25+ Best Asian Fonts for Oriental Designs

25+ Best Asian Fonts for Oriental Designs

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There are various Asian font designs available in the market that can be used for a wide range of projects depending on their suitability.

The best Asian fonts represent the culture of some place, some others represent the architectural beauty of a particular era, while some other fonts show history, personality, etc.

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Also, many fonts represent a combination of the classic and modern touch and give a unique look to designs.

If you choose the right font for your designs, then it can enhance the overall look of the textual content of your designs. For example, Asian fonts are suitable for creating creative projects and add an Asian touch to the designs.

They represent the authenticity of Asian culture and look completely different. You can try some of these fonts in your cultural projects for a new look. In this article, we have a list of the 25 best Asian fonts to help you choose the right fonts for your designs. So, let’s now look at different aspects of these fonts.

25+ Best Asian Fonts for Oriental Designs

  1. Hokuto Asian Font
  2. Asia Tiger Font
  3. Hikaru Asian Font
  4. Gong Xi Asian Font
  5. Kungfoo Fighter Typeface
  6. Niagato Font
  7. Byofine Display Typeface
  8. Quizine – Culinary Brush Font
  9. Monday Handbrush Font
  10. Knight Simple Font
  11. Belladio – Urban Script Font
  12. Seoul – Authentic Korean Typeface
  13. Masterday – Vintage Retro Font
  14. Roronoa Font
  15. Tokyo Typeface
  16. Shitake Font
  17. Golden Hopes Font
  18. Cholida – Bold Signature Font
  19. Hello October
  20. Tokio Noir Font
  21. HAREBO – Japanese Style Font
  22. Siam Font
  23. Lady Clementine Script Font Duo
  24. Tropical Asian Font
  25. Chrymez Display Font

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25+ Best Asian Fonts for Orietnal Designs

Hokuto Asian Font


Hokuto is a simple and cute multipurpose Asian font. It has a Japanese essence and looks very attractive. This font is suitable for logo design, children’s books, titles, headings, quotes, invitations, etc.

It is available in OTF, TTF, and EOT file formats, so you can use this font in various projects with no hassle. It comes with basic Latin characters, numbers, and symbols to let you use them in your projects with ease. See more friendly fonts and kids fonts here.

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Asia Tiger Font

asia tiger font

Asia Tiger is a handwritten script font that has a fresh and elegant look. It has a set of modern characters that allow you to make various designs. This Asian font is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

It supports multiple languages, so you can use it in different design projects. You will get all basic features along with PUA encoded characters with this font. It perfectly works on PC as well as Mac. See more brush fonts here.


Hikaru Asian Font


Hikaru is a simple, cute, and stylish font, and it is suitable for multipurpose use. It is playful and is the best option for a wide range of options. You will get the regular version of this Asian font in OTF, TTF, and EOT formats. It has basic Latin characters with numbers and symbols to suit any design project.


Gong Xi Cute Asian Font

gong xi

Gong Xi is a playful and cute font that can be used for various creative projects. It is the best option for logos, heading, books, quotes, advertising, blogs, etc. This font comes in TTF, OTF, and EOT formats. It has multilingual support and comes with basic Latin characters.


Kungfoo Fighter Typeface

kungfoo fighter

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Kungfoo Fighter typeface is a stylish font that is inspired by the Asian character brush strokes. This font has bold characters with flexible curves, so they give a unique look. It is great for Asian stuff, magazines, posters, quotes, community logos, food brands, etc.

This versatile Asian font can be used for a wide range of projects with ease. This font has multilingual support and works perfectly on Mac and PC. It is available in two versions, namely regular and oblique.


Niagato Font


Niagato is an amazing font inspired by Chinese lettering style. It is the perfect option for any Asian-themed design. You can convert your dreams into reality with the unique characters of this font. It can be used in multiple languages and comes in OTF and TTF formats. This font is perfect for social media posts, book covers, blogs, game titles, stationery designs, etc.

Byofine Display Typeface


Byofine is a display font inspired by Brahmi text and Arabic calligraphy text. It has bold and eye-catching letters that allow you to use them in a wide range of projects with no hassle. The font also has some OpenType features such as stylistic sets and alternates to let you make creative designs.

It is great for display and headline designs. You can use this font for tattoo design, rappers, motorcycles, bands, barber shops, social media, etc. This font comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, and EOT formats.


Quizine – Culinary Brush Font


Quizine is an outstanding brush font that is inspired by a Japanese restaurant’s menu. It has a traditional touch to brush stokes and is the perfect option for Asian cuisine and culinary. This font can be used for various purposes in restaurants, such as menus, packaging, restaurant logos, packaging, etc.


Monday Handbrush Font

monday handbrush

Monday Handbrush is a unique brush-styled font and gives an energetic feel to designs. The attractive strokes and handwritten style allow you to show all information in detail. It is great for T-shirts, websites, clothing designs, headlines, branding, logotypes, advertising, events, print media, etc.

This font is compatible with multiple languages, so you can use it for various projects with ease. You will get all characters, punctuations, and numbers with this font and use them the way you want.


