33+ Best Condensed Fonts (Narrow & Slim) for 2024

33+ Best Condensed Fonts (Narrow & Slim) for 2024

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Are you looking for the best condensed fonts? This article lists the best narrow & slim fonts for your design projects.

There’s a common belief that condensed and narrow fonts make a text look cramped. That’s far from the truth. The most important thing here is the type of creative projects that you are working on. Headlines and bold messages are perfect for using narrow and condensed fonts. These fonts will make your creative projects look stunning.

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In this article, we bring you the best condensed fonts and the best narrow fonts. You can use it in posters, filters, social media graphics, website headers, among other things.

Now, there’s no doubt that there is a huge variety of fonts available on the web. Thus, we have made it easy for you to select the best narrow and condensed font.

Choose one of the following based on its suitability with the project that you are working on as well as its readability.

We are sure that you will like one or more of these fonts.

Top 10+ Best Condensed Fonts for Sleek and Compact Designs

  1. Devant Pro
  2. Bondie
  3. Davidas 
  4. Essenziale 
  5. Nailhead
  6. Louvre
  7. Norfolk
  8. LasVellas
  9. Raanan Classic

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Condensed Fonts

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33+ Best Condensed Fonts (Free & Premium)

1. Devant Pro

Devant Pro
Devant Pro. Image credit: Envato Elements

When it comes to modern sans-serif typefaces for websites, Devant Pro is a perfect choice. This font is also bold and striking to look at when included on any material it’s added on despite its basic appearance. This condensed font is perfect for posters, banners, events, headlines, and any other design that requires simple yet bold messaging.

Also, Devant Pro comes in 9 different font variants which are available in OTF, TTF, EOT and WOFF making it convenient for developers and designers alike. You may format this skinny font typeface in light, medium, bold, italic and monospace formats as required for your design.

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2. Bondie

Bondie - Condensed Sans Serif Font
Bondie – Condensed Sans Serif Font. image credit: Envato Elements

Bondie – Condensed Sans Serif Font has solid font files and is a striking condensed sans serif. The compact solid font serves as its foundation, making it perfect for for logos, quotes, posters, branding, name cards, stationary, blog headers, art quotes, typography, and so much more!

For those very reasons, this font bundle is one of our absolute favorites!


3. Davidas

Davidas. Image credit: Encato Elements

Davidas is a perfect choice for creative projects such as advertisements, blog design, sport design, card invitations, and more. It helps your creative projects stand out with its bold look.

Your creative projects will look even more lively and upbeat if you use Davidas font as it comes with a clean and precise set of characters.


4. Essenziale 

Essenziale. Image credit: Envato Elements

The ezzenziale font family demonstrates class and contemporary cleanliness like no other fonts. It exudes style and is popular among creative professionals that want to stand out from the crowd. Websites that want to present a modern and minimalist outlook can opt for the Ezzenziale font. It is composed of 8 sets of fonts, which include Slab, Bold Weights, Bold, Regular along with their corresponding true italics.

5. Nailhead

Nailhead. Image credit: Envato Elements

A simple and elegant font, Nailhead is a gentle and narrow serif font. It is suitable for a wide variety of projects. This font comes in handy in wedding invitations, banners, poster designs and is perfect for both print and digital designs. It is available in both uppercase and lowercase letters.

The great thing about Nailhead font is that it also has a few vintage elements as well.


6. Louvre

Louvre. Image credit: Envato Elements

If you are working on high-end branding projects, then you should definitely check out the Louvre font. It has a luxurious and artistic style. The unique letters of the Louvre font will make your logos look even more amazing.

It is perfect for logos, headers of luxury goods and services websites, high-end business cards, and more.


7. Norfolk

Norfolk. Image credit: Envato Elements

Norfolk is a perfect combination of versatility and elegance. It will give your creative projects a simple and clean look. The Norfolk font is in a league of its own when it comes to classy and clean looking fonts.

You can use Norfolk font in posters, banners, and logos.


