101+ Brand Strategy Resources (Ultimate List)

101+ Brand Strategy Resources (Ultimate List)

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Are you looking to learn brand strategy online?

We’ve put together a huge library of the best brand strategy resources, both free and paid, to help you become more strategic with your work — perfect for creatives, designers, CEOs and startups.

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These brand strategy resources include top courses, certificates, books, podcasts, communities, blogs, frameworks, insights and more.

You will discover the many different elements of brand strategy (brand purpose, values, positioning, differentiation, etc.) as well as how to run brand strategy workshopshow to sell brand strategy, brand strategy examples and much more.

Now let’s jump into the Ultimate List of Brand Strategy Resources.

Best Brand Strategy Resources

Best Brand Strategy Resources

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Jacob’s Top 10 Resources to Learn Brand Strategy

How do you learn brand strategy? Where do you even start?

It can be overwhelming knowing with all the information (and misinformation) online.

This is why I have put together a shortlist of my top 10 brand strategy resources. This is what I would tell my younger self if I were just starting out.

1. Get to know brand

2. You’re hooked, now what?

3. Go down the rabbit hole

4. Level Up & Become a Top 1% Brand Consultant

If you’re been in branding for a while or want to go all in, I would recommend Tobias Dahlberg’s Certified Brand Consultant course which is more focused on the business side of brand building.

Brand strategy is not about frameworks, it is about practice. Keep practicing.

Brand Strategy Courses

Want to know how to learn brand strategy online so you can bring more value to your clients?

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We have reviewed all the best brand strategy courses in detail on a seperate post but here is a brief overview of the most notable courses online from top online brand strategy experts.

Best Brand Strategy Courses

10 Best Brand Strategy Courses Online

Course By Length Cost
Brand Master Secrets Brand Master Academy 120 Videos, 20 Hours $695
CORE The Futur 15 Videos, 4 hours $489-$1729
Activate Your Strategic Brain Stef Hamerlinck 8 Hours $299
eResonaid Fabian Geyrhalter 15 Videos, 1.5 Hours
Story Brand (SB7) Donald Miller 10 Hours $275
LEVEL C Marty Neumeier 1-2 Days In Person $1060-$1950
Brand Strategy Class Mark Pollard 1.5 hours Free (2 week trial)

The brand strategy courses shown above are the one’s we have reviewed in detail but there are many strategy focused courses popping up all the time such as:

Become a Brand Master Course by Jacob Cass

Branding Course - Become a Brand Master by Jacob Cass

Instructor: Jacob Cass | Price: $30 | Length: 48 minutes

Jacob Cass’ very own branding mini-course will help you become a brand master.

In this brand strategy course, you will go behind the scenes of a major project with Jacob Cass and learn:

  • Research, Strategy & Workshops
  • Concept Development
  • Logo & Brand Design

Plus you’ll receive a strategy workbook and workshop template for your own branding projects.

Watch the trailer below or simply click here to take the course.



10 Best Free Brand Strategy Courses & Resources

Want to learn brand strategy for free online? There are a number of resources available:

Free live videos with brand strategy experts:

I’ve had a number of live conversations with top brand strategy experts, all linked below:

Stephen Houraghan & I answer all your brand strategy questions in two videos:

I also spoke with Fabian Gehyrhalter about his course eResonaid and his approach to building brands strategically:

And also with Melinda Livsey on how to sell brand strategy

And Tobias Dahlberg on how to become a top 1% brand consultant.

Also check out our very own JUST Branding Podcast. Each episode goes deep into the details of the brand building process, with professional insights, actionable tips and resources to help you build better brands.

Brand Strategy Certificates

If you’re wanting a brand strategy course that comes with a certificate, here are the best options. Many of these resources are live experiences vs online self-paced videos. They are ranked in no particular order.

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Best Brand Strategy Certificates

10 Best Brand Strategy Certificates

Brand Strategy Books

There is an overwhelming number of branding & brand strategy books out there, thankfully we’ve narrowed down the best for you here.

If you’re short on time, we highly recommend the app Blinkist as they summarize books into 15 minute audio or text files. We’ve even compiled a list of our top 20 books for designers & creatives on Blinkist.

Best Brand Strategy Books

20 Best Books to Learn Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Podcasts

If audio is your preferred way to learn brand strategy online, then jump into a podcast or audio book.

These are some of the best podcasts that focus on brand and brand strategy and the best part? It’s all free.

Best Brand Strategy Podcasts

10 Top Podcasts to Learn Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy Communities

Are you looking for like-minded strategists, designers & creatives? Here are some of the best brand strategy communities online.

Best Brand Strategy Communities

10 Best Brand Strategy Communities to Learn Brand Strategy

Best Brand Strategy Blogs

If you’re looking for to learn brand strategy for free, one of the best ways is by reading some of the top industry blogs.

Here’s our list of top blogs that go into the subject of brand strategy, along with branding as a whole.

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Best Brand Strategy Blogs

10 Best Blogs to Learn Brand Strategy Online

Brand Strategy Frameworks & Templates

Best Brand Strategy Frameworks and Templates

If you’re wanting to learn how to develop brand strategy and become more strategic with your work, check out these resources so you can build your brand the strategic way.

The process of brand strategy can change from person to person, but here are some of the best brand strategy frameworks, models, PDFs, templates & examples that we’ve come across.

Brand Strategy Insight Gathering Resources

To gather insights into consumers and the market place it is best you do your research. Here are some great strategy insight gathering tools.

Best Brand Strategy Insights

  • WGSN: the leading website in trend reports in different industries. The full reports are paid.
  • LSN Global Macro trends & micro trends.
  • JWT Intelligence: Tons of free content in many different industries such as tech, lifestyle, food & drink
  • CB Insights: Data driven research, great visualisations on many different industries.
  • Reddit has many sub groups to explore to gather insights.

More Brand Strategy Resources

Have a brand strategy resource recommendation? Let us know.

Thanks to Stefan of Let’s Talk Branding for a few of the resources above.

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