10+ Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners in 2023 (Dec Update)

10+ Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners in 2023 (Dec Update)

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Discover the best drawing tablet for beginners with our top pick, the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 – a beginner-friendly tablet that turns blank screens into colorful canvases for you to create and bring your artistic ideas to life!

Our Top Pick

HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 is the ultimate drawing tablet for beginners. Its 15.6-inch full-laminated screen, anti-glare glass, and 120% sRGB color gamut bring your creations to life. The PW507 digital pen offers tilt recognition and lag-free tracking, along with programmable buttons for quick shortcuts. The tablet's customizable express keys, touch bar, and adjustable stand make your creative process easier. It's not the most portable option, but perfect for art students who prioritize color accuracy and don't mind the larger size.

  • Dazzling color accuracy
  • Captivating 15.6-inch display
  • Intuitive digital pen
  • Limited portability
  • Unstable stand
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10/26/2023 04:42 am GMT

Are you a beginner artist struggling to find the right tools to create your artwork digitally? Drawing tablets can be a game-changer for beginners, as they offer a wide range of tools and features to create stunning artwork with ease. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

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To help you overcome this challenge, we’ve reviewed the top drawing tablets, both with and without screens, perfect for those who are new to digital art. So whether you’re looking to make the switch to digital art or simply seeking to upgrade your current setup, check this post out to find the perfect drawing tablet for your needs.

10+ Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

We’ve handpicked the top 10+ tablets that are sure to unlock your creative potential. Whether you’re seeking a tablet with a screen or without, we have you covered. Below, you’ll find the best starter drawing tablet options to bring your imagination to life.

Best Drawing Tablets With Screen

  1. HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Best Overall / High Color Accuracy (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Apple iPad Pro Best Value + Battery Life
  3. Wacom One HD Best for Mid-Level Performance
  4. XP-PEN Artist12 Best Performance with Small Screen
  5. Wacom Cintiq 16 Best Specifications
  6. VEIKK VK1200 Best Budget Drawing Tablet for Beginners 

Best Drawing Tablets Without Screen

  1. XPPen Deco 01 V2 Best Overall (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Wacom Intuos ㅡ Best Alternative to XPPen Deco 01 V2
  3. HUION Inspiroy H640P Best Value for Money
  4. VEIKK S640 Best Compact Drawing Tablet
  5. UGEE M708 V2 Most Compatible Drawing Tablet
  6. VEIKK VK430 Most Affordable 
  7. HUION Inspiroy 2 Best Specifications 
  8. VEIKK A30 V2 Best Large Drawing Tablet

What is the best drawing tablet for a beginner?

Excelling in all areas like processing power, display quality, ease of use, and stylus compatibility (except for portability), the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 has proved itself to be the best drawing tablet for beginners.

Below are the top three beginner-friendly drawing tablets, perfect for unleashing creativity on a digital canvas.

Best Over All / High Color Accuracy
Best Value + Battery Life
Best for Mid-Range
  • 15.6-inch full-laminated screen with 120% sRGB gamut
  • Handles demanding tasks without slowing down
  • PW507 pen with tilt recognition, programmable buttons, and stand
  • M2 chip giving superhero-level performance
  • Precise stylus with Apple Pencil
  • 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display delivers sharp visuals
  • Perfect balance of performance and affordability
  • Pro Pen 2 with 4096 pressure sensitivity levels
  • Adjustable legs for ergonomic comfort
Best Over All / High Color Accuracy
  • 15.6-inch full-laminated screen with 120% sRGB gamut
  • Handles demanding tasks without slowing down
  • PW507 pen with tilt recognition, programmable buttons, and stand
Best Value + Battery Life
  • M2 chip giving superhero-level performance
  • Precise stylus with Apple Pencil
  • 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display delivers sharp visuals
Best for Mid-Range
  • Perfect balance of performance and affordability
  • Pro Pen 2 with 4096 pressure sensitivity levels
  • Adjustable legs for ergonomic comfort
10/26/2023 04:42 am GMT

Best Drawing Tablets With Screen for Beginners: Detailed Reviews

1. HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 ㅡ Best Overall (Editor’s Choice)

HUION KAMVAS Pro 16. Image Credits: Amazon

The best drawing tablet with screen for beginners in 2023

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Screen Size: 15.6″ | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Color Gamut: 120% sRGB

The HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 is a game-changer drawing tablet, tailor-made for those who crave high color accuracyTo begin with, its 15.6-inch full-laminated screen, anti-glare glass, and 120% sRGB color gamut breathe life into your creations, making every stroke feel like magic.

And when it comes to performance, its powerful hardware ensures that even the most demanding creative applications and large files won’t slow you down. You’ll be able to zoom in and scrutinize every pixel on the stunning display, ensuring that your work is nothing short of perfection.

Now, let’s talk about the PW507 digital pen. It’s like an extension of your hand, with 60° tilt recognition and virtually lag-free tracking. Those two programmable side buttons? They’re your secret weapon, giving you quick access to your favorite software shortcuts and keeping your creative flow uninterrupted.

The KAMVAS Pro 16 is a perfect blend of performance and efficiency. With six customizable express keys and a touch bar, you can summon your favorite shortcuts with a single tap. On top of that, the adjustable stand lets you find the perfect angle for your masterpiece. That means no more neck, shoulder, and back strain. And with the convenient 3-in-1 USB-C connectivity, tangled wires will be a distant memory.

