20 Best Extended, Expanded & Wide Fonts for Design

20 Best Extended, Expanded & Wide Fonts for Design

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If you’re looking for the best expanded fonts, the best extended fonts, or the best wide fonts this feature is for you!

We often hear how size doesn’t matter, but in the context of design and copy, size can spell the difference between a hit and a miss.

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If you are looking for fonts that focus on readability and capture your audiences’ attention, then these fonts are just what you need in design.

Whatever your reason for turning to the best-expanded fonts is, we’re going to help you narrow down your selection to ensure that you not only become a stronger storyteller but find the medium that best helps you relay your content.

Let’s start!

Top 10 Best Extended Fonts for Graphic Design – Overview

  1. Brodaers Expanded Font
  2. Oliviar Italic Expanded
  3. Akira Expanded
  4. Modius Extended
  5. Glendale – Extreme Expanded Sans
  6. Ganirus
  7. Bularie Stencil 
  8. Nefarious – Modern Serif 
  9. Amfibia
  10. Neutro Display

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Best Expanded Fonts

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Top 20 Best Extended Fonts for Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Design

1. Brodaers Expanded Font

Brodaers Expanded Font

Starting this list is Envato’s Brodaers Expanded Font. Chunky, rounded, and, as expected, expanded, this pick is a stellar solution for design projects that demand leaving a strong yet professional statement.

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It’s legible, devoid of sharp edges, and sports a soft aesthetic despite its massiveness. What’s not to love?


2. Oliviar Italic Expanded

Oliviar Italic Expanded

The Oliviar Italic Expanded is another awesome pick for designers wanting to optimize an expanded yet professional typeface. Packed with 7 beautiful weights, this minimalist sans serif will thrive wherever you put it.

Publications, apparel, posters, headlines—the choice is yours!


3. Akira Expanded

Akira Expanded

One of the more sophisticated finds on the list, Akira Expanded is a classy option that’s perfect for upscale design projects. Sharp, modern, and thick, this Creative Market find is a visual winner in more ways than one.


4. Modius Extended

Modius Extended - Best Extended Fonts

The Modius Extended is an expanded custom-type font that meshes simplicity and boldness. Available in 2 weights, designers can make the most of both regular and bold, depending on a project’s aesthetic requirements.

An all-caps sans serif, there’s a lot of creatives can do with a font pack like this.


5. Glendale – Extreme Expanded Sans

Glendale - Extreme Expanded Sans

The Glendale – Extreme Expanded Sans is a straightforward sans font with a distinct lowercase form. With novel, unique, and optimizing slender lines and uneven edges, this font is as interesting as interesting gets.

Perfect for posters and striking design projects, this find is bound to make viewers look twice.

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6. Ganirus


One of the more complete font packs on the list is Ganirus. Complete with numbers, both upper and lowercase letters, punctuations and symbols, and multilingual support, this pack sports regular, italic, expanded, and expanded italic weights.

Use this for apparel designs, posters, branding efforts, and a whole lot more!


7. Bularie Stencil

Bularie Stencil

Envato’s Bularie Stencil sports a futuristic take on expanded fonts. Also featuring upper and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, numbers, and more, this stencil-style typeface is both unique and interesting.

Perfect for headlines and social media graphics, designers will have fun experimenting with this pick.

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8. Nefarious – Modern Serif

Nefarious - Modern Serif

There aren’t that many expanded fonts that can claim to be classy, but Envato’s Nefarious – Modern Serif can.

Just the right amount of expanded and slender, this font pack features a modern serif that’ll work beautifully in magazines, publication projects, editorials, and other similar spaces.

From branding initiatives to marketing materials, this one is easily a crowd favorite because of its versatility.


9. Amfibia


The Amfibia is a soft grotesk sans serif that’s available in 5 widths—Narrow, Condensed, Normal, Expanded, and Wide. Curvy, playful, and youthful, this find is the best choice for projects involving children’s books and toys.

Also a stunning solution for retail product designs, creatives have a lot of room to play with here.


10. Neutro Display

Neutro Display

The Neutro Display is a bold sans-serif display font that easily stirs an aggressive yet elegant atmosphere with a modern twist. Legible, slender, and inherently professional, this is one of the cleaner options on the list.

Although this font will thrive wherever you allow it to, this find will shine best in branding efforts and headlines.


11. Eneas Expanded

Eneas Expanded

One look at Eneas Expanded, and already, it’s easy to get this cartoon energy from its aesthetic. Sporting long and wobbly lines, this handwritten-inspired typeface is perfect for publication designs, theatre-related projects, and child-friendly campaigns.


12. Be Serious – Expanded Sans

Be Serious - Expanded Sans

Envato’s Be Serious – Expanded Sans may sound like it’s supposed to be formal, but the truth is, it’s the exact opposite. Another handwritten-inspired font set, this find is most imaginable in apparel designs and similar merchandise.

