25+ Best Digital Fonts (Free & Premium)

25+ Best Digital Fonts (Free & Premium)

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In the ever-evolving world of typography, digital fonts have emerged as a powerful tool for designers to convey unique themes and emotions. Characterized by futuristic landscapes, advanced technology, and imaginative worlds, digital design presents an exciting canvas for typography to flourish. 

This article delves into the realm of digital fonts, exploring how they are tailored to encapsulate the essence of sci-fi aesthetics, enabling designers to create captivating visual narratives that transport audiences to otherworldly realms.

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The history of digital fonts finds its trailblazing origins in Rudolf Hell’s workshop. The CRT-based Digiset machine, a pioneering creation, required fonts to be meticulously designed using points of light on a grid—a format known as a bitmap.

This novel approach aimed to ensure that the resulting digital fonts, like the groundbreaking Digi Grotesk (grotesk meaning sans-serif), maintained an aesthetic appeal despite the technical limitations of the time. Digi Grotesk, showcased in both its regular and bold forms, stands as a testament to the success of this endeavor.

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These days, it’s become extra critical to streamline every design element into the rest of your visuals.

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As each piece contributes to the overall aesthetic of your project, the goal of every designer should be to put out a solid and understandable message. The compliment a designer receives is based on the choosing the best fonts for projects which are the key elements of the design.

And because the advancement of technology unravels every day, the number of creatives are optimizing digital fonts is growing by the day, too. This is backed up by the thousands of downloads the best digital fonts in 2022 are getting. This is backed up by the thousands of downloads of the best digital fonts.

All things considered, let’s check out what they are!

10+ Best Digital Fonts

Below we feature the best digital fonts including top LCD fonts, techno fonts, cyber fonts and futuristic fonts.

  1. Detacher
  2. Glitchy
  3. digitalo
  4. Stingo
  6. Pixel Craft
  7. MBF Modifi
  10. Discopia

For a complete list, Scroll on!

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Unlimited Digital Font Downloads at Envato Elements

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Fonts are a crucial design aspect in any visual project. Fortunately, Envato Elements is an expansive library that professionals can keep coming back to for all things related to creative assets.

The platform boasts of a wealth of resources that allow designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to be the best storytellers they can be.

And the best part? You can download all of the assets you need for only one minimal fee! From fonts to video templates and stock videos to sound effects, Envato Elements is the all-in-one marketplace for the modern creative!

Create poster designs, social media art cards,  brand packages, photo collages, and a whole lot more when you have access to Envato’s 50 million assets at the tip of your fingertips, including digital fonts!

20+ Best Digital Fonts (Free & Premium)

1. Detacher

Detacher. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Let us share our experience with you about Detacher, the font pack that instantly transports your designs into the digital future. As we have delved into its comprehensive set, we can assure you that Detacher’s combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, along with essential punctuation marks and numbers, creates a seamless and immersive futuristic aesthetic. 

Its sleek, bold design not only ensures legibility but also captivates viewers with its modernity and innovation. Having personally incorporated Detacher into various design projects, we can confidently attest to its versatility and transformative power. 

Whether it’s poster design, logo creation, branding endeavors, or marketing materials, Detacher reigns supreme, effortlessly infusing a touch of the future into every aspect of your creative work. If you’re seeking a font that embodies the essence of futurism, based on my experience, Detacher is the ultimate choice that guarantees striking and impactful results across a spectrum of design ventures.


2. Glitchy

Glitchy. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Is there anything more digital than a font that looks Glitchy? What makes this set such a crowd favorite among many creatives is how it effortlessly evokes how letters onscreen may look like—dynamic, animated, and occasionally malfunctioning.

This futuristic digital font is also suitable for projects such as techno, sci-fi, space, and more.


3. digitalo

Digitalo. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Digitalo stands out as one of the more straightforward options on the list, and I’ve had the pleasure of working with this font set in various design projects. Its beautiful sans-serif design captures attention with its elegant curves and semi-pointed corners, effortlessly evoking a clean and technologically advanced aesthetic. I’ve found that Digitalo, equipped with both uppercase and lowercase letters, truly shines when used for headlines and signage, making a strong visual impact that engages the audience.

From my personal experience, I can confidently affirm that this regular and authentic display digital font is an absolute gem for a wide range of creative ventures. Its versatility has allowed me to incorporate it into projects spanning diverse industries and styles, each time adding a touch of sophistication and modernity. What sets Digitalo apart is not only its striking visual appeal but also its compatibility with various accents, accommodating a global audience and enhancing the font’s usability.


