25+ Top Display Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding

25+ Top Display Fonts for Graphic Design & Branding

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As a graphic designer, you might be hired for all kinds of projects from branding, logo design, or even designing a website. These might be small or large projects depending on the client.

However, you might have a client one day that comes to you looking for a design that can be used maybe on a billboard that will overlook the highway or if they’re having an event and want posters created.

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The standard fonts that you may normally use in your graphic design work aren’t going to work well enough to get the job done which is why many graphic designers utilize display fonts.

To help you choose some new items for your toolbox, we wanted to share our picks for the best display fonts for graphic design.

Before we get started, let’s figure out what a display font is.

What are Display Fonts?

Fonts that can fit a broad category can be described as a display fonts. These tend to be designed for short-form or as we mentioned before, large-format applications such as billboards or posters.

These types of fonts can also be used with logotypes, headlines, or headings on websites, magazines, or book covers. These fonts can transcend styles and can be a serif font, slab serif, script, sans serif, and so on.

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Some fonts will include a display version in which the original design has been embellished or exaggerated for use at a larger size. A good example of this is Helvetica Now.

20+ Best Display Fonts for Graphic Design

Before we dive into our list, we thought a little preview was in order. You can see our choices below and while they may not line up with what you think are the best display fonts for graphic design, we encourage you to read a bit further. You might just find a font that becomes your new favorite.

  1. Brandon Grotesque
  2. Bourton
  3. Spock
  4. Sofa Serif – 25 Hand Drawn Display Fonts
  5. Highbinder Display Font
  6. Gilroy
  7. Requiem Display Font
  8. Sugar Boats Display Font
  9. Dorris
  10. Prizefighter Art Deco Display Font
  11. Clarkson Script
  12. The Historia
  13. La Luxes
  14. The Amoret Collection
  15. Empirez – Slab Serif
  16. Clarendon – $29
  17. Bondie 
  18. Best Friend font
  19. Bookworm Font
  20. Clover
  21. Quico 
  22. Roclette 
  23. Lorsche 
  24. Montero 
  25. Mightkeys Playful Font
  26. Adolescent Note Font
  27. Aliestar Handwritten Font
  28. Aoyama 

And even more top display fonts are showcased below, including some free options.

More Top Fonts for Branding & Logos


Envato Fonts

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For designers, fonts are one of the most important components to the perfect design. That said, purchasing fonts may be expensive, so we recommend that you get a font subscription. These subscriptions let you download assets and fonts for a reasonable price every month and ensures your design-related expenditure is at the minimum.

For this, we’d suggest you try Envato Elements. With Envato, you can download all the Display Fonts you need plus many other design elements, available as a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements.

The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!

Empirez - A Slab Serif Display Font for Branding T-Shirts and Hoodies

A lot of the creative resources come with mock-ups that show you how they look on different creative materials so you can see if they’re the right fit for you. And the best part? You can cancel the subscription whenever you want without a cancellation fee.

For example, you could download 10 display fonts, a t-shirt mockup, and 20 other design elements all for that low cost of $16.50/month.

Best Display Fonts for Graphic Design

Brandon Grotesque – $40

Brandon GrotesqueBrandon Grotesque

A sans serif typeface that comes with six weights plus italics, the Brandon Grotesque font, created by Hannes von Dohren was the winner of the 2011 TDC2 Award and was influenced by the geometric style sans serif typefaces of the 20s and 30s. With a functional look and warm touch, Brandon Grotesque was built for projects that require complex, professional typography to produce the best results.


Adevale script with Envato Elements subscription

Adevale is a bold handwritten script with a memorable flow. In addition to the main glyphs and characters, you can pick from alternates to adapt it to your brand’s style. Adevale works perfectly for logos and posters, but you can use it for apparel and other displays, too!