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However, with the large screen and heavy weight of HUION KAMVAS, portability is not its strongest suit. So, if you tend to work on the go often, you might want to skip this one. Or else, just invest in a sturdy laptop bag and you’ll be good to go.

Still, in a nutshell, the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 is best art tablet for beginners and art students who are passionate about high color accuracy and are comfortable with carrying a large screen if they need to.

➕ Dazzling color accuracy with a 120% sRGB color gamut ➖ Slightly less portable due to size and weight
➕ Captivating 15.6-inch display with anti-glare glass ➖ Stand may not be suitable for all users or workspaces
➕ Intuitive and precise digital pen with programmable buttons
➕ Six customizable express keys and a touch bar for seamless workflow

HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 Review

Check out this HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 review video to learn more:

Video Credit: Brad Colbow / YouTube

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best for High Color Accuracy
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10/26/2023 04:42 am GMT


2. Apple iPad Pro 6th Gen ㅡ (Best Standalone Drawing Tablet)

Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro. Image Credits: Amazon

Best standalone drawing tablet for beginners in 2023

Screen Size: 12.6″ | Resolution: 2732 x 2048 Pixels | Color Gamut

From ease of use to impressive functionality, high processing power, and a rich feature package- the Apple iPad Pro checks all the boxes. If you are a graphic designer or a digital artist looking for a powerful, portable, standalone drawing tablet that is as fun to use as it is functional- this might just be the end of your search.

With its jaw-dropping performance, and compatibility with the next-generation Apple Pencil, this tablet can take your creative productivity up a notch. Plus, its sleek design and iPadOS, combined with a range of powerful apps, make the iPad Pro your go-to gadget for all things creative.

Just imagine effortlessly creating complex projects- thanks to its M2 chip, giving you boss-level performance in a stylish package. Adding to that, the tablet’s spacious 256GB of storage gives you plenty of room for all your artistic masterpieces. Similarly, the 8GB RAM and lightning-fast Wi-Fi connectivity make multitasking a breeze. And with up to 10 hours of battery life, you can let your imagination run wild without worrying about power breaks.

Additionally, the iPad Pro’s dazzling 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display is a feast for the eyes, offering incredibly sharp visuals and spot-on colors that bring your designs to life. You’ll feel like a pro with the display’s ProMotion technology and True Tone, ensuring smooth scrolling and a comfortable viewing experience that’ll make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

However, to be able to get the best of this iPad’s drawing capabilities, you will have to separately invest in an Apple Pencil (2nd generation). But with its pixel-perfect precision, tilt and pressure sensitivity, lag-free performance, and convenient wireless pairing and charging makes the Apple Pencil worth every penny.

Apart from that, you may find the tablet’s size and weight to be a tad bulky. So, if you are often on the move, it might not be the best option for you.

To sum up, the Apple iPad Pro is the the very definition of a powerful and easy-to-use drawing tablet for graphic designers who demand the best of the best. With its powerful hardware, impressive apps, and compatibility with the next-generation Apple Pencil, this tablet can help you unlock a different level of creative potential and productivity. See more of the best iPads for drawing here.

➕ Incredible performance with the M2 chip ➖ Apple Pencil sold separately
➕ Gorgeous 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display ➖ Size and weight may be a bit bulky for some users
➕ Next-generation Apple Pencil compatibility
➕ Generous storage and zippy Wi-Fi connectivity

Apple iPad Pro Review

Check out this Apple iPad Pro review video to learn more:

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Video Credit: iJustine / YouTube

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Battery Life
Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch
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10/31/2023 04:50 am GMT


3. Wacom One HD ㅡ (Best for Mid-Level Performance)

Wacom One HD
Wacom One HD. Image Credits: Amazon

Best graphic tablet for beginners for moderate use

Screen Size: 13.3″ | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Color Gamut: 72 percent NTSC / 99 percent sRGB

If you’re looking for a drawing tablet that strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability, Wacom One HD is the one you should go with. This digital canvas is designed to help you elevate your art game without emptying your wallet. Let’s dive into its features.

First up, the Wacom One HD comes with a 13.3-inch screen with a crisp resolution of 1920 x 1080. This generous workspace will become your playground for inspiration, while the 72% NTSC/99% sRGB color gamut will ensure your creations are bursting with vibrant, true-to-life colors.

Additionally, the Pro Pen 2 stylus is a game-changer, providing a natural, pen-on-paper feel thanks to its 4096 pressure sensitivity levels and battery-free design. Moreover, the tablet’s compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, and Android OS means you’ll have no issues incorporating it into your creative process.

But that’s not it. The Wacom One HD comes packed with creative software like Bamboo Paper Pro, Magma Studio, and Bluescape, giving you the tools you need to unlock your artistic potential. And with adjustable legs, you can find the perfect angle for your work, keeping you comfy during those long, inspired sessions.

The only major downside of Wacom One HD is that it’s not the best option for high-end performance tasks such as 3D modeling or Visual Effects. However, if you are a beginner, you can easily sail through your digital art projects with One HD.

To sum it up, the Wacom One HD can be a perfect fit for art students seeking a drawing tablet that offers both performance and affordability. With its high-quality display, responsive stylus, and wide compatibility, it’s an invaluable asset for any budding artist.

