30+ Best Fonts for Books (Classic & Fresh Options)

30+ Best Fonts for Books (Classic & Fresh Options)

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If you’re brewing up a publication project, then you should check out the best fonts for books below!

Apart from a compelling narrative and a stirring message, typography remains at the heart of any publication effort.

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Whether books, magazines, or handouts, the fonts you use for the chunks of paragraphs you put out are integral in delivering how a message is received.

Still, the question remains: what exactly are the best fonts for books?

With over a million fonts available on the internet today, surely there are a select few that should stand out in this category, right?

How to Choose The Right Book Font


No matter how attractive a message is, if it isn’t legible, no one’s going to understand anything. As such, it should come as no surprise that readability is the number one factor here.

However, there are dozens of captivating fonts online today, factoring in how the text will look like when presented in a sea of other words. Typically, Baskerville PT, Garamond Premier, and Aria Text are staples in the category.

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This is because all three are clean serifs that make it easy for a reader to decipher the end of each character. Here, the corners of every letter come with an elegant stroke, helping assist one’s eyes to breezily go from one word to the next.


As with every other consideration in the world of marketing and design, how aesthetics are sold largely depends on whom you’re selling to.

For instance, family-centric and children-themed books are most likely to sport playful and chunky letters, because texts have to appear appealing for children to enjoy reading. As a result, the best fonts for books may differ per audience.

Nonetheless, a safe bet for various demographics is anything that falls into the professional serif department.


Over are the days when we only had books and magazines to read from. Today, millions of people read their preferred content through laptops, tablets, and smartphones. All things considered, it’s best to determine where you’re publishing from.

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Web fonts—meaning fonts that are primarily produced for the internet—may offer a lot more flexibility as these fonts have the opportunity to be interactive. Meanwhile, fonts for books and magazines should generally feature stereotypically clean fonts to ensure an easy read.

Without further ado, let’s all check out what the 30+ best fonts for books are!

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30+ Best Fonts for Books (Classic & Fresh Options)

Best Book Fonts

  1. Anko
  2. Vanio
  3. Slippery
  4. Shallot
  5. Addington CF
  6. Quatera Italic
  7. Osande TXT
  8. Versina Family
  9. Weist Havanah
  10. Braveold Font Family

Best InDesign Fonts

  1. Baskerville PT
  2. Garamond Premier
  3. Adobe Caslon
  4. PS Fournier
  5. Aria Text
  6. Classica
  7. Susan
  8. Quatro
  9. Adobe Jenson
  10. Practical Serif

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Looking for the tried and true classics of book design? You can’t go past these popular fonts for books:

  1. Garamond
  2. Bembo
  3. Bison
  4. Caslon
  5. Baskerville
  6. Sabon

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30+ Best Fonts for Books (Classic & Fresh Options)

1. Anko

Image Credit: Envato Elements

Designed specifically for long paragraphs, Anko is a wonderful visual solution that’s sure to make reading easier and faster.

In our opinion, it’s inspired by Old Style Roman serif. This pick sports decent widths and a moderate stem contrast, instantly ensuring recognizable text in no time.

Hence, we highly recommend using this font for headers, posters, and most especially, book covers.

The font contains 8 weights and more than 450 glyphs with some Opentype features.


2. Vanio

Image Credit: Envato Elements

Vanio offers a font family of wedge serifs.

Carefully crafted with both art and legibility in mind, this font pack is designed primarily for books and publication efforts.

We think that the letterforms and other typographic elements here are designed to be optically recognizable and adaptable to a variety of designs.

That makes this font a fantastic choice for both paragraphs and book covers. We noticed that the font uses calligraphic strokes and consists of 10 styles from regular to bold.

Moreover, it includes a vast character set with over 460 glyphs and various Opentype features.


3. Slippery

Image Credit: Envato Elements

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In our opinion, Slippery is a warm serif font pack that was designed to be easy to read.

Readability is an important factor for any good font so you can convey your message to your audience.