8. LasVellas

Lasvellas. Image credit: Envato Elements

LasVellas is a fashionable and bold font. It comes in 4 styles. The LasVellas font will help you deliver really memorable creative projects. Perfect for luxury and high-end brands, you can use it for magazines, signage, logos, quotes, headlines, and much more.


9. Raanan Classic

Raanan Classic — A classic sans condensed font
Raanan Classic. Image credit: Envato Elements

Raanan is a classy addition to the classic sans font family. The font is packed with all basic glyphs. It is available in three versions – Regular, Light, Round & Bold and covers the entire spectrum of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and non-English characters.

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The great thing about Raanan is that it fits perfectly in almost every creative design. With its robust and classic appearance and multilingual support, Raanan is an appropriate choice for any modern or traditional mode of communication. You can use it conveniently in headlines, lettering, posters, magazine headings, books as well as in presentations, logos, and web layouts.


10. Beaver

Beaver. Image credit: Envato Elements

Some fonts are so cute that it makes people glued to the creatives. Beaver font is one such font. It has a design similar to those of handwritten letters written in beautiful handwriting. The beaver font is perfect for fun and entertaining projects like posters, flyers, child books & comics.


11. Yafeu

Yafeu. Image credit: Envato Elements

Yafeu is a delicately stylized sans serif typeface. This exquisitely fashioned font comes in two types – Regular and Round. It is available in uppercase and lowercase letters, along with numbers and punctuations, and consists of all basic glyphs. Yafeu truly exudes a sense of luxury.

It is a great option to use in magazines, logos, invitations, texts, presentations, posters, weddings, social media, product design, stationery, and advertising.

12. Halcyon

Halcyon. Image credit: Envato Elements

Halcyon is a futuristic condensed typeface, perfect for portraying completeness without eating up space. It belongs to the Sans-Serif family and is tall and rounded in appearance. There are two available versions of this font – Regular and Bold. You can toggle between the versions using caps lock.

It is known for its sense of minimalism. If you are looking for a perfect font for designing book covers and film posters, then you should check out this font. Halcyon is available for uppercase alphabets, numbers, and punctuations.


13. The Forest Line

The Forest Line — One of the best condensed fonts for futuristic design
The Forest Line. Image credit: Envato Elements

The Forest line is a unique typeface with condensed spacing. As the condensed version of Forest Line Extended font, this typeface is available in three versions: Light, Regular and Bold. Consisting of options for regular alphabets, numerals, and all basic glyphs, the Forest line is the perfect choice for a large display or poster design.

Along with excellent space utilization features, the typeface gives off a trendy and creative vibe.

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14. Highrush

Highrush. Image credit: Envato Elements

Highrush is a classy variety of the sans-serif family that combines the styles of condensed and handwritten typefaces. You can use condensed as the main text and handwritten as secondary, and vice-versa. The design covers a wide possible range of utility with specified designs for uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations, accented characters, ligatures, and custom swashes.

Its ligatures impart uniqueness. Equipped with minutely designed consistency in spacing, Highrush finds itself apt for a diverse variety of end-use. With Highrush font, you can create a pretty good contrast. This tall skinny font is perfect for magazines, posters, merchandise, apparel, social media posts, storefront, and more.


15. Talios

Talios — One of the best condensed fonts
Talios. Image credit: Envato Elements

The Talios font is well-known for its use in posters, logos, branding, quotes, and blog header. It is a creative sans-serif font and has a tall and narrow style. It adds a unique look to websites and promotional materials. You cannot go wrong with Talios if you use it for the titles and headings of your websites and blogs.



16. Robinson Urban Rough

Robinson Urban Rough
Robinson Urban Rough. Image credit: Envato Elements

Robinson Urban Rough belongs to the sans-serif font family. Inspired by the olden days’ style of vintage newspapers, the font suits best in scenarios where smaller text follows a bold and attractive title. It has normal spacing and thus, the font is ideal for urban designs such as magazines, posters, music album covers.

