30+ Best Cursive Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

30+ Best Cursive Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logos

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Whether for logo design, prints, or other creative needs, the best cursive fonts will elevate your project, add a touch of personality to your work, and reflect your style. A typeface that is elegant, familiar, and aesthetic will enhance your project’s professional appearance.

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of digital art or an experienced artist, fonts are an essential part of the design. To help you find the best and most trending cursive fonts out there, below are 30 fonts that you should consider for your next project.

Before we list our 30 favorite fonts, let’s go through a summary of what a cursive font is.

What is a Cursive font?

A cursive font is a type of penmanship in the style of un-joined handwriting. The characters are often written in a flowing manner, and it was initially created as a smoother, faster way to write. These types of fonts are trendy in design, illustration, and particularly in logo design.

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Top 30 Best Cursive Fonts for Logo Design, Graphic Design (Free and Premium)

The number of cursive fonts available is innumerable, but we are here to help you out. Here is a list of the best cursive fonts that you should know about!

  1. Honeydew — $18 
  2. Violette Font Pack — $16
  3. Spumante Font Family — $49
  4. Fabulous Script — Free with a subscription
  5. Flamingo — $19
  6. Samantha Script Font Family — $150
  7. November Starlight — $16
  8. Groovy — $19
  9. Mightype 04 — Free with subscription
  10. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface — Free with subscription
  11. California Sunset Font Family — Free with subscription
  12. Cherston — $18
  13. Beloved Script — Free with subscription
  14. Shelby Font Family — $52
  15. Sparkling — Free with subscription
  16. La Luxes — $25
  17. Seren Script — Free with subscription
  18. Groenly — $18
  19. Small Things — $10
  20. Burnt Rose — Free with subscription
  21. Belvedere Monoline Font Duo — $13
  22. Smoothy — $16
  23. Brightside — Free with subscription
  24. Dignity Cursive — Free with subscription
  25. Mythshire – $19
  26. Bleakerst — Free with subscription
  27. Montebello — $16
  28. Shepia Script – $11
  29. Artheim — Free with subscription
  30. Retro Party — Free with subscription


Best Cursive Fonts

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30 Best Cursive Fonts for Elegant, Pretty & Fancy Designs

1. Honeydew — $18 

Honeydew. Image credit: Design Cuts

This fresh and modern calligraphic font with monoline script style is one of the most stunning and striking fonts available. It is a modern twist on the classic cursive font taught in schools and is perfect for anything that requires a more sophisticated and urban look with its handmade style, decorative character, and a dancing baseline.

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Honeydew features 527 glyphs, including the complete Latin alphabet, numbers, punctuation, diacritics, and over 40 standard and discretionary ligatures. The sky’s the limit with this font, and you can use it for anything from social media and branding to advertising.


2. Violette Font Pack — $16

Violetta Font Pack. Image credit: Design Cuts

Violetta is a fresh and modern font with a beautiful flow that has been carefully hand-drawn with extra attention to exaggerated loops and bouncy curves. Perfect for any design that could use a sophisticated look.

This massive font pack comes with many layout options that you can use to create logos, invitations, product packaging, hand-written quotes, greeting cards, or anything requiring a sprinkle of elegance and a custom touch. Also included in this pack are 24 swashes that add a refined finishing touch to the script font.


3. Spumante Font Family — $49

Spumante Font Family. Image credit: Design Cuts

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Spumante is a slim, semi-connected script with slightly upright curves. This font has a classic feel with smoothed brush-script letterforms that bounce gently along the baseline and letters that vary slightly in their slant — attributes that create a lively mood.

The Spumante font family features over 200 swashes, alternates, ornaments, and titling alternates that you can use to design creative food packaging and menus, cosmetic labels, book covers, or greeting cards and invitations.


4. Fabulous Script — Free

Fabulous Script. Image credit: Envato

A classy font with a hint of vintage, this fabulous script has a timeless and eye-catching design perfect for personal and commercial purposes. It features a whopping 350+ glyphs and alternative characters divided into several open-type features such as Swash, Stylistic Sets, Stylistic Alternates and Contextual Alternates.

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5. Flamingo – $19

Flamingo. Image credit: Design Cuts

Flamingo is a modern handwritten script, and it is one of the most beautiful calligraphy fonts on the market that you can use for your projects. Each letter of this typeface has about 12-20 alternates that make each text look custom-made with its endless combinations.

If you are looking for a font that suits formal occasions such as weddings or other notable dates, you can’t go wrong with this font.

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6. Samantha Script Upright — $150

Samantha Script Upright. Image credit: Design Cuts

Created by Laura Worthington, the Samantha Script Upright font face features condensed characters and a measured rhythm. Samantha includes 60 ornaments and 45 catchwords, lining numerals and old-style numerals, and swash numerals that you can use to create eye-catching text and design.

This elegant cursive font is perfect for designs meant for extra special dates such as weddings and parties. It is available in upright or italic variants, each with regular and bold weights and features over 1,100 alternates and swash characters that vary in size and complexity.


