20+ Best Decorative Fonts (Free & Premium)

20+ Best Decorative Fonts (Free & Premium)

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If you’re looking for the best decorative fonts, this feature is for you!

These days, designers are getting more creative in communicating ideas and updates. Whether the regular business monthly newsletter or the next blockbuster film, the fonts we use to cradle our text are seeing an expansion in styles and themes—and rightfully so!

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At a time where creativity is everything, how we relay our messages can spell the biggest difference between retention and mediocrity. The more memorable your font is, the easier it will be for others to better embrace whatever it is you to share with them.

All that mentioned, we jotted down all the best decorative fonts to help you streamline your search!

Top 10+ Best Decorative Fonts (Free & Premium)

    1. Leah Gaviota
    2. Cherie Bomb
    3. The Crow – Vintage Style Font
    4. Circus Freak Font
    5. Enchanted Land
    6. Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font
    7. Sealife Decorative Font Family
    8. Unique – Decorative Serif Font
    9. Magic Curls Font
    10. Advio friendly font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Decorative Fonts

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Top 20+ Best Decorative Fonts

1. Leah Gaviota

Leah Gaviota

An awesome start to the list is Envato’s Leah Gaviota. Sporting funky, comic-like aesthetics, this font is a clever mesh of casual and fun typefaces. Available in 6 weights, creatives can maximize the most out of this offering by mixing and matching styles to keep things fresh and interesting. Perfect for a lot of design projects, it’s hard to run out of ideas when you have something as quirky as this font. It comes with over 100 icons too!


2. Cherie Bomb

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Cherie Bomb

There are a lot of fonts that warrant your gaze, and many times handmade brush fonts are one of them. Designed with a punk rock energy and a lot of personality and heart, Cherie Bomb is a terrific option of a font for those looking to add drama to their headlines, posters, publication efforts, and more! Use it as inventively as you can.


3. The Crow – Vintage Style Font

The Crow

Sophisticated, retro, and looking straight out of a high-budget movie, The Crow – Vintage Style Font is a fantastic solution for anyone looking to add class and drama to their design projects. Perfect for a plethora of assignments, this Envato find will thrive wherever you need it. Sporting just the right amount of grunge and shadows, there are a lot of artists can play with here.


4. Circus Freak Font

Circus Freak Font

Envato’s Circus Freak Font is arguably one of the most eye-catching fonts there is on the internet today. Inspired by the old American chromatic wood type font in the late 80s’, this pick is reminiscent of—you guessed it—circus signages and gigantic advertising headlines. This font set comes in 4 styles, so you’re sure to have a good number of choices.


5. Enchanted Land

Enchanted Land

We don’t always know what lies after happy-ever-afters in tales, but we can always replicate the fairytale mood with Enchanted Land. Featuring a neat hand-lettered typeface, this Envato find packs a clean glyph set any designer will appreciate for medieval or fictional-themed projects. This font is perfect for children’s books, amusement park signages, and a whole lot more!


6. Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font

Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font

The Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font is one of the most novel fonts you’ll see today simply because each letter sports a quirky symbol. Sporting folk and geometric aesthetics, this Design Cuts offering is as inventive as inventive gets! Use it for album covers, tarot-inspired projects, astrology designs, and whatever else you can think of. The sky’s the limit with this one.


7. Sealife Decorative Font Family

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Sealife Decorative Font Family

Similar to Norwolk – Thin Line Decorative Font in a lot of ways, the Sealife Decorative Font Family also possesses symbols and icons integrated into the letters themselves. Sporting oceanic elements and sea-inspired icons, communicating your message becomes easier and more interesting with this font. Best used for designs in resorts and beaches, this pick is one of the more straightforward font offerings in its category.


8. Unique – Decorative Serif Font

Unique – Decorative Serif Font

Design Cuts’ Unique – Decorative Serif Font is a clean, decorative font that’s both memorable and dramatic. Sharp, elegant, and thick, this font is perfect for album and book covers, creative headlines, editorial fashion spreads, and a ton more. It’s sophisticated, professional, and sports just the right number of curved lines and alternates. What’s not to love?


9. Magic Curls Font

Magic Curls Font

Design Cuts’ Magic Curls Font is a handcrafted typeface that optimizes multiple lines and uneven edges to make a point. Novel, quirky, and indicative of handwritten aesthetics, this font is perfect for a wide array of design projects in the publication space. Still, it’ll thrive just as much in social media and other marketing platforms both digital and traditional.

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10. Advio friendly font

Advio friendly font

Envato’s Advio friendly font is a creative font type that makes the most of unique letters and colors in place of its conventional counterparts. Perfect for futuristic design projects, this find may slightly be challenging to read at first, but you can’t deny how it makes you take a second look. Edgy, brave, and colorful, artists will have a splendid time finding ways to make the most of this font.


11. PLY font family

PLY font family

If fonts were made using knots and bendable wires, it’ll look something like the PLY font family. Creative, novel, and professional, this font retains some of its most interesting features while looking fresh and snazzy. Cute, direct to the point, and elegant, it’s hard not to fall in love with a font set as unique and playful as this one.


