45+ Best Cute & Charming Fonts

45+ Best Cute & Charming Fonts

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The best cute & charming fonts can instantly make your designs more appealing. Check out our roundup below to see which ones you can use!

Whether you’re designing children’s books or finalizing marketing materials, there are endless reasons to maximize cute and quirky fonts.

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They set the mood, help communicate a message, and make texts easier to read! Whatever your purpose is for them, we hope this list of charming fonts helps you out with your fun design projects!

Top 10+ Cute & Charming Fonts

  1. Avocados – Cute Font
  2. Shaly Cute Font
  4. imoon Handwritten
  5. Sweet Honey – Handwritten Font
  6. Fragilly – A Cute Font
  7. Chiko &Owlie – Cute Font
  8. Kinglet – Cute Font Duo
  9. Fairytale – Cute Handwritten Font
  10. Midnight – Cute Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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45+ Best Charming & Cute Fonts

1. Avocados – Cute Font

Avocados - Cute Font

Of the many visual characteristics cute fonts possess, the most common ones are soft edges. Take a look at Avocados, for example. Its playful curves and thick structure give it a friendly and playful aesthetic.

Fonts with those vibes are our top picks for many marketing materials, headlines, signages, and even branding efforts! It makes your brand feel approachable, further attracting customers. The font also comes in TTF, OTF, and WOFF formats.


2. Shaly Cute Font

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Shaly Cute Font

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose handwritten font, then we recommend Shaly. Perfect for t-shirt designs, children-themed projects, and customized merchandise, this cute and playful font is chunky, legible, and complete with both uppercase and lowercase letters!

You’ll also find numbers, symbols, and other characters to cater to your design needs. The font also comes in OTF, TTF, and EOT formats.




One of our personal favorites on the list is HEYCOLD. As if written using a marker, this pick is chunky, sporting rounded edges and 3D-like shadows. It’s perfect for a whole bunch of design projects, from book covers to billboards!

It’s optimal at any size but since it comes in bold, it’s best used for signages, headlines, posters, and more. It has uppercase letters, punctuation, numbers, and multilingual support. The pack also includes files in OTF and TTF formats.

This font is as flexible as you want it to be.


4. imoon Handwritten

imoon Handwritten

Imoon is a handwritten font set that packs both uppercase and lowercase letters. On that note, we love this pick for its personable and intimate-inspired aesthetics. It easily draws people because it’s like a note left by a friend or family member.

And like the sets before this one, this also features soft edges. We used it for social media posts, advertisements, posters, logos, and stationeries. It comes in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats and is compatible with both Mac and Windows so it’s usable for a lot of media as well.


5. Sweet Honey – Handwritten Font

Sweet Honey – Handwritten Font

While Sweet Honey is still every inch a cute aesthetic, this one doesn’t display thick and rounded corners. Also a handwritten font, there are plenty of designs you can complete with this.

We’ve tried using this font for greeting cards, packaging, quotes, and illustrations which adds a sweet and casual vibe to the design.

Unlike imoon and Shaly, though, this one doesn’t come with lowercase letters but it has punctuation marks, symbols, and other characters.

We didn’t like that it only has support for English and comes in OTF format since those limit its uses.


6. Fragilly – A Cute Font

Fragilly - A Cute Font

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If you’re looking for a cute display font, then you can’t go wrong with Fragilly.

Complete with capital and small letters, this wavy-looking font pack is quirky, pleasing to look at, and packs a lot of personalities.

Use it for kid’s designs, family-targeted marketing materials, and a whole lot more!


7. Chiko &Owlie – Cute Font

Chiko &Owlie - Cute Font

Another “playful” font on the list is Chiko &Owlie. Packed with characters tall-looking characters, this lowercase-only font set is perfect for children’s designs, posters, and little book projects.


8. Kinglet – Cute Font Duo

Kinglet - Cute Font Duo

Great for infant wear designs and baby bottles, Kinglet is a playful font that sports long, wavy lines wrapped in curved edges. That said, this pick will also thrive in signages, branding efforts, fun magazine headlines, and more.


9. Fairytale – Cute Handwritten Font

Fairytale - Cute Handwritten Font

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Fairytale is reminiscent of the kinds of fonts you’d see in children’s storybooks. Featuring a slender, cursive-like aesthetic, this Creative Market resource is a great option for posters, children’s designs, and personalized merchandise designs!