➕ Affordable mid-level performance ➖ No Express Key buttons for quick shortcuts
➕ Vibrant 13.3-inch display with accurate colors ➖ May not be suitable for professionals seeking high-end performance
➕ Natural and precise Pro Pen 2 stylus
➕ Compatibility with various operating systems

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best for Mid-Level Performance
Wacom One HD
$399.95 $299.95
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10/22/2023 06:45 pm GMT


4. XP-PEN Artist12 ㅡ (Best Performance in Small Screen)

XP-PEN Artist12
XP-PEN Artist12. Image Credits: Amazon

Best compact entry level drawing tablet

Screen Size: 11.6″ | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Color Gamut: 72% NTSC(100%SRGB)

Big displays are generally desired by digital artists. However, the small display has its own perks- as it allows you to create smaller, more meticulous, and detail-intensive artworks while providing a higher degree of control. So, if it sounds anything like you want, then the XP-PEN Artist12 might just be the right tablet for you. Its small screen not only makes it portable but also lets you have greater control while drawing. But there’s more to it.

This compact marvel boasts an 11.6-inch HD display, a sophisticated battery-free stylus, and universal compatibility with popular operating systems and creative software. The Artist12 is designed to empower your creativity and elevate your artistic skills, all while effortlessly integrating into your workflow.

The XP-PEN Artist12 dazzles with its stunning 1920×1080 HD resolution display and a 72% NTSC (100% sRGB) color gamut. This vibrant screen delivers vivid images, true-to-life colors, and breathtaking detail, ensuring your artwork looks nothing short of spectacular. Plus, the pre-installed anti-reflective screen protector minimizes glare, while the slim touch bar and six customizable shortcut keys make your creative process a breeze, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Additionally, the Artist12’s P06 passive pen is revolutionary with its unique hexagonal design, non-slip grip, and partially transparent pen tip. Plus, the digital eraser at the end of the stylus allows you to make adjustments with ease. And it also comes with eight replacement pen nibs and a multifunctional pen holder, keeping you prepared for any creative challenge.

Besides all the shiny features of the XP-PEN Artist12, it’s also compatible with various operating systems, such as Windows 7/8/10/11, Mac 10.10 or later, and Linux and an array of creative software like Photoshop, Illustrator, SAI, Painter, and more. The Artist12 is perfect for digital drawing, animation, sketching, photo editing, and 3D sculpting, making it an indispensable tool for art students.

On the flip side, its small 11.6-inch screen size might not be suitable for everyone, especially if you prefer a larger workspace. Additionally, you may need to purchase extra adapters for certain laptop/desktop connections, which could be an inconvenience.

In short, the XP-PEN Artist12 is an exceptional drawing tablet for art students who desire top performance in a small-screen package. Plus, being compatible with different operating systems and art/designing apps, the Artist12 makes for an exceptional drawing tablet. Also see our XP-Pen reviews.

➕ High-quality 11.6-inch HD display ➖ Small screen size may not be suitable for everyone
➕ Advanced P06 passive pen with a digital eraser ➖ May require additional adapters for certain laptop/desktop connections
➕ Universal compatibility with popular operating systems and software
➕ Ideal for various creative application

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best performance in Small Screen
XP-PEN Artist12 11.6 Inch FHD
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11/09/2023 09:52 pm GMT


5. Wacom Cintiq 16 ㅡ (Best Specifications)

Wacom Cintiq 16
Wacom Cintiq 16. Image Credits: Amazon

Best tablet for long drawing sessions

Screen Size: 15.6″ | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Color Gamut: 72 percent NTSC color gamut

Next on our list is the Wacom Cintiq– an exceptional drawing tablet with top-notch specifications. This creative pen display is designed to provide HD clarity and an ergonomic design, enabling you to bring your creative ideas and illustrations to the next level. And with its impressive features and industry-leading color displays, the Cintiq 16 is the perfect tool for beginners who want to excel in the world of digital art.

Additionally, the Wacom Cintiq 16 boasts a 15.6-inch screen with a 1920×1080 resolution, ensuring crisp images and accurate colors with its 72% NTSC color gamut. And this tablet is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it a versatile choice for art students working across various platforms.

Moreover, the Cintiq 16 boasts a highly responsive Wacom Pro Pen 2, that has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, tilt-response, and virtually lag-free tracking. This allows you to create with precision and ease. The Pro Pen 2 also comes with two customizable switches, providing easy access to your favorite shortcuts.

In Terms of ergonomics, its foldable legs can be adjusted to a 19° incline in seconds, offering you a comfortable working position tailored to your preferences. Made with durable, scratch-resistant materials and high-quality components, the Wacom Cintiq is built to last, ensuring you have a reliable creative tool for years to come.

On the downside, the Wacom Cintiq 16 lacks ExpressKey buttons, which some users might find inconvenient. However, the customizable switches on the Pro Pen 2 can help compensate for this limitation.

Summing up, the Wacom Cintiq 16 is an outstanding drawing tablet for art students looking for a feature-rich device that’s also comfortable to use. Its impressive display, responsive Pro Pen 2, and compatibility with both Windows and Mac operating systems make it one of the best drawing tablets out there.

➕ Highly responsive Wacom Pro Pen 2 with customizable switches ➖ No Express Key buttons
➕ Foldable legs for comfortable working positions
➕ Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Specifications
Wacom Cintiq 16
$799.95 $570.08
Buy Now
10/25/2023 10:11 am GMT


6. VEIKK VK1200 ㅡ (Most Affordable Drawing Tablet)

VEIKK VK1200. Image Credits: Amazon

Cheapest drawing tablet with screen

Screen Size: 11.6″ | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Color Gamut: 72% NTSC

If you think you just “have to” break your bank for a feature-rich drawing tablet, then VEIKK VK1200 is going to prove you wrong. Being one of the most budget-friendly options out there, this VEIKK tablet is still incredibly functional. Here’s a deeper dive into its specs. 

