20+ Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

20+ Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

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Are you in the market for the Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design? If you are, this feature is written specifically for you!

One of the most fascinating things about design is how you can allude to a vast string of cultures, narratives, and visual elements, all while creating something distinct and beautiful. For instance, middle eastern typefaces are used heavily in Hollywood film posters as a symbol of diversity, strength, and courage.

That said, the way ancestry and history complete the aesthetic of a project is critical in relaying a message and concluding a thought process or idea. What’s more, using the right assets is also crucial in successfully reaching your target market.

In this case, ensuring that you make the most of the top Arabic fonts available online today allows you to effectively substantiate whatever tale you want to tell through whatever medium or material.

That said, let’s go over the 20+ best Arabic fonts for Arabic or exotic Middle Eastern-themed designs.

20+ Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

  1. Sabana
  2. Kahlil 
  3. Mustopha
  4. Khodijah
  5. Assyam
  6. Samir
  7. Tharwat
  8. Rakhisa 
  9. Zanzabar
  10. Al-Andalus
  11. Saihat
  12. Hakan 
  13. Mideast
  14. Shayan
  15. Amal Baik
  16. Alladhina 
  17. Kaleem
  18. Ebhaar
  19. Khayal
  20. Hekayat 

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20+ Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design


Sabana - Arabic Font

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Arabic fonts consistently sport beautiful curves and elegant corners, and Sabana is proof of how eloquent this culture-centric typeface can be. If you’re looking for a clean and classy approach to acing Arabic fonts for your designs, optimizing this Envato gem will not disappoint.



Kahlil - Arabic Font

One of the more conservative options on the list is Kahlil. Perfect for a plethora of design materials, this pick will deliver as planned. It’s clean, professional, and meant for both corporate and creative purposes. What’s not to enjoy?



Mustopha - Arabic Style

If elongated and slender lines are what your project calls for, give Mustopha a try. Designed for sophisticated branding and marketing initiatives, this classy contender embodies Arabic font elements other finds on this list don’t.



Khodijah – Arabic Style

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Khodijah is a fantastic example of what sophisticated Arabic calligraphy looks like: slender, broadened, and sharp. For signages, headlines, and greeting card design projects, you can bet on this Envato font pack to help you stand out.


Assyam – Arabic Themed Typeface

As if written with a marker, Assyam is a stellar Arabic font pack that looks straight out of well-designed graffiti. Emboldened with elegant corners and tasteful edges, there’s a lot to enjoy when you have a beautifully designed typeface such as this.



Samir - Elegant Arabic Style Font

Samir is an Arabic font that’ll work best for designers looking to make clever use of straight lines. Although this Envato pick still features tasteful edges, you’ll notice that Samir isn’t as curvey as many of its contemporaries on the list.



Tharwat - Arabic looking font

Tharwat is another thick Arabic font that displays reserved curves and sharp corners. Primarily made for branding efforts and package design initiatives, this straightforward contender will shine best as headlines in posters and publication projects.



Rakhisa - cartoon faux arabic font

Cartoon fonts lighten the mood for a lot of things, and Rakhisa is proof of that. Comically a standout yet still culturally accurate, this Envato gem is arguably one of the more noticeable Arabic fonts available on the internet today. Perfect for online games and web font aesthetics, there’s a ton of projects this font will be great for.




One of the finds that stays true to its Arabic font roots is Zanzabar. From its curved tips to the sway of its lines, this font set beautifully articulates the complexity and richness of Arabic linguistics. For all things marketing, advertising, and storytelling, this gem is sure to communicate!




One of the more versatile options on the list is Al-Andalus. Tagged as a middle eastern calligraphic font, this Envato product allows designers to communicate to more than just Arabic audiences. While this find sports familiar visual Arabic elements, this one is bound to communicate more than just one idea.



Saihat Arabic Typeface

Are you looking for an Arabic font to use for product branding? Consider Saihat from DesignCuts. Arguably the most slender pick from the bunch, this font’s incredibly elongated lines and exaggerated curves make it a standout in more ways than one.


Another beautiful calligraphy-inspired Arabic font is Envato’s Hakan. While it doesn’t feature the stereotypical curves and swirls one sees in middle eastern typography, what makes it unmistakably Arabic is the placement of its bends.



Mideast is a bold script font designed fundamentally for hip Arabic logos, marketing materials, and social media art cards. If you’re looking for a modern touch for your middle eastern design needs, you may want to use this!



Suitable for Ramadan-themed design projects, Shayan is an interesting display font inspired by the rich culture of the Arab world. It’s legible, familiar, and unmistakably middle eastern.


Amal Baik

Amal Baik is a modern display font with an Arabian look. While this contender is very much a professional take on Arabic aesthetic, it also sports handwritten visuals, making it the perfect go-to solution for designers looking to utilize more authentic-feeling fonts.




Alladhina is a vintage Arabic script font that shines most because of its pointy tips and subtle curves. Packed with both upper and lowercase letters, this Creative Market find is a flexible font pack that’s sure to do the job.




Kaleem is arguable as Arabic as Arabic fonts get. Featuring Arabic characters only, this font set is a fantastic contender for creatives wanting to create Arabic-themed design projects.




As the product description mentions, the word ‘Ebhaar’ is Arabic for the word ‘dazzle.’ An Arabic display font sporting brush pen-inspired lettering, this gem of a font set is suitable for projects that support Arabic, Urdu, and Persian.




Khayal is an Arabic display font that makes the most of a geometric structure. While this pick is designed for contemporary projects, its letterforms and shapes still heavily respect traditional Arabic chirography, making it the perfect choice for modern Arabic-themed marketing projects.




An Arabic display font that beautifully meshes soft and smooth lines with heavy and thick terminals, Hekayat is a Creative Market pick that shines the brightest in web designs and digital projects.

Best Fonts for Graphic Design


20+ Best Arabic Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

All in all, the 20+ best Arabic fonts are all stellar finds, designed to improve and complete any visual project. Whether for marketing or branding purposes, each font pack in this list is made to articulate how rich a culture the Arabshpere made of. That said, we hope our roundup of leading fonts in this category helps you streamline your search.

Stay creative!

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