7. November Starlight — $16

November Starlight. Image credit: Design Cuts

Designed by Set Sail Studios, November Starlight is an elegant hand-painted script font with a light-hearted and carefree aura that shines through and resonates with its readers. The extra bouncy characters, long vertical brush strokes, and authentic hand-painted edges create a captivating design that is unique to this font.

It is bound to create a bold statement on any design or project that you use, from greeting cards and invitations to personalized logos and handwritten quotes.


8. Groovy — $19

Groovy. Image credit: Design Cuts

A throwback to the era of Groove, where bell-bottoms and rock and roll reigned superior. Groovy is a bold-retro script font inspired by the famous retro typography designs from the late ‘60s until the ‘70s. It has a total of 593 glyphs and also comes with an extra Extruded Font version, saving your time and effort for creating an extrude effect for this font.

This fonts’ flowing design exuberates a good vibe, and it is perfect for creating a logotype, t-shirt design, vintage packaging design, or for your blog.


9. Mightype 04 — Free

Mightype 04. Image credit: Envato

Mightype 04 is a brand new hand-lettering bundle that has been inspired by different combinations of letters from the hand-letterer artist on Instagram. This font’s unique characters have been created using various instruments like brush, pencil, drawing pen, and marker and enables you to add a distinctive and personal feel to your designs.

Mightype 04 also comes with eight fonts that complement each other and is an ideal choice for designs such as posters, logos, clothing, digital lettering, and wedding invitations. It also features Mightype Extras, which is more than 240 hand-sketched vectors that you can use to create beautiful projects in just minutes.


10. Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface — Free

Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface. Image credit: Envato

If you are looking for a premium font that is an excellent value for money, you must consider the Hipster Style Script and Sans Typeface. The typeface is a handmade monoline script and pair sans serif, inspired by vintage and retro culture with a modern touch, and comes with a ton of beautiful alternates.

It is perfect for branding projects, logo design, clothing branding, product packaging, or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image. For a discounted price, you get 5 Hipster Script Styles + 7 Simple Sans serif for a total of 12 font files in total! Talk about a bargain!


11. California Sunset Font Family — Free

California Sunset. Image credit: Envato

California Sunset instantly teleports you to the white sand beaches of California with layered sunset effects and a swirly script that feels homely and warm. This font family works as a perfect match, adding an elegant charm to any design or illustration you create.

The pack features a whopping eight fonts, four sans, and four scripts, so you can play with it and experiment all you like.


12. Cherston — $18

Cherston. Image credit: Design Cuts

Cherston is an elegant and luxurious font that comes in 10 distinct styles. Each character in this typeface is beautifully crafted and fits a wide range of designs such as wedding invitations, logo design, and more!


13. Beloved Script — Free

Beloved Script. Image credit: Envato

Beloved is a beautiful and modern handwriting script that is incredibly versatile. Designers can use it for any project products, such as wedding invitations, greeting cards, and a variety of other purposes.

This typeface has the appearance of natural handwriting, and its curvy and flowing design draws the reader’s eye and is perfect for giving your project a personal feel.


14. Shelby Font Family — $52

Shelby Regular. Image credit: Design Cuts

Another gem of a font by Laura Worthington, Shelby is friendly, relaxed, and casual; a monoline, semi-connected script typeface based on hand lettering. It has the appearance of natural handwriting and can be used to create captivating designs and headlines.

The font features ligatures, stylistic and contextual alternates, and 20 bonus ornaments to add a unique and classy touch to your text.


15. Sparkling — Free with a subscription

Sparkling. Image credit: Envato

Sparkling is a handwritten script font with a calligraphy style that looks stunning on invitations like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

It features a wide variety of glyphs, punctuation and includes multilingual support. All the characters in this typeface are PUA encoded, which means that you can completely access the alternate characters without any additional design software.


16. La Luxes — $25

La Luxes. Image credit: Design Cuts

La Luxes is a luxurious typeface consisting of an elegant script and ligature-rich serif. The font exudes radiance and feels premium, making it ideal for logo design, packaging, and branding for high-end labels.

It is available in 17 different languages, including French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Malay, and Turkish. You get eight bonus logo templates to create stunning logos in minutes to sweeten the deal.


17. Seren Script — Free

Seren Script. Image credit: Envato

Seren Script is a fun and retro artistic font that draws similarities with calligraphy. It features over 400 glyphs and comes with upper and lowercase characters along with support for international languages. Perfect for t-shirts, banners, posters, and more!


18. Groenly Script — $18

Groenly Script. Image credit: Design Cuts

Groenly is another font, inspired by the Retro style of the ‘70s in combination with hand-lettering style. It comes with many alternative ligature and swash characters giving you the freedom to experiment and express yourself as per your imagination.

The Groenly Script also includes open-type features such as alternative styles, set styles, and ligatures for various uses such as logos, posters, badges, t-shirt designs, posters, merchandise, and social media.


19. Small Things — $10

Small Things. Image credit: Design Cuts

Searching for a beautiful handwritten font? Small Things is a lovely hand-lettered typeface designed by Beck McCormick — a leading designer of original hand-lettered fonts. Smooth, elegant, and simple, this font resembles a signature and is full of personality yet clear and easy to read.