This 11.6-inch tablet features a fully-laminated screen with a 1920×1080 resolution and 72% NTSC color gamut, ensuring a crisp display and vibrant colors for your artwork. Apart from that, the sleek design, shortcut keys, and compatibility with various operating systems make it an ideal choice for beginners in digital art. Moreover, its full-laminated screen technology and anti-glare film deliver a seamless, paper-like drawing experience, keeping parallax to a minimum.

What sets the VEIKK VK1200 apart is its battery-free pen, offering 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and up to 60 degrees of tilt function. This means you can create precise, natural strokes and forget about battery life concerns.

Additionally, the VK1200 is equipped with six customizable shortcut keys, allowing you to tailor your tablet to your preferences in different software applications. These keys not only boost efficiency but also create a more ergonomic and convenient workspace

On top of that, full-screen design and compact, stylish metal body of this VEIKK tablet make it easy to carry and use on the go. At the same time, its anti-slip design on the back ensures a stable drawing experience.

When it comes to versatility, this tablet is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome operating systems, catering to a wide range of users. It also supports various software, including popular choices like Adobe Creative Suite, Sai, Corel Painter, MediBang Paint, Clip Studio, Krita, Zbrush, and Zoom.

But on the flip side, whie its 11.6-inch screen is suitable for beginners, more advanced users could find it limiting. Still, its well equipped to deal with the workload of a beginner digital artist on a budget.

All in all, the VEIKK VK1200 is a top pick for art students who want a high-quality, affordable drawing tablet and don’t care much about the screen size.

➕ Wallet-friendly option ➖ You need to go to System Preferences for Colour calibration on MacOS 
➕ Full-laminated 11.6-inch screen with 1920×1080 resolution
➕ Battery-free pen with 8192 pressure levels and 60° tilt function
➕ Six customizable shortcut keys
➕ Works with various operating systems and software

Latest Price on Amazon:

Most Affordable Drawing Tablet
Buy Now
10/25/2023 09:34 am GMT


Best Drawing Tablets Without Screen for Beginners: Detailed Reviews

If you’re more into graphic designing than drawing, or simply prefer to see your work on a bigger screen while you draw with the convenience of a tablet, you must check out these excellent non-screen drawing tablets:

1. XPPen Deco 01 V2 ㅡ (Best Overall in Drawing Tablets Without Screen)

XPPen Deco 01 V2
XPPen Deco 01 V2. Image Credits: Amazon

The best beginner drawing tablet without screen in 2023

Size: 10 x 6.25″

When it comes to graphics tablets, the XPPen Deco 01 V2 is easily our top choice. With its super slim and compact design, this tablet offers a generous 10 x 6.25-inch working area, ensuring ample space for your creations.

One of the tablet’s most notable features is its battery-free stylus, the PN05, which supports up to 60 degrees of tilt brush effect. This allows for smooth, natural lines and strokes, as well as the ability to add shading to your artwork. Plus, the stylus is equipped with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, providing a realistic drawing experience without the need for charging or battery replacement.

The Deco 01 V2 also comes with eight customizable shortcut keys, designed for both left and right-handed users. These keys are ergonomically positioned and programmable for different software applications, creating a more efficient and convenient workspace

Additionally, the tablet’s high-tech IC ensures smooth and fluid line performance. And this is maintained even in low light conditions, thanks to the illuminated ends of the drawing area.

Compatibility is another strong suit for the Deco 01 V2, as it works seamlessly with popular software like Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and many more. Plus, it is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, and even Linux. This makes it a versatile choice for art students who want to experiment with different tools and techniques in their digital art journey.

But on the flip side, the Deco 01 V2 doesn’t let you combine mouse clicks with keyboard keys in the Shortcut key, So, that’s something you’ll have to work around.

Still, the XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 is the best overall drawing tablet without a screen for art students. Its slim design, large working area, battery-free stylus, customizable shortcut keys, and compatibility with various operating systems make it an excellent choice for those looking to make their mark in the digital art world.

➕ Slim and compact design with a large working area ➖ Mouse clicks and keyboard keys can’t be combined in the shortcut keys
➕ Eight customizable shortcut keys for improved efficiency
➕ Compatible with multiple operating systems and software applications
➕ High-tech IC for smooth line performance

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2 Review

Check out thisXP-PEN Deco 01 V2 review video to learn more:

Video Credit: Brad Colbow / YouTube

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Overall in Drawing Tablets Without Screen
XPPen Deco 01 V2
Buy Now
10/25/2023 07:18 am GMT


2. Wacom Intuos ㅡ (Alternative to XPPen Deco 01 V2)

Wacom Intuos
Wacom Intuos. Image Credits: Amazon

Best Wacom tablet for beginners

Size: 7.87×6.3 inch

Do you want functionality and convenience the same as that of Wacom Intuos but with a smaller pen display? If yes, we have found just the right thing for you- the Wacom Intuos drawing tablet.

This tablet is a game-changer, especially for those using Chromebooks. Yep, you read that right—it’s certified to work with Chromebooks, making it a fantastic choice for students and teachers. Plus, Chromebook users get to enjoy a three-month trial of Clip Studio Paint Pro, too. And there’s a bunch of educational software available to help you learn and collaborate like a pro.

On top of that, the Wacom Intuos is equipped with four customizable ExpressKeys. This allows you to put your favorite keyboard shortcuts right at your fingertips, making your creative process smoother than ever before. 

