The Best Branding Podcasts in 2023

The Best Branding Podcasts in 2023

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Are you looking for the absolute best branding podcasts in the design, marketing and brand strategy space?

You may have already found a few ‘top branding podcasts’ lists through Google search and been disappointed that only a handful of them are truly about branding.

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Most of the podcasts found through Google are about content marketing, digital media, graphic design, advertising, or marketing in general and some are outdated or haven’t uploaded any new episodes in many years. On top of that, some podcasts don’t have even an active website anymore.

We have found podcasts that are truly focused on branding and are actively podcasting. We even listen to them!

Top 10+ Best Branding Podcasts in 2023

Here’s your list of the best branding podcasts in no particular order, except for #1 but we may be a little bias.

  1. JUST Branding
  2. Let’s Talk Branding
  3. How Brands Are Built
  4. The Extraordinary Podcast
  5. Brand Master Podcast
  6. Hitting the Mark
  7. Brand Builder Podcast
  8. Brand Design Masters
  9. Branding Banter
  10. The Futur
  11. Logo Geek
  12. Making the Brand with Billy Draper
  13. The Real-World Branding Podcast

The Best Branding Podcasts in 2023

JUST Branding

JUST Branding Podcast with Jacob Cass & Matt Davies

The JUST Branding Podcast is hosted by none other than Jacob Cass and Matt Davies. If you are looking for a podcast that is solely dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and designers build brands, you should not miss out on listening to the JUST Branding podcast.

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Each episode of the JUST Branding podcast explores the intimate details of the brand-building process with actionable tips from esteemed guests from all over the world, including thought-leaders such as Marty Neumeier, David Aaker and Chris Do.

They also have video versions of the podcast on YouTube.

Example Episode:


Let’s Talk Branding

Lets Talk Branding Podcast

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Let’s Talk Branding is a weekly podcast, hosted by Stef Hamerlinck. He interviews leaders from the design, branding, and strategy industry as well as solo episodes. The podcast’s aim is to help its listeners solve bigger problems. See our interview with Stef here.

Example Episode:


How Brands Are Built

How Brands are Built Podast

In the “How Brands Are Built” podcast, Rob Meyerson, a San Francisco-based brand strategist, interviews other branding professionals. The guests include leading writers, names, designers, researchers, and other strategists. These branding professionals discuss all minute details about what they do and how they do it. If you want to understand how brands are built, you must listen to this podcast. See our Podcast with Rob here.

Example Episode:


The Extraordinary Podcast

Extraordinary Podcast

The Extraordinary Podcast from Tobias Dahlberg, is focused on expanding human potential and growing extraordinary brands and businesses. In this podcast, you will learn the tools of the trade from world-class entrepreneurs, thinkers and practitioners.

Example Episode:


Brand Master Podcast

Brand Master Podcast

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Stephen Houraghan of Brand Master Academy (who has a brilliant Brand Strategy course) dedicated the Brand Master Podcast to helping professional brand-builders and entrepreneurs, build brands through strategy, psychology and creative thinking.

Hitting the Mark

Hitting The Mark Branding Podcast

Hitting the Mark podcast is brought to you by Fabian Geyrhalter, a brand strategist and author. The episodes of Hitting the Mark revolve around interesting conversations with investors and founders where they discuss the contribution of branding in the success of startups.

Example Episode:

Brand Builder Podcast 

Brand Builder Podcast

Brand Builder podcast is presented by SnackNation & Forcebrands. Its hosts include Jordan Cohen, Jeff Murphy, and Sean Kelly. They bring you the stories, lessons, and people from the brands that have a reputation of being most innovative in the world of branding.

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Do you want to hear about behind the scenes of how the world’s leading companies have become dominant brands? The Brand Builder podcast is bringing their stories to you. Listening to their podcasts will help you gain knowledge about what’s working in the branding industry now.

Example Episode:


Brand Design Masters

Brand Design Masters Podcast

The Brand Design Masters Podcast with Philip VanDusen is for creative professionals and entrepreneurs who want to use the power of strategy, design and marketing to build bullet-proof businesses for themselves and for the clients and customers they serve.

Example Episode: Building Your Personal Brand and the Future of Design Careers


Branding Banter

Branding Banter Podcast

Think about it for a moment – 98% of all Australian businesses are small businesses. That’s a huge number! There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia. They, too, need branding. Well, which brand doesn’t? There is a podcast specifically aimed at Australian small businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the “Branding Banter” podcast by Delphie and Frank which explores how branding impacts Australian small businesses.

Example Episode:


The Futur

The Futur with Chris Do

With the mantra of ‘helps you achieve success’, you can’t go wrong. Topics on The Futur are broad but mainly focus on branding, business, UX and design.

Example Episode:


Logo Geek

Logo Geek Podcast

Wanna know more about the importance of logos and brand? Start listening to the Logo Geek Podcast. It will help you learn to design better logos and brand identities but the topics don’t just stop there, Ian Paget, interviews other successful entrepreneurs and graphic designers goes into topics such as career advice, typography, business advice, mindset and marketing.

Example Episode:


Making the Brand with Billy Draper

Making The Brand Podcast

Wanna hear from the leaders of consumer-facing brands, be it ice cream, sneakers, or any other consumer products? The podcast host, Billy Draper, brings you insights from experts in consumer-facing businesses on the Making the Brand Podcast.

You are able to listen to the untold stories and behind-the-scenes of how consumer-facing businesses are delighting their customers, plus intimate details about how some of the top consumer-facing companies build their brands.

Example Episode:


On Brand with Nick Westergaard

On Brand Podcast

On Brand podcast is hosted by Brand Driven Digital’s, Nick Westergaard. This podcast is all about the science and art that is involved in building a brand. Each week, Nick Westergaard interviews branding thought leaders who work with innovative companies like the Minnesota Vikings, Salesforce, The Onion, and many more.

Example Episode:


The Real-World Branding Podcast

Real World Branding Podcast

The Real-World Branding is hosted by the President of Finch Brands, Bill Gullan and is focused on brands and business building. It is a bi-weekly podcast and it is modeled as a fast-paced interview-style podcast. Bill interviews brand development experts, where the guests talk about their careers and branding challenges. You will learn how to build and grow a successful brand in today’s business environment by listening to this podcast.

Example Episode:


Best Branding Podcasts for Brand Designers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best branding podcast?

The JUST Branding Podcast is the best branding podcast out there. It focuses on helping entrepreneurs and designers build brands. Each podcast thoroughly explores the branding process with some proven tips from successful entrepreneurs from across the globe.

Why are podcasts good for brands?

Podcasts are amazing for brands as they offer more engagement than TV advertising. Recent studies have shown that listeners are 22% more likely to remember a brand's name heard in a podcast than they will from a TV ad.

Is it bad business to have a brand podcast?

No, it isn't bad at all to have a brand podcast. People like to grasp the content in different ways and for the ones who prefer to listen, the podcast is a great medium to build a connection with your target audience. These are a highly engaging audience and you can provide value to them, finally leading them to your brand's products and services.

How can brands use podcasts?

With proper planning, brands can use podcasts to discuss hot topics and current trends. From building trust to marketing your products, brands can use podcasts to build their base.


Best Branding Podcasts

Have another top branding podcast to add? Let us know!