12. Aleecia | Decorative Font


If you’re into calligraphy, Envato’s Aleecia | Decorative Font is the fix you’re looking for. Featuring a wide array of glyphs, alternates, and ligatures, this font is best suited for cafe signages, social media efforts, and branding initiatives. Use it wherever you like, however you want to!


13. Future Unwritten Elegant Serif

Future Unwritten Elegant Serif

Thick, modern, and sporting beautiful bold curves, Future Unwritten Elegant Serif is a classy offering for creatives looking for upscale font options. Perfect for more than just greeting cards, this pick supports upper and lowercase letters, making it a great choice for creatives all around. It’s legible, sophisticated, and endearingly familiar—this in itself makes it a winner!


14. Boulevard Sans Serif Font

Boulevard Sans Serif Font

Like other picks on this list, Boulevard Sans Serif Font is a sans serif font that sports floral patterns. Inspired by old European streets, this pick is bold, sharp, and inherently captivating. Featuring both upper and lowercase letters, the set also comes with numbers, punctuation markers, and multi-language support.


15. Timegates Typeface + Extras

Timegates Typeface + Extras

As the products description reads, Timegates Typeface + Extras “is a bold multi-layered type family with OpenType features, inspired by vintage signage that have unique decorative shapes.” Packed with alternates and support for multi-language features, this font is perfect for branding initiatives and shop signages.


16. GR Milesons | Artdeco Typeface

GR Milesons

Inspired by Art Deco, GR Milesons | Artdeco Typeface is an off-center font that packs over 300+ glyphs consisting of three styles: Milesons One, Milesons Two, and Milesons Three. Innately unique-looking, this pick sports uneven and unpredictable lines, making it a superb choice for those looking for out-of-the-box typeface solutions!


17. Halloweb – Halloween Font


The Halloween season may come only once a year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it every time we want to. If you’re looking for a familiar children’s font, Envato’s Halloweb – Halloween Font may be for you. Suitable for posters, clothing designs, social media materials, and a tad more, there are numerous projects you can work on with this find.


18. Spacethink Typeface

Spacethink Typeface

Are you looking for something edgy and raw? Try Envato’s Spacethink Typeface. Loaded with 4 styles, this pick cleverly sports familiar grunge against its letters’ bold, sharp, lines. Perfect for rock concerts, clothing designs, and tattoo parlor signages, this one is easily any designer’s favorite because of its familiarity.


19. Wagoon – Funny Style Font


Unique, funny, and most definitely a standout, the Wagoon – Funny Style Font is any creative’s go-to solution if they’re looking for quirky typefaces. Available in 6 creative styles, this pick is perfect for a lot of design projects. This Envato find comes with grunge options too, making it an easy solution for designers who want to add spice and depth to their designs!


20. Party Story – Decorative Font

Party Story - Decorative Font

Another awesome handwritten decorative font on the list is Party Story – Decorative Font. An all-caps Envato offering, this one is an eccentric design solution that sports unique and random elements within its letters edges, and lines. Bold and perfect for arts and crafts, this contender is an awesome choice for anyone wanting to make heads turn more than twice!


21. Mexico Decorative Font Family

Mexico Decorative Font Family
Mexico Decorative Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Do you want to create an unusual design with only letters and numbers? Mexico Decorative Font Family is for you with interesting and unusual designs. This is decorated with a lot of floral and ornamental elements which are based on Mexican landscapes.

It also includes small clipart with stylized desert plants in combination which gives a unique and attractive look to your designs. It is compatible and easy to use with all the software programs. It is an ideal choice for branding, logos, clothes, photo overlays, and packaging. 


Our Favorite Decorative Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite decorative fonts below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are decorative fonts?

The fonts come with extreme decorative features such as swashes, elements of decoration, ornaments, and more in exaggerated styles. Any font intended for use at sizes larger than the original body copy with a lot of creativity could also work as a decorative type.

Is Magic Curls Font a decorative font?

Magic Curls Font is a decorative font as it comes with quirky, and indicative of handwritten aesthetics which gives a casual and elegant look to the designs and is also a perfect choice to give quirky look to your designs.

Is Unique – Decorative Serif Font a decorative font?

Yes, Unique – Decorative Serif Font is a decorative font with sharp, elegant, and thick lines in combination. It gives a creative and fashioned look to your projects. It also gives a professional look with curved lines and alternates.

Is "The Crow - Vintage Style Font" suitable for movie titles?

Yes, "The Crow-Vintage Style Font" is perfectly suitable for movie titles, headlines, titles, magazines, and more. As it comes with a sophisticated and retro style that adds class and drama to their design projects with a vintage feel it can be perfectly suitable for movie titles.


20+ Best Decorative Fonts

Overall, the top 20 best decorative fonts are all stellar finds, designed to help you effectively and efficiently communicate your best and wildest ideas! That said, we hope our summary has helped you streamline your search.

What’s your favorite decorative font on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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