And of course, it has a pen that’s battery-free and works like magic. It’s light, responsive, and offers a natural drawing experience that’ll make you feel like you’re sketching on paper.

On top of that, this groovy gadget comes with a ton of creative software options. Just register your Intuos on your Mac or PC and dive into applications like Bluescape, Skylum Luminar Neo, Skillshare, and more. 

However, while its pressure sensitivity is pretty good, it’s not quite as high as the XPPen Deco 01 V2. But hey, it’s still pretty awesome! So, if you’re an art student looking for a tablet that is small in size but gives top-notch performance, the Wacom Intuos could be your new creative companion.

➕ Chromebook compatibility? Check! ➖ Pressure sensitivity is a bit lower than the XPPen Deco 01 V2
➕ Four customizable Express Keys for a tailor-made creative process
➕ A boatload of creative and educational software options

Latest Price on Amazon:

Alternative to XPPen Deco 01 V2
Wacom Intuos Small
$69.95 $39.95
Buy Now
10/22/2023 07:06 pm GMT


3. HUION Inspiroy H640P ㅡ (Most Value for Money)

HUION Inspiroy H640P
HUION Inspiroy H640P. Image Credits: Amazon

Best value for money non-screen drawing tablet

Size: 6×4 inch

Looking for a pen tablet that can offer you value and performance without being heavy on your wallet? Well then, the HUION Inspiroy H640P, might just be the screenless drawing tablet you’re looking for.

What makes this little gem stand out are its six customizable press keys that can make your workflow a new level of smooth and efficient. Tailor them to your favorite shortcuts, and you’ll be breezing through your creative projects like a pro.

On top of that, it sports a battery-free stylus. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a natural pen-like feel, you’ll be drawing with amazing accuracy and ease.

The Inspiroy H640P isn’t just about performance, though. Its compact and portable design, weighing a mere 1.41lbs and measuring just 0.3 inches in thickness, means you can carry it from home to work, and school with ease. Its 6.3×3.9-inch drawing area is just the right size for limited desktop spaces, too.

One of the best things about this tablet is its compatibility with multiple operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Android devices (OS version 6.0 or later). And even if you are a Left-handed user, you can easily navigate through its versatile digital canvas.

However, the HUION Inspiroy H640P poses a slight drawback. As its drawing area is only 6.3×3.9 inches it might not be suitable for you if you prefer a larger drawing tablet. But overall, the customizable press keys, natural pen experience, and versatile compatibility of the HUION Inspiroy H640P make it an ideal choice for art students on a budget.

➕ Six customizable press keys for a seamless workflow ➖ Drawing area might be small for some users
➕ Natural pen experience with 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
➕ Compact and portable design, perfect for on-the-go artists
➕ Multi-OS compatibility, including Android devices

Latest Price on Amazon:

Most Value for Money Drawing Tablet Without Screen
HUION Inspiroy H640P
$45.99 $37.99
Buy Now
10/25/2023 07:28 am GMT


4. VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet ㅡ (Best Compact Drawing Tablet Without Screen)

VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet
VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet. Image Credits: Amazon

Most compact drawing tablet without screen

Size: 6×4 inch

If you’re tired of lugging around bulky and heavy drawing tablets and need a portable option that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle, the you’re probably looking at your next digital sketchbook- the VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet. The slim and lightweight design of this tablet makes it convenient to carry around, ensuring that creativity is never hindered by location. Let’s take a deep look at what this drawing tablet has to offer.

The compact design of the VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet offers a 6×4-inch active area, with a thickness of only 2mm and a weight of 117g. This makes it an excellent companion for art students who need a portable drawing tablet for on-the-go work. 

Additionally the stylus pen is like magic in your hands, boasting an impressive 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 60° tilt function. You’ll be able to create lines as smooth as butter and as precisely as a ninja, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Not only is the S640 a great creative companion, but it’s also super adaptable. It plays well with popular office software like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. So, whether you’re working remotely, teaching online, or presenting at a web conference, the S640 has got your back!

Now, the S640 does have a teeny-tiny limitation- its small working area. But let’s be real, that’s the price you pay for having such a portable, fun-sized drawing tablet.

So, if you’re an art student or a beginner looking for a user-friendly, portable drawing solution that’s ready to bring some excitement to your creative journey, the VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet is the one for you.

➕ Compact size and lightweight design ➖ The 6×4-inch active area might be limiting for artists who require a larger workspace
➕ Compatible with popular office software
➕ Offers a solid warranty and ongoing support

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Compact Drawing Tablet Without Screen
VEIKK Drawing Tablet
$39.99 $24.99
Buy Now
10/22/2023 07:50 pm GMT


5. UGEE M708 V2 (Most Compatible Drawing Tablet)

UGEE M708 V2
UGEE M708 V2. Image Credits: Amazon

Best non-screen drawing tablet with extensive software compatibility

Size: 10×6.25 inch

For those digital artists hat greatly value compatibility, the UGEE M708 V2 is the most compatible drawing tablet out there. It can easily connect with Windows, Chrome, Mac, and even Android devices including phones and tablets. Plus, its compatibility with major drawing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter makes it super useful drawing tool. But its other features are nothing short of amazing.

With this tablet you get a 10 x 6.25-inch canvas right at your fingertips, just waiting for you to unleash your artistic prowess. The M708 V2’s innovative tilt control system supports up to 60 degrees of tilt brush effect, allowing you to create smoother, more natural lines and strokes with the flair of Picasso. With its 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, you’ll feel like you’re drawing on real paper as you take control of line thickness and fluidity.