10. Midnight – Cute Font

Midnight – Cute Font

Midnight is a cute, laid-back handwritten font that has an extremely welcoming vibe. This font will transform any creative concept into a true work of art, whether you’re looking for Instagram fonts or calligraphy scripts for home improvement projects!


11. Little Goose | Cute Font

Little Goose | Cute Font

Like many others here, Little Goose is reminiscent of children’s book cover designs. Featuring soft edges and thick structures, this font pack is best for quote cards, greeting cards, t-shirt designs, and other similar arts and crafts projects.


12. Polka Collecta – Bold Playful

Polka Collecta - Bold Playful

Featuring a variety of cuts, Polka Collecta is a playful display font. It comes in two styles, too: playful and regular. Perfect for artsy stationary designs, there are plenty of projects you can finish with this set.

From wallpapers to stickers and social media art cards to greeting cards, this one’s one of the more flexible picks here.


13. Wildkind | Boho Serif Font

Wildkind | Boho Serif Font

What makes Wildkind stand out from the rest of its contemporaries here is its capacity to extend class and sophistication.

Featuring a striking balance of thick and slender, characters here are fun to look at, immersive, and pack a lot of personalities!


14. Lava Lamp Font

Lava Lamp Font

Who says cute fonts have to only be playful? Lava Lamp is a groovy font pack that’s indicative of retro vibes. Also a hand-drawn font, this set will be perfect for stationery designs, t-shirt projects, tote bags, and a whole lot more!

This one isn’t just cute—it’s dainty too!


15. Cute Handwritten Font Bundle

Cute Handwritten Font Bundle

If you can’t get enough of the cute handwritten look, then you should download the Cute Handwritten Font Bundle. Loaded with 15 fonts, the picks in this selection range from thick and exaggerated to slender and sophisticated.


16. Sweet apricot | Handwritten Font

sweet apricot

If you’re not fond of downloading bundles, give Sweet apricot a try. Also a cute handwritten font, this cursive-inspired font set is dainty and perfect for a plethora of designs.

From kid’s posters to children’s book covers, there are plenty of visuals you can accomplish here.


17. Luddle Font Family

Luddle Font Family

Who says cute fonts always have to be playful? Luddle is a rounded sans serif that packs amicable energy without being appearing too strong or loud. Complete with uppercase and lowercase letters, this bundle is a set that’s apt for several themes and categories.


18. Mocha Cookies – Cute Font

Mocha Cookies - Cute Font

From menus to quote cards and headlines to signages, Mocha Cookies can do them all! A chunky and playful handwriting font, this all-uppercase pick is legible and easy to appreciate.

If you’re looking for an aesthetic that looks like it’s drawn out of a marker, you’re going to enjoy this.


19. Crispynut Kids Cute Font

Crispynut Kids Cute Font

Looking for a kids’ typeface? Try Crispynut. Composed of serif-rounded, bubble-like characters, the letters in this set are soft on the eyes and easy to read. From social media art cards to branding initiatives, there are plenty of things you’ll like about this one.


20. Just Squash | Cute Font

Just Squash | Cute Font

Just Squash is another stellar option in the category. Featuring wavy lines and rounded corners, this cute handwritten font is perfect for both marketing efforts and branding designs. Give this a try when you can!


21. Cotton Cloud – Kids Cute Font

cotton cloud kids cute font

One of the more distinct fonts on the list is Cotton Cloud. Designed with wiggly sides and, as expected, cotton-looking visuals, this all-uppercase font set is cute, a standout, and an immediate eye candy. Use this however you need to for an ocean of design projects!


22. Cute Fancy

Cute Fancy

Cute Fancy is an Envato find that’s reminiscent of pixel fonts. Nonetheless, it’s every bit cute and quirky. Great for game-inspired visuals and aesthetics geared primarily for kids and families, there are plenty of ways you can be creative with using this font pack.


23. CHEESEBURGA – Chubby Cute Font

CHEESEBURGA - Chubby Cute Font

Great for kiddy menus, marketing materials, book covers, and more, the CHEESEBURGA is a cute font that’s sure to deliver. Packing all uppercase letters and basic punctuation marks, the quirky font is chunky, legible, and perfect for a wide range of designs.