4. Stingo

Stingo. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you’re looking for a font pack that sports robotic and technology-inspired features, Stingo is a fantastic pick. It’s distinct, theme-driven, and immediately adds character to your text. Note, however, this set has no lowercase letters.

This futuristic digital font with robotic touch is an ideal choice for logo, posters, branding, headers, banners and also for projects such as high-tech, internet, computers, business innovations.



Spotnik. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Does your project call for a modern space font? If the answer is yes, SPOTNIK is the contender for you. Featuring thin lines and a geometric aesthetic, this all-capital font set packs bold and regular weights.

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The ultramodern digital space font is great for high-end article headlines, space projects, and digital-related projects. This font is in two different weights comes in .otf, .ttf, and .woff formats. 


6. Pixel Craft

Pixel Craft
Pixel Craft. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Pixel Craft stands as a unique standout in a landscape with a few quirky pixel fonts, and our exploration of this font has revealed its exceptional ability to convey a message with a delightful twist. Seamlessly balancing playful charm and a distinct digital vibe, Pixel Craft thrives most vibrantly in children-themed projects and the dynamic realm of game posters. 

Its carefully crafted pixelated design infuses a sense of nostalgia while embracing contemporary energy, making it an ideal choice to capture the attention and imagination of both young audiences and those seeking a touch of retro-inspired creativity. Whether it’s a whimsical project for children or an immersive game promotion, Pixel Craft’s distinct character adds an element of fun and visual appeal that leaves a lasting impression.


7. MBF Modifi

MBF Modifi
MBF Modifi. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Monospace fonts deserve all the hype they get, and MBF Modifi is proof of that. Featuring minimalist lines and calculated edges, this contender is a sight to behold. If your designs warrant a professional look, this one won’t disappoint.



Digital. Image Credits: Creative Market

Aptly called DIGITAL, this Creative Market set is a stellar display font particularly designed for applications and modern-learning design projects. Perfect for a lot of things, this pack is one of the more versatile options online.



Ultima. Image Credits: Creative Market

ULTIMA is a modern minimalist font that has “digital” written all over it. Packing geometric corners and a noticeable futuristic vibe, this pick features only capital letters. Use it for marketing materials, headlines, signages, and more!


10. Discopia

Discopia. Image Credits: Creative Market

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Among a long list of digital fonts, Discopia is an absolute standout because of its thick future-inspired borders and rounded corners. Perfect for branding efforts, gaming, headlines, and marketing initiatives, this pick is flexible and is sure to deliver wherever you use it!


11. Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad
Digital Nomad. Image Credits: Creative Market

If glitchy and pixelated elements appeal to you, then consider Digital Nomad a winner. Distinct, captivating, and a character in itself, this all-capital font set is perfect for a ton of design projects, both online and off.


12. Monorama

Monorama. Image Credits: Creative Market

There’s a lot to love about Monorama. Firstly, it sports sans serif industrial-inspired all-capital letters. Secondly, its proportional widths give it a strong look, making your text an immediately bold statement. Reminiscent of airport ticket texts and digitized forms, there’s a lot you can do with a font set like this.


13. Chubby Choo

Chubby Choo
Chubby Choo. Image Credits: Creative Market

Chubby Choo is another quirky pixel font that effortlessly reminds anyone of what digital fonts look like. For playful and casual design projects, this pick will deliver.


14. Alpha Digital

Alpha Digital
Alpha Digital. Image Credits: Creative Market

Crafted with small circles, all formed to establish different characters, the Alpha Digital font is a distinct find designer will enjoy using. Suitable for both online and offline initiatives, this contender is one of the more captivating finds on the list.


15. 7 Segment

7 Segment
7 Segment. Image Credits: Creative Market

If you’re looking for a font set that’s indicative of alarm clocks and everything digital, then 7 Segment is what you’re looking for. Consisting of all capital letters and numbers only, you can be as playful and imaginative with the designs you create with this set.


16. Mavis Sans

Mavis Sans
Mavis Sans. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Another beautiful digital font on the list is Mavis Sans. Optimizing slender lines and minimalist structures, this pick is a great mesh of conservative and futuristic.


17. Turbo System

Turbo System
Turbo System. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Unlike many of the contenders here, Turbo System features more than just digital fonts. Packed with patterns, graphics, textures, and effects, this one sports a future-forward aesthetic and hologram-inspired text characters.


18. Cyber

Cyber. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The font name practically gives it away— Cyber is a sci-fi-driven font find that harnesses dots to form a letter. Complete with an all-capital letter set and basic punctuation marks on top of numbers, this pick is an easy favorite because of its versatility.


