30+ Best Cricut Fonts in 2024 (Free & Premium)

30+ Best Cricut Fonts in 2024 (Free & Premium)

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If you’re in the market for the best Cricut fonts, this feature is for you!

The arts and crafts industry is booming, and Cricut machines are one of many solid proofs that more people are exploring that space in the creative sector.

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For both hobbyists and business owners alike, Cricut machines continue to be a worthy investment as these inventive tools allow them to complete crafty projects much more efficiently.

Whether you’re working on pop-up cards, stickers, pieces of vinyl, wall decals, fabric, or other neat creations, we’ve gathered all of the best Cricut fonts you can incorporate in your next design!

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10+ Best Cricut Fonts in 2024

  1. Palace Calligraphy Font YH
  2. Wild Hazelnut
  3. Collean
  4. Apple Juice
  5. Hinsa
  6. Mateo
  7. Little Peanut
  8. King Crayon
  9. Wedges
  10. Sunshine

For the complete list, scroll on!

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What is a Cricut machine?

If you haven’t already gotten the privilege of hearing about Cricut machines, these things are instruments that allow you to cut a variety of materials meant for arts and crafts projects. From custom t-shirts and stickers to greeting cards and fabric, these machines streamline crafting efforts, making it much, much easier to complete projects.

That said, all popular cricut fonts are fonts designed specifically for Cricut machines. In other words, these fonts are made to help creators better translate and incorporate their ideas into the merchandise and items they make.

Interested? Then be sure to check out our posts on the best Cricut machines or head straight to the Cricut store. Also see our feature on Cricut vs Silhouette.


Unlimited Font Downloads at Envato Elements

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30+ Best Cricut & Silhouette Fonts in 2024

1. Palace Calligraphy Font YH

Palace Calligraphy Font YH -Best Cricut Fonts
Palace Calligraphy Font YH. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you’re in the business of creating child-friendly items, Palace Calligraphy Font YH is a fantastic pick for a Cricut font.

Packed with uppercase and lowercase letters, basic punctuation marks, and accent characters, this modern calligraphy set is a pretty set to start with.

In our opinion, this font would look great on bags, aprons, and other toys made for children. It’s also suitable for birthday invitations, banners, and more.


2. Wild Hazelnut

Wild Hazelnut - Handwritten Font - Cricut Fonts
Wild Hazelnut – Handwritten Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Is a handwritten font right up your alley? Consider Wild Hazelnut. Playful, fresh, and jovial, this rounded font set is a great addition to both promotional giveaways and personalized items. Loaded with letters, numbers, and punctuation marks, the sky is the limit with this set.

Aside from food-related items, we were able to use this font for book covers, signages, posters, and other playful projects. The font comes in OTF, WOFF, and TTF formats as well.


3. Collean

Collean Monoline Signature Font
Collean Monoline Signature Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Monoline signature fonts are a lot of creatives’ staple visual solutions. Because these picks naturally radiate sophistication and cleanliness, it’s easy to incorporate them into a myriad of marketing materials and merchandise.

If this is the aesthetic route you’re taking, Collean won’t disappoint.

We liked using this font for wedding invitations, social media posts, stationery, and other projects that require an elegant touch.

We noticed a collection of glyphs, ligatures, and alternates in the font pack. It also includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and multilingual support.


4. Apple Juice

Apple Juice Font
Apple Juice Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

You don’t have to open a fruit stand to make great use of Envato’s Apple Juice Cricut font pack. Sporting quirky lines and child-like penmanship, this set is easily anyone’s favorite because of how organic it feels.

As if written by an actual kid, this playful contender will look good on printed materials and beyond. An imaginative font ideal for invitations, doodles, book covers, signage, and titles.


5. Hinsa

Hinsa Cute Display Font
Hinsa Cute Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another dainty children’s Cricut font set many might come to love is Hinsa. Featuring thick lines with rounded edges, this kiddy display font is the perfect visual solution for shirts, stickers, and tangible marketing pieces.

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We observed that this font pack is also suitable for book covers, advertisements, packaging, and labels. It comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats, is easy to install, and is compatible with Mac and PC.


6. Mateo

Mateo - The Handwritten Cute Font
Mateo – The Handwritten Cute Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you’re going for a cute hand-written cricut font aesthetic, Mateo is a superb choice. Thick, rounded, and distinct in its own right, this set uses bold structures and makes no use of any gaps inside its characters.


7. Little Peanut

Little Peanut Font
Little Peanut Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Whether or not you have a nut allergy won’t matter. Little Peanut is a cute cricut font set that’s designed to compliment apparel projects, greeting cards, and other tangible marketing items. Be as creative as you possibly can with this pick!


