15+ Best Casino Fonts for that Lucky Feeling!

15+ Best Casino Fonts for that Lucky Feeling!

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Are you looking for the best casino fonts for your upcoming projects?

The following list of the best casino fonts will be helpful for you.

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Casinos are usually about taking risks, testing your luck, the sound of poker chips, and tobacco smells. Hence, we recommend using casino fonts to highlight your designs and have that feel of wager and neon lights to add a unique glow to your artwork. That’s not all, you can use casino fonts for multiple purposes to give uniqueness to your projects.

Whether it is signage, logotype, video game design, casino logos, or anything else, the best casino fonts are perfect. The best thing is that they elevate your text’s look and make your design stand out. That’s why casino fonts are perfect for infusing your designs with a casino-like vibe.

Furthermore, Casino fonts have already found their way into pop culture, and this collection of the 15 best casino fonts will enhance your possibilities of creating cooler designs. These royal casino fonts are designed by professional designers and are suitable for different projects.

15+ Best Casino Fonts for That Lucky Feeling!

  1. Casino Plain
  2. Legendarie Handcrafted Font
  3. Bouchers Type Collection
  4. Marthapura Display Font
  5. Chester – Layered Font Family
  6. Bulb Lamp Font
  7. Cinema Typeface
  8. Casino Fancy
  9. Castile Display Font
  10. Showtime Alphabet Font
  11. Greatest Circus
  12. Realistic Neon Light Alphabet Typeface
  13. Artnoova Font
  14. Prestige – Classy Serif Typeface
  15. Royal Flush Typeface

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15+ Best Casino Fonts to Give Your Designs a Magical Feel

1. Casino Plain

Casino Plain
Casino Plain. Image Credits- Creative Market

In our opinion, Casino Plain is a casino font family with excellent legibility. It has a fancy look that most casinos exude and adds maximum value to any design. As we’ve observed, it is available in one style and comes in OTF file format. 

But we think that one style still makes it suitable for branding projects, display purposes, casinos, logos, etc. You can easily bring the casino atmosphere to your projects with this casino font.


2. Legendarie Handcrafted Font

Legendarie Handcrafted Vintage Font
Legendarie Handcrafted Vintage Font. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Legendarie is a handcrafted vintage typeface that comes in TTF and OTF file formats. We found that it is available in calligraphy style too. Hence, we highly recommend using it for invitation cards, posters, business cards, quotes, and other designs. 

Furthermore, we found that this font comes with several OpenType features that you can access in design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft Word.

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But there is another unique thing we discovered with this font. It can be fully accessed with no additional software since it has PUA-encoded characters. It has tons of glyphs too so you can experiment and use it on several projects. Legendarie also supports multiple languages for enhanced flexibility.


3. Bouchers Type Collection

Bouchers Type Collection
Bouchers Type Collection. Image Credits- Envato Elements

From our experience, Bouchers is a vintage font pack with seven layered fonts. It includes fonts in stand, outline, inset, shadow, black shadow, serif, and script styles. We think you can combine these styles to create more fonts with the stunning designs you envisioned.

Furthermore, we found that this font includes uppercase & lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. It also has PUA-encoded characters and multilingual accents to meet your different design needs. Hence, we believe it is perfect for logotypes, headlines, posters, commercial letterheads, etc.


4. Chester – Layered Font Family

Chester - Layered Font Family
Chester – Layered Font Family. Image Credits- Envato Elements

We think that Chester is a decorative font family designed with a layered type system. Upon testing the font pack, we found that it includes six fonts that can be used in combination. 

Furthermore, it is inspired by old postcard stamps and rustic sign painting styles and designs. That’s we think it’s fitting to use for logos, movie titles, quotes, product packaging, book cover, letterhead, etc. All styles of this font are available in OTF file format as well.


5. Bulb Lamp Font

Layered font set 3D Bulb lamp
Bulb Lamp. Image Credits- Creative Market

Bulb Lamp is a 3D layered font that, in our opinion, can be used in different ways to create classic designs. We think this decorative font is flexible and easy to use. We recommend trying it out to make logos, signages, posters, and book covers. This versatile font opens the door to a multitude of projects you can complete.

Additionally, we found that it comes with used styles for Adobe Photoshop and templates for Adobe Illustrator for seamless usability. Upon trying out the font pack, we found that it is available in 12 styles and allows you to combine them to form different designs.


6. Cinema Typeface

Retro Broadway cinema alphabet
Retro Broadway cinema alphabet. Image Credits- Creative Market

Cinema is a retro typeface available in six color options. This font is suitable for burlesque, casino, Broadway, or cabaret designs. You can create traditional designs and take your artwork to new heights with the help of this font. Cinema font is available in EPS file format.