This drawing tablet doesn’t just play well with various operating systems; it’s also BFFs with popular drawing software like ibis Paint X, FlipaClip, Medibang, Autodesk Sketchbook, Zenbrush, and Artrage. Plus, the tablet comes with eight customizable shortcut keys designed to boost your productivity and cater to both left and right-handed artists

On the e downside, the UGEE M708 V2 is a bit overwhelming for absolute beginners due to its wide range of features and extensive compatibility. However, considering its versatility, it’s worth the investment for those who want to explore various software and devices, and grow in the field of digital art.

With that exception, the UGEE M708 V2 is the ultimate drawing tablet for art students craving extensive compatibility and a versatile drawing experience.

➕ Large 10 x 6.25-inch workspace for an expansive drawing area ➖ Can become confusing for beginners due to its wide range of features and compatibility options
➕ Eight customizable shortcut keys for productivity boost and catering to both left and right-handed users
➕ Real-time display of creations with a read rate of up to 266 PRS

Latest Price on Amazon:

Most Compatible Drawing Tablet
UGEE M708 V2
$57.99 $49.99
Buy Now
10/25/2023 09:15 am GMT


6. VEIKK VK430 Drawing Tablet ㅡ (Most Affordable Tablet Without Screen)

VEIKK VK430 Drawing Tablet
VEIKK VK430 Drawing Tablet. Image Credits: Amazon

Cheapest drawing tablet without screen

Size: 4×3 inch

The VEIKK VK430 is a super affordable drawing tablet for beginners and digital artists on a budget. Despite its low price point, this little powerhouse is packed with features that cater to a variety of needs, from digital drawing and painting to online teaching and remote work. 

Starting off with its space-friendly build, he VEIKK VK430 Drawing Tablet is designed with an ultra-thin 2mm surface and weighs in at a mere 82.5g, so you can easily slip it into your bag and take your creativity wherever you go. Plus, its 4×3 inch active area is compact, perfect for users who like to keep things neat and tidy.

Apart from being slim and lightweight, VK430 also features four customizable express keys that can be programmed to switch between different applications or shortcuts, enabling you to work like a pro in no time.

Additionally, it comes equipped with a battery-free pen featuring 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and 60° tilt support. So, not only it gives you the power to create smooth and accurate strokes with ease, but also rids you of the battery draining worries.

On top of that, the VEIKK VK430 Drawing Tablet is a compatible with a variety of creative programs, from Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw to Clip Studio Paint, giving you the freedom to create without limits. Additionally, it’s an excellent tool for e-learning, remote work, and digital signatures, as it works harmoniously with Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

But on the flip side, its compact 4×3 inch active area could be a letdown if you require a more expansive workspace. Additionally, artists in need of more specialized features may find the VK430 a bit limiting.

In a nutshell, the VK430 is an excellent choice for art students that don’t want to spend a lot on a tablet but still expect a decent performance. And while its compact screen and lack of more specialized features can feel limiting, it can still easily cater to most needs of digital artists- making it a perfect fit for beginners and amateurs.

➕ Highly affordable without compromising functionality ➖ Compact 4×3 inch active area may be limiting for users who require a larger workspace
➕ Extensive compatibility with various operating systems and software ➖ Might not be the best option for artists who need more specialized features
➕ Ultra-thin, lightweight design for easy portability
➕ 4 customizable express keys for improved efficiency
➕ Suitable for digital drawing, e-learning, and remote work

Latest Price on Amazon:

Most Affordable Drawing Tablet Without Screen
$19.99 $18.99
Buy Now
10/25/2023 09:15 am GMT


7. HUION Inspiroy 2 ㅡ (Best Specifications in Drawing Tablet Without Screen)

HUION Inspiroy 2 Medium
HUION Inspiroy 2. Image Credits: Amazon

Best no-screen drawing tablet for professionals

Size: 9×5 inch

When it comes to the best specifications and features the HUION Inspiroy 2 is the superhero of non-screen drawing tablets. Boasting advanced PenTech 3.0 technology and exceptional multi-OS compatibility, this feature-packed gem has all what an average digital art professional may need.

For one, the Inspiroy 2 comes equipped with the mighty digital stylus, PW110, featuring 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt support. This allows you to have a smooth and lag-free drawing experience. The stylus is designed for maximum comfort with a slim body, soft silicone grip, and accessible side buttons– perfect for those long nights of battling deadlines and crafting masterpieces.

Some of the coolest features of the Inspiroy 2 are its programmable scroll wheel and shortcut keys. With a total of eight customizable press keys, three group keys, and a scroll wheel, you can easily tailor the tablet to your specific needs, making your creative process a lot smoother.

On top of that, the Inspiroy 2 is mobile-friendly, allowing you to connect your Android smartphone or tablet (OS version 6.0 or later) and bring your creations to life while you’re on the go. With that, and weighing just 420g (0.93 lb), Inspiroy 2 is like a portable art studio in your pocket.

And with compatibility across Windows, macOS, Android, Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), and ChromeOS, the Inspiroy 2 offers a versatile drawing experience for users of different operating systems. Plus, featuring different working areas for PC and phone modes, this tablet is perfect for artists who require flexibility in their creative process.

However, the amazing features and specs of Inspiroy 2 come at a cost- a rather hefty one. This makes it less feasible for art students on a budget. But if the price is no bar for you, then rest assured that this Inspiroy tablet is worth every penny.