The font consists of all basic glyph styles along with specified designs for alphabets, numerals, and punctuations. Its filled letters and rough textures exude a grungy style.


17. Rolves

Rolves. Image credit: Envato Elements

Rolves is another classy addition to the modern sans-serif family. It is a perfect fusion of pure geometry and well-measured optical balance. The Rolves font has been specifically developed to add a touch of simplicity to creative projects.

The low contrast of strokes and mildly squarish shape makes it perfect for use in a logo, branding, stationery, design title, blog header, art quote, typography, DIY projects, and pop vintage designs. Developed with an organic sense of logic, the structure of Rolves gives off a trendy vibe.


18. Newston

Newston. Image credit: Envato Elements

Newston belongs to the family of serif typefaces, and it is available in four different varieties. This normally spaced font is known for its minimalist elegance. Newston is a perfect fit for creating something that goes beyond the headline.

It is contoured with a medium contrast of strokes, and this makes Newston apt for modern typographical designs.


19. Marinaio

Marinaio. Image credit: Envato Elements

Marinaio is an elegant addition to the handcrafted typeface design varieties of the serif family. This font is inspired by rubber-stamping and carving. Apart from alphabets, numerals, and punctuations, the font consists of many alternate ligatures.

The narrow and gently curvy nature and softened edges grant marinaio a vintage printing vibe, making it perfect for business cards, coffee table books, letterhead, invitations, and more.


20. Willomac Hipster Font Combo 

Willomac Hipster Font Combo
Willomac Hipster Font Combo. Image credit: Design Cuts

One of the more traditionally professional fonts among the bunch, Willomac is a font family consisting of three distinct and contrasting fonts: a monoline, script, a sans, and a bold display face. For bold compositions, combine all three. 


21. Cordoba – Font Duo (+EXTRA) 

Cordoba - Font Duo (+EXTRA)
Cordoba – Font Duo. Image credit: Envato Elements

Cordoba is Just the right amount of clean and grunge! Featuring sans and serif aesthetics, this Envato pick is a decent option if you’re looking for prim and professional fonts. Creative without being too freaky, this pick will shine the brightest in apparel projects and branding efforts. 


22. Phillnesia Typeface 

Phillnesia Typeface
Phillnesia Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

A catchy Victorian-style font, the Phillnesia Typeface is one of the older-looking picks from the list. Thick, stylish, and derivative of an era, this font is perfect for thematic projects and branding initiatives that relate to the yesteryears. 


23.  Duncaster – Display Typeface

Duncaster - Display Typeface
Duncaster – Display Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

Retrospective of handwritten fonts you’d see on placards from years ago, Envato’s Duncaster – Display Typeface is personable, attractive, and conventionally cute. Perfect for a myriad of design projects, this font will shine the most in initiatives involving lifestyle products and advocacy campaigns. 


24. Troyline – Font Duo (+Logotype)

Troyline - Font Duo (+Logotype)
Troyline – Font Duo. Image credit: Envato Elements

One of the more elegant choices from the bunch, Troyline contains two fonts—the organic script and the sans. Suitable for arguably any creative endeavor, this find is reminiscent of coffee brands, cafes, and lifestyle-centric projects. 


25. Abang Typeface 

Abang Typeface
Abang Typeface. Image credit: Envato Elements

Abang is a sans serif font and has a clean and simple vintage style. It has an old-world vintage-style charm that makes it look even better. The Abang font contains uppercase alphabets in combination with symbols and numbers.

If you want your website to have a dark and artistic vibe, you should go for the Abang Typeface font. It is perfect for vintage headers, logos, and vintage-style websites.


26. Cedric

CEDRIC - A Classy Condensed Font
Cedric. Image credit: Envato Elements

With broad strokes paired with these lines, Cerdric makes for a more modern typeface on this list of condensed fonts. Although several fonts on this list are aesthetically pleasing, few come close to being this adventurous and Cedric is a font that works on various different types of designs.

This classy condensed font fits perfectly for luxurious and elegant branding and promotional requirements that may come your way. This tall font also available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats which makes it quite convenient to work with.

