The Best Business Courses for Graphic Designers

The Best Business Courses for Graphic Designers

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Most graphic designers start out by learning the principles and concepts of design. But when they branch out and start their own graphic design businesses, they realize they never learned one important thing: “the business side” of freelancing!

Let me introduce you to the best business courses for graphic designers so you can build your freelance graphic design business into a sustainable source of income.

Here’s an overview of everything you will find inside these value-packed graphic design business courses – from setting your prices, to mastering your portfolio, to attracting a consistent flow of graphic design clients!


The Best Online Business Course for Graphic Designers – Start & Build Your Freelance Business

Best Business Course for Freelancers

Maybe you’re thinking about starting a graphic design business, but you’re not sure where to start.

Or maybe you’ve been a freelancer for several years but are running into roadblocks with your sales, portfolio, and marketing.

No matter where you are in your graphic design business journey, these courses from Aventive Academy are customized to get you to the next level of clients, income, and consistency!

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Here’s a breakdown of the three best business courses for graphic designers:


Freelance Starter Kit – Best Business Course for Beginner Graphic Designers

Freelance Starter Kit

This Freelance Starter Kit course is perfect for new freelancer graphic designers who are just starting out and don’t know much about setting a business up.

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You will bust through the imposter system, learn about different pricing models, establish your rates and policies, set up a portfolio that attracts paying clients, and create proposals that get clients to say yes.


Freelance Level Up Kit – Best Business Course for Freelance Graphic Designers

Level UP kit

If you’ve already freelancing for a while and you’re ready to step off the roller coaster of inconsistent monthly income, then you can start with the Freelance Level Up Kit!

The Level-Up Kit covers advanced networking skills (including must-have scripts to help you), search engine optimization for graphic designers, positioning yourself as an expert in your field, and more marketing and advertising strategies so you always know where your next client is coming from.


Money-Making Bundle – Best Business Courses for Graphic Designers

Money Making Freelance Bundle

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The Money-Making Freelance Bundle contains the entire Freelance Starter Kit and Freelance Level Up Kit at a discounted price – and that’s before the JUST Creative coupon code which I’m giving you below!

If you’re looking to get two comprehensive courses that cover ALL the ins-and-outs of the business of graphic design, then I recommend you sign up for the Money-Making Bundle so you have everything you need.

With lifetime access to the course material, you can always review earlier lessons to refresh your knowledge!


Grow Your Graphic Design Business with Kady Sandel & Aventive Academy

Kady from Aventive Studio

Kady Sandel, your teacher in these courses, knows what it’s like to struggle as a freelance graphic designer. She went from charging $65 for a logo design to now charging $15k per project.

When she started her graphic design business, Kady didn’t know anything about finding clients, setting her rates, making an attractive portfolio, or standing out in the sea of other designers.

But through trial and error, she discovered the core strategic actions that help graphic designers sign clients, grow their networks, raise their prices, and make money in their freelance businesses.

Now her graphic design business has grown into a successful design studio, and everything she learned along the way has become a proven strategy that she’s sharing with you in these courses.

In addition to her design studio, Kady is the founder of Aventive Academy where she teaches graphic designers how to build profitable freelance businesses.

I have known Kady for several years, both as a designer and as an educator, and we even did a training together on how to make more money as graphic designers. I can attest that she wants the absolute best outcomes for each of her students.

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Kady has such a fun teaching style that is educational yet also personal, and she focuses strongly on implementation. If you follow the steps in her courses and implement what you learn, you will see a change in your graphic design business!

Be sure to follow Kady & Aventive Academy on Instagram for more sales, mindset, and business tips for graphic designers.


The Best Business Courses for Graphic Designers

Best Business Course for Freelancers

Something I love about these courses is that Kady shares the exact mistakes she made in her graphic design business.

When you hear her stories, you may realize “Wait… I’m making those mistakes too!” But she also shows you how to change your ways and implement the systems that will put your business on the right track.

By the end of the Freelance Starter Kit and Level Up Kit (and of course, you get both courses in the Money-Making Bundle), you will know exactly how to:

  • Get the basics of your graphic design business in place (portfolio, invoices, contracts, proposals, etc.)
  • Increase your confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, and navigate difficult client situations
  • Grow your audience and leads using networking and content marketing
  • Conduct sales calls like a pro and onboard your new clients smoothly
  • Develop systems that magnetize ideal clients to you over and over again

The courses take place completely online, and they include:

  • Self-paced video modules (including over 80 individual videos if you purchase the Bundle!)
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • Templates and exercises to move your business forward
  • Over $2,800 in bonuses so you have absolutely everything you need
  • A certificate & diploma to display on your website

If you want to take an online graphic design business course that is completely based on real-world experiences and results, then these Aventive Academy courses are the next step for you.


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If there was a shortcut that would help you set yourself apart and attract paying graphic design clients faster, would you take it?

These online graphic design businesses courses are your shortcut. Get started here, and don’t forget to use the code JUSTCREATIVE20.

Good luck!

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