22+ Best Art Nouveau Fonts for 2024

22+ Best Art Nouveau Fonts for 2024

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If you are hunting for the best art nouveau fonts to grab and capture the romantic and ornate style of Art Nouveau, this article will help you find the best ones.

Before stepping into the best Art Nouveau fonts, let’s understand what it means. Art nouveau is a design style that emerged from ancient inspirations to change traditional ideas of beauty and aesthetics. These are designed with flowing, fine lines, shapes, curves, and ornaments.

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These Art Nouveau fonts help your design evoke a sense of movement and dynamism. These fonts with intricate details evoke a sense of romantic and traditional feel. Even in this modern world where people prefer classic and elegant looks, these nouveau fonts have their own benchmarks.

These nouveau fonts with an aesthetic touch have become a go-to choice for posters, catalogs, and magazine covers. These rich and vibrant fonts also give a touch of sophistication to your designs.

With all that said, we like to suggest that when using Art Nouveau fonts, consider the overall design context and balance the ornate nature of the fonts with other design elements. By doing so, you can create visually appealing designs that effectively communicate your intended message.

Wait no further to explore our list of the finest Art Nouveau fonts.

Let’s get started!

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22+ Best Art Nouveau Fonts 2024

    1. Bagerich 
    2. Solente 
    3. Aetrina Elegant Display
    4. Kenjo 
    5. De Arloy Art Nouveau
    6. Elodie
    7. Petit Jardin Art Nouveau Font
    8. Wallington Pro
    9. Oracle 
    10. Alocasia 
    11. Hornbuckle 
    12. Euphoria
    13. Molucas  
    14. Bedesau 
    15. Bekelakar 
    16. Yasaman Art Nouveau Typeface
    17. Kanjian Typeface
    18. Sekatoan
    19. Sambeltigo
    20. Art Nouveau Font
    21. Tan – Liebe
    22. Plesantha 

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Top 22+ Art Nouveau Fonts for Branding and Design

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If you are planning to infuse your design with a touch of beauty and uniqueness, look no further than Bagerich.

Designed by Reza Rasenda & Riska Candra Dewi, Bagerich doesn’t just provide style, but it also brings a sleek look with an elegant flair.

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It comes with stylistic alternatives and ligatures that add an extra layer of sophistication to your work, making it a perfect choice for crafting logotypes, branding, and magazines.

And here is the best part – Bagerich is more than language-friendly as it is designed to support multiple languages. Whether you are working on something small-scale or diving into a large-scale artistic project, Bagerich is here to lend its charm and class to your designs.




If you are searching for an elegant font, then look no further than Solente – a gorgeous slab serif font.

We noticed that this font draws its inspiration from the captivating Art-Deco fonts of the 1900s, making it an ideal choice that effortlessly combines style and elegance.

If you are looking for a design for any commercial project you have in mind, we are certain that Solente can fit your design needs perfectly by adding a touch of class to your designs. What more? This font is a great choice for headline or sub-head text, giving your layout an extra edge.

It comes with stylistic alternates for all capital letters and an extra set of ligatures to replace some combinations. It requires software with Open Type features or a glyphs panel to access.

To conclude, Solente is ready to elevate your designs by adding elegance and a hint of nostalgia.


Aetrina Elegant Display


For an elegant touch in your designs, Aetrina Elegant Display font is an ideal choice.

This font brings a sense of beauty, flow, organic lines, and sweeping curves, making it perfect for creating a touch of class and elegance in various contexts such as weddings, social media visuals, product designs, and romantic projects.

This font boasts salient features in both upper and lowercase letters, Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation. It also offers alternatives and ligatures, giving you plenty of creative options to play around with.

Several options are available for accessing alternates/swashes, including Character Map, Nexus Font, Font Book (Mac), and PopChar (Windows and Mac).




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In the Art Nouveau style, whiplash lines are a hallmark design element that distinguishes it from other styles. Kenjo will make your designs look unique and different with Art Nouveau lettering that is versatile, legible, and well-balanced.

In this collection, Kenjo fonts are offered exclusively in uppercase, available in four different weights. This versatile range of weights makes Kenjo an excellent fit for a variety of design elements, whether you are working on eye-catching displays/headings and sub-headings/sub-text.


