20+ Best 1950s Fonts for Retro Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

20+ Best 1950s Fonts for Retro Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

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Using the most complete retro / vintage fonts in your projects will not only allow you to maximize your creativity but also help you better present your designs.

The increase in popularity of 1950s fonts has brought a wide selection of fonts to help creators add life to their projects.

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Many fonts from this decade have aged particularly well and continue to have a massive impact on designs even today.

As such, we have reviewed numerous fonts and have compiled a list of the best 50s fonts that you will surely love to use for your next project.

The Best 50s Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

  1. Carosello 50’s Font
  2. Fifties Typeface
  3. Badmood
  4. Fifties Paint Brush Font
  5. Bandakala Casual Script
  6. Oilvare Font Family
  7. Cartograph CF
  8. Hucklebuck
  9. Let’s Jazz
  10. Santoro Script
  11. Fast Rewind: Retro Brush Script Font
  12. MidCentury Typeface
  13. Hellenic Wide
  14. Argon
  15. Sunset Strip
  16. Montebello Script Typeface
  17. Transistor
  18. Rationell
  19. Maxwell Sans Small Caps Book
  20. CA Emeralda
  21. Winter is Coming Font
  22. Super Strike 1950s Font

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And now, back to our list of the best 50s fonts.

The Best 1950’s Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

Carosello 1950s Style Marker Font


Meet a font truly inspired by vintage ads, created with real elements to display common hand-written imperfections while also preserving the typical glyph style of the old historical period.

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Carosello is a hand-made font that is highly versatile and allows you to create stunning 1950s hand-lettered quotes, vintage designs, inspirational phrases, and much more in a matter of minutes.


Fifties Typeface Retro 1950s Typeface

Fifties Typeface

If you are looking for a retro serif display typeface inspired by the vintage novel cover back from the 1950s, then you should check out this font. Fifties typeface comes with uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuations, symbols, alternates, and much more, making it an ideal choice for various design needs.


Badmood 1950s Font


This is a hand-lettered script font for a wide range of projects including, advertisements, posters, greetings, invitations, branding, and more. The Badmood font includes more than 200 glyphs and 60 alternative characters, which you can mix and match to create attractive designs.

To access the OpenType features in this font, you need to use an OpenType savvy program such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.


Fifties Paint Brush Font

Fifties Paint Brush Font

Belonging to the sans-serif family of typefaces, Fifties Paint Brush is a vintage all-caps font with a retro style. Each letter in this font is handwritten using a calligraphy pen and was truly inspired by old advertising and signs from the 1950s.

This font comes with normal spacing and can be optimized to a large (display/poster) size. You can use this font for holidays cards, restaurant menus, posters, or any other projects that need a fun, casual script.

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Bandakala Casual 1950s Script

Bandakala Casual Script

Introducing a font inspired by urban or freestyle artworks. Bandakala is a beautiful font that comes with casual or marker style and a huge range of stylistic alternates to help you create realistic headers. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, swashes, and much more, making it perfect for advertising, personal branding, and creative headers.


Oilvare Retro 50’s Font Family

Oilvare Font Family

Inspired by vintage painted signs and oil cans, Oilvare is a hand-drawn, 18-font, layered typeface that belongs to the sans-serif family of typefaces. Although it is a sturdy font, it also has a softer side- wide proportions, curled angle strokes, oval-inspired forms, and a medium contrast- all helping the font to provide a bit of distinction from the typical sans serif font family. Another interesting feature of this font is that you can mix, match, and layer the styles to your aesthetic liking. Furthermore, when you enlarge the typefaces, the subtle irregularities become more apparent. With so many features, this font is an ideal font to have in your toolkit.


Cartograph CF 1950s Font

Cartograph CF

Cartograph CF is a monospaced typeface that comes with character and warmth. It is a handsome font that features lush, cursive italic, code-friendly ligatures, in addition to a proportional set accessible via OpenType. The font also includes multilingual support, nearly 850 glyphs with coding symbols, and much more.


Hucklebuck 50s Font


This is a retro, upright script font that is immensely appealing with its happy–go–lucky feel. Hucklebuck is a font with the style of hand-painted sign lettering. It was inspired by some window lettering on an old store. The font comes with normal spacing, and you can optimize it to a large (display/poster) size. This font is compatible with both Mac and Windows.


Let’s Jazz 50s Font

Let's Jazz

Here’s a playful typeface inspired by iconic mid-century American advertising and lettering. Let’s Jazz is a retro font that gives the spontaneous vibe of the vintage sensational music genre; however, the font has also been designed with a strong focus to provide a distinct look, which is still fresh and convincing, even in the modern world.

This font comes in two versions- Regular and Stamp. Each version in this font contains more than 450 glyphs, ligatures, and more. You can use this font for headlines, logotypes, badges, packaging, posters, and much more.


Santoro Script 1950s Font

Santoro Script

Welcome, a fun, happy script font created in the style of hand-painted sign lettering. Santoro Script is a beautiful font that displays a jubilant attitude, which will add a spontaneous, warm, and friendly look to any design.

This font comes with at least three versions of every letter found under the swash and stylistic alternates OpenType features. You will also get some additional letter versions and ligatures in this font, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.


Fast Rewind: Retro 1950s Brush Script Font

Fast Rewind is an illustrative brush script font inspired by the 1950s art direction of mainstream magazines and book covers. It is a normally-spaced font that you can optimize to any size.

