20+ Best Arcade Fonts for Fun & Exciting Designs

20+ Best Arcade Fonts for Fun & Exciting Designs

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Are you on the lookout for all the best arcade fonts? If you are, then this article is for you!

Arcade games were popular during the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and they are the childhood memories of many. These games were normally played in amusement parks, restaurants, malls, and some dedicated arcade shops. They were the best places for kids to hang out. Arcade games are full of excitement and fun.

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Although arcade games are currently not in trend, many people find them amazing and exciting. They are the perfect option to have fun and amusement after a long day. Even in the current time, many people play arcade games worldwide.

If you want to add the fun and excitement of arcade games to your designs, you can consider adding some of the best arcade fonts to your designs. These fonts are also suitable for games and similar projects.


20+ Best Arcade Fonts for Fun & Exciting Designs

  1. Arcadia – Scifi Game Font
  2. Arcade Machine 80s Retro Font
  3. Broken Console
  4. Black Arcade Font Pack
  5. Bitbybit Font
  6. The Bomb Sound
  7. Little Monster Display Font
  8. Run Font
  9. Alpharush – Retro Gaming Typeface
  10. Arcade Gamer Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Arcade Fonts for Fun & Exciting Designs

1. Arcadia – Scifi Game Font

Arcadia. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Arcadia is a serif display font with a sporty look, and it is great for game designs. You can use this arcade font in your upcoming designs for a sporty look.

It is suitable for stationery design, editorial design, branding, games, supercars, blogs, advertising design, music posters, etc.

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2. Arcade Machine 80s Retro Font

Arcade Machine 80's Retro Font
Arcade Machine 80’s Retro Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Arcade Machine is a unique font that features arcade-style characters. It is inspired by the memorable arcade games from the 80s.

This arcade font is great for video games and action movies to add that unique feel. You can use Arcade Machine font for T-shirt designs, logos, posters, etc.


3. Broken Console

Broken Console
Broken Console. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Broken Console is a geometric pixel font inspired by the old-school game console. The characters have a game view and look like pixel art. It comes in three styles, namely regular, bold, and shadow.

It is an all-caps font and is suitable for contemporary designs. This font is great for gaming, retro, new wave, digital, and other design concepts. It comes in OTF and TTF formats.


4. Black Arcade Font Pack

Black Arcade
Black Arcade. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Black Arcade font pack is a combination of vintage fonts with ornaments, accents, ligatures, and basic features. It is suitable for a variety of design projects.

This font is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. Since the characters are PUA encoded, you can access all features with ease.


5. Bitbybit Font

Bitbybit. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bitbybit is a playful pixel sans serif font inspired by retro gaming culture. It is available in regular and bold styles.

The arcade font is available in OTF, TTF, and Webfont formats that help you create outstanding designs. It also includes multiple icons and templates for a better experience.


6. The Bomb Sound

The Bomb Sound
The Bomb Sound. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Bomb Sound is a modern gaming font that has quirky, powerful, and strong characters. This arcade font is perfect for posters, movie titles, online games, YouTube covers & thumbnails, etc.

It works well on PC and Mac and also comes with PUA-encoded characters. This font is available in regular and italic styles.

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7. Little Monster Display Font

Little Monster
Little Monster. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Little Monster is a lovely display font and is suitable for child-themed projects. You can use this arcade font for various design projects such as logos, branding, T-shirt design, advertisements, packaging, labels, watermarks, etc.

It is easy to install and works properly on PC and Mac.


8. Run Font

Run. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Run is an eye-catching and energetic sans font that can be used for a wide variety of designs. This arcade font has unique features to take any design to the next level. It includes uppercase & lowercase letters, punctuations, and numbers to deliver great results.

The best part of the Run font is that it includes images for the Arcade Style text tutorial. You can use this font for logos, brand identity, YouTube thumbnails, posters, and other designs. The Run font comes in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats.


9. Alpharush – Retro Gaming Typeface

Alpharush. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Alpharush is a perfect retro font for gaming and pixel art. This arcade font is ideal for designs that need a nostalgic 80s feeling.

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The characters of this font have a bitmap style that looks unique on any design. You can use this font for any design project for a gamified feel.


10. Arcade Gamer Font

Arcade Gamer Font
Arcade Gamer Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Arcade gamer is a display font that is carefully designed to meet various design needs. It is the best option for web design, games, social media, and branding. The attractive characters make this font suitable for a wide range of designs.