24. Green | Natural Cute Font

Green | Natural Cute Font

Another awesome pick among the selection is Green. Fantastic for advocacy-driven designs and formal projects, this font pack does a swell job of maintaining both cute and classy aesthetics without overdoing it.


25. Children Book Kids – Cute Font

Children Book Kids - Cute Font

From coloring books to story books, Children Book Kids can complete them all! Loaded with both uppercase and lowercase letters, each of this set’s characters is designed to allow youngsters to enjoy good reads!

If you’re whipping up a publication project for toddlers or grade schoolers, you’re going to like this!


26. Friendship – A Cute Handwritten Font

Friendship - A Cute Handwritten Font

If what you’re looking for is a font pack that utilizes a combination of uneven-sized characters, then you’re going to like Friendship. Also packed with all capital letters only, this cute font set is playful, quirky, and great for wacky marketing materials!


27. Dinosaur – Cute FontDinosaur – Cute Font

If you’re looking for a cute font with a prehistoric touch, perhaps Dinosaur is what you’re looking for. Composed of all-capital letters with basic punctuation marks, this font set is playful, thematic, and perfect for children’s designs and kiddie projects!


28. Allea Sweet Display Handwritten

Allea Sweet Display Handwritten

A great option for Pinterest quotes and cute posters is the Allea Sweet Display Handwritten font. Sporting rounded corners and chunky sides, this pick is great for posters, headlines, book covers, branding efforts, and a ton more! Use it however you deem fit.


29. Spooky Things – Cute Halloween Font

best cute fonts

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy Spooky Things anymore. Packed with uppercase-inspired letters and a whole bunch of punctuation marks, this sans-serif display font is funky, quirky, and with a lot of personalities!


30. Secret Forest – Cute Font

Secret Forest – Cute Font

It’s no secret that Secret Forest is arguably one of the cutest, no-frills fonts on the internet today. Featuring curvy edges and rounded corners, this easy-to-read font pack is loaded with both uppercase and lowercase letters, making it a terrific choice for a whole lot of designs and projects!


31. Charming

A classy and decorative font

Looking for the perfect font to elevate your branding and logo designs? Look no further than Charming! As professional creatives, we love this font for its elegant and unique style that is perfect for any project.

Our experience using Charming has been nothing but positive. We love the combination of classy and decorative elements that add a touch of sophistication to any design.

This typeface is quite versatile, as it includes capital and lowercase characters, multilingual symbols, digits, and punctuation.
What we liked most about Charming is how easy it is to create a unique and memorable design with just one font.

The included file types, including charming-classy.otf and charming-decorative.otf, make it easy to use in any design software.

Overall, Charming is a must-have font for any designer looking to elevate their work. With its elegant and versatile design, you’re sure to love the results you get from this font.


32. Charming Smile

A charming font for multiple selections

Looking to add some charm and vintage flair to your designs? Look no further than the Charming Smile font!

As professional creatives, we were immediately drawn to the playful yet stylish design of this font. With its various alternative characters, this font offers even more value to an already impressive product.

We found it perfect for social media posts, cover designs, stickers, and more.

Our experience using this font was a true delight. The uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, and punctuation were all easy to work with and looked fantastic in our designs.

However, we didn’t like that it did take some trial and error to find the perfect alternate characters.

Therefore, you may also want to try Charm Man. Overall, we highly recommend the Charming Smile font for anyone looking to add a unique touch to their designs.

With its vintage style and multiple features, this font is a must-have in your design toolbox.


33. Charming and Beautiful Font

A creative font for your next project

As professional creatives, we absolutely adore the Charming and Beautiful font. It’s perfect for bloggers, influencers, and logo designers who want to add a touch of elegance to their designs.

We’ve used this font on several projects, and we’re impressed with its versatility. The letters are beautifully designed, and the curves are smooth, making them easy to read and visually appealing.

We appreciate that it comes in both OTF and TTF formats, making it compatible with most design software.

The web fonts are also available in EOT, SVG, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats, making them ideal for websites.The instant download feature is a huge plus, saving us time and effort.

We’re also pleased with the free updates and extended licensing, allowing us to use this font worry-free. Overall, we highly recommend the Charming and Beautiful font to anyone looking for a high-quality, elegant font.