19. Alpha

Alpha. Image Credits: Envato Elements

You don’t have to set foot on a spaceship to experience what it feels like anymore. Thanks to Envato’s Alpha, you now get to curate a sci-fi-inspired experience. Featuring rounded lines and dots as added elements per character, this pack is futuristic, inventive, and memorable.


20. Cyborg

Cyborg. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Cyborg is a bold and solid display font that radiates technology-driven themes. Suitable for movie posters, marketing materials, video game fonts, and more, this one’s a crowd favorite for obvious reasons.


21. Tingee – Intergalactic Fountain

Intergalactic. Image Credits: Envato Elements

TINGEE is a modern slice-style font. This font style is perfect for headlines, space projects, and digital technology-related projects. The length of the font style emphasizes the modern vibe of the project.

This project comes in .OTF/.TTF/.WOFF file formats.


22. Alfa

Alfa. Image Credits: Envato Elements

This font set is perfect for science projects. You can create science fiction posters, headline tags, logos, and more with this font’s futuristic design.

The font set consists of the Bengals .OTF, Flare .TTF, and .WOFF cane type.


23. Loomatic

Loomatic. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Loomatic is a font that displays science and technology with style. You can use it for projects that require a futuristic touch. It has a tint of handwritten style and is the perfect choice for branding projects, logos, social media posts, wedding designs, invitations, stationery, etc.,

This font set comes with the .OTF/.TTF/.WOFF file formats. This font set also has web fonts, glyphs, ligatures, and alternates. This font set works fine with a PC and a Mac. The PUA encoded letters of the font help to access it from additional design software.

You can access the font set with the help of Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, and MS Word.

This font provides you with multi-lingual support.


24. Quaxcite

Quaxcite. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Quaxcite displays a strong style. The font is suitable for any type of branding project like the logo, t-shirt printing, e-sports, etc.

This font set is available in the uppercase .TTF file format.


25. 8bit-darling

8bitdarling. Image Credits: Design Cuts

You can enjoy creating with this cute pixel-style font. The digital font set includes Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, English, and numeral set of fonts. This font set includes .TTF/.OTF file formats. It provides support for Japanese and English fonts.



26. Jogan Font Family

Jogan Font Family
Jogan Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Most digital fonts are designed with the inspiration of some or the other thing that we come across digitally, likewise, Jogan Font Family was designed with the inspiration of video games. This is a pixel-based typeface design, but instead of having medium width, it is narrow which rarely exists in pixel-style font. 

This font family comes in four styles which are called four sub-families in the package. Among those the first one is Jogan which is regular, bold, and monospace. The second one is Jogan Soft which is regular, bold, and monospace again but with a soft touch. The third one will be Jogan Round which is regular and monospace. The fourth one goes like Jogan Slab which is regular and bold. 

This quality font family is ideal for retro, retro-futuristic, futuristic, modern, and techno theme projects that fit perfectly with this typeface, any works from logos, posters, videos, headlines, titles, and more. It also supports Western European languages. 


27. Informative

Informative. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you are searching for a unique digital font, then Informative is an ideal choice. This sans font family is a collection of fonts and a collection of thematic pictograms. This combination helps in conveying the message in a contemporary way. 

It comes in seven weights such as thin, light, regular, medium, bold, semi-bold, and black. It also includes seven thematic icon sets which indicate elements related to alimentation, city, energy, people, politics, sports, and work. 

It also contains a set containing 88 glyphs, and 423 glyphs that support 207 different languages. This clean, simple, and versatile font is ideal for a wide range of graphic design and visual communication projects, and also for infographics, maps, and digital applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find fonts?

You can discover a diverse selection of digital fonts for your design projects on various online platforms, such as font marketplaces such as Envato, dedicated font websites, and design software libraries, where you can explore and download fonts that cater to different styles, themes, and purposes. For a more curated list of fonts, check out our articles on Best Layered Fonts, Best Legible Fonts, and Best Rounded Fonts.

How do I install and use digital fonts on my computer or design software?

To install and use digital fonts, download the font file, install it on your computer's system or font library, and then access and apply the font within your design software's typography settings.

How do I choose the right digital font for my project?

Choosing the right font from a wide digital selection can be daunting for designers and creatives. This query often involves factors like style, readability, mood, and alignment with the project's theme and audience. Grasping font pairing principles and project-specific needs helps make a well-informed and impactful decision.


25+ Best Digital Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design

Ultimately, the 25+ best digital fonts are all superb finds, designed to help you articulate all of your tech-inspired ideas. Whether for branding efforts or marketing initiatives, each of these typefaces is made to help you forward whatever message you want to tell. All that said, we hope we helped you streamline your search.

Keep artsy and stay creative!


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