20+ Best Boho Fonts for Beautiful Branding

20+ Best Boho Fonts for Beautiful Branding

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A Bohemian person is an artist, a literary person who leads a free way of living, like a vagabond. This post features the best boho fonts that represent this free-spirited way of living.

A boho font or Bohemian font is a way of displaying an unconventional way of representing your artistic designs, often free-flowing and natural. A Bohemian font is a font that you can use for procedures requiring a free-form style.

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20+ Best Boho Fonts for Beautiful Branding

Boho fonts are a type of font that looks and appears different altogether. The letters of these fonts appear in an unusual way. This article features a list of the best Bohemian fonts available. Let’s dive in and find out the details.

  1. Bohemian (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Bohemian Dreams
  3. Bohemian Script
  4. Beauty Bohemian
  5. Bohemian Stylish
  6. Boho Lifestyle
  7. Bohemy Font Duo
  8. Bohemia Script
  9. Bogemia Font
  10. Light and Airy
  11. Zhopia Script
  12. Mansier
  13. Bhiure
  14. Oracul
  15. Nomad
  16. Bohemia
  17. Boho Mood
  18. Bohemis
  19. Bohemian Soul
  20. Modern Bohemian Font Duo

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Best Bohemian Fonts / Best Boho Fonts
Best Bohemian Fonts. Image credit: Envato.

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20+ Best Bohemian Fonts for Branding

Bohemian (Editor’s Choice)

Bohemian Font
Bohemian Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bohemian Font is the most attractive, interesting, and beautiful font among the list of fonts available. Bohemian-Script logo font style is a fresh and modern calligraphy script lettering style. This font works in various applications like MS Word, Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Bohemian Font is an ideal font for creating logos, invitations, greeting cards, quotes, and posters.


Bohemian Dreams

Bohemian Dreams
Bohemian Dreams. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bohemian Dreams is a Bohemian font that has nostalgic tones. This is a blackletter typeface font that is bold and distinctive. You can use this font style on your design projects confidently and you will love the results that come.

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Bohemian Script

Bohemian Script
Bohemian Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bohemian Script font is a natural hand-painted font that can work in all your design projects. It can work in design projects that involve your touch and personal care.

This font is ideal for branding projects, quotes, blog designs, modern advertisement designs, introductory pages of websites, special events, etc.

It is a hand-painted calligraphy font with handmade designs.


Beauty Bohemian

Beauty Bohemian
Beauty Bohemian. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Beauty Bohemian font is a new handwritten font. This is a modern signature font that looks modern and attractive with an element of elegance in it.

This is the ideal font that can work for branding, and packaging designs. This font is ideal for vogue magazine covers and also in designs that exhibit masculine and feminine qualities.

As the name suggests, this font can serve designs that exhibit the element of a pleasing attitude.


Bohemian Stylish

Bohemian Stylish
Bohemian Stylish. Image Credits: Envato Elements

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The Bohemian Stylish luxury is a modern type serif Bohemian font. This is a beautiful, stylish, elegant, and contemporary style font.

This font can work for design projects such as stationery, logo, wardrobe, magazine or book covers, packaging design, and more. This is also apt for designs related to branding.

The bold look of the font makes it an ideal choice for headlines and leading texts. They can also work on designs that require the attention of readers.


Boho Lifestyle

Boho Lifestyle
Boho Lifestyle. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Boho Lifestyle comes with many Bohemian touches with a vintage style in its font.

This Bohemian font is apt for social media posts, home decorations, and vintage-style furniture catalogs.

It is the ideal style for all kinds of texts that explains the Japan DI style of interior decorations. It is great for YouTube covers, YouTube thumbnails, etc.

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Bohemy Font Duo

Bohemian Font Duo
Bohemian Font Duo. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bohemy is a sans serif font that gives you an artistic look.

It is the perfect Bohemian font that is suitable for branding, logos, wedding cards, stationery, website designs, and more.

This font has both uppercase and lowercase letters. It also has a wide range of punctuation marks and symbols while offering multilingual support.


Bohemia Script

Bohemia Script
Bohemia Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bohemia is a bohemian and bouncy font that works on designs that need a way to depict themselves naturally.

It depicts the style of a handwritten Bohemian font, making it perfect for logos, invitations, wedding designs, social media posts, product packaging, and designs, and for special events as well.

It also comes with alternates and also multilingual support.


Bogemia Font

Bogemia Font
Bogemia Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bogemia is a Bohemian font that draws inspiration from geometric shapes and styles.

This is a sans or serif font that is ideal for logo designing, social media posts, book titles, short text, or even long text letters.

This font depicts the Egyptian way of displaying letters. They look attractive with the diacritics that come with them.

The accents of these font styles add attractiveness and make them apt for headlines and titles.