This font includes regular and alternative designs, with a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, symbols, numbers, and multilingual support. In addition, it also includes a variety of underlines and illustrations, making this font suitable for a wide range of projects.


MidCentury Modern Retro 50s Typeface

MidCentury Typeface

Take a look at an all-caps modern typeface inspired by several graphic designs back in the 1950s, from illustration, poster cover, novel cover, and more. MidCentury typeface belongs to the sans-serif family of typefaces and comes with normal spacing.

It includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals, punctuations, symbols, alternates, and ligatures. The modern and retro look of this font makes it perfect for a variety of designs.


Hellenic Wide Mid-Centry Retro Font

Hellenic Wide

Hellenic Wide is a slab serif typeface, which is digitally revived for the Jukebox library from the ATF original. The strong horizontal letterforms of this font give it a classic mid-20th-century look.

This font comes with normal spacing and can be optimized to a large (display/poster) size). Moreover, all fonts in this pack contain basic OpenType features as well as support multiple languages.


Argon Font 


Inspired by the aesthetics of 1950’s Swiss rationalism, Argon is a functional modern-grotesque font that can be applied in a wide range of projects like advertising, book designs, and more.

The mono-linear solid design and the combination of sharp and rounded curves of this font lead to a contemporary interpretation of the classic grotesque look, and that too without compromising legibility, even at small sizes.

Moreover, this font has been designed to emphasize harmonious variations, which enables you to effortlessly apply it in several projects.


Sunset Strip

Sunset Strip

Say hello to a beautiful casual script font that comes with a wide range of applications. The flowing ease of the Sunset Strip font with its mid-century modern style makes it a great choice for a design that needs class and approachability.

Moreover, there are at least three versions of each letter, and in some cases a few more, giving the font the ability to mimic hand-lettering more closely.


Montebello Script Typeface

Montebello Script Typeface

Brighten your day along with your designs with this amazing font suitable for a wide range of projects. The Montebello font has hints of art deco styling with its low crossbars perfectly complements the script and is inspired by the travel posters of the 1950s. To use the stylistic alternates in this pack, you will require professional design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape.




This is a super-condensed sans-serif display font inspired by mid-century hardware packaging. Transistor is a super-condensed sans-serif that pays tribute to 1950s hardware packaging and comes with multilingual support. You can use this font to anchor your design to the past while staying firmly planted in the future.




Here is the font based on classic 1950’s swiss rationalism. Rationell is a functional multipurpose corporate typeface perfect for a wide range of designs. This pack includes 24 fonts- 12 upright weights with 12 matching Italic, from Hairline to ExtraBlack.

Moreover, this font has a serious yet kind timeless look, making it an ideal choice for corporate publishing, branding, and more.


Maxwell Sans Small Caps Book

Maxwell Sans Small Caps Book

Meet a clean condensed sans serif typeface inspired by similar retro fonts from the 1950s. Maxwell is a sans-serif font that comes in regular and small caps versions and includes stylistic alternatives, numerals, in addition to multilingual support.

It comes with condensed spacing and can be optimized to any size. You can use this font for headlines, paragraph text, etc.


CA Emeralda

CA Emeralda

Discover the italic version of CA Emeralda, a font inspired by a headline in an industrial advertisement magazine from the early 1950s. It comes with normal spacing and can be optimized to any size.

One of the interesting features of this font is that it started from a few letters and then evolved into a catchy retro font and was completed with a modern script style, making it suitable for a wide range of projects.


Winter is Coming Font

winter is coming 1950s font

The Winter is Coming font works best on logos, headings, branding, flyers, posters, greeting cards and more. This font took its inspiration from 1950s and 1960s hand lettering. This set has a collection of five fonts. This collection features stylistic alternate, stylistic set, contextual set, ornaments, and ligatures. 


Super Strike 1950s Font

Super strike 1950s font

Say goodbye to flat and dull illustrations when you have the Super Strike font. Super Strike 1950s font works best for posters, advertising, titles, book covers, and more. With the Super Strike 1950s font, you can add color, realistic textures, and filters. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best 1950s fonts overall?

Carosello 1950s Style Marker Font and MidCentury Modern Retro are two of the best 50's retro fonts to work with overall.

What are the best 1950s fonts for fun and lighthearted design?

Fifties Typeface, CA Emeralda and Bandakala Casual are some of the best 50's fonts that are more suitable for loghthearrf font design.

What are the best 1950s script fonts?

While there are many options available, Carosello 1950s Style Marker Font and Badmood are the best 50's script fonts. Generally, script fonts tend to add an elegant and fanciful element to design work.

What are the best 1950s fonts in sans-serif?

When it comes to sans-serif fonts from the 50s, MidCentury Modern , Cartograph CF, Let’s Jazz 50s Font are some great options to opt for.

What are the best modern retro fonts?

MidCentury Modern , Cartograph CF and Let’s Jazz 50s Font are some great modern retro fonts for designers to work with. These 50's fonts have sleek and polished look to them making them suitable for even more sophisticated branding.


More Top Fonts


The 20+ Best 50s Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

These were the 20 top 1950s fonts that can be used in a wide range of projects and make your projects stand out. Choose the fonts that you feel will suit the most in your projects.

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