Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes

Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes

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Affinity Designer is a program that many graphic designers prefer over Adobe Illustrator because of the different options that it offers as well as the ease of use it comes with. For any designer doing Lettering artwork, easier is better because that means creating amazing artwork doesn’t seem like work but a passion project.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the lettering brushes that are available for Affinity and decided to create a list of the Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes so you could have a collection of the best choices out there. Before we start though, let’s take a look at our top ten.

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Top Affinity Lettering Brushes

With all of the different options that you can add to your Affinity Designer, it was pretty tough to pick a top 15 but with our list, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the top choices from our list. While we recommend checking out our whole list, believe us, you’ll want to, these are our top choices of lettering brushes for Affinity.

Now, let’s get on with the countdown!

Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes

The Complete Affinity Designer Bundle$219 $119

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This bundle includes RetroSupply’s entire collection of brushes and templates for creating incredible retro effects including halftones, inking pens, distressed textures, print textures, glitch effects, comic book halftones, and more.


Rough & Raw – Affinity Brushes – $12

Rough & Raw – Affinity Brushes

Designed by shoutbam, the Rough & Raw – Affinity Brushes set is one of the designer’s most popular creations and it’s not hard to see why. Created to offer a unique handmade touch as well as provide a rough edge for all of your artwork, the Rough & Raw set are great for any kind of illustrations but shine brightest when using in Lettering work. Made from real-life textures, the set is divided into two parts: 7 line brushes and 7 texture brushes. In one smooth move, you can go from sketching to inking to adding final textures and create amazing works of art!


Marker Bois for Affinity – $7

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Marker Bois for Affinity

With the Marker Bois for Affinity set from Studio FabianFischer, you can use one of six fancy marker brushes included in the set to create some fancy shadows in your artwork. Each one of the markers imitates markers you may already use for your lettering work done on different surfaces. Depending on what you want to see, you can easily draw out each letter and give each one more or less texture, based on your preference. With the Marker Bois for Affinity kit, you can truly create some unique lettering artwork.


Letter Builder – $19

Letter Builder

Unless you have creative freedom from your client when doing lettering work, making every letter look the same can be tough. With the Letter Builder from Ian Barnard, you can draw consistent letter-forms every time with the greatest of ease. By focusing on consistency, which tends to be a common problem, the set helps you maintain size, width, thickness, and style throughout your lettering. With updated support for Affinity, you can now create perfect letters every time.


44 Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer – $5

44 Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer

Sampled from real brush strokes, the 44 Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer from LePunktNoir were created from real brush strokes made with a flat and round brush and then scanned at 1200 dpi to retain the quality. Perfect for creating various patterns, textures, abstract painted backgrounds, and even lettering. The 44 Vector Brushes for Affinity Designer is a great set that can help you in so many ways and the brush settings can even be customized once loaded into Affinity.


Mightype Handlettering Font Pack – $20

Mightype Handlettering Font Pack

Designed by AF Studio, the Mightype Handlettering Font Pack is a gorgeous font that you can use with everything from wedding invitations, posters, clothing & even more. Loaded with eight different font brushes, your only limit is your imagination and with more than 200 hand-sketched extras included in the set, the limits of your imagination may just be limitless.


12 Leaf Affinity Stamp Brushes – $12

12 Leaf Affinity Stamp Brushes

There can be times that even though your lettering work looks incredible, it feels like it’s missing something. With the 12 Leaf Affinity Stamp Brushes by RiverosIllustration, you can add detailed leaves to your lettering quick and easy – even if you can’t draw a leaf to save your life. Designed to help you save precious time, you can easily add leaves to your project whether you’ve been drawing leaves for years or never at all, you can give the impression that you did. With 12 Leaf stamp brushes included in the set, you can create multitudes of different combinations to achieve the look you want.


Pencils and Paint Kit for Affinity Designer – $11

Pencils and Paint Kit for Affinity Designer

Stuffed with more than 100 vibrant textures, your Lettering art can be full of energy and color when you use the Pencils and Paint Kit for Affinity Designer from iPad Calligraphy. Each texture has been sourced from real art materials, to give you an authentic look and feel every time. The kit saves you time and effort that you would use to replicate each paint stroke, letting you easily create these textures with striking effects in less time. Great for backgrounds of social media posts or even packaging materials, the Pencils and Paint Kit for Affinity Designer kit has what you need to succeed.


