set of Latin caps, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. This unique font is perfect for posters, logos, signage, and t-shirt designs.


Baku – OTF color font

Baku - OTF color font

Smooth and modern, Baku is a versatile font perfect for a variety of applications. With its 7 gorgeous fonts in sans serif typeface, it looks great for branding, website headers, packaging, magazines, and other creative projects.

The Baku set comes in all uppercase and lowercase displays, punctuations, and numerals. Applying a combination of these charming font varieties will surely give you a creative edge.


Fonseca Grande ~ Font Duo +BONUS

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Fonseca Grande ~ Font Duo +BONUS

This vintage font set is amazingly multifaceted, you are only limited by your imagination. Fonseca Grande comes in 6 font types in bold retro sans serif and handwritten script.

They look beautiful on postcards and travel brochures but are equally excellent on other projects, branding, menus, labels, and packaging.


Ice Cube – 3D Color SVG Font

Ice Cube - 3D Color SVG Font

Like its name, the Ice Cube font is so cool and chunky. With letters looking like they were hand carved on ice, each “cube” looks great on any color background. Ice Cube font comes in sans serif type and uppercase and can be used for large displays and posters.

Check out the impressive details of this 3D style!


Industrial Box – 3D Color SVG Font

Industrial Box - 3D Color SVG Font

Big and bold in looks, Industrial Box will get your message across. Gritty and metallic, this font is good on layouts looking for an urban and city feel. It can be used on large displays like posters and marketing materials.


Smoking Typeface

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smoking typeface

The Smoking Typeface is both vintage and stylish. This comes in a family of 6 fonts with 94 glyph count, numerals, and punctuations. You can combine the base and shadow to get the full volumized effect.

Its old-style character shape is marvelous on Western-type designs, but also on apparel, magazines, and posters.




Big, fat, and beautiful — Bloque comes in strong. Perfect for magazines and headlines, this font comes in a family of 6 fonts, uppercase, and lowercase. It has three layers for both Roman and italics and looks awesome in color combinations.


Modern Neon 3D Lettering 

Modern Neon 3D Lettering

If you’re looking for realistic neon-style lettering, then this one’s for you. Modern Neon gives a great set of 3D style letterings, color fonts & bonus graphic elements for your new creative projects.

It also comes in 4 view alternates & 4 color fonts + extra graphics which gives you a wide option for artwork, promotional materials, and collaterals.


Under Construction – 3D Color SVG Font

Under Construction - 3D Color SVG Font

Under Construction is a unique font with its assembled look. The multiple-layered effects are perfect for signage, posters, construction, and renovation announcements. Color combinations give striking effects to the letterings too!


Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View

Marquee Light Bulbs - Front View

Cinema-themed designs will look gorgeous with the Marquee Light Bulbs – Front View. This toolkit comes with realistic renderings, vintage-style boards, grunge fonts, a lot of small elements, and more!

All the letterings and shapes are in huge-resolution transparent PNG files that allow you to print large projects.


Okie Doko Western Slab

Okie Doko Western Slab

Quirky as it is fun, Okie Doko Western Slab will lively animate any comic or cartoon. It is inspired by retro western slab serifs made modern with subtly rounded corners. This font comes in upper case with symbols and numerals and can be printed on large posters or small stickers.


School Mania – Block Crafty Font

School Mania - Block Crafty Font

A merrily handwritten font, it is inspired by children’s writings! School Mania – Block Crafty Font is excellent for class presentations, books, shirts, and other artworks that want a whimsical look.

It comes in upper case, lower case, numerals, and symbols.


Sparhawk Complete Family 

Sparhawk Complete Family

The Sparhawk Complete Family product is a great deal for those looking for a unique hand-drawn font that will look good on posters, artwork for merchandising, stickers, and books.

It has over 300 swashes in uppercase and lowercase (small caps) letterings, 573 glyphs, 8 awesome layers, and other exciting features.


Cutie Pie Font

Cutie Pie Font

Cutie Pie is a block font, in a hand-drawn style that’s so much fun to use. The outlines of each letter can be left blank or colored and look cute on any artwork, poster, book, journal, or marketing product.

The font comes in uppercase and numerals that can be formatted in any size.


Sendha – Techno Display Font

Sendha – Techno Display Font

Blazing in with its unique style, Sendha -Techno Display Font is one of a kind. It has futuristic, robotic lines that are both eye-catching and striking. It features uppercase, lowercase, symbols & punctuation, numerals, ligature, and alternates which gives you a vast array of options for sports merch, apparel prints, logos, music, and magazine covers.


Psyche Lover

Psyche Lover

If you’re searching for a retro look but stylish, Psyche Lover may be your answer. Its psychedelic curves, lines, and shadows are terrific for retro art projects, and merchandising.

The font has 3 fancy styles, 312 glyphs, symbols, punctuations, and numerals that are sure to bring your artwork to a groovy high.


Crown Decay 3D

Crown Decay

Another one-of-a-kind 3D font is Crown Decay. It has a 98 glyph count including punctuations, symbols, and numerals. The sharp, rigid angles crowning each letter enhance any comic, animation work, and art prints on shirts and posters.




Comicartoon is reminiscent of old cartoons, wacky and playful! It has a 4 font family that is fun to use whether alone or combined, and so delightful when colored in.

The toolkit has 392 glyphs, including uppercase, lowercase, symbols, and punctuations that are perfect for children’s books, comics, stickers, children’s games, and various marketing projects.


Brick City

Brick City

Another cartoony font that’s exciting to use is Brick City. Each letter gives a brick city building look, best for comics, logos, children’s books, animation, and posters. This font family comes in 3 styles with 223 glyphs, numerals, symbols, and punctuations.



best 3d fonts

You’ll never go wrong with this retro font collection! It has a wide range of varieties and styles that will match any of your designs. Plaquette is gorgeous on logos, branding, covers, packaging, apparel, marketing merch and so much more.

This collection of chromatic, vintage, and clean geometric fonts will become an absolute fave for any artist or anyone looking for alternates galore!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D fonts?

3D fonts are typefaces that incorporate an illusion of three-dimensional depth into their design, making the characters appear as if they are popping out of the page. It’s perfect for creating eye-catching creative work.

How can I ensure the 3D effects remain consistent?

When using 3D fonts, ensure consistent lighting and shadow direction throughout your design. This will create a more realistic and cohesive appearance.

How do I choose the right font for my design project?

Consider the context, tone, and audience of your design. Serif fonts can convey elegance, while sans-serif fonts are more minimalistic. Script fonts can add a personal touch, while display fonts are attention-grabbing. Choose a font that complements your design's purpose.

25+ Best 3D Fonts for Adding Depth

Overall, the best 3D fonts help make your designs become a statement.

Whether you’re working on a marketing project, a school initiative, or a personal venture, we hope our roundup of the most spectacular finds in the category helps you streamline your search.

3D assets are perfect for livening up aesthetics and making visuals come alive—and we hope that’s exactly what you get to create through this list. So choose your font carefully, and let yourself be inspired by these wonderful 3D fonts!

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