30+ Handpicked 70s Fonts for Bold & Groovy Designs

30+ Handpicked 70s Fonts for Bold & Groovy Designs

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The best 1970s fonts were one of the graphic design tools for designers because the 70s era remains one of the most definitive moments in all of culture and in the creative space.

Artists from all backgrounds will pay tribute to a time that fostered the kind of creativity we enjoy today, regardless of how much time has passed.

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We believe that with its vintage elements, innate curves, and much more, the 70s gave us such an abundance of art to celebrate. If you are interested in exploring some 60s-style and 80s-style fonts, don’t forget to check out our blog on the best 1960s fonts and best 1980s fonts.

That said, let’s take a look at all the best 70s fonts available online today!


10+ Best 70s Fonts for Groovy Designs

  1. Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font
  2. Your Groovy Font
  3. Funkies Bold Script Font
  4. Boldie Slab Typeface
  5. Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font
  6. Laguna Vintage Collection
  7. Recoleta
  8. Frito Vandito
  9. Assox typeface
  10. Janger – Display Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

Also see our features on the best funky fonts and the best hippie fonts and for a vintage look, the best vintage fonts and the best retro fonts.

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30+ Best 1970s Fonts for Groovy Designs

1. Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font

Summer 0f 76 - Multi-Line Font
Summer 0f 76 – Multi-Line Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

There’s something about multi-layered lines that demands your attention, and Summer of 76: Multi-Line Font is proof of that.

We adore this font because it comes in two styles: multiline and solid, which help us create designs with a beautiful retro touch. What we enjoy about this font collection is the versatility it offers.

With these two distinct styles, we have the freedom to choose between a dynamic, multi-line appearance or a more straightforward solid look.

With this level of versatility, we can accommodate a spectrum of design preferences, be it vibrant and lively or sophisticated and polished.

Suitable for party-themed marketing materials, there’s a lot you can play with using this set of 70s fonts.

We saw that these fonts that are used for medium and small text blocks are a perfect fit for big headers.

This font contains numbers and glyphs and works best with clothing, branding, and party themes. Incorporating numbers and glyphs is crucial in design, and this font collection doesn’t disappoint.

It ensures that we have all the necessary elements to bring our creative visions to life.

And when it comes to specific themes like clothing, branding, and parties, this font effortlessly captures the essence of the 70s, adding an extra layer of authenticity to our projects.

If you are looking for an alternative multi-line display font for headlines and logo design, Fiver is our recommended choice for you.


2. Your Groovy Font

Handpicked 70s Fonts
Image Credit: Envato Elements

We’ve had the pleasure of experiencing the captivating aura of Your Groovy Font, a funk, retro, psychedelic 70s font that seamlessly channels the essence of that era.

Being transported back to the 70s is like stepping into a world where the chill vibes, distinctive afro hairstyles, groovy outfits, and, of course, the music, all come together in a blast of nostalgia.

Your Groovy Font has the incredible ability to accentuate these vibes, enhancing any text you craft with its distinctive character.

This font is a perfect match for a wide range of applications, adding a touch of retro flair to every project.

Whether it’s a vintage poster, funky merchandise, a movie title, a beach restaurant menu, a magazine layout, YouTube covers, thumbnails, or social media page covers, Your Groovy Font effortlessly amplifies the retro atmosphere, making each piece radiate with 70s charm.


3. Funkies Bold Script Font

Funkies Bold Script Font
Funkies Bold Script Font. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you are looking for one of the best 70s fonts to replicate the 70s disco energy, look no further. Let Funkies Bold Script Font help you complete your mission.

We, as design enthusiasts, truly appreciate the striking retro charm of this font.

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What we enjoyed the most about Funkies Bold Script Font is its ability to effortlessly capture the essence of the 70s disco era.

Packed with uppercase and lowercase letters, this set also comes with basic punctuation marks and numbers.

We are drawn towards its open-type features such as stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, swashes, and ligatures that perfectly fit any logotype, t-shirt design, poster, badge, packaging, and book cover.