When it comes to symmetry that makes a bold and classy statement, Cedric is the most suitable and condensed typeface to work with.


27. Minty March

Minty March
Minty March. Image CRedits: Envato Elements

Minty March is a condensed Serif Font. It is a beautiful handwritten font that works well even when paired with the Script font. They are ideal for cards, invitations, logos, and designing posters for special events. It is featured with uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, ligatures, and international characters.


28. Mightyline

Mightyline. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you are looking out for the ultra Condensed font, Mightyline font is an ideal choice for your creative projects. This font comes with a set of stylish ligatures and alternatives and is a perfect choice for projects like logos, brandings, name cards, magazine layouts, headers, or large-scale artwork.

The Mightyline family font includes a clean and serif font with both upper and lowercase letters and is the best ultra condensed font family with 136 characters. It also supports multiple languages and features numbers and punctuation marks.  


29. Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family

Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family
Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Are you searching for a layered condensed font? Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family is an ideal choice that has a vintage look and is a layered condensed font family. It is an ideal choice for  label designs, headlines, signage, posters, greeting cards, letterhead, t-shirts and other projects.

This font family collection features styles with five layers and vintage scrolls, panels, and ornaments.  This font family is available in two styles: The first one is Bilcase fonts which are a layered style that is contextual and contains stylistic alternate and ligature with both capital and small letters. 

The second is Bilcase extras which are the expanded version of the main font containing panels, ribbons, and ornaments. You can access the OpenType feature can through software that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw.


30. Griphead Modern Condensed Font

Griphead Modern Condensed Font
Griphead Modern Condensed Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you want a condensed font with a modern touch, then Griphead Modern Condensed Font is an ideal choice. This condensed font has simple, geometric characters with soft round edges and a modern look. 

This is designed to be versatile as it is simple yet gives a bold and even playful vibe to your designs and creative projects. It comes with 252 glyphs and also gives out extensive Latin script support. 

It also includes upper and lowercase sans serif characters making the font to be used in a large variety of applications, from digital and print designs to website headers, posters, flyers, and much more. It comes in OTF file format helping you to grab the attention of viewers. 


31. Briztle

Briztle. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Condensed fonts or in other words robust display fonts available on the web in large numbers, which makes choosing the best font a worrisome task. Among these strong display fonts, Briztle is an ideal choice which is a stylish brushy condensed typeface ideal for any of your projects. 

This condensed typeface with solid stroke brush styles gives a very fresh, modern, and classy look to your display projects. This condensed font is perfect for headlines, quotes, magazine covers, editorial designs, print posters, signage, window shop design, and more. It comes with.OTF, .TTF, and . WOFF file formats support languages such as Central/Eastern Europe, English, and Western European languages. 


32. Delaroca

Delaroca. Image credit: Envato Elements

Delaroca has a gothic era design and is a perfect fit for creative projects with a hardcore cultural vibe. It is a headline font that has been specifically designed with high precision for a well-crafted geometric look. You can use it for posters, filters, and similar crafts with strong and bold messaging. It can be used in both body text and taglines.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a condensed font?

A Condensed font is a typeface that has narrower set-width than your typical font. These fonts have narrow and long lettering to help add a more elegant and contemporary look to the designs they’re included on. Most of the time, these fonts are sans-serif typefaces, however, there are quite a few serif and script options we’ve included on this list.

What are the best condensed fonts overall?

Tailos and Essenzale are our top picks for condensed fonts. These two fonts have a contemporary and clean look that make them perfect for branding and promotional material.

What is the best condensed script font?

Troyline is our pick for the best condensed script font overall. This distinctive font has a retro, yet sleek look to it that makes it perfect for more elegant branding requirements.

The best condensed fonts for a futuristic look?

When it comes to a futuristic look Talios , Halcyon and Forest Line are the best fonts to pick. These three fonts would fit right in on a sci-fi movie or a video game and add an unknown and futuristic element to any design.


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