5 Ribbon Affinity Stamp Brushes – $5

5 Ribbon Affinity Stamp Brushes

Have you ever tried drawing a ribbon? It’s not the easiest thing to make look perfect and depending on the work you’re doing, you may just need a perfect ribbon. Thankfully, RiverosIllustration has designed 5 Ribbon Affinity Stamp Brushes so you can create perfect ribbons regardless if you know how or just want to save time. Made so you can create the perfect ribbon on no time, the set of 5 ribbon stamps is easy to use and can give you endless possibilities for your creations.

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Shaqila – $19


Created by Artimasa, Shaqila is a script typeface that has an elegant feeling but also has style to it. Shaqila gets its inspiration from classic brush lettering commonly seen on store signage. With flowing, retro, and natural characteristics, the font is perfect for projects such as posters, signage, branding, packaging, and more. Containing more than 250 glyphs and more than 80 alternative characters that you can work with, the Shaqila font gives you the ability to create attractive messages with its collection of elements.


Crayon Brushpack for Affinity – $5

Crayon Brushpack for Affinity

Everyone loved drawing with crayons when they were a kid, and with the Crayon Brushpack for Affinity from Studio FabianFischer, you can relive those days and create fun lettering art in any color you can think of. Developed from the real strokes of a Crayola marker, the brushes will make you feel like you’re using a Crayola marker right on your iPad. Plus each of the five unique crayon brushes is pressure-sensitive so you can add a unique touch to each creation.


Multi-Color Mixed Paint Affinity Brushes – $18

Multi-Color Mixed Paint Affinity Brushes

Created by The Artifex Forge, the Multi-Color Mixed Paint Affinity Brushes allow you to mix multiple colors in a single brush stroke allowing you to come up with amazing results for your letting art. Each multi-color stroke is a combination of three different brushes, packaged together using a one-click style. The kit includes 21 easy-color paintbrush strokes, a handy quick reference guide, plus instructions on how to apply and then adjust the brushes.


Chunky Markers – Affinity Brushes – $16

Chunky Markers – Affinity Brushes

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When you draw with a big chunky marker, a lot of times, you’ll get a smear as you use the marker. The Chunky Markers – Affinity Brushes set by The Artifex Forge tries to capture the feeling of using the real thing, but on your iPad instead. Sampled from over 300 real brush strokes and many hours getting the look just right and the hard work truly shows. The kit includes 34 realistic marker pen brushes, and instructions to help you create the most amazing lettering art ever!


Glitter and Foil Kit for Affinity Designer – $11

Glitter and Foil Kit for Affinity Designer

Adding a touch of style to your lettering work never hurts and with the Glitter and Foil Kit for Affinity Designer, you can do just that. Created by iPad Calligraphy, the kit makes it easy for you to add glitter or foil to your design to create amazing works of art. Packed with more than 70 brushes and textures, the kit also comes with 18 floral brushes as a bonus. These incredibly-detailed stamps will fit right at home in unison with the other tools that come with this kit. For newbies, a cheat sheet, as well as tips and tricks, are included to help get the ball rolling.


Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Affinity – $19

Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Affinity

Using chalk to create artwork, especially lettering art can give it a stunning appeal that people will take notice of. With the Chalk Dust Brush Kit For Affinity by Ian Barnard, you can create incredible chalkboard pieces without the white dust getting everywhere. Made using actual chalk textures to provide you with the most realistic brushes available for Affinity. The kit comes with a brush installation guide and a PDF full of tips and tricks so you can start right away!


Stipple Brush Brushpack – Affinity – $7

Stipple Brush Brushpack – Affinity

Created by Studio FabianFischer, the Stipple Brush Brushpack – Affinity provides you with a collection of brushes that you can use to create a stipple texture effect, without the hassle of your hand getting tired. With 8 stipple brushes, each one of them unique, you can easily select your stipple of choice, and draw wherever you want stipples to appear. You can use stipples to add shadows to your lettering artwork to make them stand out. At such an affordable price, the Stipple Brush Brushpack – Affinity kit is worth trying out.


Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes

The Affinity Designer program can offer graphic designers so much in terms of ways to take your skills to the next level. This is why we feel that our list of the Top 15 Affinity Lettering Brushes will give you the options and tools you need to take that big next step forward.

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