4. Boldie Slab Typeface

Boldie Slab Typeface
Boldie Slab Typeface. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We found that Slab typefaces were one of the best reasons that made the 70s fonts such an iconic era because these were the typefaces that emerged out of advertisements and packaging.

With this inspiration, Boldie Slab is designed to be filled with the same sophisticated playfulness as any design project. If this is the route you want to take, try Boldie Slab Typeface.

What we adore about Boldie Slab is its unique blend of characteristics. It boasts a bold font with uniquely shaped edges, yet results in a clean-cut and classic typeface.

Leaving no room for demand, this typeface features caps, lowercase, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, symbols, alternates, and multilingual glyphs, making it convenient for us to use without restriction.

This comprehensive set of characters is an asset that we greatly appreciate.

If you are looking for a 70s font to create a cartoon, this typeface is a great choice.


5. Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font

Kehlin - Vintage Casual Font
Kehlin – Vintage Casual Font. Image Credit: Creative Market

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Because so many typefaces were made famous by top artists during the 1970s, we can be sure that era was a great one for the art world. Consider the font Kehlin – Vintage Casual.

This selection can take any observer back to the good old days of the 1970s font because it reminds them of old newspapers and vintage designs.

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What we particularly admire is how Kehlin excels in various design contexts.

We venerate this typeface because it looks great in headline content, logos, branding, and posters thanks to its broad, expertly crafted edges and slight slant.

We highly recommend this font for bold impact or a touch of sophistication, as it effortlessly adapts, adding depth and style to our designs.

With its OTF and TTF formats and multi-language support, it leaves a wonderful first impression.


6. Laguna Vintage Collection

Laguna Vintage Collection
Laguna Vintage Collection. Image Credit: Creative Market

Think about the Laguna Vintage selection from Creative Market if you want a font selection that screams vintage everywhere.

We found that the vintage restaurant signage from the 1950s to 1970s and American Motor Inn signs were the typeface’s main sources of inspiration.

Because it is one of the best 70s fonts and contains so many different fonts and typefaces, we are attracted to it.

We can confidently state that this typeface will help you discover a pack that will effectively convey your message using this 1970s font.

We are happy to inform you that Laguna, with its open-type features like ligatures, alternates, stylistic sets, and more, along with its variable typeface formats, aids in the creation of flawless graphics.


7. Recoleta

Recoleta. Image Credit: Creative Market

Recoleta is yet another outstanding collection of aesthetic solutions on our list.

We like this font because it has 14 different fonts available, and the conservative aesthetic readily makes us think of the text we read in vintage newspapers and magazines.

Recoleta has delicate forms and is available in a range of weights, as we discovered.

First of all, writing, quotes, and cards work best with lighter weights. Heavy weights are best for headlines, logos, and other graphics with a lot of effects.

We also learned that it offers stylistic alternatives with a variety of various characters that help your designs have a distinctive appearance.


8. Frito Vandito

Frito Vandito
Frito Vandito. Image Credit: Creative Market

We introduce you to this funky Frito Vandito. So if you want to allude to fun times and disco-themed designs, this pack is the way to go!

We adore this Frito Vandito because it gives off a nostalgic feeling and is a psychedelic throwback to the 1970s.

With its solid, and bold, long, clean lines, this typeface will bring nostalgia and handmade funk to your designs.

Its design is an inspiration by the free-wheelin’ and free-lovin’ nomads which is an ideal choice for the disco, posters, movies, and more.


9. assox typeface

assox typeface
assox typeface. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We’d like to present you to assox typeface, one of the list’s most unusual choices. There are many reasons to adore this typeface, which was primarily optimized in brand packages and comic book designs in the past.

We love this font because it has intriguing curves and a strong retro design. It gives our designs a funny, vintage, and groovy look.

We are amazed by this typeface’s ability to add a playful, yet beautiful, element to our designs.

The Assox typeface is the ideal 70s font for designers to use when creating t-shirts, banners, sign boards, and other items for social media.

If you’re looking to create timeless brands that appeal to a variety of audiences, this might just be the 70s font for you


10. Janger

Janger - Display Font
Janger. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Janger is a trippy display font that’ll make you feel like you just came from a fun night out with friends from the 70s.