7. Casino Fancy

Casino Fancy
Casino Fancy. Image Credits- Creative Market

Cinema is a retro typeface available in six color options. This font is suitable for burlesque, casino, Broadway, or cabaret designs. You can create traditional designs and take your artwork to new heights with the help of this font. Cinema font is available in EPS file format.

Casino Fancy is a well-structured casino display font inspired by the early 1900s era. This font has many unique characteristics that give an eye-catching look to designs. It is perfect for vintage designs, signage, labeling, and many other design projects. Casino Fancy font is available in OTF file format.


8. Castile Display Font

Castile - Display Font
Castile – Display Font. Image Credits- Creative Market

Castile is a vintage or retro style font available in four different styles – regular, grunge, inline, and inline grunge. It is available in OTF and TTF file formats so that you can use it for different purposes. Also, you will get some templates and designs made by the author for free with this font.


9. Showtime Alphabet Font

Showtime Alphabet
Showtime Alphabet. Image Credits- Creative Market

The Showtime Alphabet is a retro typeface inspired by old signs and lettering used on marquees. It comes with isolated letters, bulbs, and elements, so you can combine and change them to create new designs.

This unique product comes with 3D letters & glyphs, four readymade scenes, background textures, bulbs, and graphic elements. It also has an extended license option which will give you more opportunities to use this font.

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10. Greatest Circus

Greatest Circus
Greatest Circus. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Greatest Circus is a refreshing font and features a playful look. It is available in four styles – regular, outline, extrude, and inline. This font is inspired by a classic circus logo sign and is suitable for casino logos, magician shows, carnivals, music events, etc.

You can bring a classic or vintage feel to your designs with the help of this font. It is suitable for any design related to entertainment and fun. All styles of this font are available in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats and let you create picturesque artwork by combining them.


11. Realistic Neon Light Alphabet Typeface

Realistic neon light alphabet
Realistic neon light alphabet. Image Credits- Creative Market

This is a multicolored neon light vector alphabet designed for Adobe Illustrator. It is available in eps document format, and you can use it in your designs in RGB mode. It has completely expanded letters and allows you to create different designs. You can consider this neon light font if you need a multicolored font for Adobe Illustrator.


12. Artnoova Font

Artnoova font Heritage of Art Deco
Artnoova font Heritage of Art Deco. Image Credits- Creative Market

Artnoova is a vintage typeface inspired by the styles of the early 20th century. It has an elegant design and is excellent for modern designs as well. You can consider it even for text typing because it comes with a balanced set of lowercase letters. This font is suitable for posters, web design, typography, corporate identity, and more.

It has a set of six fonts providing great flexibility for design. Artnoova font is artistic, strict, and supports multiple languages. This font is available in TTF and OTF file formats and includes WOFF and WOFF2 fonts for web versions.


13. Prestige – Classy Serif Typeface

Prestige - Classy Serif Typeface
Prestige – Classy Serif Typeface. Image Credits- Envato Elements

Prestige is a classy serif font with all-caps letters. It has bold letters and is perfect for simple designs. It allows you to create gorgeous designs by using uppercase and lowercase characters. You can use this font for logos, posters, social media designs, packaging, etc.


14. Marthapura Display Font

Marthapura Display font
Marthapura Display font. Image Credits- Envato Elements

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Marthapura is a blackletter display font that is suitable for different projects. Its letters have a unique structure and look impressive. You can use this font for logos, branding, advertising, invitations, port apparel, packaging, etc.


15. Royal Flush Typeface

Royal Flush Typeface
Royal Flush Typeface. Image Credits- Creative Market

Royal Flush is a display font in four different styles. This font is inspired by the art of playing cards and is perfect for different designs. It has only uppercase letters and alternates for lowercase letters. Therefore, you can create excellent artwork with this font.

How to Choose the Right Casino Font for Your Project

With so many unique casino fonts and font styles available, selecting the right one is crucial. Consider these factors:

  • Project goals – Is it for branding, promotional materials, or something else?
  • Brand personality – Does the font style match your fun/classy/vintage vibe?
  • Legibility needs – Is it for short headlines or longer text passages?
  • Color scheme – Will the font colors complement your brand palette?
  • Multi-language support – Do you need extended language capabilities?

Assess fonts based on criteria like these to find an option that enhances your specific project requirements.


15+ Best Casino Fonts for a Lucky Touch

Cool, risky, stylish, and glowing are some notable features of casino fonts. They add those kinds of feel to your designs by bringing the whole casino vibe into them. Fonts are known to add a whole different element to your designs and that influences the results too.

Hence, we put together this list of different casino fonts from all over the internet. You can choose your personal favorite casino font from the above list if you are interested in enhancing your artwork with stunning typography.

Once you have, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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