Overall, the HUION Inspiroy 2 is a fantastic non-screen drawing tablet for professional digital artists and designers who don’t mind digging a little deeper in their pockets. Its top-notch specifications, comfortable stylus, customizable shortcut keys, and impressive compatibility make it worth every penny.

➕ Best-in-class specifications for a non-screen drawing tablet ➖ Most expensive option in drawing tablets without screen
➕ Advanced PenTech 3.0 technology for a precise and lag-free drawing experience
➕ Customizable scroll wheel and shortcut keys to boost efficiency
➕ Mobile-friendly and multi-OS compatibility for maximum versatility

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Specifications in Drawing Tablet Without Screen
2023 HUION Inspiroy 2 Medium
Buy Now
11/09/2023 09:37 pm GMT


8. VEIKK A30 V2 ㅡ (Best Large Drawing Tablet Without Screen)

VEIKK A30 V2. Image Credits: Amazon

Largest drawing tablet without a screen

Size: 10×6 inch

If you’re on the prowl for a graphics tablet that’s spacious, feature-packed, and still as portable as a pocket-sized sketchbook, you’re in for an arty party with the VEIKK A30 V2. Let’s dive into its specs and features.

The VEIKK A30 V2 is like a futuristic canvas, boasting a unique touch pad design with four touch keys and a gesture pad that’ll make you feel like you’re drawing in the year 3000. With 8192 levels of professional pressure sensitivity and a battery-free pen, you can unleash your inner Picasso, creating smooth, natural lines without any annoying interruptions.

Designed for those who draw big, the A30 V2 features a 10×6 inch ultra-large drawing area, giving you plenty of room to let your creativity run wild. And weighing in at just 1.2 pounds, it’s light as a feather, making it your perfect travel buddy for on-the-go inspiration. 

On top of that, the USB-C port ensures convenient and stable connectivity for both righties and lefties. Plus, the extra goodies like nibs, a tablet film, and an artist glove will have you feeling like a well-equipped art superhero.

Although the VEIKK A30 V2 plays well with various software like Adobe Creative Software, Sai, Corel Painter, and MediBang Paint, it’s worth noting that the touch keys are more suited for Photoshop. Still, you can easily customize the touch keys to match your preferred software and drawing habits.

So, to sum it up, the VEIKK A30 V2 is the ideal choice for art students on the hunt for a large, non-screen drawing tablet that’s not only feature-rich and stylish but also as portable as your favorite sketchbook.

➕ Touch keys can be easily customized to suit your preferred software and drawing habits ➖ While the touch keys are customizable, they’re initially set up for Photoshop, which may require some adjustments if you prefer different software
➕ Compatible with multiple operating systems and a wide range of creative software
➕ Includes extra nibs, a tablet film, and an artist glove, ensuring you have everything you need to start creating right away

Latest Price on Amazon:

Best Large Drawing Tablet Without Screen
$69.99 $44.99
Buy Now
10/25/2023 09:20 am GMT


How We Selected and Tested the Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

To create a comprehensive and reliable list of the best drawing tablets for beginners, we followed a rigorous selection and testing process, ensuring that our recommendations cater to the specific needs of graphic designers and artists.

Selection Process

1. Defining the target audience

We began by understanding the unique needs, preferences, and pain points of our target audience—art students, freelance artists, and graphic designers, who prioritize features like high-quality display, stylus sensitivity, and software compatibility.

We then conducted extensive research on popular brands and models in the market, paying close attention to professional reviews, blogs, and user testimonials to get a comprehensive understanding of the available options.

3. Listing essential features and specifications

Based on our target audience’s requirements, we created a list of must-have features and specifications, such as display quality, stylus sensitivity, software compatibility, storage, RAM, processor, battery life, connectivity, build quality, design preferences, and operating system.

4. Shortlisting tablets based on essential criteria

We filtered out drawing tablets that did not meet our essential criteria, leaving us with a shortlist of potential options suitable for our target audience.

5. Checking for additional features

We also looked for any unique features or customizations that could set the tablets apart from their competition, further enhancing their appeal to our target audience.

Testing Process

1. Acquiring the drawing tablets: We obtained the selected drawing tablets for hands-on testing and evaluation.

2. Evaluating build quality: We carefully assessed the build quality and durability of each tablet, taking into consideration the materials used, construction, and overall design, ensuring they could withstand daily use and transport.

3. Testing the display: We tested each tablet’s screen resolution, color accuracy, and matte surface quality, ensuring they met the high standards expected by our target audience for creating professional-level digital art and design work.

4. Testing the stylus: We evaluated the sensitivity, accuracy, and responsiveness of each tablet’s stylus, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable drawing experience for our users.

5. Testing software compatibility: We installed popular creative software applications (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, and Autodesk Sketchbook) and tested their compatibility and performance on each tablet, ensuring our recommendations would work seamlessly with our target audience’s preferred applications.

6. Testing performance: We pushed each tablet to its limits by running resource-intensive applications and multitasking, taking note of any lag or performance issues that could hinder productivity.

7. Testing battery life: We measured each tablet’s battery life during continuous use, ensuring they met our target audience’s requirement of at least 6-8 hours of battery life.

8. Testing connectivity: We tested the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connectivity options for each tablet, making sure they provided seamless file transfers and peripheral connections.

9. Evaluating customization options: We investigated the customization options available for each tablet, such as customizable buttons and other features that cater to our target audience’s workflow and preferences.