We love this 70s font because it features uneven lines and curves that follow a pattern, this pick is best used for branding efforts.

Looking at its reverse contrast style with a retro and psychedelic look, we recommend this typeface to be ideal for designs such as posters, t-shirts, branding, logo, and many more.


11. Dorris

Dorris - Swirly Font Family
The Dorris. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We are thrilled to present Dorris, a hip 70s typeface that makes excellent use of swirls and curves.

This font, which is distinctive and adorable and is a member of the adaptable serif family, has ornaments and alternates that make it simple for us to use in our designs.

The typeface has a soft, curled tail and nine weights, varying from thin to black, which give it a distinctive, modern look.

There are many patterns you can create with this one, including banners, marketing promotions, social media art cards, and more.

We also found that this font works well with magazines, DIY projects, quotes, ice cream packaging, postcards, logos, vintage look badges, old classic music, stickers, label, and wedding projects.


12. Groovy

Groovy - Retro Font
Groovy. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The name of the pack says it all. Groovy is a 70s font that’s reminiscent of classic designs and vintage advertising aesthetics.

We are attracted to the strong, intriguing curves that are included in the additional extruded font version, which makes it simple for us to effortlessly create an extruded effect for this font.

We liked using this hand-lettered Groovy font because it has 593 glyphs overall, OpenType Features, and a retro feel from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

To give your designs an extruded effect, these features include alternates and ligatures in both contextual and stylistic groups.

We found this calligraphy font blends well with posters, labels, decorative cards, headlines, and more.


13. Nighty

Nighty – Vintage Serif Typeface
Nighty. Image Credit: Design Cuts

There is no shortage of vintage serif typefaces in this category and Nighty is a great example. If you’re looking for a funky 70s font that’s both chunky and retro, this pick is for you!

The best groovy, retro, and distinctive font, as we learned, is inspired by a vintage magazine from the 1970s and has distinctive rounded bold edges.

For any project that calls for a distinctive vintage appearance, we advise using this typeface.

We discovered that this vintage typeface is available in 95 alternate and ligatures with distinctive letterforms in the Nighty TTF, OTF, SVG, and WOFF formats.

We appreciated that it offers simple access and numerous language support even without additional design software.


14. Bright

Bright – Modern Retro Typeface
Bright. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Similar to Nighty, Bright is also a retro typeface that makes great use of chunky curves and a thick structure.

We are impressed to find a typeface that combines both the modern and retro look. We discovered that this typeface works well with initiatives from the 1960s as well as the 1970s.

This font complements logos, business cards, and other projects thanks to its clean, bold, and rounded edges.

This pack is your best option if you’re looking for a visual answer to support sophisticated marketing initiatives.


15. Retrohols

Retrohols. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Condensed fonts are making a comeback and Retrohols is a solid example of the re-emergence.

We love this font because it is readable, catchy, and undeniably retro, and you can do a lot with a pack this historically fashionable.

This typeface is ideal for crafts, product designs, throwback social media posts, logos, advertisements, watermarks, and any project that calls for a fancy and retro appearance.

It has bold long lines and a great retro aesthetic. We learned that this is compatible with both PC and Mac and includes both OTF and TTF formats in addition to some common characters.


16. Ramdone

Ramdone - Retro Script
Ramdone. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Looking for a retro script? Check out Ramdone. Perfect for publications, posters, and party-themed designs, we find this pick to be a crowd favorite for obvious reasons.

We are happy to report that this retro bold script makes it simple to recreate the vibe of the 1960s with the extruded form.

We believe that this typeface is ideal for use in magazines, books, wedding invitations, packaging, fashion, stationery, novels, labels, and advertising.

We discovered that this distinctive retro script contains ligatures, alternates, swashes, numbers, and punctuation. It is also multilingual.


17. Hulberk

Hulberk - a Nostalgic Slab Serif
Hulberk. Image Credit: Envato Elements

The aesthetic of Hulberk instantly conjures up memories of 1970s typefaces. This choice is one of our best visual solutions if you’re trying to recreate retro energy for a project, from the worn-out look to the outlines of each character.