It’s versatile, easy to use, and adds a touch of sophistication to any design.


34. Rosted Charm

A playful font with unique colors used

As professional creatives, we highly recommend the Rosted Charm font. Its fun and charming display style adds a playful touch to any design, making it perfect for children’s book illustrations, cartoon designs, and more.

We appreciate the versatility of this font and its inclusion of both OTF and TTF formats, as well as WOFF2, making it compatible with most design software.

The A-Z character set, numerals, and punctuations in OpenType Standard are a great addition, as are the stylistic alternates, multilingual support, and ligatures.

Overall, the Rosted Charm font is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a playful and versatile display font. It’s easy to use and adds a touch of charm to any design project.


35. Charming Holiday Handwritten Font

A unique font typeface for your needs

Looking for a font to take your creative designs to the next level? Look no further than this versatile and stylish font!

With OTF, WOFF, and TTF files included, it’s perfect for a wide range of digital and printed projects, from posters to social media posts and branding.

We love how easy Charming Holiday font is to use, and its sleek and modern design adds an extra layer of sophistication and style to our work. Plus, with a variety of styles available, the creative possibilities are endless!

However, one thing we didn’t like is that some of the font styles are quite similar to each other, which can make it difficult to differentiate between them.

Additionally, we found that the font doesn’t work as well for larger blocks of text and is better suited for headings and titles.

Thus, you can also try CharmingAnneta. Overall, despite these minor drawbacks, we highly recommend this font to any fellow creatives looking to elevate their work.

Try it out for yourself and take your work to the next level!


36. Angel Charms

A cute font selection unique colors

Looking for a charming font to add some personality and whimsy to your designs? Look no further than Angel Charms!

This adorable handwritten font is sure to bring a smile to your face and add a playful touch to your work.

One of our favorite features of this font is the cute icons that come with it, easily accessible through OpenType features.

They add an extra layer of fun to any design, whether you’re creating a logo, wedding invitation, or social media post.

Overall, we highly recommend Angel Charms to fellow creatives looking to add some cuteness and whimsy to their work.

Its handwritten style and cute icons make it a must-have in any design arsenal. Give it a try and see the magic for yourself!

37. Stay Charming

A unique and elegant digital handwriting font

Looking for a font that will take your designs to the next level? Look no further than Stay Charming.

As professional creatives, we absolutely love this elegant script handwriting font with a calligraphy style.

It’s ideal for a wide range of projects, including greeting cards, branding materials, letterheads, quotations, flyers, and more.

We’ve put it through its paces and discovered that its Open Type features, including Stylistic Alternatives, Sets, Contextual Alternatives, SWASH, and Ligature choices, open up unlimited possibilities.

Furthermore, using PUA Unicode, all alternate characters are simply accessible in full. While it may take some time to get used to all the different Open Type features, the possibilities are truly endless.

Overall, Stay Charming is a must-have for any designer looking to make a statement.


38. Duke Charming

A bold font for your designs

Looking for a font that’s both modern and sophisticated? Look no further than Duke Charming – A Modern Seri bold serif font.
As professional creatives, we’re always on the lookout for fonts that stand out from the crowd, and Duke Charming definitely does just that.

We were impressed with the stylistic alternates and ligatures, which gave the font a unique touch of elegance. We used

Duke Charming for a variety of projects, including logos and invitations, and it delivered exceptional results every time.

One thing we didn’t like is that some of the alternates and ligatures didn’t work seamlessly with certain programs, requiring a bit of manual adjustment. For this, you can turn to Swath Trees.

Overall, we highly recommend Duke Charming to anyone looking for a font that’s versatile, high-quality, and stands out from the rest.


39. Charming Mountain

A modern font with adventurous look

Looking for a font that will give your designs a fresh and modern look? Look no further than Charming Mountain – SVG & Regular Brush fonts.

We were blown away by the fast-motion style of this font, which was written using a wet brush to create beautiful nuances that really stand out.

When you type with these fonts, it looks like it was written with a chalk, giving your designs a unique and eye-catching look.
We particularly loved the smooth textures of Charming Mountain, which made it a pleasure to work with.

What we didn’t like was that to access the SVG font, you’ll need Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or later) to be able to access all the glyphs. Thus, you might want to try CA Negroni.