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Bourton – $10


Created by Kimmy Kirkwood, the Bourton typeface is a sans-serif design that boasts options such as layering, stylistic alternatives, graphic extras, and a script font. The font comes with six base layer, top layer, and extrude fonts, giving you 18 different options to choose from. Drop shadow and line options, plus a light and bold script font can add a unique look to your design. With extras that include banners, frames, flags, and line breaks, your imagination is the only thing limiting you here.


Bios Typeface with Envato Elements subscription

Replicate the cyberpunk atmosphere of Blade Runner with Bios, a futuristic typeface. This sans-serif font family comes in two weights, and it works just as well for displays as it does for text. The Bios font family supports multilingual uppercase letters, numerals, and punctuation. Ready to step into the future?



Spock – $19


Designed by a team, the Spock typeface was created with a clean and neutral structure that has a wide variety of rich alternatives. Yes, even glyphs with pointed ears. These unique elements combine to offer you a range of ways you cant meets the needs of your designs. Each of the four different variations has been designed with six weights as well as matching italics, giving you 48 total styles to choose from. A Pro version is loaded with over 600 characters including alternates.


Visby CF | geometric font family

Visby CF | geometric font family

Authoritative in uppercase and sweet and delightful in lowercase, Visby revels in the stark beauty of rounded letterforms, sharp corners, and hard lines – perfect for clean logo design. Despite all that, this typography is warm and welcoming and isn’t too overwhelming to look at even when its aesthetic is inherently solid and occasionally bulky. Perfect for book covers, magazine articles, and creative undertakings, Visby is one of the more compelling fonts on the list as it functions perfectly fine in both formal settings and casual projects. 


Morton Logo Font


Sharp, bold, and straightforward, this modern grotesque typeface delivers multiple variations in weight and size. The Morton Type Family is both dynamic and traditional, and offers a no-fuss aesthetic, hinting no extrinsic elements with its pointed and thick edges. Best used for business cards, reports, and corporate materials, this San Serif contender is just the right amount of loud and formal. 




If you’re looking for typography that’s both elegant and contemporary, Envato’s Breymont should suffice. Retaining a refined sense of functionality and minimalism, the dimensions of the letters are simultaneously familiar and modernistic. Suited for editorial campaigns and web design, this font is one that’s made to grow on you. 


Sofa Serif – 25 Hand Drawn Display Fonts – $24

Sofa Serif – 25 Hand Drawn Display FontsSofa Serif – 25 Hand Drawn Display Fonts

Created by Georg Herold-Wildfellner, the Sofa Serif font has been handcrafted to be a friendly and eye-catching font for your project. The unique alternates and features that have been added give the font a touch of personality so you can create incredible designs. With five weights, Sofa Serif contains more than 1000 glyphs for you to use. Great for posters, logo design, and more, the Sofa Serif font is rough, organic and decorative and will stand out when you use it for your design.



Black Jack – Vintage Font with Envato Elements subscription

Inspired by old-school product packaging, Black Jack is a fresh take on the retro style we love. Black Jack offers more than 400 glyphs, as well as alternates, swashes, and ligatures. This bold typeface is a combination of two styles: script and serif. The best of both worlds? You bet!



Highbinder Display Font – $15

Highbinder Display FontHighbinder Display Font

Inspired by the typography found during the prohibition era, the Highbinder Display Font is a clean, yet rough style for your display font needs. Designed by Vintage Type Co., the set includes clean and rough variations of the font plus a vector object pack as a bonus. With its historical design, the Highbinder font is perfect for logos, mock-ups, posters, and any other project that may benefit from its incredible design.


Gilroy – $25


Create by Radomir Tinkov, the Gilroy typeface adds a geometric touch to its modern sans serif design. Created with 20 weights, including 10 uprights as well as matching italics. With OpenType features in mind, each weight included extended support for languages, fractions, arrows, ligatures, and more. Gilroy is a perfect option for display use or even basic graphic design. It can also be a great option for editorial, web, or even corporate design.

Requiem Display Font – $12

Requiem Display FontRequiem Display Font

Inspired by Victorian style, the Requiem Display Font from Arterfak Project is a blackletter vintage display font that is built as an all-caps font that exudes an elegant, yet classicly dark feel. Requiem is a great choice for headlines, t-shirts, or displays including posters, signage, and storefronts. The set comes with open-type features that you can add to give your design a calligraphic appeal.