The vintage aesthetic of this slab serif font is appealing to us, and it’s great to know that it works well for a variety of applications, including headlines, invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting cards, and the fashion industry.

We also came to know that it supports OpenType features and Glyphs panels and contains uppercase and lowercase, numbers, and punctuation, and has multilingual support.


18. Tonight Show

Tonight Show
Tonight Show. Image Credit: Design Cuts

Game shows were even bigger back in the day, so it should shock no one how Tonight Show easily reminds us of the good old 70s font.

We admire this crisp, clean typeface because of its bold, stretched style, which makes it the perfect option for any project in need of some spirited 70s fonts.

The Tonight Show typeface is appealing to us because it includes 12 fonts that are bold, high contrast, and have a variety of swash and alternate choices that can help spark your next project.


19. Superb

Superb. Image Credit: Creative Market

Is a brush-inspired typeface up your creative alley? If so, Superb is for you. We admire this font for sporting a cursive aesthetic with chunky structures.

We discovered that, in addition to fundamental punctuation marks and digits, this collection also includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

This stylish real brush pen font, in our opinion, will look great on any posters and prints. This typeface’s variety of swashes with volume and curves became known to us.


20. Saturday Night Font Family

Saturday Night Font Family
Saturday Night Font Family. Image Credit: Creative Market

If you want to make a captivating retro design, Saturday Night Font Family could help you with that.

Featuring exaggerated edges and thick lines, this one is a standout for reasons that no longer need mentioning.

We found that Saturday Night features 7 fonts family with special features such as stylistic alternates, swash, and ligatures and also includes OTF and TTF formats.

You can make the best use of this font in headings, logotypes, apparel design, quotes, book covers, printed quotes, flyers, posters, and greeting cards.


21. Rambors

Rambors. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We came across Rambors – a multi-line display font that draws inspiration from the 70s. It is an ideal 70s font for visualizing a futuristic touch.

We consider it to be a reminiscent font ideal for contemporary and futuristic designs. We adore the multi-liner design of this charmingly retro font.

Use this typeface to its full potential in headlines, stickers, motion graphics, posters, and flyers.

This font allows you to explore your design options because it comes with a unique collection of uppercase, lowercase, and alternate characters.


22. Wicked Mouse

Wicked Mouse
Wicked Mouse. Image Credit: Envato Elements

Hey, Common Hold on! Wicked Mouse is a fun-filled all-caps font that captures the magic of cartoons from a distant era. It is one of the 70s fonts that reminds you of the Micky Mouse style of font.

We found that this font set has basic Latin, extended Latin, punctuation, European accents, and diacritics.

We are impressed to know that the lowercase character of the letters differs in rotation in the regular version and at the same time, these lowercase letters look similar to their uppercase ones in the 3D version of the font.

We advise you to check the glyph maps that are included for all the characters. We recommend this font to be an ideal choice for children’s books, comic books, and web pages to add a fun element to them.


23. Righton

Righton. Image Credit: Envato Elements

If you are in search of a luxurious bold font, Righton is an ideal choice. We found that the Righton set of fonts features two fonts. They are the perfect combination of script and serif fonts.

We like this font for its simplicity and this bold font paired with smooth curvy edges is ideal to fit headlines perfectly.

This 70s font is perfect for invitations, apparel, branding, packaging, and advertisements.

This font typeface comes in uppercase and lowercase letters and features punctuation marks, symbols, numerals, stylistic set alternates, and ligatures. The font set also offers multilingual support.


24. Losta Masta

Losta Masta
Losta Masta. Image Credit: Envato Elements

A fun-loving and entertaining serif typeface family is available from Losta Masta.

It is a distinctive and flexible serif family typeface that includes a collection of 40+ ligatures that you can combine with 100+ alternates to quickly create curved and attractive shapes.

Additionally, you can experiment with the ornaments to produce a stunning font show. This 1970s typeface looks fantastic on magazines, postcards, wedding projects, vintage-style fonts, and more.