8. King Crayon

King Crayon Font
King Crayon Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Multipurpose handmade cricut fonts are some of the best aesthetic choices when designing posters, wall decals, and signages. Not only do they add depth and character to a space, but they also make for bold statement pieces. On that note, King Crayon delivers greatly.


9. Wedges

Wedges - Fun Rounded Weight Font
Wedges – Fun Rounded Weight Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If rounded-weight fonts are what your designs call for, consider Wedges. Plump and anything but sharp, this contender highlights circular corners and thick lines, allowing creatives to easily send bold and fun messages across.


10. Sunshine

Sunshine Monogram Font
Sunshine Monogram Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Sunshine is a floral decorative cricut font that’s made to augment social media art cards and dainty stationery sets. Pretty, eye-catching, and theme-driven, this pick is a swell option for those wanting to curate strong and consistent efflorescent designs.

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11. Opulent

Opulent Font + SVG
Opulent Font + SVG. Image Credits: Creative Market

Arguably one of our favorites, Opulent is a script cricut font set that’s reminiscent of watercolors and paintings. A snazzy collection of hand-lettered modern calligraphy, this versatile brush font is made to deliver wherever you put it.

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12. Farmhouse Lemonade

Farmhouse Lemonade Handwritten Font
Farmhouse Lemonade Handwritten Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Farmhouse Lemonade is a bouncy handwritten cricut font teeming with charisma and personality. Suitable for mugs, bags, calendars, and posters, this one is a flexible find that’s sure to be delivered anywhere.


13. Brunella Script

Brunella. Image Credits: Creative Market

Brunella Script is a modern calligraphy design that’s elegantly familiar. Reminiscent of Pinterest quotes and picture frame fillers, this find is a relatable aesthetic solution people are proven to enjoy looking at.


14. Elementary

Elementary. Image Credits: Creative Market

Another fun handwritten cricut font here is Elementary. Sporting an all-capital alphabet, this set radiates authenticity and familiarity. Suitable for shirt designs, frames, mugs, and all sorts of merchandise, there’s a lot you can play with here.


15. Wreath Monograms

Wreath Monograms Dingbat Font
Wreath Monograms Dingbat Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Whether you’re designing pillows or art prints, Wreath Monograms is a fantastic circuit font option. Loaded with two versions, this contender is a great pick for those wanting to put out Greek-inspired pieces.


16. Just Cosmic

Just Cosmic Font + Logos
Just Cosmic Font + Logos. Image Credits: Design Cuts

A serif font with 25 bonus logos? Sign us up! One of the funkier options from the list, Just Cosmic sports cursive-leaning letters that merge both modern and vintage energies.

Perfect for branding efforts and marketing materials, this set naturally adds character to merchandise.


17. Lumios Marker

Lumios Marker
Lumios Marker. Image Credits: Design Cuts

While Lumios Marker isn’t an aesthetic we haven’t seen before, this find makes for a great choice for greeting cards and t-shirt printouts. Youthful, fresh, and zesty, this set is great for a lot of things!


18. The Cafe Americana

The Cafe Americana – Sign Painter Font Family
The Cafe Americana – Sign Painter Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Are you whipping up items for a new restaurant? Check out The Cafe Americana. Suitable for kitchen items, tumblers, jars, and signages, this Cricut font set is a visual message on its own.


19. Leafletter Monogram

Leafletter Monogram Font Kit
Leafletter Monogram Font Kit. Image Credits: Creative Market

There are thousands of awesome font choices online but picks that are hand-illustrated like Leafletter Monogram naturally leave us wanting for more. It’s catchy, a sight to behold, and beautifully distinct; perfect for wedding materials and so much more!


20. Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy - Decorative Serif family
Pretty Boy – Decorative Serif family. Image Credits: Creative Market

Arguably one of the most memorable Cricut fonts on the list is Pretty Boy. Featuring five weights and an ornament, this contender feels young and hip. Use this set for whatever you can!


21. Cultured Handwriting Font

Cultured Handwriting Font
Cultured Handwriting Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Cultured is a handwriting cricut font with a natural feel that looks exactly like handwriting. It includes multiple ligatures with mesmerizing curves and a beautiful style. It is designed to be used for beautiful, special, and romantic events.

These stands are suitable for social media posts to grab the attention of the viewers.


22. Retro Vibes Font

RetroVibes Fonts
RetroVibes Fonts. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Retro Vibes Font is a handwritten cricut font that references the 1970s. It is perfect for video scenes, motivational quotes, and posters and synergizes with distortion effects.

Retro Vibes comes with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, accents, numbers, punctuation marks, and additional letters (In what way? Are the variants?, and symbols?

The file format of this font includes the .OTF/.TTF.


23. Geshana Wedding Font

Geshana. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Geshana is the modern penmanship cricut font that works well for wedding festivities, making it ideal for creating an attractive wedding script font.