This arcade font comes with extended Latin and extended Cyrillic letters to allow you to use it in any design. It comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.


11. Discopia Font

Discopia. Image Credits: Creative Market

Discopia is a new font collection inspired by techno-based and futuristic designs from the latest trends. It is great for gaming logos, techno branding, game design, futuristic posters, vehicle design, prototype concepts, etc.

This powerful arcade font is ideal for any design that needs a futuristic or techno touch.


12. Arcade Font

Arcade Font
Arcade Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Arcade is a vintage-style font that includes unique characters. It comes in three styles, so you can use the one depending on your design requirements.

It has Regular, Italic, and Reverse Italic versions. The special features of this font are all caps, numerals, and lowercase. You don’t need any special software to use this font.


13. Chilopod Font

Chilopod. Image Credits: Creative Market

Chilopod is a script font inspired by cabinet graphics for centipede, an 80s Atari game. This arcade font comes with OpenType features to create mind-blowing designs.

It supports multiple languages, so you can use this font in a variety of designs with ease.


14. Pixeldust Font

Pixeldust Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Pixeldust is a stylish pixel-based typeface that has a handwritten touch. It looks elegant and can be used for a variety of projects.

This arcade font provides numerous possibilities, so you can use it for games, mobile apps, retro designs, and more. It comes with large-cap and small-cap letters so you can use them as per your requirements.


15. Pixel Arcade Font

Pixel Arcade
Pixel Arcade. Image Credits: My Fonts

Pixel Arcade is a new gaming typeface that features a unique look. This arcade font has three styles, namely display, joystick, and cartridge.

It comes with OpenType features that enable you to use this font in different design programs with ease. The Pixel Arcade font has 257 glyphs that you can access via OpenType-supported programs.


16. Retro Boldy

Retro Boldy
Retro Boldy. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Retro Boldy is a bold, elegant, and modern script font. This arcade font draws inspiration from the 90s era of video arcades. This retro-style arcade font can work for clothing designs, apparel, branding, badges, labels, etc. 

This arcade font is an attractive typographic harmony for varied design projects. This font consists of uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. The font supports multilingual features.

The font comes in the .OTF and .TTF file formats. 


17. Compixs

Compixs. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Compixs is a pixel font from Snape Design Studio. This arcade font is perfect to use in gaming designs and reminds its viewers of the 1990s retro-style font. This font might remind you of the video games played during the90s. 

You can bring your creativity to life with this retro-style font. This will help your designs to stand out in the crowd. Compixs is suitable for movies, documentaries, poster designs, logos, book covers, games, headlines, and many more. 

This font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, etc. This font set comes in .OTF and .TTF file formats and also provides multilingual support.


18. Bit Game

Bit Game
Bit Game. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bit-game is a nostalgic style font. This arcade font is ideal to use for gaming software. You can also use it for cover designs, logos, posters, headlines, title designs, and many other projects. 

The font set comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. 

This font comes in .OTF and .TTF file formats. 


19. Neo Retro Font Plus

Neo Retro Font Plus
Neo Retro Font Plus. Image Credits: Creativemarket

The Neo Retro Font Plus is an arcade font that has a bright and loud-looking design. The font style will give you the nostalgia of old arcade games from the late 80s.

This pack is filled with all kinds of vibrant and energetic fonts, icons, and patterns. You can use these fonts to create some bold and unique-looking designs similar to the designs you may have seen in the early 90s. 

The texts have sharp edges and the colors are neon-like. The pack has support for multiple languages and patterns. It has a good collection of fonts including neo-retro font, neo-retro alt font, neo-retro icons font, and a bonus of six neo-retro retro text styles.


20. Twitch Retro Gaming

Twitch Retro Gaming
Twitch Retro Gaming. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Twitch Retro Gaming font is an excellent font for retro game lovers. The retro style from the 80s and 90s is accurately recreated in this font. The bold text, purple shade, and grid line perfectly capture the retro gaming theme of the past.

There are also different formats available like 1920×480 for profile banners, 2400×1360 for video overlay, etc. Also, the texts and effects are all fully editable as well.

Along with the font pack, you also get four PSD files and one PDF file that contains a guide to help with the font links. 

The arcade-style text effects can be used for all kinds of designs, t-shirts, social media posts, and posters as well. 