To obtain the font set, we suggest using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

You must simply copy and paste the glyph from the PDF alternates character map into the software you have chosen in order to access the alternate collection of fonts.

We found that this font set supports the Western/Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, and Romanian languages.


25. Hornbill

Hornbill. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We present Hornbill, a collection of soft serif fonts inspired by the retro designs of the 1970s.

This collection of 70s fonts is one of our favorites because it creates a crisp, multifaceted letterform that, while not visually attractive on its own, is easy to read.

With a matching collection of italics, this font set includes 18 styles ranging from thin to black.

We believe that this clean and versatile letterform is best suited for display, branding, logo, business cards, and more that need clear readability.


26. Vintage King

Vintage King
Vintage King. Image Credit: Envato Elements

We’d like to introduce you to the Vintage King, a font that draws influence from the wistful lettering and typography of the 1970s and 1980s and represents the bold type set.

This vintage-inspired typeface is ideal for use on t-shirts, logos, packaging, and book covers.

We really liked using this bold retro groovy typeface because it has a clean and rough font version that is perfect for vintage and retro designs, as the font’s name already makes clear.

We came to know that this font set comes with the Opentype feature with alternates for good lettering.

The features include uppercase and lowercase letters, alternates, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It also comes with multilingual support.


27. Rullen

Rullen. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Our next find for you is Rullen – a nostalgic type font.

We believe that the 70s font style is a great choice to depict the summer season. With bold letters filled with interesting unique curves, this typeface rules the retro world.

We discovered that this font style comes with a stylistic set of great typography that will cover your projects such as branding, movie titles, headlines, book cover contents, posters, quotations, and logos.

This font provides multilingual character support. The font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

The font also comes with TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats.


28. Retro Cool

Retro Cool
Retro Cool. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Next on our list comes the Retro Cool – a modern Sans Serif font. We adore Retro Cool font because it is an attractive font that can work in a wide range of design projects.

With its distinct bold rounded edges paired with interesting curvy shapes, this typeface delivers lovely typographic harmony for various creative projects.

The font set comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. This 70s font also provides multilingual support which makes it a perfect choice for branding purposes.

We found that they can work for mug designing, logos, branding, advertisements, flyers, brochures, and food product designs.

The font also comes with stylistic ligatures. The font comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF file formats.


29. Naskle

Naskle. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Here, we present Naskle, a psychedelic typeface in the groovy style. We admire the characters in this 1970s font because they have a quirky, shaky appearance.

We particularly appreciate their lean form and bulged edges. We believe that this font can be fantastic for projects for kids because they include a fun aspect.

We discovered that this collection includes punctuation marks, numerals, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

We suggest using this playful font for a variety of do-it-yourself tasks because it is so versatile. We appreciated the fact that they accurately portray the late 1970s font style and offer multilingual support.



Frequently Asked Questions

Which font set takes you back to the good old days?

Almost all the font styles depicted above are vintage-style fonts, the font set Kehlin Vintage Casual Font takes you to the days of the 1970s in particular. With its carefully crafted details and nostalgic charm, Kehlin Vintage Casual Font doesn't just evoke a vintage feel – it encapsulates the essence of an entire decade, making it a truly standout choice for anyone looking to infuse their designs with the energy and character of the 1970s.

Which font set looks like the one that can be used in newspapers?

Recoleta comes with a set of 14 fonts that can be used in newspapers and magazines.
Whether you're crafting impactful headlines or laying out detailed articles, Recoleta's comprehensive font collection provides the tools you need to create a seamless reading experience that resonates with readers across various platforms.

What is the meaning of the Groovy Designs font?

The 1970s font era remains the definitive moment in pop culture and the creative space as well. A font that gives you a nostalgic effect of the 1970s is called a Groovy Design Font.


Wrapping Up!

All in all, the best 70s fonts are all made to help you improve and achieve designs that bring back retro energy and timeless classic aesthetics.

Whether for personal designs or professional endeavors, these fonts are guaranteed to help you create a cohesive narrative, communicative to your target audience. All things considered, we hope our picks helped streamline your search.

Keep artsy and creative!

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