50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers (Sorted by Category)

50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers (Sorted by Category)

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For this feature, we’re pulling back the curtain on the best free fonts for designers!

As you know, fonts are a huge part of any design. Whether for advertising and marketing or personal passion projects, the typefaces we choose for our visuals help clarify, solidify, and punctuate whatever messaging we want to put out.

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That said, graphic designers and overall creatives have the unending task of making sure that the materials they release carry consistent and clear branding.

Remember: every element that appears on screen and print is a tool that allows us to tell a story. From curves and icons to edges and colors, each nook and cranny that takes up visual space has the responsibility of augmenting a narrative.

All things considered, we at the JUST Creative team gathered all the best free fonts for designers to help empower you to be your most efficient!

Check them out!

50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers

5 Best Free Display Fonts

  1. Gilroy
  2. Asthetik
  3. Bigilla
  4. Maragsa
  5. Neue Metana

View our feature on the best display fonts.

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5 Best Free Sans Serif Fonts

  1. Montserrat
  2. Alegre Sans
  3. Raleway
  4. Playfair Display
  5. Merriwether 

View our feature on the best sans serif fonts.

5 Best Free Blackletter Fonts

  1. Darkgone 
  2. Aceking 
  3. Cambridge 
  4. Groundead 
  5. Old Charlotte 

View our feature on the best blackletter fonts.

5 Best Free Signature Fonts

  1. Beautiful Bloom
  2. Portraits
  3. Milkshake
  4. BlackJack
  5. Sighnora

View our feature on the best signature fonts.

5 Best Free Stencil Fonts

  1. Roska
  2. Eklektyk Typeface
  3. Stenzel
  4. Lackonic
  5. Botera

View our feature on the best stencil fonts.

5 Best Free Handwritten Fonts

  1. Brown Bag
  2. Shopping Script
  3. Hiatus
  4. No Time 
  5. Reis

View our feature on the best-handwritten fonts.

5 Best Free Luxury Fonts

  1. Kage
  2. The Night Watch
  3. Groce

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5 Best Free Brush Fonts 

  1. Zallord
  2. Kust
  3. Hackney
  4. Bathi
  5. Odachi

View our feature on the best brush fonts.

5 Best Free Branding Fonts

  1. Margaret
  2. Reckfield Rough Font
  3. Redwing Font
  4. Aqum
  5. Copenhagen Grotesk Nova

View our feature on the best branding fonts.

5 Best Free Retro Fonts 

  1. Paralines Font
  2. Lazer 84 Font
  3. Airstream
  4. Oldways
  5. Sarsaparilla NF

View our feature on the best retro fonts.

Now let’s get into the best free fonts for designers. Here they are!



Envato Fonts

Download all the Free Fonts you need plus many other design elements, available for a monthly subscription by subscribing to Envato Elements. The subscription costs $16.50 per month and gives you unlimited access to a massive and growing library of over 50 million items that can be downloaded as often as you need (stock photos too)!


50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers

5 Best Display Fonts



Gilroy is an elegant display font that’s suitable for formal design projects. Clean, legible, and beautifully sharp, this one thrives wherever you let it! From headlines to cereal boxes and logos to signages, this one is as flexible as can be.

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You can get two weights for free, or download the full family here.




Asthetik is a pretty font. On that note, designers looking for stereotypically beautiful visual solutions should consider this slim typeface. Packing 7 styles, this option can adjust however you need it to.




Nostalgic of high-end brand logos and icons, Bigilla is a gorgeous display font that effortlessly articulates elegance and timelessness. Sporting exaggerated curves and tasteful bends, it’s hard to believe that it’s free.




Made in the Philippines, Maragsa is a stunning display typeface that optimizes sharp corners and curvy strokes. Perfect for logos and advocacy posters, this one is an aesthetic treat that delivers.


Neue Metana

Neue Metana

A modern minimalist typeface, Neue Metana sports geometric elements and lines, and corners that articulate future-forward energy. Reminiscent of trendy social media headlines, this one is perfect for internet marketing and beyond.


5 Free Sans Serif Fonts



Google Fonts has some of the best free fonts available for any creative today, and Montserrat is proof of that. Created by a team of 4 spectacular designers, this font family carries with it the familiar elegance and legibility we all associate this popular Sans Serif to the sport. Professional, neat-looking, and classy, what more can you ask for?


Alegre Sans

alegre sans

Arguably one of the prettiest fonts to look at, Alegre Sans bears with it a distinct poise not too many typefaces are capable of. Crisp, sharp, and sporting pointed edges, this all-capital font offering is perfect for branding efforts and more.