Primal with Envato Elements subscription

Give your marketing materials an ethereal atmosphere with Primal, a futuristic sans-serif font. In addition to the main letters, you can toggle between alternate versions. Originally inspired by sci-fi horror movies, Primal is a great choice for making a statement with your flyers and posters. Go beyond – go Primal.



Sugar Boats Display Font – $15

Sugar Boats Display FontSugar Boats Display Font

Taking inspiration from Victorian and Deco typefaces of the past, the Sugar Boats Display Font is a serif display font that comes in three styles, plus an icon font. Designed by the Vintage Type Co., the Sugar Boats font can be the perfect choice for a wide range of projects. The three different styles of the font will lend itself to the amount of variety and creativity that you can bring to the project and allow you to create unique designs every time.



Okami – Brush Font with Envato Elements subscription

Your brand needs to be truly seen, and Okami can help! This brush font perfectly mixes rough with urban to create a unique brush script. With uppercase letters and numerous alternates, Okami helps you say what’s on your mind. If you need to grab attention, go with Okami!



Dorris – $20


The unique, versatile, and cute Dorris font by Kadek Mahardika is a groovy, vintage serif font that comes with alternates and ornaments so you can create an incredible display. It’s nine weights that have a soft and curly tail give the font a look that can only be described as funky. Perfect for all kinds of designs from magazines, logos, and even wedding projects, the Dorris typeface will give your next project that groovy feel.


Prizefighter Art Deco Display Font – $15

Prizefighter Art Deco Display FontPrizefighter Art Deco Display Font

With a design that is reminiscent of typography used in the 1920s, the Prizefighter Art Deco Display Font is an art deco display font that comes with a clean and smooth design that you can use in a variety of different ways. Created by the Vintage Type Co., Prizefighter comes with four different styles and has a condensed body along with glyphs that have a taller than average x-height as well as rounded corners to give you that smooth look you’re after.


Clarkson Script

Cover Image For Clarkson Script

Loud, versatile, and artistic, Clarkson Script presents a distinct take on digital lettering. Packed with multiple alternate uppercase and lowercase characters, this font is a strong contender for clean designs, massive visual presentations, and elaborate signages. Both intimate and aesthetic, designers and creatives will love how this font can be used anywhere.


The Historia

Cover Image For The Historia

A natural-looking, hand-painted font, The Historia is bold and naturally grabs your attention with its thick strokes and faded design. Use it for book covers, advertising efforts, location signages, and more! Available with both uppercase and lowercase characters, this font also packs multilingual support, making it a fantastic choice for non-English speakers too.


La Luxes

La Luxes Font Duo + Logos Wedding Invitation Fonts

Just as the name suggests, La Luxes offers luxurious typography. The classic package comes with two styles Serif as well as Script. The Script style font offered by La Luxes is clean, elegant, and classy at every point. It consists of a complete set of upper & lowercase characters, all punctuation, and numerals with 30 unique ligatures that make your text look custom-made. Ideal for logo design, product packaging, and branding, La Luxes is available in 17 different languages including Turkish, Indonesian, French, German, Danish, Malay among others.


The Amoret Collection

The Amoret Collection Wedding Invitation Fonts

Planning on a luxurious wedding? The digital flyer/invitation is important in the wedding because it reflects your theme. The Amoret Collection is a luxurious wedding invitation font that is a duo of sans fonts and luxury script that contrast and compliment at the same time. A collection of fluent, classy, and elegant fonts with beautiful strokes!


Empirez – Slab Serif with Envato Elements subscription

Empirez is a bold and sports-like slab serif font that would look natural and prominent in any varsity setting. If you’re looking to try something retro, while doing so with a bit of an edge, the angled slabs of Empirez will be just what you’re looking for.