20. Burnt Rose — Free

Burnt Rose. Image credit: Envato

Elegant, modern, rich and graceful are just a few adjectives that describe Burnt Rose. This handcrafted calligraphy font will capture your audience’s attention and enhance your branding projects, printed materials, and website design.

It is ideal for any project that could use more style and includes Ligature & Stylistic Sets and Multilingual Support to help you create a truly international brand.


21. Belvedere Monoline Font Duo — $13

Belvedere Monoline Font Duo. Image credit: Design Cuts

Inspired by the timeless designs of the 40s and 50s, Belvedere is a monoline font family composed of a mono weight cursive script and a complementary sans-serif. It has an eye-catching 3D design with beautifully designed curves and a shadowy effect that is going to make your designs stand out.

Each of the 400 characters has been designed with optimum smoothness, which maximizes its charm and readability. This font duo features extensive alternates, ligatures, and swashes sets and comes with a collection of 26 hand-drawn vintage illustrations that have been included to perfectly match both the fonts’ styles as a bonus!


22. Smoothy — $16

Smoothy. Image credit: Design Cuts

Smoothy is a two-font family, based on designer Ian Barnard’s most popular hand-lettered style and consists of a mono weight cursive script and a subtly rounded sans serif. One highlight of this font is the gorgeous capital flourishes which can also be utilized as stand-alone monograms for logos.

This smooth typeface will add a personal touch to any project effortlessly and works great on both print and digital projects.


23. Brightside — Free

Brightside Image credit: Envato

Brightside is a beautiful handmade script with a natural appearance. It has looping ascenders and descenders with elegant uppercase forms.

This font is excellent for logos, printed quotes, invitations, greeting cards, painting design style, or any fancy design that you imagine with a natural and personal touch.


24. Dignity Cursive — Free

Dignity: Image credit: Envato

If you are looking for a unique and quirky font, then Dignity Script is the one for you! It is a monoline cursive script in a handwritten style and offers a break from the monotonous style of most cursive fonts.

Dignity is suitable for every use, whether for a brand, t-shirts, or personal blog. To add even more value to this deal, it comes with bonuses such as extra fonts and ornamental frames that you can add to your project.


25. Mythshire — $19

Mythshire. Image credit: Design Cuts

Mythshire is a hand script font that takes inspiration from the bygone years’ cursive and personality-rich vintage handwriting styles. It has an old-fashioned appearance and feel, which makes it perfect for any vintage-themed project.

It comes with a loaded set of alternate characters (both upper and lowercase) as well as over 40+ ligatures that you can get creative with. The design language might be vintage and retro, but Mythshire is incredibly versatile, and it will perfectly suit any project from wedding invites and stationery, vintage-inspired branding and logos, genealogy, and archival themed work.


26. Bleakerst — Free

Bleakerst. Image credit: Envato

Bleakerst is one of the best cursive fonts available for free. Well-known graphic designer Agga Swist’blnk created this unique cursive script. A modern font with a vintage touch, Bleakerst offers a realistic feel of handmade characters made in paint. It is perfect for your use if you have any unique branding or logo projects in mind.


27. Montebello — $16

Montebello. Image credit: Design Cuts

If you are looking for an elegant font that perfectly captures the ambiance of romance, then you must consider Montebello. This cursive script has beautiful flowing characters and fluidity that will brighten your day and any designs that you create.


28. Shepia Script — $11

Shepia Script. Image credit: Design Cuts

Shepia is a fun and quirky handwritten font that is based on a vintage style. It is surprisingly versatile and can be used for various purposes such as logos, wedding invitations, t-shirt, letterhead, signage, labels, news, posters, badges, and more!

This monoline cursive typeface features almost 390 glyphs, 188 alternative characters and includes stylistic alternates, ornament, swash, and more. To enable the OpenType Stylistic alternates, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7.


29. Artheim — Free

Artheim. Image credit: Envato

Artheim is a disruptive/ handwritten font with a design unlike no other font on this list. Designed by Brightone Art from Indonesia, this modern font is perfect if you wish to create hip and trendy designs such as t-shirt design, lettering design, logos, or social media posts. You can use it on your projects for free if you have an Envato subscription.


30. Retro Party — Free


Retro Party. Image credit: Envato

This font combines a classic with a modern retro style to create a classy and fun font that will appeal to all age groups. It strikes the perfect balance between vintage and modern, featuring various alternates to help you make great lettering.

Retro Party also supports multi-language. It is a fantastic choice if you want to create a retro design for logos, t-shirts, posters, branding, packaging, signage, and any other design that will fascinate Gen-Z and Millenials.


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30 Best Cursive Fonts

Fonts are best used in tandem with multiple pairs to make your design look elegant and captivating. So even if you can’t decide on just one font, the more fonts and options you have in your collection, the better!

The right font will add a whimsy feel and beauty that most free fonts simply cannot offer. This is why we at Just Creative have created this list featuring our favorite cursive fonts for every type of designer; from handwritten to bold and quirky, there are fonts that will suit your every need. We hope that you found this blog helpful in helping you find your new favorite font!

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