15+ Best Fonts for Silhouette (Perfect for Arts & Crafts)

15+ Best Fonts for Silhouette (Perfect for Arts & Crafts)

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Are you on the lookout for the best Silhouette fonts? If so, look no further than this article! Check out our roundup of the top picks below!

DIY machines like Silhouette have never been more popular until today. As the demand for personalized memorabilia continues to skyrocket, more and more crafters are becoming smarter with the tools they use and wiser with the visuals they maximize to complete projects.

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On that note, the search for the best Silhouette fonts has also been more apparent. If you’re here to figure out which ones are the top picks in the category, here they are!

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15+ Best Fonts for Silhouette (Perfect for Arts & Crafts)

  1. Fancy Arts – Groovy Retro Font
  2. Hantera – A Cute Crafted Font
  3. Hello Crafter
  4. Crafter Delight Dingbats Font
  5. Craft String – Display Script Font
  6. Drawing Craft – Cute Drawing Display Font
  7. Safari Silhouette Font
  8. Arts And Crafts JY
  9. Annabelle Hand Lettering Script Font
  10. Stitched Love Font
  11. Paper Cut
  12. Paper Phil craft font +FREE TEXTURES
  13. Curly Keken
  14. The Good Feeling
  15. Cliona


best silhouette fonts

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15+ Best Fonts for Silhouette (Perfect for Arts & Crafts)

1. Fancy Arts – Groovy Retro Font

ancy Arts - Groovy Retro Font

Retro-inspired fonts never go out of style, and Fancy Arts – Groovy Retro Font is proof of that. Suitable for tote bags, shirts, stickers, and other dainty giveaways, this all-uppercase font bundle is a treat for the eyes and an even bigger joy to use. Optimize this font pack however you want to!


2. Hantera – A Cute Crafted Font

Hantera - A Cute Crafted Font

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Hantera – A Cute Crafted Font is also a terrific pick for shirt projects and other personalized items. Packed with both uppercase and lowercase letters, and alternate glyphs altogether, this bundle is one of the more complete options from the bunch.


3. Hello Crafter

Hello Crafter

Is a quirky handwritten font what you’re looking for? Give Hello Crafter a try. Featuring script-inspired handwriting, this visual solution feels amicable, family-friendly, and perfect for quotes and headlines.


4. Crafter Delight Dingbats Font

Crafter Delight Dingbats Font

Crafter Delight Dingbats Font is a familiar sight. Many of the mugs, Pinterest quotes, and even sample photo cards on picture frames use the marker-like aesthetic. If this is the vibe you’re going for, then this pick is sure to deliver. It also comes with quirky logos and icons, making it even easier to style stationaries, stickers, and more.


5. Craft String – Display Script Font

Craft String - Display Script Font

Craft String – pop and urban cultures and monoline handwriting inspire Display Script Font. Featuring a cursive display font, this pick is great for merchandise, magazine headlines, and so much more!


6. Drawing Craft – Cute Drawing Display Font

Drawing Craft - Cute Drawing Display Font

Drawing Craft – Cute Drawing Display Font stands out for multiple reasons, one of which is the elongated top portion of each character. As if being stretched long, the bottom part of every letter, numeral, and punctuation is much shorter than its head.


7.  Safari Silhouette Font

Safari Silhouette Font

This bundle takes silhouette literally. Filled with animal prints and icons, the Safari Silhouette Font is a wonderful choice for animal-themed projects. Each letter sports Safari-inspired elements, making it easy to distinguish. It doesn’t come with punctuation marks, though, so bear that in mind should you download it.


8. Arts And Crafts JY

Arts And Crafts JY

Arts And Crafts JY make for a stunning headline font. Sporting all capital letters with a distinct look, this MyFont bundle is perfect for a lot of Silhouette design projects. if you’re looking for a font that isn’t entirely familiar, you may want to use this.


9. Annabelle Hand Lettering Script Font

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Annabelle Hand Lettering Script Font

Upon first inspection, Annabelle has elements of a calligraphic script. According to the product description, the headlines and logotypes for Annabelle were designed with elegance in mind. That said, its mixed-width strokes and looping properties will give your designs a classy look.


10. Stitched Love Font

Stitched Love Font

Are you working on a stitch-inspired Silhouette font? If so, then you’re going to love Stitched Love Font. Like actual threads stitched together, this aesthetic is perfect for stickers, shirts, and all other crafty designs! Use it however you wish!


11. Paper Cut

Paper Cut

Creative Market’s Paper Cut may sound dangerous, but there are no cuts here! Sporting a stencil-looking visual, characters in this font bundle are cute, trendy, and quirky. There’s also only one version of each letter, so you may want to consider that.


12. Paper Phil craft font +FREE TEXTURES

Paper Phil craft font +FREE TEXTURES

The paper cutout aesthetic is never getting old! So if this is something you want to achieve with your Silhouette designs, you’re going to like the Paper Phil bundle! Plus, it comes with a free texture pack too! Doesn’t that sound like a great deal? It also sports both uppercase and lowercase letters, making it a fantastic pick even for headlines and paragraphs.

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13. Curly Keken

Curly Keken

Curly Keken combines a bold typography style with retro typography and lettering from the 1970s and 1980s. What’s more, thanks to the 534 glyphs and 359 alternates, you almost won’t run out of options!


14. The Good Feeling

The Good Feeling

While The Good Feeling isn’t specifically designed for kid’s products, its soft and rounded edges make it a stellar option for family-friendly aesthetics. Working on shirts, mugs, stickers, and other memorabilia? You can’t go wrong with this font find!


15. Cliona

best silhouette fonts

One of the more intimate-inspired fonts here is Cliona. As if written with a marker by hand, this font bundle—that has small capital letters—is equally stunning for a plethora of Silhouette projects! Give it a go when you can!



15+ Best Fonts for Silhouette (Perfect for Arts & Crafts)

Overall, the best Silhouette fonts are those that help you become your most artistic self.

With machines that empower you to become a creator—in every sense of the word—you’re sure to create fantastic finds that stand out, have heart, and look nice!

What’s your favorite Silhouette font from the bunch? Let us know in the comment section!

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