Light and Airy

Light and Airy
Light and Airy. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Light and Airy is a handwritten form of a font that appears tall and thin in shape. This Bohemian font style adds an element of femininity to every written word.

It appears in a handwritten style so you can used it in creative designs where the font needs to appear as a handwritten one and not as a printed font.

Zhopia Script

Zhopia Script
Zhopia Script. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Zhopia Script is an artistic, beautiful, contemporary, monoline script font. It displays the fancy handwritten cursive style Bohemian font.

The letters of the font look attractive with curves and rounded corners. The corner of these fonts comes with rounded edges that make it a perfect handwritten style font.

It is the perfect choice for design projects for invitation cards, wedding designs, art covers, t-shirts, and contemporary advertisement designs.



Mansier. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Mansier is a contemporary-style script Bohemian font that has an element of femininity in it.

This is a casual-type script font that works wonders when it comes to vogue brands, e-commerce, and trending blogs.

It works great for any type of business that has an element of classic touch with an upscale attitude.



Bhiure. Image Credits: Envato

Bhiure is a modern abstract Bohemian font that comes with a plain look.

The look of this font is a perfect choice for various craft ideas that can start with knitting, batik patterns, letterheads, and titles to stationery.

This font is inspired by the hippie culture that comes with a bohemian theme. This font is an ideal choice for complementing hipster and bohemian designs.

There are nordic variations that make the font appear attractive as well.


Oracul. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Oracul is a contemporary display bohemian font. This font uses a mindblowing vintage style and comes decorated with stars.

This font is ideal for any design theme with astrology and supernatural powers. It works for any blogs or writing that explain spirituality, the occult, card readings, etc.



Nomad. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Nomad is a contemporary style sans serif font that comes with a Bohemian touch.

This font comes in classic proportions and is ideal for blogs and writings that explain astronomy.

This Bohemian font comes with sans serif lowercase and ornate uppercases as well.



Bohemia. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Bohemia is a free-style casual handwritten brush font that gives you a classic and vintage feel.

The asymmetrical shape of the font makes it perfect for blog posts, scrapbooking, designs, and invitations.

This font bundle includes 40 natural-looking ligatures, 16 bonus swashes, and a selection of alternative letters.


Boho Mood

Boho Mood
Boho Mood. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Boho Mood bohemian font is the perfect font collection that adds an element of happiness in it. This font is apt for any situation that sends out happy vibes in it. For example, it can work in wedding ceremonies and other beautiful projects.

There are fashionable flower designs in earthy shades that refreshes the sensual design feeling. It also depicts the romantic sense of the boho-chic culture.

Boho Mood Bohemian floral collection is a perfect font that can work for wedding invitations, wedding cards, logos, invitations, contemporary projects, and fine arts.



Bohemis. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Bohemis is a delightful and sugary handwritten font display. The font is an ideal choice for logos, T-shirts, quotations, social media posts, and advertisements.

Wherever the words need an affectionate, loving, and sentimental touch, these fonts will work wonders for you.

This font comes with an accent language, so each and every letter in the font has a small mark that appears above the particular diacritics.


Bohemian Soul

Bohemian Soul
Bohemian Soul. Image Credits: Creative Market

Bohemian Soul is a contemporary and stylish serif font. It is the perfect font that can work for branding, quotations, master signs, products, and other designs.

This font is great in various creative designs to make their appearance unique. There are more than 70 alternates available in the font.

It also comes with a small user guide as to how to make use of the font file.


Modern Bohemian Font Duo

Modern Bohemian
Modern Bohemian. Image Credits: Creative Market

Link: https://creativemarket.com/thestyledscript/3758119-Modern-Bohemian-Font-Duo

The Modern Bohemian Font Duo is among the most stylish and vogue designs available. This dynamic font was built with OpenType features that includes numbers, punctuation, and ligatures. It also supports other languages


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sans-serif bohemian font?

Nomad and Bohemian Font Duo are the ideal sans serif fonts that are available.

What font is the contemporary sans serif font that comes with a bohemian touch?

Nomad is the contemporary sans serif font that comes with a Bohemian touch.

What Bohemian font discussed above is a classic and vintage style?

Bohemia is a casual handwritten brush font that gives you a classic and vintage feel.

Which of the bohemian fonts discussed above works best in design applications?

The Bohemian - the beautiful calligraphy font works great in design applications like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, etc.


20+ Best Bohemian Fonts for Branding

Bohemian Fonts are fonts that display a sense of vintage style and feel.

These fonts are an ideal choice for designing where it requires the use of old age touch. You can make use of these fonts to make the users feel as though they are living in the era period.

These fonts work wonders in blogs that explain astrology, numerology, and old age habits,  as these fonts give the readers a feel of an earlier age period.

With that, we hope this article will satisfy your design needs that require a vintage-style touch.