Initially designed with thin weights in mind, the much-loved Raleway under the Sans Serif family now sports a myriad of thicker and italicized versions, allowing more designers to maximize the beauty of this visual pick. Also professional and clean-looking, there’s a lot anyone can do with this one.


Playfair Display

Playfair Display

Playfair Display is a traditional design that’s reminiscent of the late 18th century’s European Enlightenment. And while it isn’t particularly an homage to the era, this font remains a popular option for creatives who want to tell their stories as straightforwardly as possible.




Our last Google Fonts option on this list is Merriwether. Designed to make reading text on computers a pleasant experience, this famous font solution is a crowd favorite for obvious reasons. Apart from its being fresh and legible, this Sans Serif variation is clean and professional and transcends any theme for marketing materials.


5 Best Blackletter Fonts

Darkgone – Free with Subscription


Darkgone easily reminds us of traditional tattoos we see all the time in movies. Gothic, strong, and impactful, this black letter font is a wonderful choice for branding projects that stereotypically revolve around the male market—barbers, beer, and motorcycles. Still, it’s a fantastic choice that’s made to deliver anywhere it can.


Aceking – Free with Subscription


Indicative of online games and old kingdoms, Envato’s Aceking is a beautiful vintage display font that yells medieval aesthetics. If you find yourself working on projects that merit this kind of look, you can’t go wrong with this one.


Cambridge – Free with Subscription


Cambridge is a bold hand-lettering decorative font that carries with it both gothic and medieval energies. Complete with upper and lowercase characters, this set is one of the more complex-looking and complete finds in all of the list.


Groundead – Free with Subscription


One of the more novel gothic font alternatives here is Groundead. A distinct gothic display, this unique-looking font pack sports bent lines and sharp edges that indicate a cult-like aesthetic, making it a bold choice for horror-driven design projects.


Old Charlotte – Free with Subscription

Old Charlotte

Our last gothic font option on the list is Old Charlotte. An equally riveting font solution, this one comes with intricate upper and lowercase characters if, for whatever reason, letters aren’t necessary for your project, this free font set comes with basic numbers and punctuation marks too!


5 Best Signature Fonts

Beautiful Bloom

Beautiful Bloom

Beautiful Bloom is a familiar font. Given that, its cursive aesthetic helps add a personal touch, allowing you to curate intimate-feeling designs in no time. It’s dainty, fresh, and friendly—traits that prove crucial in projects that require authenticity and emotion.




If you’re looking for a signature font that’s designed to mimic an actual signature, consider Portraits. It’s clean, versatile, and is made to support both large and small sizes. Whether for logos or business signages, this one’s a sure winner!




Actual smoothies require crushed ice, and although Milkshake can be just that, this one feels warm and fuzzy. Designed to foster readable and versatile texts, this pick is a great option for branding initiatives.




Another intimate-looking signature font option here is BlackJack. Created in 2009, this pick remains a crowd favorite for obvious reasons—it’s easy to read, looks aesthetically pleasing, and boasts of warm familiarity.




Arguably one of the classier picks in this category, Sighnora is a brilliant choice for upscale brand designs and elegant marketing projects.


5 Best Stencil Fonts



Roska is a straightforward take on what stencil fonts should look like. Sporting curved edges and rounded lines, this one is guaranteed to deliver precisely what designers need with the stencil aesthetic.


Eklektyk Typeface


Are you looking for a novel stencil font? Try Eklektyk Typeface. Quirky, edgy, and raw, the stencil version of this font offers a unique take on the genre, making your designs a tad more memorable and distinct.




If the earlier stencil font offerings didn’t make use of sharp corners, Stenzel does. That said, go for this pick if you want a font set that’s bold, stereotypically masculine, and sharp.




Perfect for merchandise prints and publication headlines, Lackonic is a display stencil typeface that’s reminiscent of tubular shapes.




Botera is an award-winning font that easily adds flavor and character to your texts. An OpenType typeface composed of two weights, this one is guaranteed to easily help you get your message across.


5 Best Handwritten Fonts

Brown Bag

Brown Bag Lunch

Brown Bag is a friendly handwritten font that gets the job done. Organic-looking and looking straight out of a marker board, this visual solution is easy to fall in love with.


Shopping Script

Shopping Script

Shopping Script is a cursive handwritten font pack that looks and feels elegant. Although it isn’t exactly the most original find, it’s a staple font we see all the time both online and on print.




A trendy brush font, Hiatus is a beautiful handwritten visual solution that easily reminds us of Pinterest quotes, coffee branding logos, and other marketing efforts. Complete with both upper and lowercase characters, this one is a brilliant font find.


No Time

no time

Perfect for Young Adult book covers, No Time is a gorgeous handwritten font that feels casual and informal. Packing only all-capital characters and basic punctuation marks and numbers, this one is an awesome set that delivers.