By following this comprehensive selection and testing process, we have ensured that our recommended drawing tablets offer the best combination of features, performance, and value for money for our target audience.

This rigorous approach has allowed us to provide you with a trustworthy list of the best drawing tablets for beginners, so you can confidently invest in a device that will help you excel in your creative endeavors.

Buying Guide: Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners (Art Students)

Still can’t decide which drawing tablet to buy? Then check out our buying guide:

✅ Stylus Sensitivity and Accuracy

As an art student, you need a drawing tablet with a sensitive and accurate stylus to create detailed and precise work. Look for tablets with high levels of pressure sensitivity (at least 2048 levels) and tilt recognition. This will allow you to create various stroke thicknesses and shading effects, mimicking the natural feel of traditional drawing tools. 

For example, the Pro Pen 2 that comes with Wacom Cintiq 16 offers 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and tilt support, providing a more natural and responsive drawing and digital painting experience.

✅Screen Quality and Size

A high-quality screen is essential for producing accurate and professional-looking work. Opt for a drawing tablet with a display resolution of 1366×768 or higher and good color accuracy, like the HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 or XP-PEN Artist12 . This will ensure that your artwork appears crisp and vibrant on-screen. A matte screen surface can also provide a more paper-like feel, reducing glare and making it more comfortable to draw for extended periods.

As an art student, you may also need to work on detailed projects, so a larger screen (12-16 inches) could be more suitable such as the VEIKK A30 V2 or HUION KAMVAS Pro 16. However, keep in mind that larger screens may be less portable, so find a balance that works for you.

✅ Software Compatibility

Ensure the drawing tablet you choose is compatible with the software you’ll be using for your coursework and projects. Popular apps for art students include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Painter, Clip Studio Paint, and Procreate. Check the tablet’s specifications and user reviews to confirm compatibility with your preferred software suite.

✅ Portability

As an art student, you’ll likely need to carry your drawing tablet between home, school, and work. Consider a tablet that is easy to transport without sacrificing screen size or performance like the VEIKK S640 Drawing Tablet or XP-PEN Artist12. A lightweight and slim design will make it more convenient for daily use.

✅ Connectivity

Having a variety of connectivity options will make it easier to transfer files, connect peripherals, and collaborate with classmates. Look for tablets that support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB-C connections to ensure compatibility with various devices and accessories.

✅ Build Quality and Durability

Choose a drawing tablet with a durable and robust build to withstand daily use and transport. Look for features such as scratch-resistant screens, sturdy materials, and reinforced corners for added protection.

✅ Customizability and Workflow Optimization

As an art student, you’ll benefit from a drawing tablet with customizable buttons and features to optimize your workflow. Look for devices with customizable shortcut keys, radial menus, or touch rings like the HUION Inspiroy 2 or HUION KAMVAS Pro 16 to access frequently used tools and commands quickly.

✅ Operating System

Your preferred operating system will depend on your software requirements and personal preferences. Windows and macOS are the most popular options for art students, as they both support a wide range of design applications. Ensure the drawing tablet you choose is compatible with the operating system you’re most comfortable using.

✅ Budget and Value for Money

As an art student, you may be working with a limited budget. It’s essential to find a drawing tablet that offers the features you need at a price you can afford. Look for tablets that provide a good balance between price and performance, without compromising on essential features like stylus sensitivity, screen quality, and software compatibility.

✅Brand and Customer Support

Choosing a reputable brand with a track record of producing reliable and high-quality drawing tablets can give you peace of mind. Brands like Wacom, Huion, and XP-Pen are known for their quality drawing tablets and offer various models suitable for beginners. Additionally, consider the brand’s customer support, as you may need assistance with setup, troubleshooting, or software compatibility issues.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Drawing Tablets for Beginners.

Are drawing tablets with screen worth it for beginners?

Yes, drawing tablets with screen are worth it for beginners. They provide an intuitive and efficient way to create digital art. With a screen tablet, beginners can see their drawing appear directly on the screen as they draw, making it easier to control their strokes and create more precise and accurate lines. This can be particularly helpful for beginners who struggle with hand-eye coordination.

How much should beginners spend on a drawing tablet?

Beginners can spend anywhere from around $50 to $500 on a drawing tablet, depending on their needs and budget. There are many affordable options available on the market that are suitable for beginners, with prices ranging from $50 to $200. Although these tablets have smaller drawing areas and fewer features than expensive models, they provide a good introduction to digital drawing.

Which is the best budget drawing tablet?

The VEIKK VK1200 is the best budget drawing tablet with screen, especially for beginners. It offers a large drawing area, customizable buttons, and a responsive stylus, all at a very affordable price.


Finding the Best Graphic Tablet for Beginners in 2023

Selecting the right drawing tablet can significantly impact a beginner’s creative workflow and productivity. When choosing the best drawing tablet for beginners, it’s essential to consider factors such as the size and type of the tablet, stylus responsiveness, pressure sensitivity, and software compatibility.

Our research has led us to recommend the XPPen Deco 01 V2 as the top pick for drawing tablets without screen for beginners due to its affordability, user-friendly design, and reliable performance. It’s an excellent entry-level option for those just starting their artistic journey, offering advanced features and capabilities that will help them hone their skills and unleash their creativity. Alternatively, we recommend Wacom Cintiq 16 for those who want a tablet with screen and high-end specifications.

If you’re interested in exploring other options, be sure to check out our article on XYZ. We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences, so feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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