21. Arcade Typeface

Arcade Typeface
Arcade Typeface. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Arcade Typeface Font has a brilliant collection of arcade-style fonts for you to choose from. The 8-bit style font is sure to make you bring back memories of playing classic video games. The fonts draw inspiration from the 8-bit era of video gaming from the mid to late 80s.s.

This font is excellent for creating retro-themed posters, t-shirts, and logos. The 8-bit inspiration is sure to attract a lot of attention. 


22. Pixellance Font

Pixellance Font
Pixellance Font. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Pixellance is a carefully crafted display font. This is a font that embodies gaming and fun into its theme, so this font is definitely one of the best gaming fonts available.

When using the font, this font will make sure that the viewer understands how fun gaming is and how much you may love it. So, if you are a gamer, get ready to fall in love with this font because

Pixellance is a font that is ideal for games, web design, branding, and social media projects. The features of this font include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. It supports multiple languages.

Also, when and after you download the font, you are receiving free support, free updates, and free requests. 


23. Retro Game Font

Pixellance Font
Retro Game Font. Image Credits: Creativemarket

The Retro Game font is a bold and chunky lettered display font that draws inspiration from the video games of the 8-bit era. The features of this font include uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuation, and symbols.

You can add this font to your creative ideas if you want them to stand out. You may use this amazing gaming font to catch everyone’s attention because your project deserves it. 

24. Arcade King

Best Arcade Fonts
Arcade King. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Imagine a font that’s more than just letters; it’s a reminiscent journey to the heart of classic video games. That’s Arcade King for you. 

Crafted exclusively in uppercase, this typeface embodies the playful style and thrilling essence of retro gaming. Each letter is meticulously designed with unwavering consistency in proportions, creating a harmonious and balanced visual experience.

But what truly sets Arcade King apart are its pointy edges, reminiscent of the pixelated adventures we all cherish.

These sharp and distinctive points give Arcade King an edgy and adventurous feel, like a token from your favorite arcade game. 

It’s as if each character was handpicked to ensure visual cohesion, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable reading experience.

The stark contrast between thick and thin strokes adds a bold and exhilarating touch, capturing the essence of arcade gaming. 

The legibility of each letter remains impeccable even in diminutive sizes, ensuring effortless differentiation.

Arcade King fits perfectly in various creative projects like headlines that demand attention, logos that resonate with a sense of adventure, posters that draw you into a world of nostalgia, product packaging that brings the arcade to your shelves. Additionally it is also an ideal fit for  branding materials infused with excitement, print media that engages readers, editorial layouts with a touch of whimsy, and website headers that keep visitors hooked.


25. Giselle- Game Font

Best Arcade Fonts
Giselle- Game Font. Image Credits- Envato Elements

When we look at the Giselle font, we can’t help but be captivated by its unique and eye-catching design. 

Giselle Font is like a nostalgic trip back to the heyday of gaming, evoking memories of the classic Tetris game played on a brick game platform. The letters in this font are ingeniously crafted, drawing inspiration from the world of arcade gaming. 

What’s intriguing is that despite being formed from square shapes, Giselle Font manages to exude a sense of roundness, eschewing sharp edges for a more inviting and friendly appearance.

This font is a pixelated masterpiece, each letter meticulously composed of square elements reminiscent of pixel art. 

The result is a look that seamlessly blends the old-school charm of retro arcade games with a modern twist, rendering it ideal for diverse design applications.

We highly recommend this font for logos that want to convey a hint of gaming nostalgia, branding projects that seek a unique and memorable touch, games themselves to capture that arcade feel. It is also perfect for t-shirts that stand out with a touch of pixelated coolness, magazines that want to add a playful element, websites that need a dash of retro gaming charm, posters that catch the eye and hold it, headlines that demand attention, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by an Arcade font?

Fonts that are inspired based on the retro-style games played during the 70s, 80s, and 90s are Arcade fonts.

Which is the best serif font that comes with a sporty look?

Arcadia is the best serif font that comes with a sporty look.

Out of the fonts that are listed above, which is the best font that comes with an energetic style?

Run is the eye-catching and energetic sans font that comes with a wide variety of designs.

Which of the font displayed above, comes with a techno touch?

Discopia is a font that comes with techno-based or futuristic designs from the latest trends.


Best Arcade Fonts Summary

Arcade fonts represent the arcade gaming culture from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They add a unique charm to designs and make them stand out. The arcade fonts listed above look elegant and will provide you with many possibilities to play with your upcoming designs.

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