De Arloy Typeface


To give a classic and traditional typography touch to your designs, De Arloy Art Nouveau font is an ideal choice which was designed with the inspiration of the Art Nouveau style from 1890-1910. This font is a combination design of classic typography with an elegant and feminine touch.

This display font is an ideal choice for wine packaging, labeling, logos, classic shops, coffee shops, and movie titles. This font features uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and the Open Type feature such as Alternates and ligatures.

So, with De Arloy Art Nouveau font by your side, you will effortlessly be able to add a dose of vintage charm to your designs, all while maintaining a sense of classic elegance that is perfect for a wide range of creative projects.




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To give a peculiar touch to your designs with erratic and extra quirky characters, Elodie is an ideal choice. This font is hand drawn font with the brush pen adding special quirks. This font is an ideal choice for titles, short quotes, product names, logos, etc.

This clean and all-caps font with some extra quirky characters also supports multiple languages which include Western European, Central, and Eastern European languages.


Petit Jardin font


If you are designing delicate and clean projects, Petit Jardin Art Nouveau Font with organic curly serifs is an ideal choice. This font comes with delicate and thin curly serif fonts which also can give display fonts a dainty look.

This is the customizable font which helps in using the larger point size so that it can be used for headlines and titles. This curly serif also gives a playful look when used on invites, greeting cards, packaging, branding, and anything where you want that fun, quirky, playful organic look.


Wallington Pro


Are you up with the vintage-themed decorative project? Wallington Pro is an ideal choice which is a decorative-serif font embodying vintage and elegant curves to give a functional structure. This decorative font with natural forms and structures is easy to use and read.

It also contains several OpenType features such as Ligatures, Contextual alternates, Old Style Numeric, and some astonishing special characters that help you to mix and match for an astonishing outcome.

As a result, this experimental and versatile font with lettering design can work for extroverted and unusual purposes.




Oracle is a gorgeous vintage font designed with the inspiration of Nouveau typefaces. This looks like a bold hand-lettering font and gives a vintage feeling in two versions, inline and regular version.

This handcrafted vintage font works for projects such as branding, posters, quotes, logos, movies, music, and invitations, and for any projects that require an outstanding display font.

It comes with uppercase and lowercase Latin characters, international characters, numbers, and punctuation.




Want to give a tropical and natural feel to your designs? Alocasia is an ideal choice. It is designed and named after a family of tropical family plants. It also comes in three styles to suit any of your designs.

The styles are brush script made for all your traditional and natural projects, sans style to make your designs look simple, and serif style for adding more elegance. It also supports a wide range of languages which also includes swashes and illustrations in the package.

This font is perfect and suitable for any project related to tradition, nature, and tropical-themed projects. It is also an ideal one for classy packaging, albums, handwritten quotes, greeting cards, unique social media posts, and more.




Hornbuckle is a unique Victorian-style font with an Art Nouveau style. It comes with uppercase, lowercase, alternates, and ligatures and also supports multiple languages.

This vintage font is suitable for vintage logos, liquor label designs, badge designs, packaging designs, and poster designs.


Euphoria Font Family


If you’re trying to bring a vintage and elegant touch to your designs with a tremendous Art Nouveau font style, then Euphoria is an ideal choice. This font comes with blending and combining Victorian and vintage styles together to give a unique touch to designs.

This unique font is suitable for logos, quotes, invitations, signage, posters, greeting cards, packaging, magazines, and headers.




Are you in love with ornamental touches for your designs? Then Molucas is an ideal choice for your designs with ornamental style to flourish and enrich your projects. This beautiful font draws inspiration from the classic designs of the early ages.

This Molucas Art Nouveau Font is best-suitable when used in creating logos, label designs, posters, packaging designs, etc. It also supports multiple languages offering all uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, ligatures, and alternates.


Bedesau. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you are searching for lovely art nouveau fonts, Bedesau is a perfect choice for you. This elegant font looks good for your display, subheadline body text, and more. It is also available in shadow style which is suitable for headlines and titles.

This is compatible with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and InDesign. In addition to upper and lower case letters, it also consists of numbers, punctuations, and Latin Glyphs.


Bekelakar. Image Credits: Creativemarket

For an experimental touch to your designs, Bekelakar is a perfect choice. It is designed with a combination of hardcore, horror, metal, and gothic styles. It comes in regular and all cap styles.

This font looks good for displays, headlines, titles, and logos. Using elements from the Art Nouveau style, it blends them with other stylistic elements and is a great experimental font.