Knight Simple Font


Knight is a simple and modern script font with a handmade touch. It is a brush font and is the best option for a variety of projects. It is great for logos, headlines, doodles, posters, quotes, advertising, and many other projects. This font comes in TTF and EOT formats.


Belladio – Urban Script Font


Belladio is a unique font for designing logotypes with an urban touch. This script font has Asian Latin and European scripts and supports a wide range of languages. It adds an energetic and confident feel to designs, making them look great.

The Belladio font is suitable for posters, T-shirt designs, headlines, urban designs, signatures, badges, logos, etc. It supports multiple languages and comes with ligatures and alternates to let you create eye-catching designs.


Seoul – Authentic Korean Typeface


Seoul is a solid and bold display font that features authentic Korean lettering style. This font gives a unique feel to projects such as book titles, branding, food, movie titles, poetry, etc. It has all characters, numbers, and punctuations and is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.


Masterday – Vintage Retro Font


Masterday is a retro-style font that adds a vintage feel to designs. This font is an excellent option for designing logotypes and branding. It comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats. You will get all uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations with this font and can use them to create attractive designs.


Roronoa Font


Roronoa is a Japanese font and works perfectly on PC & Mac. This font is available in OTF format and includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuations. You don’t need any special software to use this font. It is easy to understand, simple, and an excellent option for any design.


Tokyo Typeface

tokyo typeface

Tokyo Typeface is a Japanese-style font that is inspired by traditional Japanese Inkan-Seals. This font uses Latin letters with a Japanese style to let you create unique designs. It is great for office paperwork, personal documents, art, contracts, and other purposes. Its uppercase letters are wider than lowercase letters, and the letters look authentic and beautiful.


Shitake Font


Shitake is a cute and good-looking handwritten font. It has beautiful characters to suit any design project. You can seamlessly use this font for a variety of purposes with no hassle. It is great for book titles, logos, headings, quotes, and other creative projects. If you want to add an Asian essence to your designs, you can try this font.


Golden Hopes Font

golden hopes

Golden Hopes is a modern and stylish signature font that looks unique because of its handwriting style. This font is suitable for logos and watermarks for photography. This beautiful font comes with uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and many ligatures.

This allows you to create beautiful artwork with ease. It supports many languages and has Asian Latin and European scripts, so it can be used in different countries. Furthermore, it is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats for ease of use.


Cholida – Bold Signature Font


Cholida is a script font that comes with bold and natural characters. This font is an outstanding option for personal branding. But it can also be used for photography signatures, advertising, posters, and many other designs. This font provides excellent aesthetics and works for any project.

This font is the best suit for cosmetics brands, liquor labels, signage, and other signature logo designs. It supports multiple languages for better usability.


Hello October

hello october

Hello October is a beautiful handwritten font that is perfect for signature logos. It comes with all characters, including numbers and punctuations to suit different needs. This beautiful font also includes ligatures and multilingual support so that you can use it for various designs with no hassle.


Tokio Noir Font

tokio noir

Tokio Noir is an attractive typeface and includes an Asian feel. This font has stylish characters to suit any design requirements. You can use this font to make attractive headers to complement your overall design. It is suitable for any creative project where Asian classic touch is needed.


HAREBO – Japanese Style Font 


HAREBO is a stylish Japanese font that is made with brush strokes. It is an excellent option for any project. You can use this for posters, advertising, invitations, videos, pictures, wedding designs, etc.

It works on PC and Mac and is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Microsoft word. The PUA encoded characters make it very easy to access all features of this font.


Siam Font


Siam is a beautiful display font that represents the culture of south-east Asia. Siam was the previous name of Thailand, and the characters of this font look like Thai characters.

The letters are slightly curvy and have smooth corners to look stylish and attractive. This font includes all basic features and comes in OTF format. It is great for book covers, magazines, book covers, headings, packaging, branding, etc.


Lady Clementine Script Font Duo

lady clementine

Lady Clementine is a combination of script and serif font to let you add elegance to your designs. The script font includes textures to give a handwritten feel, while the serif font adds beauty to the script font.

It is great for wedding designs, invitations, and branding projects. You can also use it for other creative projects depending on your requirements.


Tropical Asian Font

tropical asian

Tropical Asian is a stylish font that is inspired by summer vibes. It is designed with careless brush strokes and ink play on paper and gives a superior look. This font is great for branding projects. It comes with stylistic alternates, multilingual support, and an illustration pack for making splendid designs.


Chrymez Display Font


Chrymez is a sans serif display font that has a modern look. It features bold strokes to make your projects more creative and attractive. This font supports more than 100 languages, so you can use this font for any design with no hassle. It is great for book titles, movie titles, social media posts, logo designs, etc. This display font looks stunning on any design.



25+ Best Professional Asian Fonts for Graphic Design

There are many Asian fonts available to use in various creative projects. You can browse these fonts online and download the ones you like the most. We hope you liked this article and have found attractive Asian fonts for your upcoming designs.

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