The letterforms of this font have a wide counter, moderate x-height, soft edges, and italics that flow.

If you’re looking for a font that can be playful enough to work as a book cover but efficient enough to function for long paragraphs, this is it!


4. Shallot

Image Credit: Envato Elements

Shallot is a family of serif fonts that feature exquisite sharpness.

The initial letterforms are not entirely based on calligraphic strokes, suggesting that they are closer to the transitional serif style.

As such, we highly recommend using this classic font for long paragraphs.

It’s elegant and looks easy on the eyes as well. Here, the letterforms have sharp serifs with curved brackets and high-contrast strokes.


5. Addington CF

Addington CF | beautiful serif font family
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Addington CF comes to life with its personality and beautiful details. Complete with six weights, italics, and OpenType features, this font is ideal for both large and small text and is a great Times New Roman alternative.

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Furthermore, it has an expanded alphabet, encompassing Vietnamese, Sanskrit, and Arabic. We’re confident that you can use it for a variety of projects, but it’s absolutely perfect for books.


6. Quatera Italic

Quatera Italic - Elegant Classy Serif Italic
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Quatera Italic features an italic touch, with slender lines and tasteful corners.

As such, this font pick makes for a terrific visual solution for forewords, about-the-author sections, and a whole lot more!


7. Osande TXT

Osande TXT
Image Credit: Envato Elements

Osande Pro, which carries a modern sans style with a touch of neo-grotesques, served as a source of inspiration for the design of Osande TXT.

This group has a large x-height, simpler and more static forms, low contrast, and frequently a narrow width.

Osande TXT’s enhanced characters and expanded language support make it easier to use this font family for a variety of designs, including body text and displays.


8. Versina Family

Versina Family
Image Credit: Design Cuts

Versina is a display typeface with one-of-a-kind, elegant shapes that were inspired by Spanish transitional typefaces from the 18th century.

These shapes give Versina a unique personality that is both expressive and moderate. Short texts and titles will both look great in this font!


9. Weist Havanah

Weist Havanah – Modern Serif
Image Credit: Design Cuts

Weist Havanah is a stylish modern serif that’s perfect for book design covers.

Sporting a balanced combination of thick and slender lines and structures, this font pack is superb for a lot of design projects, publication initiatives, or not!


10. Braveold Font Family

Braveold Font Family
Image Credit: Design Cuts

Braveold is a multipurpose serif font family with swashes. It has five weights that can be used for headlines or body text and is reminiscent of 1970s classic and retro fonts.

If you want your project to become more dynamic and beautiful, this pack’s alternative swashes will be an appealing option.


11. Zeit

Image Credit: Design Cuts

Zeit is a timeless serif font family that lives up to its name.

It is unique but reassuringly familiar and legible. One of the classier options among the bunch, this font find will also do well as both the book cover font and the font for inside texts.


12. Constructio Grotesk

Constructio Grotesk
Image Credit: Creative Market

Constructio Grotesk is a sans-serif font with bold structures and thick lines, and its out-of-the-box anatomy immediately makes it stand out.

This font pack was designed specifically for people who want to create book covers, logos for brands, and anything else that is contemporary and modern.


13. Along Serif BSC Font Family

Along Serif BSC Font Family
Image Credit: Creative Market

The Along Serif BSC font family is an elegant choice. It is made to blend traditional sophistication with a contemporary rhythm of glyphs to fit any design.


14. Caleb Grotesk Font Family

Caleb Grotesk Font Family
Image Credit: Creative Market

If a Grotesk font pack is what you’re looking for, then you’re going to enjoy making the most of Caleb.

Loaded with even glyphs and ligatures, this font pack is a terrific addition to both covers and paragraphs.

It’s fun, chunky, playful, and legible—certainly all the elements one can ask for when it comes to publication designs!


15. Agentic – Serif font family

Agentic - Serif font family
Image Credit: Creative Market

The Agentic – Serif font family comes in 18 styles and supports multiple languages.