A cool hand-painted typeface, Reis is a trendy handwritten font that feels relevant and timely. Perfect for a whole lot of projects, this one is one of the more versatile picks from the bunch.


5 Best Luxury Fonts



Kage is a striking luxury font that makes great use of rounded curves and exaggerated lines. Suitable for branding efforts and beyond, this one is a treat to entrepreneurs looking to add depth and character to their brand’s look.


The Night Watch

the night watch

If you’re looking for font packs with rounded forms and a touch of historic culture, try The Night Watch. Inspired by 1642’s The Night Watch, this one is distinct, memorable, and incredibly artsy.




Does your project merit a stylish serif? If it does, Groce could be your solution. Prodded by trusted design group Craft Supply Co, this free basic version packs all the essential characters and styles you’ll need for personal projects and more.




Whether wedding invitations or valentines marketing materials, LOVELYN is here to deliver. Also by Craft Supply Co, this romantic free font pack is both elegant and neat.




Another distinct font offering on the list is GINEBRA. Featuring a combination of thick and slender lines and dotty elements in each character, this one is sure to leave a mark on your designs.


5 Best Brush Fonts 



Arguably one of the best brush fonts on all of the internet today, Zallord is an organic-looking hand-drawn brush that delivers. Perfect for branding projects, blog post headlines, and a plethora of other marketing efforts, you can’t go wrong with this one.




As if painted directly from a drying brush, Kust is an interesting take on how brush fonts generally look. A distinct font pack by itself, this contender offers striking visuals that are sure to help you communicate a message.




One of the cleaner-looking picks in this category is Hackney. Optimizing straight lines with worn-out paint aesthetics inside each character, this one easily adds depth and emotion to your texts.




Another gorgeous script hand-lettering font on the list is Bathi. Reminiscent of calligraphy, this pick sports clean brushstrokes and elegant lines, making it a terrific choice for branding and marketing initiatives.




Odachi is an all-capital rough brush font set that features alternate letters. As if fresh from Japanese animation, this find is unique, visually stunning, and makes for a great book cover headline.


5 Best Free Branding Fonts



A basic display serif font, Margaret is a straightforward font set that uses sharp corners and tasteful curves. Fresh, elegant, and professional-looking, this one is a crowd favorite for obvious reasons.


Reckfield Rough Font

reckfield typeface

If you’re looking for something with a little grunge, Reckfield Rough Font could be it for you. Extending a retro vibe, this distinct font pack features inconsistent lines and rounded corners.


Redwing Font


Whether you’re designing for a gym, a clothing brand, or a barbershop, Redwing Font is here to help. Featuring 8 weights, this free font is an absolute gem for business leaders and brand experts alike.



Another formal pick on the list is Aqum. A free geometric rounded sans serif font, this one sports wide characters and legible letters.


Copenhagen Grotesk Nova

Copenhagen Grotesk Nova

Copenhagen Grotesk Nova is a formal font set that houses basic glyphs and moderate descenders and ascenders. Available in 3 weights, this free font set is readable, clean, and polished.


5 Best Free Retro Fonts 

Paralines Font


Paralines Font is a beautiful font pack that utilizes a mesmerizing line pattern for each of its characters. An all-capital font set, this pick is dainty, hypnotizing, and immediately eye-catching.


Lazer 84 Font

lazer 84

Inspired by the 80s, Lazer 84 Font packs numbers, symbols, and accents. Also featuring only capital letters, this set is a brilliant find that yells retro in every way possible.




Is a retro script font what you’re looking for? Airstream could be the solution. Being more than a decade old, this find is a stellar choice for creatives who want to curate vintage advertisement aesthetics.




Oldways is a casual retro type that’s nostalgic of marker writings on the board. While it’s completely digital, this pick is a great find that quickly points to an era we all still celebrate today.


Sarsaparilla NF

Sarsaparilla NF

Inspired by the 1930s, Sarsaparilla NF looks like it comes straight out of a black and white movie. Free for both personal and commercial use, there’s a lot you can accomplish with this one.


The Best Free Fonts For Designers

Are you looking for the most popular free fonts for designers? We’ve got more extensive features on each category of type below.

Click to jump to your desired font category:

Or browse our specific font compilation posts:


50+ Best Free Fonts For Designers

Ultimately, the 50+ best free fonts for designers in 2022 are all superb finds, each made to help you complete and communicate your visual projects as effectively as possible.

While the world of fonts is much, much larger, the free ones on this list are just as quirky and stunning, helping you expand your options and allowing you to be as creative as possible.

All that said, we hope this round-up helps. Keep artsy and stay creative!

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