Yasaman Art Nouveau Typeface

Yasaman Art Nouveau Typeface
Yasaman Art Nouveau Typeface. Image Credits: Creativemarket

For a cool creative vintage and minimalist Art Nouveau style font, Yasaman is an ideal choice. This minimalist font is specially designed for headlines and tight shapes which give a clear and calm look.

This font with hard edges of the Gothic style is an undeniable Art Nouveau influence for any of your projects offering upper and lowercase characters, multilingual characters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.

Kanjian Typeface 

Kanjian Typeface 
Kanjian Typeface. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Kanjian Typeface is an ornamental font with a strict Art Nouveau touch. It also comes with some of the style’s quality lines and curves in a classic style. This heavy font contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

This display font is suitable for headlines, tees, posters, and craft artwork. This is also suitable for movie titles and events.


Sekatoan. Image Credits: Creativemarket

For a bold style font to enhance your designs, Sekatoan is a perfect choice. This fabulous ornamental font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It comes in three styles: clean, inline, and inline-shadow.

This energetic and ornamental style font is also an ideal choice for creating bold signage, posters, and branding projects.


Sambeltigo. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Sambeltigo font is gorgeously designed from the inspiration of the later period of the Art Nouveau movement. This vintage-style font is perfectly suitable for authentic packaging, movies, labels, and signage.

This wonderful font comes in six different styles: regular, inline, ornate, ornate online, clean, and typeface. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, ligatures, punctuation, and Latin glyphs.

Art Nouveau Font

Art Nouveau Font
Art Nouveau Font. Image Credits: Creativemarket

If you are searching for a fluid Art Nouveau style font, Art Nouveau Font is an ideal choice. This fluid style font gives a clean and vintage to your designs. This not only gives a vintage but also a realistic look as it is hand-drawn.

Even though it looks playful, it also suits all professional projects and designs. This hand-drawn font is an ideal choice for food labels, menus, invitations, and a wide range of products that require fluidity, and a playful and realistic feel.

Tan – Liebe

Tan – Liebe
Tan – Liebe. Image Credits: Creativemarket

To give a fancy look to your designs, Tan – Liebe a fancy display Art Nouveau font is an ideal choice. This font looks fanciful with the flowy lines, curves, and boldness of its features. It also includes some modern elements in its flat base and top lines for each letter.

This is also a decorative font that attracts viewers with its clean and readable look. This Art Nouveau is suitable for logotypes, monograms, branding for high-end products, and more.

This font offers all uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and web fonts, and also supports multiple languages.


Plesantha. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Are you searching for an Art Nouveau font to give a stylish and feminine touch to your project? Plesantha is an ideal choice that gives an elegant and modern look to your designs. This organic font is also curvy and decorative which is suitable for any fashion and feminine-related projects.

It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, and has multilingual support. It is also suitable for designs such as web headers, social media graphics, logotypes, branding, and more.

The features it offers require a software program such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7 to enable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Art Nouveau fonts?

Art Nouveau fonts are fonts that wear an ornamental style that flourished between 1890 and 1910. These Art Nouveau fonts are designed with long, sinuous, organic lines, shapes, diagonals, top or bottom-weighted stresses, angled crossbars, and embellished stroke endings.

Where are these Art Nouveau fonts mostly used?

These are mostly used in architecture, interior design, jewelry and glass design, posters, and illustration. These are ideal for a wide variety of projects such as branding, logos, headers, titles, and more.

Art Nouveau layouts are characterized by what dominant characteristics?

These Art Nouveau Fonts are different from others as they have curved and free-flowing lines including iconic elements, asymmetrical shapes, and frames.


Embrace the Timeless Beauty of Art Nouveau Fonts

When it comes to creating, designing, and enhancing projects or designs, these Art Nouveau fonts play a vital role. These Art Nouveau fonts are perfect to bring a touch of classic charm and sometimes even a vintage elegance, carrying designs that stand the test of time.

These fonts are one of a kind even though they draw inspiration from one of the most important art movements.

These fonts with the beautiful features they have will enrich and value with a sense of elegance and vintage flair to your designs. So, if you are a designer looking for a good collection of these fonts, then come and grab the best Art Nouveau fonts that suit your designs in this article.

If you have chosen one, let us know in the comments. Have a great time designing!


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