This font can adapt itself to different situations and create spectacular designs.

This font provides multi-lingual support and ligatures.


24. Like Totally

Like Totally
Like Totally. Image Credits: Creative Market

Like Totally is a retro-type handwritten cricut font. The font comes in three different styles: Regular, Outline, and Shadow. You may layer these fonts to create fun words and quotations. This font is perfect for Procreate, branding, shirts, stickers, social media platforms, and more.


25. Font Play Kids

Playkids. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Font Play Kids is a fun-loving and playful cricut font that displays extreme amusement. It is the perfect font for any children’s activity at school.

Font Play Kids font set consists of the PTF/TTF/WOFF file formats and multi-lingual support.


26. Honey Peach

Honey Peach
Honey Peach. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Honey Peach Script is a fun-loving cricut font with an artistic look. This font draws inspiration from Cricut fonts which are the ideal choice for projects that require a handwritten touch. You may use the font for various designs like merchandise and invitation cards.


27. Kindly

Kindly. Image Credits: Creative Market

Kindly is a single-line script cricut font is available with 14 other fonts for US$15. The font is perfect for branding, crafting, Procreate, wedding decorations, shirts, stickers, and more.

Kindly is the perfect cursive font that works fine for any design-related work.


28. Rain Forest Fountain

Rain Forest Fountain
Rain Forest Fountain. Image credits: Envato Elements

The Rain Forest Fountain font is a cute display font. This Cricut font is created by Salt and Pepper Fonts. This font has a wildlife setup designed with cute-looking animals and birds. This Cricut font could be great to use on birthday cards, invitations, magazines, book covers, children’s story books, comic books, baby products, branding, T-shirt printing, coffee mugs, and more.

The Rain Forest Fountain cricut font is easily accessible on Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word. It contains.OTF and .TTF format. This font is simple to install and easy to use.


29. Wild Gang – Chunky Graffiti Font

Wild Gang- Chunky Graffiti Font
Wild Gang- Chunky Graffiti Font. Image credits: Envato Elements

The Wild Gang Graffiti font is a cool cricut font. You can use this chunky cricut font on your designs to make it look attractive. This font would look great on party banners, sports banners, logos, wall art, illustrations, labels, stickers, headlines, and more.

This graffiti cricut font contains TTF Wild Gang Graffiti Metrics WOFF Wild Gang Graffiti Metrics. It contains symbols, numbers, punctuation, and alternates. This Cricut font is also available in multiple languages.


30. Bloomy Sans Serif 

Bloomy Sans Serif
Bloomy Sans Serif. Image credits: Envato Elements

The Bloomy Sans Serif Font looks aesthetically pleasing. This Cricut font is ideal to use on wedding invitations, thanksgiving cards, wallpaper, branding, headlines, movie titles, and more. The Bloomy Cricut font is easy to install and use.

This font contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, symbols, special characters, and stylistic alternates. This Cricut font is easily compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Procreate, and Cricut design space. This font is available in.OTF, .TTF formats. It also supports multiple languages.

31. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

If you are searching for a highly versatile Sans typeface, JUST Sans is an ideal choice. Unlike popular Cricut fonts, JUST Sans is highly versatile with geometric legibility, modernist warmth, endearing, and also with a distinctive friendly bite.

It is designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, it is both serious as well as a subtle and friendly font. It gives out a neutral but warm expression, technical but not too overt, and familiar but unique enough to make sure to stand on its own.

JUST Sans is an elegant contemporary typeface with open-airy characters a generous width and sharp angled terminals that give it grip and make it so expressively endearing.

It is a perfect choice for those who love modern sans-serif fonts in warm, open, and expressive style.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


Our Favorite Cricut & Silhouette Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our top picks in the category below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smallest font size that a Cricut machine can cut?

A Cricut machine can cut a font size as small as ¼ or 0.25 inches. Cricut Sans and Pacifico are two of the best fonts for those small projects.

What font formats does Cricut support?

OTF format is the most commonly used Cricut font. If the fonts you found aren’t OTF, TTF also works.

What is the standard Cricut font?

The standard Cricut font that you’ll find on Design Space is Cricut Sans. However, that doesn’t mean other fonts aren’t compatible with Cricut.

Best Cricut & Silhouette Fonts Summary

Ultimately, the best Cricut fonts in 2024 are all brilliant finds, each created to make your tangible designs look and feel stunning. From mugs to pillowcases and wall art to stickers, the picks on this list have been carefully selected to ensure you get to articulate all of your greatest ideas.

All that mentioned, we hope our round-up of the most popular Cricut fonts this year helped you streamline your search! If you found any font that you liked from our list, share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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