Overall, we highly recommend Charming Mountain to anyone looking for a high-quality brush font that’s both modern and versatile.

It’s perfect for a wide range of projects, from logos to invitations and everything in between.


40. Sugar Charm

A lovely hand lettered font

Sugar Charm Font is a must-have for any designer looking to add a playful and whimsical touch to their work.

We adore this font’s distinct hand-lettered appearance, which is ideal for logos, postings to social networks, and product packaging.

We suggest using a tool that enables OpenType capabilities and Glyphs panels, such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop CC, InDesign, or CorelDraw, for the best results.

This will give you access to all of the Glyph variations and allow you to personalize the font.

Overall, we highly recommend Sugar Charm to anyone looking for a high-quality script font that’s both versatile and fun to work with.


41. Sweet & Silly Font

An adorable new font

Looking for a charming font that will add a touch of whimsy to your project? Look no further than Sweet & Silly! This font is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

As professional creatives, we absolutely love using Sweet & Silly in our designs. Its unique and playful design makes it perfect for everything from invitations to social media graphics.

We appreciate the wide range of uses for this font, its ability to evoke a positive emotional response, and the added bonus of the exclusive alphabet.
Our personal experience using this font has been nothing but positive. It adds a lighthearted touch to our designs, while still maintaining a professional look.

Overall, if you’re looking for a charming and versatile font, Sweet & Silly is a perfect choice. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!


42. Flowery Font

A stylish font with unique colors

Looking for a sweet and charming font to add some personality to your designs? Look no further than Flowery.

As professional creatives, we absolutely adore this font. With its playful curves and unique design, Flowery is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to any project.

We particularly love the stylized version, which allows for the creation of unique and eye-catching typography.

While it may not be the best choice for more formal projects, we highly recommend Flowery for anyone looking to inject some fun and personality into their designs. Plus, with both a regular and stylized version included, it’s a fantastic value.


43. Charming Gesture

An elegant font for your needs

Looking for a font that effortlessly blends modern and vintage styles? Look no further than Charming Gesture. With 255 glyphs and over 50 alternates and ligatures, this serif typeface is perfect for everything from branding and logo design to fashion projects and more.

As professional creatives, we were blown away by the versatility of this font. The unique combination of modern and vintage elements makes it perfect for a wide range of design projects, and the beautiful ligatures and alternates allow for easy customization and creativity.

One of our favorite things about Charming Gesture is the PUA encoding, which makes it easy to access all of the unique characters and glyphs in the font. This adds an extra layer of customization and creativity to your designs.

Overall, we highly recommend Charming Gesture to anyone looking for a versatile and unique font that will elevate their design projects to the next level.


44. Charming Childish

A handwritten font for your next project

Charming Childish is a font that truly lives up to its name.

As professional creatives, we loved the playful and charming aesthetic it brings to any project, from invitations to product designs.

The full set of uppercase and lowercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, and punctuation make it easy to use for any language and situation.

We enjoyed using this font and found it user-friendly, with the letters flowing together seamlessly, and it looks great in both large and small sizes.

What we didn’t like was that it might not be the best fit for projects requiring a more formal or serious tone. So, you may also want to try Moon Charming.

Overall, if you’re looking for a font that’s fun, charming, and easy to use, we highly recommend Charming Childish.

It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to add a personal touch to their designs.


45. Kocha

An ultra fun ligature font

Looking for a charming and warm display font to elevate your creative projects? Look no further than Kocha!
As professional creatives, we’ve fallen in love with Kocha and its many features, including stylistic alternates for both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and plenty of ligatures.

The attention to detail and care put into designing and kerning Kocha make it a breeze to use.

We’ve had the pleasure of incorporating Kocha into some of our recent projects and it adds a unique touch of personality that we just love.

While the hand-drawn style may not be suitable for all projects, we highly recommend Kocha for designers looking to add a touch of warmth and charm to their work. Give Kocha a try and see for yourself!

45+ Best Cute & Charming Fonts

All in all, the best cute & charming fonts are fantastic options to beautify and add character to any design. Whether you’re working on children’s books and posters, marketing materials, or branding logos, there are plenty of things you can achieve with a diverse selection of thematic display fonts.

What’s your favorite pick from the list? Let us know in the comment section!

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