Clarendon – $29


Originally appearing in England in 1845, the classical Clarendon font family was redesigned in 1953 by Edouard Hoffman and Hermann Eidenbenz and precipitated the revivals of the font that followed. Containing 14 different styles and family package options, the Clarendon font features more than 450 glyphs that cover its expanded language support as well as OpenType typographic features.


Bondie – Condensed Slab Serif Font – $15

Bondie – Condensed Slab Serif Font


Designed by Craft Supply Co., Bondie is a condensed slab serif font that has been based on the compact solid font and combines a variety of styles. An elegant condensed-condensed slab serif that comes with solid font files that can be used for a wide range of projects including logos, posters, branding, stationery, blog header, and so much more. The only limits on the Bondie typeface are what your creativity can use this font for.


Best Friend Font

Best Friend Font
Best Friend Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

If you’re seeking a kid’s display font, this is the one you’re looking for. The display typeface “Best Friend” is full of whimsy. This typeface is neat and perfect for children-themed projects and designs. When combined with vibrant colors, this is also an excellent choice for greeting cards and invitations.


Bookworm Fun Font

Bookworm Fun Font
Bookworm Fun Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bookworm Font is another kid’s display font. It looks cute and funny. It is featured in a unique style and wears a friendly nature. It was designed with the inspiration of an authentic feel from old book covers and advertisements. 

It is suitable for social media posts, beautiful posters, greeting cards, and many more.



Clover. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Clover Display is a modern and versatile display font. It is designed both in large and small sizes. It is the perfect choice for the stylish text that overlays on any background image or poster. 

This display font is minimal, clean, quirky, and elegant. It is also an easy-to-read font that is suitable for logos, branding, headlines, paragraphs, magazine covers, and many more branding projects. 



Quico. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Quico Display typeface is a unique and modern font. It works perfectly for branding, logos, and headlines. It also makes a perfect suit for captions and posters. It is bold, clean, and minimalistic which appears to be strong and authoritative.



Roclette. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Roclette Display font comes with a powerful font family which has an uncompromising style. It has controlled letterforms including six weights. It also supports multiple languages. It works perfectly for branding, paragraph, and posters. 



Lorsche. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Lorsche Display is a web font that is a modern elegant typeface. It’s a highly adaptable typeface that is both in large and tiny sizes. The Lorsche display font is ideal for logos, headlines, captions, and many more. It has a clean, warm, and whimsical look, also easy to read.



Montero. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for a luxury typeface? Here’s the one for you. It is perfect for branding, logos, and headlines. It is also adaptable for various ranges of applications to make an impression on viewers’ minds with its minimalist and clean appearance. 


Mightkeys Playful Font

Mightkeys Playful Font
Mightkeys Playful Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

This playful display font was introduced by KrakenBox by naming it “Mightkeys”. Using it in your designs gives a cool and special fun touch to your designs. It is ideal for projects that seek attention like T-shirt printing, creative products, and many more. 


Adolescent Note Font

Adolescent - Note Font
Adolescent – Note Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Adolescent is a handwritten display font that looks cute and playful. Using this display font in your designs adds a special cool feel to your designs. It works well with flyers, posters, and magazines. It also works wonders with website designing, blogs, and fashion projects. 


Aliestar Handwritten Font

Aliestar - Handwritten Font
Aliestar – Handwritten Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another typeface introduced by KrakenBox is the Aliestar which looks like a handwritten font. It is a cute and playful font in nature. It works great for projects such as designing logos, branding, flyers, magazines, and advertisements. It also works well for graphics and social media. 



Aoyama Display Font
Aoyama Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Aoyama is a beautiful display font with a calligraphy style. It is featured with stylish alternates, contextual alternates, and ligatures. It is ideal for projects such as branding, quotes, posters, cards, and invitations.


Best Display Fonts for Graphic Design

Display fonts can be a great way to make sure that the project you’re working on stands out, especially if its a large project such as a poster or billboard. With our list of the best display fonts for graphic design, these fonts will not only make display projects easier but can be a new tool in your arsenal going forward.

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