Because it’s incredibly easy to read, it is ideal for writing articles. In your projects, you can create various moods by combining characters with sharp corners and soft turns.


16. JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface
JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

If you are searching for a Sans font with a clean and minimalistic look, JUST Sans is an ideal choice. JUST Sans is designed to be simple and minimalist, with variable versions for maximum versatility.

There are seven weights in JUST Sans, and it is a functional workhorse with complete Latin extended language support.

This gives warmth, endearing characteristics, geometric legibility, and a nice bite to your designs. This professional modern geometric font gives your designs a serious and friendly feel.

This font is neutral yet warm, technical but not overbearing and even familiar yet holds its uniqueness to stand out.

JUST Sans gives an elegant contemporary look to your designs with open, airy characters and a generous width with sharply angled terminals.

It is a perfect choice for projects such as web and logos, branding, headlines, paragraph text, UI, signage, packaging, posters, and industries rooted in technology, new media, architecture, fashion, design and more.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


Best Book Fonts for InDesign

17. Baskerville PT

Baskerville PT
Image Credit: Adobe
Baskerville PT is one of InDesign’s strongest contenders for books and magazine texts. It’s clean, sharp in all the right places, and tastefully curved where it matters.


18. Garamond Premier

Garamond Premier
Image Credit: Adobe
Garamond Premier is a gorgeous serif that’s just as perfect as a book cover visual solution as it is for long paragraphs. Use it for both covers and inside texts!


19. Adobe Caslon

Adobe Caslon
Image Credit: Adobe
Adobe Caslon is another Adobe font favorite for publication efforts. Its conservative widths and restrained stems make its characters easy to read, appreciate, and glide over.


20. PS Fournier

PS Fournier
Image Credit: Adobe
PS Fournier is a familiar Adobe font that’s easy to love.

Also packing just the right amount of thick and slender, this font pack is a stellar addition to projects that require long paragraphs and chunky texts.


21. Aria Text

Aria Text
Image Credit: Adobe
Aria Text is also just as conservative as other picks on this list in particular. Available with elegant stems and round-leaning characters, this one is flexible, legible, and a safe overall bet.


22. Classica

Image Credit: Adobe
Classica is a timeless font pack, as you can already tell from the name.

Also featuring restrained stems and thick enough structures, characters in this pack are readable, rendering it to be a useful font for all things marketing and otherwise.


23. Susan

Image Credit: Adobe
Susan sounds like your everyday name, so maybe it’s reasonable why this font pack rings some extent of familiarity with it.

Sporting nuanced bumps in some of the characters, letters here are crisp and clean, ensuring an easy read for whatever text you’re working on.


24. Quatro

Image Credit: Adobe
Quatro is a playful serif font that comes in a variety of weights. Suitable for book cover designs and short chunks of paragraphs, this pack is elegant, professional, and versatile.


25. Adobe Jenson

Adobe Jenson
Image Credit: Adobe
There’s a special kind of charm with Adobe Jenson. Designed for both creative and clean-looking formats, this Adobe font is a crowd favorite because of its flexibility.

Its italicized versions are cute and dainty, while its regular style is professional and fresh.


26. Practical Serif

Image Credit: Adobe
The Practical Serif typeface makes for the perfect solution for both inside texts and paragraphs.

Available in 10 weights, this Adobe font is a powerhouse for reasons that no longer demand an explanation.


Our Favorite Fonts for Books

Still undecided? Check out our favorite fonts for books below!


Conclusion – Best Fonts for Books (Classic & Fresh Options) 

All in all, the best fonts for books are those that make it easy for your audience to appreciate what message you want to convey.

As reading books is an experience in itself, you must go for a font that contributes to efficiency without compromising style and personality.

Many fancy fonts can be found online but books aren’t all about fancy fonts. They’re all about readability and conveying messages. We hope that our list narrowed down the font choices for your book.

What’s your favorite book font on the list? Feel free to tell us in the comments below

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