Both playful and youthful, this pick will shine wherever you allow it to!


13. NF ULTRA – Expanded Display Font

NF ULTRA - Expanded Display Font

Yet another chunky and expanded font on the list is NF ULTRA. A geometric sans-serif stretched to the breaking point, this pick is a familiar font to anyone who’s a fan of movies.

Mostly seen in film posters in cinemas, this offering is an amazing choice for creatives wanting to send a bold statement to their target audience.


14. Stretch Pro – Futuristic Typeface

Stretch Pro - Futuristic Typeface

The Stretch Pro – Futuristic Typeface is a stunning pick for designers exploring unique branding efforts and new storytelling techniques. Sporting uneven edges and thick lines, this Creative Market find is fundamentally a basic Helvetica font with a twist.

Gaze-worthy, legible, and every-inch novel, this font is the best solution for creatives wanting to make an impact with their designs.


15. High Cruiser | Modern & Bold Sans

High Cruiser | Modern & Bold Sans

Like many picks on the list, the High Cruiser | Modern & Bold Sans is a modern, all-caps bold sans serif that naturally evokes an aggressive visual impact.

Playful, intentional, and quirky, this aesthetic is mostly seen on stickers and youth-targeted campaigns.


16. Beautifully Delicious

Beautifully Delicious

Design Cuts’ Beautifully Delicious is exactly what it sounds like—beautifully delicious. Packing Sans Serif Regular and Script Regular options, this set is made up of a contemporary font family that’ll thrive in whatever design project you may have.

Perfect for a plethora of visual assignments, this pick is equally versatile as most of the options here.


17. Artegra Soft

Artegra Soft

As this pick’s product description states, “Artegra Soft is based on the perfectionist geometric forms of Artegra San.” Loaded with softened glyphs and round corners, this pick packs 9 weights and multi-lingual support.

Equally professional as it is playful, creatives will also have an easy time making the most of this set.


18. Helena Display

Helena Display

There’s nothing subtle about Envato’s Helena Display, and that’s exactly what designers like about this set. An expanded sans serif typeface, this find will easily stand out because of its boxy edges and shadows.

Perfect for posters, social media materials, and a whole lot more, it’s understandable why creatives turn to this set a lot.


19. Flexible


Creative Market’s Flexible font is an absolute game-changer! The name itself speaks volumes about its capabilities, and it lives up to its reputation in every aspect.

The fact that it’s a variable font gives me unparalleled control over typography, allowing me to customize the widths and heights of each letter individually.

This kind of creative freedom is a dream come true for any designer, and it opens up a world of possibilities in my design projects.


20. Bernoru Sans Font Family

Bernoru Sans Font Family

Like many of the contenders on the list, the Bernoru Sans Font Family is a bold font offering that sports 6 weights. Featuring both upper and lowercase letters, multilingual support, and italicized versions of existing weights, there’s a lot to fall in love with here.

Use it for whatever design project you have, and watch this pick send your message to you!


21. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

Finding an ideal font for projects in any industry becomes crucial for any designer. This comes with JUST Sans,” a classy and elegant font with maximum versatility to help you escape that worrisome job.

Though the font is versatile, it is clean and designed to be minimalistic. This professional modern geometric sans serif is designed with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite. This aesthetic font comes with seven weights and complete Latin extended language support.

Classy, sharp and, as expected, expanded (see their variable font), this demands leaving a strong yet professional statement with universal functionality and characteristics.

JUST Sans, with an open, warm, and expressive touch, becomes an ideal choice for projects such as web, signages, branding, UI, posters, billboards, displays, logos, new media, architecture, fashion, design, and more.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


Our Favorite Extended Fonts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which extended font is used for upscale classy design projects?

Akira Expanded is a classy option that’s perfect for upscale design projects. Sharp, modern, and thick, this Creative Market find is a visual winner in more ways than one.

Which extended font is a handwritten-inspired font set?

Envato’s Be Serious – Expanded Sans is a handwritten-inspired font set, this find is most imaginable in apparel designs and similar merchandise. Both playful and youthful, this pick will shine wherever you allow it to.

Which extended font is used for social media materials?

Envato’s Helena Display is perfect for social media materials, posters, and a whole lot more, it’s understandable why creatives turn to this set a lot.

Top 20 Best Extended Fonts for Graphic Design

Without a doubt, the best 20 expanded fonts are a remarkable collection, carefully curated to amplify the essence of your message. With this diverse selection, you have an abundance of options at your disposal to elevate your design projects.

Whether you’re crafting captivating posters, designing engaging websites, or establishing a memorable brand identity, these fonts are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Don’t let the overwhelming choices on the internet deter you; let our list be your guide in narrowing down your selection and finding the perfect extended font that resonates with your creative vision.

Embrace the power of typography and unleash your creativity with these amazing picks! Start exploring and crafting your masterpieces today.

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